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Anyone With Knowledge of Spanish, Kindly Translate

Every one has been talking about Crissy R’s interview to ESPN. Yes, I know, it’s impossible to have him out of the news beyond five minutes. One would expect him to echo Fergie’s views following the meeting with him in Lisbon — that he’s a Manchester United player for this coming season.

But, suddenly, he seems to have become a person of God — ‘Only God knows my future’ was apparently the loose translation of what he said, when asked about his future. [Is he playing the God card in his bid to win the Player of the Year, following in the footsteps of Jesus-boy, Kaka, who pipped him last time round?]

Perhaps, he’s talking about his long term future? Even so, it would not be unreasonable if one thought St. Cristopher Ronaldo might satisfy us with the divine words: ‘I am a Manchester United player for this season’, thus legitimising the claim of a mere mortal like Alex Ferguson. But the saint thinks it is not the time, yet.

We wait in hope

Meanwhile, anyone with knowledge of Spanish — the language the saint chose to give his sermon to the ESPN hack — kindly translate and confirm that the translated quotes in the media aren’t taken out of context. One could never entirely decipher the cryptic words of the divine, can one?

Here’s the video:

Meanwhile, an apostle of the saint, Ramon Calderon, has not given up hope in the first coming of his messiah. We applaud his faith.

Also, saint Cristopher has showered his grace, so to speak, on four women, according to the Daily Mirror.



  1. Red Ranter

    21 July 2008 at 21:01

    @Wakey: Regarding FIFA, completely agree with you. They just have no power, and even if they try there is a whole legal minefield to cross. It’s not quite so simplistic as one would want to think.

  2. Grognard

    21 July 2008 at 21:08

    @Wakey: Wakey, there absolutely no inconsistency in what I am saying. Perhaps you choose to read more into something I am saying than actually exists. If you cannot see that Ronaldo has shown tremendous disrespect to his team and supporters as well as incredible disloyalty, then nothing I can write will change your mind mate. It’s a forlorn hope. And if I want United to go out and get other players, I am doing so with the knowledge and hope that United conduct their search and attempts with class and with fairness. Do I want Huntelaar or Arshavin, or Podolski or Lahm etc? Yes of course I do and I would love for United to go after these players. But do so using proper etiquette and rules. Make a proper bid and then play the game everybody plays until a team relents. Do not use the media or other parties to tapp up a player and do not conduct illegal activities in general. That is exactly how they have conducted themselves over Berbatov. But their is nothing hypocritical about asking United to contact an other club and to put in a bid for a player whether that club says he is for sale or not. Stating a player is not for sale is just a tactic many teams use to force prospective buyers to increase their bid. And no, a team does not have to abide by a player’s childish dreams if that player was mature enough to sign a contract that legally binds him to the club for a certain time and that also legally binds the club from paying him the amount agreed upon. It’s a two way street and knuckling under to player’s whimsy and change of mind is not part of the process. Ronaldo and his agent knew what they were getting in to when they signed the 5 year deal. Be professional and live up to your contract. And if life is so unbearable playing for the best team in the world, then at least have the class and common courtesy to walk in to the boss’ office and make a formal demand for a transfer. But that would cause him to lose money from his contract based on FIFA’s rules and regulations concerning breaches of contracts.

    There is no case to be made for Ronaldo that holds any legal or ethical weight I’m afraid. And I’m sorry you cannot see my point as it is as clear as daylight. Perhaps I am in agreement with you about it being wrong to boo the player openly as it sends a very negative message that also could distract the rest of the team. But that is as far it goes for me retracting anything I have said in the past.

