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Chelsea v United: FA Cup Preview and a free bet

Chelsea FA Cup Old Trafford 2013After becoming the first team in history to win 25 of their first 30 Premier League fixtures on Saturday; United turn their attention to an FA Cup Quarter Final replay at Stamford Bridge.

In 12 meetings between the two sides since 1908 United boast an impressive record against The Blues (Won 8, Drawn 2, Lost 2) and won on their last two trips there in 98 & 99, the latter being a memorable replay after the sides drew at Old Trafford. United went on to win the treble that year and although that feat is now impossible for the Reds to duplicate, it seems there’s a real desire to add another League and Cup double both from the club and the terraces.

Both Benitez and Ferguson need this trophy for differing reasons and Robin van Persie believes the fans shouldn’t expect a classic thanks to both teams playing just 48hrs before kickoff, maybe that’s why the betting is neck-and-neck. Bwin are offering a free bet to all RedRants readers here.

This replay was unavoidable in many peoples eyes after United squandered a comfortable two-goal lead, if United go out they only have themselves to blame. I’m positive that’s a message Sir Alex will be impressing on his players as he seeks to motivate them to overcome an indifferent Chelsea side.

With Rooney, Giggs and Ferdinand not involved at all on Saturday you have to believe they’re set for starts today. The injury Rafael picked up on Saturday looks set to keep him out of today’s tie and Jonny Evans is also a doubt although David de Gea does start despite being knocked out for a short while after a collision with Vidic during the game.

The winners face a trip to Wembley to take on Manchester City so for United that’s an extra incentive giving them a chance to make amends for the Semi-Final defeat two years ago which paved the way for City to win their first trophy in almost a million years!

If you’re looking for tips or a value bet then I think you need to look at the halftime/fulltime market. Games between these two of late have featured goals and comebacks aplenty so for that reason I’m going with a Chelsea HT / United FT bet at 26.00 with Bwin.

Good luck United.



  1. Opti

    1 April 2013 at 14:02

    I missed the first 55 minutes… but we seem really poor!!! Passing is down the gutter…

  2. Opti

    1 April 2013 at 14:14

    Someone explain to me why we have a strong XI for a useless game against Sunderland but field a team without Vidic and RvP away at Chelsea…

  3. Opti

    1 April 2013 at 14:18

    I could go on and on.
    a) Leaving Chicharito on bench for all games but against chelsea doesnt promote strong form
    b) Resting Giggs for 3 games and then expecting him to outperform Nani
    c) Keep playing Welbeck when 1 goal in 24 games tells a dire tale
    d) RvP going cold for 8 games and not resting him.

    It’s so frustrating to devalue cup tournaments so much, especially when we have wrapped up the title for last 3 weeks now…

    • tonymontanna4united

      1 April 2013 at 16:05

      @Opti: Not bringing on kagawa too was a mistake imo. Ok hes not quite hit the headlines (yet) but for his ability to keep the sodding ball in the final third, and to have given us an option through the middle he’d have been a better option than bloody young whose been shite all season.
      Some really stupid decisions from fergie the last few weeks since the Madrid game (where to his credit he actually got it pretty much spot on).

      • Opti

        1 April 2013 at 16:40

        @tonymontanna4united: Agree 100%. It’s been disappointing to watch United since Madrid game… no real determination or will to drive further.

  4. tonymontanna4united

    1 April 2013 at 16:02

    God, is there a more negative team in the league at the minute than us?
    Its chelski ffs, managed by the FSW and we muster little more than the hernandez chance in 90 minutes 🙄 Pathetic.

    • Stephen

      1 April 2013 at 16:13

      @tonymontanna4united: We have scored 70 goals this season in the league, hardly negative.

      • tonymontanna4united

        1 April 2013 at 16:38

        @Stephen: Oh come on, its not as black and white as that though is it. We conceded 6 to city in the game last season, did city dominate us in a manner you’d expect from a team that scored 6 past us (I seem to remember most people that day saying city were lucky).
        Yes weve scored a shit load of goals this season, but how many times have we done fook all all game, got a scrappy goal and sat on it with no real enthusiasm to try and grab another one and finish the game off. Especially since the turn of the year it seems to be every damn week.
        Today we went out with barely a whimper. No 30 minute onslaught after going behind, barely a single genuine attack, we just looked lost and unsure of what to do but for floating in a few hapless crosses to nobody. If thats all that this club has been reduced to, well you can see why people dont consider this a vintage united side.

