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Dear Sir Alex Ferguson

Another contribution from an old Soccerlens reader, this time it’s Karl.

Dear Sir Alex Ferguson…

(I’m hoping that you run a Google search on you name and come across this letter).

Thank you for this wonderful 2006/2007 season of football that you made possible for so many of us. Many people wrote this team off in the beginning of this season. Yet, You Believed! Your belief made the team achieve the most impossible and un-thinkable. You brought back pride to Old Trafford once again. I now once again enter bars proudly with my AIG replica shirt (not that I were ever really ashamed, I now just walk a bit more proud). Thank you!

Our team had their highs and lows this season…

With our “highs”, it showed just what a great manager and tactician you are. Our good start to the season, our thrashing of Italian opposition, beating of Liverpool (TWICE!!) and most importantly, our Champions trophy are just a few of these highlights. These are admittedly mostly thanks to you.

In fairness, we should therefore assign the “lows” to you as well…our continuous crumbling against “great” opposition, our lackluster performances during games that really mattered (Milan and Chelsea). I understand that the EPL was the main priority this season. But, by getting so far in the other cup competitions, I have to admit that it is very disappointing to see the manner by which we got beaten. Perhaps we could have gone out with our heads held high and playing more attack-minded during these games…(I cannot remember the last time cup final that United played not to win, but to draw…it hurts). After beating Roma in fantastic fashion, with the entire world now looking at us, we went and played defensively against Milan. Now this is real humiliation.

For next season, can you please not show the other teams the amount of respect that you showed Milan, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal? We are the champions, not them… That kind of respect instills fear into our team and kills off our game. When the team is firing, we play the most beautiful football in the world. No other team can come close to matching this.

Sometimes it is something like “poetry in motion”… And even better, we win these games (which is more than what I can say of Arsenal’s supposedly beautiful game… talking of which, as a manager, can you perhaps tell me what is so beautiful about their game? I’ve been watching a few of their games recently and just don’t get what the fuss is about?). I know we cannot play every game like that, but that is what we love to see.

Now that the transfer frenzy is upon us again, I believe that you will do what is best for the team. I know that there is no way anyone can persuade you to let go of the team’s 451/433 formation. Your persistence with it – even during our most torrid displays – is enough prove of that. It appears that this is now the future of our club’s playing style. I guess we have now seen the last of our “flying wingers”?

The way I see it, I believe that it can work out. But, in my opinion, for this formation to work, we will need the proper players. For starters, we need 3 forwards that can rotate well. We already have Rooney and Ronaldo. I think we need to add one more Rooney or Ronaldo. Perhaps Tevez and/or Robben? Should you add a good midfield “anchorman” in the mould of Makalele – perhaps this is where Owen Hargreaves fits in – then I believe our team will be set for this. No need to tinker with our defence.

I know this is a real headache for you because, apart from attaining the services of “proven” players for this new formation to work, you also need to blood youngsters for United. One player that immediately pops to mind is Rossi. How on earth are you going to do this? I really do not envy you.

I hope you have a lovely holiday – you certainly deserve it – and trust that we will see some fantastic football by Manchester United next season.

Yours truly

“Just an average, thankful, Manchester United fan”.



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  2. Ahmed Bilal

    22 May 2007 at 22:14

    Tevez. Please, Tevez.


  3. billy

    23 May 2007 at 15:26

    Sir Alex
    Good buys are K Nolan. T Cahill Henrik Peterson Henrik Larsson.
    United need 3 things more Height, Speed, and a leader who is a winner.

    We do not need Hargarves (headless chicken) M Owen (too small) A lennon (too small)

    We can let go Smith Giggs Richardson O’Shea Fletcher

  4. redsnake

    23 May 2007 at 21:30

    nice letter mate. i often find it hard to express how i really feel bout united these days. i personally beleive that ferguson is goin a little c-nile. How can he come out saying weel go over to milan n “play our attackin style” n then go with 1 up top??! anyone noticed ronaldos poor finish to the season? dont suppose anyone has made the link that its due to him being shunted over to the left side of the park? he aint scored a goal in 15 odd games n in all of them hes been stranded out on the left when the devastatingly old giggs (notorious left winger) potters around “supporting” rooney. The old boy is a legend but he has NO legs. (worst player on the park in fa cup final) I do agree that fergusons 433 and 451 and even possible 4231 could work out but he has to get the basics right. He has to inject pace into the team (when ronaldo is absent our midfield looks static- giggs/scholes/carrick/ FLETCH!!??!!!) And finally he need to bring in klass jan huntelaar. By the way Wesley Sneijder (the new paul scholes is available for 10million!!( he’s a must buy player as scholes, although still amazin wont be around for ever… Cheers

  5. soon ong

    24 May 2007 at 18:39

    Dear Sir Alex,

    Following my previous email , i wish to add another VERY IMPORTANT POINT that :

    1.0 MU players (from most of the matches i hv watched…especially the
    important matches) that they DONT
    GROUP together in A CIRCLE to have a last minute ENCOURAGING
    COOPERATION TALK in the football field before
    the Game starts.

    2.0 I notice that teams like Liverpool and Chelsea do the CIRCLE
    GROUP encouraging talk before the important matches.

    3.0 As an Ardent Fan – i really hate to watch MU losing games to teams
    of lesser calibre and in important games. WHY NOT
    have the MU players do the CIRCLE GROUP talk on field before the
    Game ? In today’s Competitive game – EVERY SMALL
    Advantages work to give the Extra to the Team. I sincerely believe
    that doing the Circle Group together will increase TEAMWORK
    , LUCK, and strenghtening the TEAM POWER …by extra 20%….
    In today’s game , – an extra of 2 % does WONDER – THE HAIRLINE
    between the Winner and the Loser

    4.0 I really hope your department can forward my email to Sir Alex.
    Maybe you can give me his Address where i can send
    my VIEWS(which are sincere as i care for the MU team) so that his
    personal assistant can open the mails and read to him. Sometimes
    views and input from Fans from far away land – can be useful….

