David Gill gets top role


David Gill has been elected into the top executive board of members in the European Club Association which, many of you might remember, was formed under the auspices of the UEFA following the dissolution of the G14.

“I’m obviously very pleased to be elected,” Gill said. “The ECA has a very important role to play in the relationship with Uefa and other bodies within European and world football. We are the people who run the clubs, we understand the issues. All parties need to work together to come up with a set of rules and regulations that everyone buys into.”

Perez added that he was: “Very happy to be able to work for the clubs inside the big European football family.”

Florentino Perez’s influence (as someone known to favour a European super league) cannot be ignored, and it would be interesting to see what holds for the future of European club football in the coming years.



  1. @Craig Mc: So by that you mean play Nani on the left with Evra to double mark Lennon? A bit risky imho, what with Nani’s suspect defensive motivations! 😆
    I’d rather play Nani on the right and Park on the lft, just for this match as I mentioned.
    @Grognard: From what I’ve seen of Lassana Diarra, he’s progressed in his offensive play. He’s still not an Essien, but he may well be a better passer than Essien. Just my thoughts. He would have been just what the doctor ordered for our dire midfield.

  2. @colver: We beat teh 9th best team in the world 5-1. Can’t do much more than that. Lets hope we play Brazil in November with a full quota of first team players to see where we are in comparison.

  3. @NicoQB: We may well see Rooney play wide to help Evra.
    I know, I know, Rooney needs to play CF, but it’s an option that worked well for a few games last year.
    Don’t be too suprised by this!! 🙂

  4. @Traverse: But as a friendly, it just won’t be a good yardstick. Don’t forget Brazil barely beat the US in the CC final this summer, and the US have looked anything but impressive in WC qualifiers since then.

    Winning qualification this early may in fact hurt us in the long run. Maybe we could revise a mini Home International tournament with Scotland and maybe Ireland. They would certainly give us a run for our money!! 🙂

  5. @Traverse: It’s whether Capello makes anything of it that matters!! I’m sure the tabloids would be all over it though. 😆
    My point is that friendlies won’t prove to Capello who are the best players to represent us in SA. If Defoe has an impressive game, would you say then, that because he fared well against the Brazilians, in a friendly, he should be considered for SA. Similarly, if Rooney looks like shit would his place on the plane be in jeopardy??

    Competitive opposition really does separate the comers from the pretenders, and would be a much more useful tool to assess our talent! 🙂

  6. @Will: I will call on you always to interpret modern, English street talk. I honestly had never heard of that one before!! 😯 😯

  7. @Grognard: Hey, Grog, what you think about this Spurs game? I think we’re going with a 4-3-3 with Rooney playing wide right and Berbatov and Giggs making up the line! 🙄 🙄 🙂

  8. @NicoQB: I have no problem with those kind of players if they can also attack. Keane and Essien are examples of DMF’s who were box to box. I love players like that. It’s the DMF who plays like a fifth defender that i can’t stand and every team seems to have them these days. I suppose this is why I am not jumping all over the Darren Fletcher bandwagon. I respected and appreciate what he does, I just don’t particularly enjoy watching it. Hargo is an exception too because of his well rounded game and ability to defend without crippling players.

  9. @Redrich: I agree. Park will probably start and play on the left side or Giggs will start and track back a lot because the thing that makes Spurs attack go without Modric will be Lennon. Evra can keep up with him and mark him out of the game if he concentrates on his defensive duties. But we know he won’t do that and chances are he’ll get caught upfield a few times or out of position on a cross into the box. I have no faith whatsoever in the Skinned Sausage.

  10. @Redrich: Red, the game is at White Hart Lane and I have become to predict Fergie far too easily these days. He’s going to put on his chicken shit shorts and come out with a 4-5-1 or a defensive 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. I honestly would be shocked and amazed if he was going to get attack minded with a 4-3-3. Although, he is the manager that invented the 4-3-3 as a defensive formation with Park as one of the wingers and Rooney the other as they both tracked so far back that they played like wing backs.

    In honesty I cannot blame him for being cautious because Spurs are very hot and full of confidence but their talisman and play maker Modric is injured and I think that makes them a little less of a threat as Krancjar will take time to settle in I feel. It’s taking a way their wide men like Lennon which I feel is the key. offensively I expect a big game from Berbatov. He needs to step up and do one on his old team and show us he can be counted on in a big game on the road. This is the kind of game i feel very happy coming out of there with a 1-0 win or a draw. Hostile crowd, good opponent and we need to keep doing well. Four games so far and no draws, I predict a our first draw this weekend. Call it 1-1 and the goal scorer will be Owen off the bench. If Evra does his job on Lennon, we will win.