    I passionately and fully believe what I am saying and I feel like I have the ammunition to back it up. If you still feel me to be a hypocrite and annoying, that your cross to bare, not mine. It has never been my attention to annoy people as much as to stimulate lively and passionate debate. I try to (as hard as it is sometimes due to the many attacks on my personal being) to be fair and attentive to other people’s views and opinions and in numerous cases, I have changed my mind or agreed with their take on things, even if it was different than mine. Why? Because they made their case with a solid mindset and provided me proof that made me reconsider my opinion and position or at least include their’s along with mine as both being valid ways. If that’s annoying, I’m sorry. Yes I am opinionated, passionate in my beliefs and I believe I am fairly well informed. If that makes me elitist I wear that badge with pride. In a debate, the person debating me needs to attack my stance and not my person. And at the end of the day, if they succeed in winning the debate, I am not to proud or stubborn to concede defeat or a tie. But I will not be told to tow the line because somebody tells me I should or because they find me abrasive to their senses. I don’t intimidate easily and I don’t tolerate autocrats who force their way of thinking onto me like some football loving despots on this site. I hope you have a better understanding of who I am and where I stand on things. If not, it’s not because I wasn’t clear or articulate enough.

  3. Grognard

    21 July 2008 at 21:24

    @Wakey: I am not an idiot Wakey. I know exactly what kind of power FIFA has and doesn’t have. What they do have is an outstanding and powerful legal team who can present a proposal to the EU that has potential to pass if it’s properly worded and thought out. One does not quit or give up just because the task is daunting. That’s what brilliant minds are for. Courts are there to listen to reason, not dismiss things for the sake of dismissing. FIFA isn’t a lone shark trying to plea with a judge in a criminal court. They are a billion dollar global entity with far reaching power and above all, incredible influence in high places. Do not ever dismiss their power and that influence. We are talking about universal revisionism that already has majority backing in FIFA members It’s just the E14 teams that are scared to death. All countries and most leagues are in line with radical, financial and socialistic changes being made to the game because at the end of the day, the bottom line for most of these teams besides being competitive, is bloody survival.

    And for your information I took 3 years of pre law in university before I decided I didn’t have the stomach for it and I chose teaching instead. So here my elitist personality is coming out again but do not lecture me on law and what is possible. What I propose is definitely possible but I do agree with Red Ranter in saying that there is a legal minefield that needs to be crossed. They just need proper and highly qualified minesweepers to do their bidding and a desire to make these changes. Easier said than done, but not impossible. Things will become more and more untenable for leagues and teams in the next few years. There will come a time when there will be a breaking point and anarchy will force FIFA to finally act and get off their collective asses and approach the EU and other world governing bodies over this growing cancer.

  4. Wakey

    21 July 2008 at 22:20


    What has Ronaldo done to show disloyalty? Show me evidence. You can’t as he hasn’t done anything more than most players have done and expressed a interest in a potential move, something for example your #1 choice of a new striker Huntelaar has done.

    This is my issue with your stance you have issues with him not honouring his contract which at this moment isnt the case and you also have issues with him not handing a transfer request in which I see no reason he needs to. You don’t have to be unhappy in your workplace to find another opportunity more appealing maybe its a dream job, better location, better pay or better benefits. If you can get that job you would jump at it but if you dont get the chance your still happy to stay. You certainly wont walk into your boss and say “I’m off” without it being a reality unless you are really unhappy where you are and are just looking for an excuse to leave.

    No matter how ethically United act in getting these players who are under contract we are facilitating players being disloyal and breaking contracts. So you either have to have a problem with everything involved in allowing players to not see out their contract or you need to be fine with players having desires to move as long as they dont do anything to actually break or attempt to break the contract.

    As for the loss of money for handing in his transfer request, the only thing he would potentially lose are the loyalty bonuses in his contract IF United accepted it, money he would recoup in the signing on fee he would receive.

  5. Red Ranter

    21 July 2008 at 22:55


    You don’t have to be unhappy in your workplace to find another opportunity more appealing maybe its a dream job, better location, better pay or better benefits. If you can get that job you would jump at it but if you dont get the chance your still happy to stay. You certainly wont walk into your boss and say “I’m off” without it being a reality unless you are really unhappy where you are and are just looking for an excuse to leave.

    Bad analogy. Because you can quit and your new company does not have to pay your old company any compensation. Also you are free to apply for the new job/attend interviews without the knowledge of your current employers. And you don’t usually engineer a move to another company by trying to get fired. You resign. So your analogy with regular jobs don’t fly. You just cannot compare the two.

