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Title race wider open than ever before

Manchester-United-v-West-Bromwich-Albion-Premier-League-2315721The international break might be the sort of week United fans would love to do without, but the England games offer the opportunity to deliver a first, early doors, verdict on this Premier League season.

Those who predicted a two-horse race between Manchester City and Chelsea have so far been left disappointed, but with less than a third of the season gone, there’s still plenty of time to place your bet on who will lift the Premier League trophy this season and if you fancy a bit of a cheeky punt, why not head to to take advantage of all the best free bets on offer courtesy of Britain’s biggest bookmakers?

Seven games into the season, the Premier League looks set to be on the most open and exciting of the last decade, with only six points separating top of the table Arsenal from 11th-placed Newcastle, while United are sitting in ninth position, a largely unfamiliar position considering their record in recent seasons.

Having started the season in thrilling fashion with an inspired 4-1 win at Swansea, United drew with Chelsea before stumbling to defeats at Liverpool at Manchester City and at home against West Bromwich but, despite their poor form so far this season, last Sunday’s come-from-behind win at Sunderland put United only six points behind Arsenal.

Six points are probably a bigger gap than United fans would have been happy with at this stage of the season but with another 31 games to go, there’s plenty of time for David Moyes’ men to make up ground over the next three games, in which United host Southampton and Stoke, before facing Fulham away a week before welcoming Arsenal at Old Trafford.

Having opened their campaign with a home defeat against Aston Villa, Arsene Wenger’s men have since embarked on an impressive run, winning five consecutive games before drawing away at West Brom a week ago, a result which was good enough to keep them top of the table alongside Liverpool.

Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool have left a turbulent summer and the rumours surrounding Luis Suarez behind them and have made the most of a relatively easy set of fixtures in the first two months of the season, which has seen them beat Manchester United at home – where they’ve also lost against Southampton – as the red half of Merseyside enjoyed their best start to a Premier League campaign since the 2008-09 season.

Liverpool, however, have not been the only surprise package so far this season, an award that must go to Mauricio Pochettino’s Southampton, a side who three years ago played in League One and that now sits in the last Champions League spot, boasting the league’s best defensive record.

The Saints have as many points as Chelsea who, despite Jose Mourinho’s return, are still to runaway with the league as many had predicted but are a point clear of fellow big-spenders Manchester City.

City’s season looked to have finally kicked on as they thrashed Manchester United 4-1, but a week later Pellegrini’s men fell to their second league defeat this season, losing 3-2 at Villa Park and leaving many wondering whether their back four – which will have to do without Vincent Kompany for the next four weeks – will be solid enough to mount a sustained title challenge.

City, however, remain the bookies’ favourite at 3/1 to be crowned champions in May, with Chelsea fluctuating between 3/1 and 4/1, while Arsenal have dropped to around 5-6/1 after their impressive start of the season, their odds slightly shorter of United’s at 7.5/1.

Who knows, perhaps David Moyes will turn United’s fortunes around and those who have placed a free bet on United on will be laughing more than others come May.



  1. The_Philosopher

    16 October 2013 at 04:44

    I would say that United are the best bet. Manchester United are the most value for those odds. Historically we’re the most likely to beat the odds.

    It’s hard to talk about winning titles though with David Moyes yet to kick into a winning run of form. It’s all a bit stop start right now and nothing seems predictable.

    6 points from the top is a good position to be in. We’re still definitely in it that’s for sure.

    But consistency is what will make the difference in this title race and there is just no way of telling who is going to be the most consistent with the top 7 clubs all delivering some very erratic results.

    It’s very tempting to keep complaining about David Moyes and Sir Alex Ferguson’s seemingly dubious selection but there is still not enough evidence to make any judgements about the clubs fortunes this season.

    Moyes is still feeling his way around and has shown signs of being willing to experiment.

    Playing Adnan Januzaj is something I’m struggling to credit him for, however, because I believe its a ploy to get the kid to sign a new contract.

    If Moyes was really interested in moving youth into the team he would have given Zaha a chance by now I think. His motives for playing Januzaj are highly suspect to me.

    But to Moyes’ credit he does seem to have sidelined the atrocious Ashley Young and is giving Nani some more chances.

    Also to Moyes’ credit is the fact that he plays naturally right footed players on the right. Case in point Fabio.

    Nani has also featured on the right and if I’m not mistaken has yet to start on the left although he does seem to switch flanks during games.

    I think playing a naturally right footed player on the left is really stupid unless we’re talking about a very talented player. But the average player has no business being played on their weaker foot on the flanks.

    Contrary to popular belief I think the team could benefit from playing Wayne Rooney on the left flank instead of at number 10 or even not playing Rooney at all.

    I think his influence is over rated and it costs the club a lot more having him on the pitch than the benefit gained from his contribution.

    I’m pretty sure I stand alone in that view but that’s just what I think.

    I really think its high time we got Shinji Kagawa up and running as our creative play maker.

    Robin van Persie’s game could improve significantly if he had, what in my opinion are, the club’s three most promising creative players behind him namely; Adnan Januzaj, Shinji Kagawa and Wilfred Zaha.

    Although the younger two of that threesome are heavily inexperienced at this level (as is their manager but lets not get into that right now) their youthful energy and blithe confidence combined with their undeniable raw talent are more than enough to compensate for any of their short comings.

    I really believe if we err on the side of attacking too much it’s less dangerous than being too defensive because teams won’t have time to attack us when they are constantly trying to put out fires in their box.

    And for that reason I would go with the kids and attack with some abandon.

    Attacking football is the United way. This slow, overly cautious, gingerly tip toeing around our opposition nonsense that Moyes is fond of is not in our DNA as a club.

    And I would like to see better from Moyes.

  2. The_Philosopher

    16 October 2013 at 04:56

    I’m hearing murmurs of Zaha going out on loan.

    I don’t know how to contain my displeasure with David Moyes.

    If this kid ends up going out on loan without getting a proper run in the team. . .

    Words fail me.

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