  11. @Redrich: I thought that’s what you meant. I agree by the way, although he could be placed on the right in order to put the more pest like park on Lennon. At least that’s what i would do. I just hope Anderson doesn’t play. Fletcher and Carrick in the middle should do the job.

  12. @Grognard: Well I think he’ll play defensively against any team of note. Lennon scares the crap out of me, and it wouldn’t suprise if SAF double teamed him all game long.
    You would think this is the game that Berbatov would step up and stamp his mark on the WHL faithful, do a little more than a nifty touch and bring down and put a few in back of the fucking net!! I dare him!! 👿 👿

  13. @Grognard: 4-3-3, mate. Protect the flanks and concede CMF. If Giggs plays up, you would put Valencia on the right and float Fletcher in the middle (box to box). I would put a vote in for Nani playing left, cutting in with Rooney,when possible, and threatening from 30 yards!

  14. @Grognard: The more I think of it, this is gonna be one hell of a game. Lots of end to end stuff and lots of goals.
    My prediction 3-2 United, if we attack!! 🙂

  15. @Grognard: Now if I said things here are the shits would that then mean we are the very best?? 😆
    With this kind of lingo, it’s no wonder the streets are a dangerous place!! 😆 😆

  16. @Red Ranter: “what else can I expect from you [insert eyeroll smiley here]”

    That’s where I got it from plus the fact that you have mentioned it to me before regarding that specific smiley. It was nothing that upset me, I just got the impression my interpretation of that eye rolling smiley was different than your is all.

  17. @Redrich: The thing I really dislike about Fergie is his unpredictability in squad selection and also the fact that i could see him doing something dumb like not even start Berba against his old team which we all would expect him to be fired up for and perform well against. I could see him going with one forward up front and that being Owen because of his speed and ability to play off the shoulder of the last defender in a completely counter attack game plan.

  18. @Redrich: I would start Nani because I think Spurs are very ordinary defensively. But Fergie of late doesn’t attack other team’s weaknesses, he protects and plays conservative to protect ours. Therefore, I do not see Nani starting and i actually see Park starting instead.

  19. @Redrich: 😆 😆 😆 Thats so true. I guess I should inform everyone that when I call United shit and Fergie a major disappointment what I really mean is United are awesome and Fergie is that greatest and still has the goods to succeed. When I say the team played badly and were a disgrace, I really meant they were world class and the cat’s meow. 😉 😆 😆

  20. @Grognard: I don’t have a problem with the eye roll really. It is there to be used and it can vary with context. And you and I are smart enough to know where it can indicate a harmless “whatever” and where it can indicate disdain. Anyway I didn’t have a problem with your use of the smiley in this particular instance.

  21. I for one would like united to have a go at totenham’s defense, no special tactics, just plain attacking football. Sure be mindful of lennon but let evra do his job and partner him with nani, let spurs change their tactics to try and stop us but let’s not cower and try defensive tactics, the league teams seem to have smelled blood after the rome debacle and the loss of ronaldo and they don’t really fear united, I remember burnley’s coach and how smug he was before we even played them, said he “We will just play our passing game”, so you can only guess how Arry is spoiling for a fight, coaches in the league have extra confidence when they play against united as opposed to chelsea or arse, we need to stop that, and make spurs an example, they have had a good start so if we could crush them it would really send out the message. Special tactics need not be applied, who is lennon really, and he alone shouldn’t be able to beat evra, vidic and evans. So IMO lets put an attacking team out there, let our best men represent us and let Arry worry about trying to stop nani, valencia and berba.

  22. @Red Ranter:
    Yeah I was truly surprised RR as I am not seeing any new post on the MAIN Page or HOME Page its still the David Gill Story….
    R u kidding or you are serious???

  23. @Red Ranter: Hmmm.. If i’m a parasite on a shark(as he proclaimed first), then he’s the old donkey’s arse – most definitely not the shark 😆

  24. @Dan: I’d rather he spent money to fix our problems rather than implement dull and cautious tactics to protect them. All the more reason why what I have been saying about him lately is correct, even if it is cruel and lacks the respect the man has earned over 20 years. It kills me to criticize him but somebody has to. Nobody on this planet is perfect…..except me of course. 😉 😀 😀

  25. RR, Regarding post #231, I believe he was warned once already regarding the donkey’s ass comment? 😕

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