    Even if Real Madrid is interested, and Ronaldo is also, he can’t approach them without permission from his current employers.

  6. Wakey

    21 July 2008 at 23:44

    @Red Ranter:

    It wasnt really an analogy, it was more a generalisation about how you can be happy in a job and as such not desperate to leave but still have certain roles that if things fell in place you would be interested in taking up. It doesn’t matter if your a footballer, a nurse, a policeman or so on as its not the fine details of how the move of jobs goes on thats important to the point but rather your attitude to a potential move of jobs. Being happy where you are and having opening that interest you are not mutually exclusive, not going into your boss’s office and saying you want to leave is simply not a guaranteed snub to others as Grog seems to be implying. It can mean that they are just happy where they are but not complacent enough that they aren’t closed off to opportunities that are more ‘ideal’

  7. Red Ranter

    22 July 2008 at 00:01

    @Wakey: There is again no hard evidence to prove your point that Ronaldo is indeed torn or he is happy where he is either. The fact is you choose to give him the benefit of doubt while some of us don’t. And I think we can’t agree on the way we choose to react, and we’d have to agree to disagree at this point. Why Ronaldo continues to cast doubts on his short term future, I can’t quite bring myself to comprehend. I have never expected loyalty from him, it’s only his conduct that’s more important to me. To me his conduct stinks and you are a bigger man than me if you can give him the benefit of doubt.

    I really don’t think I need hard evidence on this situation to make my opinion on him. And, trust me, I’ve tried to see every which way to give him the benefit of doubt, but it doesn’t work for me. If he thinks he’s torn between his heart and head (Real or United) then let him say that. He hasn’t been upfront with anything he’s said all summer. And hence I can’t forgive him for it.

    Agree to disagree?

  8. Grognard

    22 July 2008 at 00:17

    @Wakey: Did you just ask me for proof? 😯 “What has Ronaldo done to show disloyalty? Show me evidence.”
    I’m not even going to bother to answer that for the umpteenth time. God give me strength! 🙄

    “This is my issue with your stance you have issues with him not honouring his contract which at this moment isnt the case and you also have issues with him not handing a transfer request in which I see no reason he needs to.” Wakey, he is honoring his contract right now, but not willingly. And for ethical as well as financial reasons having to do with a said contract and FIFA rules he must hand in a transfer request. The fact he doesn’t is simply because he doesn’t want to have to give a dime back as well, he feels that if he says nothing, and just waits things out, United will tire of him and they will make the move which will may him look better to the public. He wants out. Can you not see manipulation when it’s staring you in the face?

    Policemen and nurses are not paid millions of dollars to ENTERTAIN the mob. They don’t play on a field in front of 70,000 people and millions of people watching on tv. To compare their jobs is not even valid. Footballers are overpaid, spoilt and egotistical individuals are handed incredible amounts of money, fame and other opportunities due to the adoration and popularity they gain for their sporting exploits. In this world that is so obsessed by pop culture, they often carry more weight in popularity than doctors, policemen, soldiers, teachers and scientists etc. They are part of and incredibly exclusive and privileged minority and answer to the thousands if not millions who pat their wages.

    How many times do I have to bring up the sanctity of honoring a contract and what that contract means legally and ethically? Why can’t you get that he is not an amateur athlete and he has signed his right to play for only one team. Regardless of his dreams and desires, he must honor his commitment. If his dream was to play for Real Madrid, why the Hell didn’t he sign for them 5 years ago, and why didn’t he refuse to sign a new contract 15 months ago? Did you ever stop to ask yourself why our eternal dreamer never went to Madrid before when he had two fine chances to do so. The bottom line is five years ago Real didn’t even know he existed and two years ago, he was far from being the best player in the world and hardly worth their best sleazy effort.

