Dear Ben Foster


You said a few things today. Let me quote them for you, and then respond.

“The fans are obviously passionate about the club but sometimes they need to focus on supporting the club a bit more than getting carried away with the technicalities of who’s in charge.

On the green and gold campaign: “Yes, it’s a bit of a distraction when the fans are doing the chants at every game and things like that,”

Ben, Ben, Ben,
1) The Glazers being in charge of the club isn’t a minor ‘technicality’. It’s the whole frakking point! There hasn’t been such an uproar in the history of the club over ownership. [Not even when the club became a Plc.] Fans, by and large, are forgiving of the owners if they invest money into the club without siphoning it off to service their own debts.

2) As for the green and gold campaign and anti-Glazer chants, those weren’t really the reason why we didn’t win more than a Carling Cup medal. Your former boss, SAF, went on record saying that the green and gold campaign was good for the atmosphere.

You clearly don’t get it. So be a good boy; go do your job for Birmingham, and leave us fans to decide how we go about supporting our club.

– RR




    Nothing new on the Benzema front. We are apparently after Van Der Vart for £20mil. Nothing will happen on either until Mourinho rocks up and decides who he wants to keep.

    We’re also being linked with a £10mil move for Huntelaar.

    Valencia say they will not be selling Silva, and Spurs say they will not be selling Modric. In other bad news, lots of talk that Di Maria has signed for Madrid.

  2. I saw the Holland vs Mexico game and I have to say I was impressed by Van der vaarts’ range of passing, It seems like they’ve made him their new captain aswell. Chicharito scored a goal aswell good close range header and movement, he had a decent game to. It finished 2-1 to Holland in the end though.

  3. Breaking News

    Now this is real intresting and anyone living in England here will be watching this for sure. Panorama have a.nnounced that they will be airing a documentary just 4 days before the world cup to maximise audience. The documentary is about the Glazer family andd their running of the club. This will be very intresting indeed. It seems as though it will focus on how the Glazers have swallowed up the £80 million from the Ronaldo sale to pay off intrest payments. This is really going to spark off the Red knights or any other takeover campaign, Having said that I think its an all round good thing, its about time the glazers are shown for what they truly are.

    Sir Alex will be really annoyed at this though due to the fact that he has boycotted the BBC for more than 5 years, refusing to give interviews. I remember once he described them as “arrogant” There will be a huge fall back to thisl theres no doubt about that. I for one am happy though!

  4. @Shera: Yes i was just going to post this too mate, will be a interesting watch. Panarama usually know what theyre talking about and if they can get access to any hard evidence about our finances it could pressure the glazers into selling us.
    Sadly though it seems the glazers dont give a damn about what us fans think so really even if the financial figures are made public they probably wont sell, nobody can force them to anyway. The amount of money they will be taking out of our club the next few years i dont think any offer unless it was upwards of £1.8bn would be accepted, which lets face it is very unlikely right now.
    The fans do deserve to know what is happening with their club though and i will definitely be watching this when the BBC show it.

    Also looking at tomorrow when the financial quarterly results are set to be released. Should show exactly what has happened with the ronaldo money, not that we dont already know mind you, but still will be nice to have it there on paper. God how i hope the yanks sell up and piss off.

    Also on van der vaart, i saw highlights of the match and he impressed me too, hes a top player and a player i would love here. In his prime right now and definitely under rated, this guy could be the player we have been craving, the link up between midfield and attack and a goal presence.
    Im not too sure about the price though, i think we could definitely pick him up for alot less than the £20m being quoted. I think though we need to strike as soon as. Madrid are going through their yearly manager merry go round and i guess we need to wait until mourinho is properly in place. But i think there are going to be alot of top players mourinho will want to sell who would do a job here.
    Among them higuain who mourinho is not meant to be a fan of, and looking at mouinho every team he has managed has had an experienced front man so may look to get rid of higuain and bring in milito. Benzema likewise could be available with VDV almost definitely available.
    Its time to act though as it has been so frustrating watching us sit there and do nothing. Im almost expecting to see us using the world cup as an excuse for our lack of signings come july. We will hear ferguson say “we wanted …………, but his price shot up after the WC and we didnt think he was value for money”. It would paper over the fact we are skint anyway i guess.
    God its depressing these summers now, just wanting the WC to start soon as, and hopefully can make a few quid from my bets on which team will win the tournament.

  5. @Shera: Mate I don’t think that the Panorama show will tell the Red Knights or MUST or most INFORMED Man Utd fans anything they don’t already fully know! What it will do is highlight what’s going on with the Glazer finance ownership of our club, to the rest of the uninformed in the world especially those who don’t have access to internet!

