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Courtroom Drama | Mourinho’s Latest Joke

The Tevez saga takes an interesting (but actually, quite tedious) turn as the Premier League blocks Tevez’s move to United and also rejected a personal letter from Tevez addressed to the PL asking for his registration with West Ham to be cancelled.

More importantly, United has decided to play hard ball by refusing to pay anything to West Ham. It now appears, after an apparently thorough investigation by club solicitor Maurice Watkins, that Tevez is essentially a free agent. It is increasingly clear (if it wasn’t already) that West Ham lied, and the Premier League goofed up big time over the ownership of the player. The league, of course, now wouldn’t want to go back on its ruling thus paving the way for the courts or a sports arbitration body.

There were also reports that FA and FIFA would be called into action to resolve this mess that’s been created. While retrospectively, there is hardly a chance that Sheffield United would get promoted if the truth eventually comes out, there is a good chance the Premier League would be dragged out in the open and stoned to embarrassment. It will be a big jolt to their credibility (or whatever was left of it anyway).

Anyhow, it does appear that we might probably sign Tevez only after we are well into August. But one hopes, at least, even that happens.

Onto other news, Mourinho has spoken the first of his many incoherent thoughts of the season – this time gloating about how Chelsea have been prudent this season with their signings, and how they have ‘done their homework’. It is an indirect response to SAF’s dig at the other big teams’ lack of spending. Agreed, Chelsea have been done their ‘homework’ with their free transfers so far, but financial prudence can be judged only after the transfer window slams shut. They’ve already signed Malouda for 13 million and are still linked with Alves. So we’ll have to see how their strategy pans out before making judgments.

But his intent of trying to draw attention to their club’s relative frugality after 3-4 years of criminal spending is laughable to say the least.

And that should end my rant for the day. See you tomorrow.



  1. Stop your Whinging

    11 July 2007 at 10:22

    The title has been won and bought over the past 100 years, and it certinly didn’t start with Chelsea in 2003! Sick and tried of hearing your whinging and whining about Chelsea and Mourinho…. Who bought Ferdinand….Beckham….. Henze….. Van Nistleroy……Veron for ridiculous prices!!!! and you’ll didn’t buy the leagues and CL…. my fat arse you didn’t!…. move on

  2. Shaheen Seedat

    11 July 2007 at 10:52

    Malouda at 13.5m is hardly prudent tbh
    Still keen to see what jose plans – tactics-wise
    He still has robben – so if he keeps him he-ll probably have to change his formation slightly

  3. Unitedinwords

    11 July 2007 at 11:58

    I am sensing that West Ham could be up the famous creek without a paddle regarding the Tevez affair. If they can not demonstrate that they own Tevez, as opposed to what they did previously, which was to rip up the agreement with MSI as if that showed he wasn’t owned by a 3rd party, then they could yet be facing a huge points penalty that would damage their season before its started or face a finanical fine that would make Bellamy the most expensive signing ever ha ha. Either way, my trust and faith is completely with Maurice Watkins. We don’t take this kind of stance without doing our homework and I feel its West Ham that have the headache and I think the Premier League now know this more than ever!

  4. govind

    11 July 2007 at 12:20

    according to bbc..we have to pay 6 million a year to tevez’s agent for 2 years and have to shell out 30 million pounds to buy him outright..thts a total of 42 million.pounds!!and btw if tevez is coming on loan y dowe have to pay a fee to kia..i thought loan deals didnt involve money..

  5. karl

    11 July 2007 at 12:52

    I would just like to know…if we sign Tevez on this loan agreement…how is it different from the way West Ham signed him?

  6. Indian Devil

    11 July 2007 at 13:39

    a loan deal that involves money assures that the player cannot be called back anytime within a season and also no other clubs can make an offer while is is on loan.
    it is different because there r no thrid party involmentsr in this dealand so tevez’s agent could pull him out of the contract whenever he wanted.That is blocked.

  7. indian punk

    11 July 2007 at 14:14

    “The terms are he will go on a two-year loan and that a loan fee will be paid to Joorabchian’s company of about £10m.

    “The player himself will get about £4.5m a year and Manchester United could buy the player but would probably have to pay another £30m.”

    For that much money torres would have come easily man this all shit court room non sense would have been avoided this is not gonna be good
    Paying that much for tevez common

  8. Shyam

    11 July 2007 at 16:23

    What if we dont buy Tevez for 30M after two years??…You have a class act at his peak for just 10M pounds…Buy a young striker who wud emerge by this time…how about that??…
    If you find Tevez scoring 50-60 goals in this two years…buy him for 30M pounds…holy god he is worth that money…

  9. Little Dud

    11 July 2007 at 22:43

    Has Joorabchian lost it and turned completely against west ham? Sky Sports said he says that Tevez was on loan and now that loan has ended, and he has also “vital documents” that could sway the sheffield united case towards them getting reinstated back into the premier league and he is “considering” handing them to sheffield united, saying “the decision made by the premier league to hand out a fine instead of dock points was made without all the evidence” (presumably some sort of threat). Can anybody confirm this?

  10. Red Ranter

    11 July 2007 at 22:45

    Well that’s what the reports say. In that case we would only stand to gain from it. So it doesn’t really matter to us.

  11. Little Dud

    11 July 2007 at 23:44

    Yeah, i was just really commenting on the cynacism of joorabchian and how he could just flip a situation on its head like that. He has single handedly made it so west ham could be relegated and we dont have to talk to the hammers in order to sign Tevez in one swoop. That could happen to man united too if he is going to be involved with us if/when tevez signs. I sincerely hope that doesnt happen.

  12. Sam

    12 July 2007 at 02:32

    If we are having this much trouble how did liverpool get mascherano?? or did West Ham release him? anyone know…

  13. Indian Devil

    12 July 2007 at 07:53

    I think if Man Utd sign Tevez they would negate all this third party influence so this kind of thing can never happen and I think FIFA or the FA might have to intervene to move the deal ahead and its all going to favour Tevez.

    He’s going to go to FIFA and say that he does not want to go back to WHU so it will activate his buy-out clause (if he has a real contract and not a loan deal) and get the remaing money as well as the money he would get from Man Utd so above all Tevez and his agent will come out the beneficieries. As for WHU if they r not lucky they can get possibly a points penalty and the PL will have to pay a compensation to SU.

  14. Marquiz

    19 July 2007 at 10:40

    Man U bought players with self generated income. Whereas Chelsea used a suger daddy. So no comparision here

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