    Finally your issue with my stance is that I have a stance that doesn’t agree with yours. Some advice, PLEASE GET OVER IT and move on. I’m tired of arguing with both you and Steve so kindly give it a rest. I know your position and you know mine. Lets agree to disagree and move on. How about that Batman movie? 😉

  9. Grognard

    22 July 2008 at 00:19

    @Red Ranter: Poor conduct equates to a lack of loyalty in my opinion.

  10. Red Ranter

    22 July 2008 at 00:31

    @Grognard: Loyalty is not what I demand from him. And it’s not the same as poor conduct, in my opinion.

    To be honest there is no incontrovertible evidence of disloyalty. But there is enough reading between the lines and inference that can can convince many of us on his lack of loyalty. But again, as I said, I don’t care if he’s disloyal and it’s not the same as poor conduct in my eyes.

    And I won’t expend my energy trying to convince you on that, because it’s how I see it.

  11. Ux

    22 July 2008 at 01:35


    Berbatov to Man United = more success.

    Regarding UEFA/FIFA POTY, does anyone have the gut feeling that he could be cheated out of the awards by way of the Olmypics? International games/success seems to carry more weight than club matches..

    Not to say he had a bad tournament of course, a couple of goals, a couple of set-up;s only to be hindered by a incompetent soccer-manager who doesn’t know how to Utilise the lad or his team properly to get maximum results.. tut.

    but yes, my gut feeling is he will be cheated out of the awards because of a few good matches by Ronaldhinio at the Olympics..

  12. Grognard

    22 July 2008 at 03:48

    @Red Ranter: No problem RR. I tend to look at the two as one but it certainly work the other way as well. Certainly it is his bad conduct that has made me question his loyalty and not his loyalty that has made me question his bad conduct, if you catch my meaning. I think what bugs me the most about the guy is when he’s asked a question an he raises that eye brow as if thinking to ones self “What? What the hell are you asking me for, I was no where near the crime scene?”. It’s so indignant and arrogant that it just makes you want to dislike him. He’d be fried in a courtroom with a jury if he was asked to the witness stand. The way he rolls his eyes and the way he can never look somebody in the eyes when he is trying to avoid answering a question that he doesn’t want to answer. He really is a piece of work. And to think how much I loved watching that lad play for us and show some of those indignant and arrogant traits towards the opposition after a big goal. He may not have been my favorite player (top 3) but he certainly was the most thrilling player I have ever watched and cheered on. And it breaks my heart to see what has happened.

    When I think how much flak I have received for my position on him it hurts even more because none of these accusers understand how much I loved this player. I wasn’t indifferent or laze fare in my feelings towards him. I loved him to pieces and felt so lucky and privileged that he played for my team. So it upsets me when people act like I am the Judas or the betrayer in all this. The fact that I cannot be like Jesus Christ and forgive him while he crucifies me with his betrayal does not mean that I never cared or never felt my own loyalty towards him. But how far was my loyalty to go. How many incidents of indignant insubordination, disrespect, ignorance and aloofness must one person take?

    My stand against this player has made me Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of some, or for all I know many. You and I were discussing Batman the other day and I just can’t help but compare myself to the Dark Knight at the end of the film. I’ve literally turned myself into the villain trying to defend the supporters who I feel have been betrayed and yet who I feel have turned on me. And so I will allow them to abuse me if it makes them feel better as I clearly tried to make them see the light regarding Ronaldo but some clearly weren’t interested in my interpretation of justice. People are a fickle lot and it really takes a hard and tough person with very thick skin to run for politics or any kind of public office these days because it’s a very thankless job and in the end, you have probably made more enemies out of what should have been your supporters, than from your true detractors and opponents (in this case Scousers, Gooners and Chelski scum). Never has one man felt like such a lone voice in the wilderness like I do today.