  6. @CraigMc: For people like you and me who know how bad the glazers are it wont change much, but i know personally alot of united fams who still arent sure about the glazers, think the term is better the devil you know, or so they say.
    So whilst maybe for people like you and me it wont make a difference, maybe hearing from someone outside of united or the red knights, might make them believe alot more. Because its tough right now, i think the only thing we can do to get the glazers out is to boycott games which will hurt the club theres no doubt. However the key is it will hurt us short term but long term if it gets the glazers out i say its for the best. Short term pain for long term gain is my feelings.
    I dont know if your a season ticket holder mate but i would be interested to hear if you are and whether you support the boycotting of games idea.
    I might not be in the position to say boycott games as i have never been priviledged enough to have a season ticket. Sadly i moved from manchester in 98 when i was little kid and live in london now so i usually only get to see united when they come down to play the london teams. I finally saw united play at old trafford for the 1st time against stoke and it was an amazing experience for me, and i would love to see them again. Therefore i can understand how hard it would be for ST holders to give them up.
    However i think it needs to be done, hard as it is i wont be making the trip up to united to put money into the glazers pockets. I came to wath united as it was a dream of mine to see them at OT and it was great but i refuse to give money to them. I will go to watch them when they come to london because thats money the yanks dont get.
    It will be hard as i would love to go to OT on a much more regular basis but im making a sacrifice now, not as much as the ST holders who have owned them for 10+ years but still im doing something right.

  7. Man Utd linked with ‘new Kaka’ Paulo Henrique.If i am not wrong,then Anderson was the new Ronaldinho and Llajic was the Serbian Kaka… 🙄

  8. @Owen: I hate the way how they make out someone kid is the next “zidane”, next “kaka” etc.
    First of all its unfair on the kid himself being labelled the new whoever as it puts added pressure on them and usually means they are in the spotlight 24/7 instead of leaving them be and getting on with their football.
    It also is an insult on the player these kids are being compared to. There will only ever be 1 zidane, kaka, scholes, keane, rooney etc so why all of a sudden are some 17/18 year old kid being compared to them, stupid really.

    About the player though not really heard too much about him but if im right i think he plays for santos. I am a bit edgy now when it comes to young south american talent, i think we would be better focusing on another region. Countries like holland, germany, france and now countries like serbia and russia are producing some serious talent.
    These are countries with arent already madrid/barcelona country and means the players from those countries are less likely to dream of playing for the spanish clubs.
    I mean who was the last german we signed. Germany outside of the south american countries in my opinion is the best country in the world internationally and their players are usually hard working, technically brilliant, down to earth lads. Ive read grognard getting a bee in his bonnet about that and i agree with him. Why is it we arent signing top players from germany and instead look at countries like brazil.
    I think a change in the scouting set up is needed because somewhere along the lines we have lost the plot.

  9. @tonymontanna4united: Mate we have to find ways of hurting the Glazers without hurting the team, and that is not easy. I get to most of the home games at OT and a good few of away games. I wouldn’t want to stop supporting the team from the terraces mate, but I boycott as much as I can. I refuse Man Utd credit card, MUTV, club megastore, new kits, buying foodstuff, meals etc at the ground, and any of our sponsors goods – because a good few of them are sponsoring us to sell their goods/products to United worldwide fan base. If anybody else has any other suggestions of how to cut off Glazer money support WITHOUT hurting the team – let me know and I’ll add to my list!

  10. @CraigMc: Yeah i can understand your points. As i said its alot easier me saying i will boycott games as i hardly ever get the chance to go to old trafford and am not a ST holder so its easy for me to say im boycotting and i can understand how hard it must be for any mancs who have been season ticket holders for donkeys years or like you get to alot of home games.
    I understand it will hurt the team so its a sort of catch 22 scenario here and i dont like the idea of us having empty stadiums but if it means 2/3 years of medicrity for the long term of the club i will take it. I will support the club whether we are coming 8th or in the blue square premier, im united for life. And right now i would say the glazers are putting our long term future at risk.
    I dont want to offend but if i said tyhe glazers were the worst thing to happen to us since the munich air disaster would i be wrong. I dont want to compare the 2 as people died in the air crash but in terms of how grim things are for us now i would say the glazers and what they have done to this club would be up there.
    As i say i dont want to hurt the team but unfortunately for us other than boycotting games i see no way to get rid of the glazers. I think we will have to just sit back and take it until some billionaire comes in and buys us out. But from what i hear about the glazers they are in it for the long term unfortunately. Just gonna have to sit there support the team and take it i guess.
    By the way tomorrow the quarterly year accounts (or something like that) are released tomorrow which will show in black and white where the ronaldo money has gone. Hopefully when revealed its been used on the debt we can stop with all this crap from gill and fergie that the money is still there and hopefully can encourage someone to buy the club.

  11. Instead of having a pop at the fans who love this club, you should sort out your own shortcomings, Foster… You nearly cost us that Derby against City… Good keeper? Paddy Roche was better! Bugger off, Ben! There’s a good lad…

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