      • Opti

        1 April 2013 at 16:46

        @Stephen: How are our strikers doing right now or in the last months?

        RvP has gone cold, Rooney’s gone missing, Welbeck plays but doesn’t score, and Chicharito scores but doesn’t play. Valencia has a season to forget and Young/Nani have been injured. Every game since Madrid has been BOOOORING. No exciting youth prospect to watch develop, no maulings (against Reading, for example), and we can barely keep possession or pass properly.

        Red flags are everywhere (cue Meme), but still nothing changes. Squeeze out 1-0 wins and 3 points less to go. Where’s the fire???? Allowing Chelsea to come back from 2-0 down in the 2nd half at Old Trafford was criminal… no heads rolled… no changes made. Thus we march on with mediocrity and 9 fingers on the League Trophy… and a bitter taste in our mouthes…

  5. Stephen

    1 April 2013 at 16:11

    The award for the worst performance of the season goes to Nani, my God he was awful.
    Smalling and Jones looked very solid.
    Fergie seemed to prioritize the league rather than a 1/4 final of a Cup. We are 15 points clear in the title race 😯
    Cleverley, what does he do?
    Carrick again was great, the most underrated player in the League.
    De Gea is really looking the part, well done.

  6. Opti

    1 April 2013 at 16:39

    Fergie needs to read about Econ 101. What’s the value of a 12 or 9 point lead vs. weakened line up in quarterfinals of FA Cup.

    Since Madrid game, United have been really poor. I think we have a motivational problem on our hands and Fergie’s rotation is meaningless now since we only have a lame-duck EPL to fight for.

    When was the last United game where entertainment was delivered. 3 pts is great, but it is all 100% business, I don’t really wanna waste my time watching grass grow, when I can watch my children play more seriously with their dolls and Duplo.

    So disappointed that we are over-prioritizing the league at the cost of everything else… and Welbeck please stop acting like you should start over Chicharito…

    Bloody hell!!


  7. slowshow

    1 April 2013 at 16:50

    I think the substitutions didn’t work out today. Nani was very poor and that poor final pass to Chicharito in the first half just killed everything. Giggs coming on to play in Central midfield spoilt the balance of the team and gave Mata(what an excellent player he is) too much room to operate. Valencia played better as a right back than a winger while Jones played better in midfield.
    It’s high time we get a continental no.2 cus our players really lack in technical ability.

  8. Redrich

    2 April 2013 at 04:55

    I was writing a detailed reason why I came to this conclusion and some glitch in the mechanics of this site zeroed it out.
    So I’ll make a long story short.


    We can beat the hell out out Reading, QPR, Wigan, West Ham, Newcastle etc. and we can eke out some decent results against Chelsea, Arsenal and Citeh on occasion, but put us in a dogfight with stiff opposition and we don’t have the moxie to pull it off.

    No excuse will satisfy my disappointment – winning the title this year is justification for throwing it away last time. Hardly a glowing epitaph for possibilities so grand.
    Ferguson probably knew the limitations and threw the whole enchilada at what has served him the best. In his focus he saw only an assured trophy, and because of the cataracts that blurred a wider vision, he, in one foul swoop, compromised the swashbuckling gambles that would have surely given us more to fight for on April the first.

    • tonymontanna4united

      2 April 2013 at 14:54

      @Redrich: Sad thing is were not even beating the hell out of the Readings, QPR’s, West Ham’s and Southampton’s of this world anymore.
      All of those games at OT (west hams being the cup replay) were amongst the most awful performances I’ve seen from us this season (and damn that’s saying something).
      Southampton’s performance in the 2nd half against was probably the best away performance I’ve seen against us this season imo. Bloody Southampton 😯
      And we were just quite happy to sit back let them play their stuff and control the game because we were sitting on a 2-1 lead 🙄
      I’ve been reading on a number of blogs the last few weeks, fans saying this team isn’t that far off the 07/08 side, the general consensus being that team actually wasn’t as good as we claimed it to be.
      Looking back, that team did still have it faults, and Ronaldo’s absolutely sensational form that year did make us overlook a lot of them.
      But one thing that team did have was a fear factor.
      Very few teams would come to OT and try to play football against us. With this team however, teams not only come and have a go, they’re bloody well bossing it the majority of the game, controlling it.
      And we seem quite happy for them to do so.
      The phenomenal form of van persie up to january (again no coincidence his run of shit form comes about the same time as our awful form) has provided that great lead in the league and also exposed the general shittyness of the rest of the league.

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