  13. Grognard

    22 July 2008 at 03:54

    @Ux: Ronaldinho at the Olympics? Are you serious mate? Ronaldinho would have to play a dozen World Cup finals in one year and score in each game to get top 10 consideration. There is nobody at the Olympics that has any chance of taking that award away from him. The only person who has a chance is Iker Cassilas and even that would be a total disgrace and crime of corruption and bias against the sport. No matter what I think of him right now, Cristiano is the best player in the World and by a fair margin. Consider what he does and how he does and the number of goals he scores from a position where goal scoring is not a prolific expectation. He is lightning in a bottle and second to none. Also, the Olympics don’t carry that kind of weight. Now excuse me as I have to go whip myself. 😉

  14. saudi red devil

    22 July 2008 at 05:05

    I just want to say Im the biggest Manchester United fan EVER (at least where I live) I love the team to bits, and I can comfortably say that my heart beats with Manchester RED blood.

    I also am (or used to be) a big Real Madrid fan, I watch every game and cheer them on insanely, and Im not saying Im not anymore a fan but not as big, Real Madrid have no ethics and no morals, they never did, Florintino Perez thought he could buy any player he wants and buy success with them, and sadly now Calderon thinks in the exact same way.

    Real Madrid disgust me right now, I was actually thinking of letting go and joining the dark side (Barcelona) and thats just unthinkable as I dont need to tell you (its like a United fan becoming a Pool fan).

    And the case of Ronaldo, I never liked the guy BUT I absolutly loved the player, he is simply the best in the world although as a person he really really sucks, an I agree with him being a rotten apple and should leave at once.

    Im really sorry for the long post, Ive been keeping this inside for so long I needed an out.

  15. saudi red devil

    22 July 2008 at 05:18

    On another subject
    Who plays PES and who plays FIFA?
    I like both specially FIFA08 but most of my friends like PES so Im somewhat forced to play it.

    I was playing with my cousin and had Solskjaer on and I kept scoring like crazy, now thats a player who is a real role model, cant wait for his testimonial he is truly a 20legend.

  16. benjd

    22 July 2008 at 08:05

    @saudi red devil: Err you sound awfully fickle to me. You may think you are the “biggest Manchester United fan” but lets not get “fan” and “supporter” mixed up here.

  17. Red Ranter

    22 July 2008 at 08:37

    @benjd: Err, and what are your definitions of supporter and fan, mate? Because I think you may be mixed up yourself going by that comment of yours.

  18. benjd

    22 July 2008 at 08:44

    @Red Ranter: RR, in my opinion you can only truly support one team wholeheartedly, but saudi red devil claims to be a fan of Man Utd, Real Madrid, and if he so decides, might chop and change to be a fan of Barcelona. For me, I just don’t see how that works.

    I deem a supporter to be someone who goes to their team’s games, buys their team’s shirt, and cries both in happiness and sadness for their team.

    Apologies if my comments came off wrongly, I didn’t mean to offend. I just see a distinction between supporting, and being a fan of a team.

  19. Red Ranter

    22 July 2008 at 09:05

    @benjd: But he did not use the word supporter. He said fan. The words supporter and fan are different, if you know what I mean. I am not offended, that is for saudi red devil to respond to.

  20. zlatan

    22 July 2008 at 09:53

    sir alex i beg you sell him before his price down..i beg you

  21. benjd

    22 July 2008 at 09:54

    @Red Ranter: Ah, fair enough. I see what you are getting at now. Saudi: Apologies!

  22. nawaf

    22 July 2008 at 11:04

    I just watched SAF’s press conference and his reaction to the latest comments from CR. Was it just me? or was SAF feeling a bit anxious about them. Don’t get me wrong, SAF was laughing at the start of the question from the media, but when he seriously wanted to reply, I really felt that he was a bit jittery sort of. I thought his facial expressions and body language were not his usual. Maybe he thinks that his meeting with CR did not reach its objectives as clearly intended. I mean he did not sound as definite as he was in the press conference before this one. Or maybe he is really fed up of CR’s continuous whinning.

    Oh and for the record, I really think CR should not go. Not because of him, but the PRIDE of MUFC.

