Aston Villa v Manchester United: Preview/Match thread


Right. It looks like our match previewer is AWOL so let’s keep it short here. Consider this an open discussion thread — predictions, pre-match whines, moans, cheers; everything.

We lost our last match against Villa, but this United side is streets ahead of the huffing, puffing, lump of blob that was getting by on crutches.

My prediction: 2-1 to United.

Take it away.


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  1. As i know SAF, i expect him to deploy a lone striker once again and thus a 4-5-1. He usually does it on teams he gives respect whether it’s away from home or at OT.

    He’s silenced us the critics on several occassions and i wont critisize whatever he has in store tonight. All i can say is, let’s have some one in place to cater for Ashley Young’s crosses and Agbonlahor’s pace.

    My prediction: 3-1 to United

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