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Christian Falk confirms Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho pursuit is similar to PSG’s pursuit of Neymar

In the latest episode of Matt Addison’s Blood Red podcast, Christian Falk claimed that Dortmund has promised Jadon Sancho to let him go if the €120 million asking price is met by Manchester United.

Matt Addison went onto protest that the €120 million price tag seems to be a bargain for the 20-year-old provided the numbers he’s been putting up at this age. “I am surprised United haven’t spent that money on him yet”, stated Addison.

To which Christian Falk replied, “Corona times are really really crazy and you know it’s a lot of money that they don’t earn without the supporters in the stadium. I really believe it’s hard to get to such a valuation, a year ago or six months ago it wouldn’t have been a problem.”

“Today €120 million is a price synonymous to the €222 million paid for Neymar, so it’s not easy for United as well to spend this kind of money.”

Falk thinks Dortmund are in no hurry to let Sancho off this summer amidst the ‘corona-prices’. The German club is in a comfortable position financially and are not in dire need of the money at the moment.

“The problem is with United, they thought it would be easy to get him and Dortmund would eventually budge on their asking price.” said Falk.

Falk believes Dortmund are not looking to be in the selling business for once after letting Aubameyang and Dembele leave in the previous years. The money earned from these sales has been invested very well and the German club is now looking to hold onto their key players until they receive an offer of the likes that simply cannot be refused.

Dortmund is afraid that if they let Sancho off cheap, the same could happen with their other wonder kid, Erling Haland.

When asked about what happens next season when more clubs would be interested in signing Sancho having financially recovered from the pandemic and having the resources to do so, Christian asserted that Sancho is very keen on joining United and playing Champions League football for them. But if United doesn’t do it this year, a lot of top European clubs would join the bidding war next year.

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