  23. Jezta

    22 July 2008 at 15:13

    @benjd: Was wondering, am I less of a supporter if I don’t go to the club’s games although I do buy the jerseys and I support them through thick and thin? It’s from what I’ve seen about some people that expects supporters/fans to watch the match at OT, if you haven’t, then you’re not a supporter. Sorry if this sounds like an attack to ya dude, just wanna get some things cleared up. :mrgreen:

  24. Grognard

    22 July 2008 at 16:11

    @benjd: Sorry mate that doesn’t wash. I might buy that argument to a point if you support a team because you live or come from that region but football is a world game with hundreds if not thousands of international leagues. To limit yourself to one team is fine but it’s also very narrow minded don’t you think? I for one live and die for two teams. Man Utd and Bayern Munich. And I’d take it as a great offense if you called me fickle in regards to that. You cannot imagine the torture I was going through in the 1999 CL final when both my teams fought against each others. Supporters for a given team, like yourself come from all over the world and therefore that’s a large list of countries and teams to sift through. When one has that kind of a selection and his or hers interest goes back as far as mine 40 years, then the possibility of more than one team is very large. And supporting a team does not mean just buying tickets to a game or wearing a jersey. There are dozens of criteria that one can use to describe a supporter and it doesn’t always have to do with spending money on that team. For me a fan is a person who likes the sport, a team a player. A supporter is one who LOVES the previously mentioned. And as we know from life where a man is certainly capable of loving more than one woman and in some societies he is capable and allowed to have more than one wife, we must then allow the notion that people can support more than one team. Where I am in agreement with you is having two or three favorite teams that play in the same league. Now that’s very strange indeed. Can you imagine someone out there who is a Man Utd and Liverpool fan as well?

  25. Stephen

    22 July 2008 at 16:25

    I watch United 30 ish games a season, and more the fans the better, thats why we are the club that we are. We have a large digressed fanbase thats why the likes of Chelsea are jelous of us, our history is something to be proud of and thats why we have the support we do. So more the merrier thats why we are all UNITED.

  26. saudi red devil

    23 July 2008 at 04:07

    Fan vs. Supporter isnt an argument I want to be a part of, I have all of Man United Shirts, Shorts, Socks, Training kits, hats, Scarves, Jackets and even water bottles, so how dare you questions my loyalty to United, you dont know me Benjd and I dont know you.

    And as Grognard may understand somehow the situation I am in right now, a person might love or like more then 1 team and since Real and United not playing in the same league its not a hard thing to do and when was the last time they played each other anyway.

  27. colver

    23 July 2008 at 09:45

    On another topic if you believe the tabloids Ronaldo is now dating an Italian tv presenter who coincidentally works in Spain. As you would imagine she is drop dead gorgeous. Whatever happened to karma?

    Having said that his evasiveness must come in handy during relationships.

    The morning after:

    Girl: CR will I see you again?
    CR: I would like, but I never promise anything, the future I do not know, only God knows, it does not depeend on me. I will not discuss our future. Don’t ask me any more questions, I will not answer.

  28. Ishaq(South Africa)

    23 July 2008 at 15:25

    Lol ok having an Real Madrid fan support United is wierd.Oh I hate Madrid more than I hate the scousers

  29. Maik

    24 July 2008 at 04:33

    I say just cut the guy some slack… I AM an United supporter, and a big one, but I have been a Boca Juniors supporter since I was born (I was born in Argentina), and if I were playing for ManU and Boca came knocking (and offering that kind of money, plus a place closer to my home) I’d probably want to go there… Yeah, I’m kind of pissed of at the idea of him leaving, and at him for doing that, but if we can keep him and have him play more of that beautiful soccer with us, then GREAT! If not I’ll huff and puff about it (cause, let’s face it, is there anything more we can do about it?) but I’d understand (probably a couple of months later, but I would anyways)

  30. Pedro

    24 July 2008 at 17:12

    Well.Spanish is my main lenguage and it´s accurate the reports on the media.The last bit is the more creepy one.Exact translation:

    Fernando Palomo…Will you use that experience to return to United and win back the love of those who think you´re betraying them?

    CR7: You have asked me forty questions about United and what do you want me to tell you,that I´m staying,leaving? Only God knows,I do not know anything more.

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