    5.0 Since England invented the football game – but the non English
    dominate the Game so well and in today’s LANGUAGE is that
    WINNING IS THE ONLY THING. I think not only me,…most fans hate
    to see their team play fantastic , nice, entertaining football but
    loses the game.
    I find British coaches and managers are too PRO- GENTLEMAN,
    TOO STUBBORN (thinking that real footballers must be real man –
    plays strong football and dont resort to see any small technical
    advantages….coz responding to fouls is not MAN ENOUGH)….Non
    coaches have every ingredients (good and the LOUSY ingredients
    such as pettiness, playing STIFLING FOOTBALL …LIKE AC MILAN
    CHELSEA – in such way that 3, 4, 6 players will at all times…full 90
    minutes plus extra…attempt all ways to block, to collide
    professionally , to
    cut off spaces of opponents (even though the opponent team players
    know like Chelsea Manager said….GIVE MU 3 HOURS…THEY WONT

    6.0 I really am UPSET WITH CHELSEA MANAGER —in psyching the
    Referees before the FA CUP FINAL….shame, shame…how can he
    claim that he is NO. 1 and the Special One…(i think he is special in
    being a CHEAP CHEAT!!!!!)

    7.0 Sir Alex, you have the true inherent genius in the game,…BUT you are
    too gentleman, too principle to adhere to the HONEST system.
    in today’s world…your style may not win you the trophies which you
    want (eventhough – you have the best Team.,)

    8.0 Sir Alex, please change to be MORE LIKE THE OTHER MANAGERS
    GIVE ADVANTAGES OK. If not ,…i as an ARDENT FAN – will feel
    miserable whenever we lose (not because we dont have the
    QUALITY…) but we dont have the COMPLETE WILLINGNESS ….to win
    at ALL COST…..

    9.0 Learn from Portugal , Chelsea, Liverpool and even AC Milan
    coaches and others too on their DESIRE TO WIN so badly that they
    from being GENTLEMAN.





  6. soon ong

    24 May 2007 at 18:40

    Dear Sir Alex,

    My name is Soon Ong from Malaysia , an Ardent Fan of MUFC.
    Recently, I was very disappointed with my favourite Team MU in Semi with AC Milan and Final with Chelsea. I can understand that the players are very tired after a tough season.
    For me, MU players are the best players if compared on one to one player basis with any other teams in this planet.
    But i feel that MU as a team still lack ” the Continental Shrewdness” when compared to other European teams – . In the past , we thrive on Miracles from Teddy and Ole’ in 1999 against Bayern and also we hv excellent character in Cantona – but Football today is such that – we must utilize every small advantages(sometimes we hv to use – shrewd and “ungentleman” ways like how Chelsea Coach does all the time….- he just dont care whether his ways are ungentleman, as long as he can win…he will use all shrewd, and sometimes unfair ways…even Portugal coach does it too)

    Yes, MU plays exciting flow of football – but other teams who beat us play PRAGMATIC FOOTBALL – so much so the Chelsea coach boasted that give MU another 3 hours in the game – MU would not score.
    Sir Alex is truly a gifted Football Manager : but he must if possible : learn to adopt other coaches shrewd and unfair tactics – to win at all cost because MU PLAYERS already qualified as the Best of the Best in this planet in terms of football PLAYING.

    Also , a note to Wayne Rooney : this player is really TOP NOTCH. …but i hope he looks after his BODY, Since God has blessed him with immense SUPER TALENT – which i think no one at the moment can match his capabilities on his Top Performing Days : He should be careful when it comes to his TENDENCY to party …HOPE he doesnt seek services from prostitutes coz losing his ESSENCE WILL definitely weaken his SHARPNESS and Accuracy . Since he has a regular partner in his girlfriend…he can learn much from TAOISM on sex and preserving his strength. Sorry for me to write this point. The Great Muhamad Ali is a great practitioner on abstaining close contact with the opposite sex before big fights.

    I hope you can send this note to Sir Alex.



  7. karl

    24 May 2007 at 20:23

    redsnake, I totally agree with your Giggs statement. He has always been, and still is, my hero, but the second half of the season his age showed a bit. Whenever he got the ball in any game I started getting nervous (total opposite of how I feel when Ronaldo gets it). Strange. But…he’s still my hero.

  8. Ahmed Bilal

    25 May 2007 at 00:53

    That has to be one of the best comments ever..

  9. Ahmed Bilal

    25 May 2007 at 00:55

    Let’s see…

    we should cheat and stop rooney from having sex.

    wonder why Fergie never thought of this.

    Jokes apart, classic stuff mate. It really IS something Ferguson should be looking at.

    Interestingly enough, now that everyone is talking about it, someone should watch Ronny’s girl, Gemma Atkinson. If you’re wondering where Ronny’s mind has been in the last month, well, here you go.

  10. adil alhinai

    25 May 2007 at 01:44

    if you want to add pace, anderson, snjieder adu would be good, klaas jan huntelaar is slow, but has a good footballing brain, afonso alves has pace and scores to 34 is 31 games is a great record

    scholes would be impossible to replace, where can we find, a player who does all the hard work, make important passes, great one touch game, plays with his heart on his sleeve and does not take all the credit from, the main reason why we won this league is because of paul schole, without him we are nothing, except the 7-1 win over roma, thats another story

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