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Does Heinze want to leave Manchester United?

The case for ‘Heinze’ leaving is made as such: he’s wanted to leave for a long time, he’s Argentinian so he’s better suited to the Italian / Spanish leagues, his first-team spot has been taken by Patrice Evra, he wants to play center-back, he wants a new challenge, he makes too many mistakes, he’s not good going forward…have I missed anything?

Has he asked to leave? No – in fact Heinze is on record for saying that he owes Ferguson a debt of honor for standing by him during his injuries last season – this was his third season for Manchester United, and he’s only had one full season here (injury free), his first, and he was our best player that season. If I remember correctly he had the same technique as before – not particularly great on headers, a hard tackler, he’s not a winger but does go forward, his crosses are acceptable and sometimes made mistakes – like every defender does.

When Heinze came and lit up Old Trafford, no one mentioned his nationality – in fact we were all surprised that he adapted so well to the Premiership, given United’s experiences with other South American players (Veron, Forlan and Kleberson).

And his first-team spot? I’m sure Heinze doesn’t see himself as second-choice – and I personally don’t see him as being permanently side-lined from the left-back role. The true test for both Evra and Heinze will come next season when they’re both fit from the start – then we can see who is the first-choice left-back.

He wants a new challenge? He’s hardly played two full seasons for United! If he had been here for 6-8 years I’d have understood that, but he’s just been here for 3 years and he’s definitely still got lots to win with United.

The last argument is that Heinze wants to play centre-back but doesn’t get the chance to at United. Yes, he does want to play in a central role (from what I remember from an old interview) but a) is that enough of a reason for a player to leave a club he has otherwise no intention to and b) how many players do you know who have quit clubs even when they got regular football just because they wanted to play in a different position (but had better players ahead of them)?

No, and hardly any.

Heinze gets regular football, is a respected member of the Manchester United squad (Ferguson made him captain for a couple of games towards the end of the season – if you see the other players made captain this season you’ll see he’s in good company (Neville, Giggs, Ole, EVDS, Rio, Rooney)) and is still part of Ferguson’s starting XI plans. He’s also one of the better defenders in the Premiership. And he’s playing for the Premiership champions.

So let’s leave out the fabricated rumours where the Spanish media make up quotes and we blindly believe them and instead, look at the facts.

So tell me again – who says that Heinze wants to leave? Him? His teammates? His agent?

Or The Sun?

And who would you rather believe?



  1. jim

    1 June 2007 at 13:24

    cmon……av never seen heize hit a decent cross in a man utd shirt. But he’s good in the air.

  2. John

    1 June 2007 at 14:48

    Well done Ahmed,

    I’ve been on a few blogs over the past number of weeks reading about Heinze and why he should go.On one occassion I even responded to a blog from a supposed United fan who ranked Gaby as ‘useless’.I don’t think he wants to leave and I certainly don’t think SAF wants him out.Its hard to understand anybody who has United in their hearts would like to see the back of him.Of course he makes mistakes and he had a real wobble in Milan this year.But his performances rarely dip below consistent.He never lets a ball drop first,he never concedes ground to his opponent and in certain fixtures he gives us an added bit of steel as opposed to Evra’s pace and flair.He is a defender first and foremost and he does that well,giving whatever player is in front of him the freedom to attack without the responsibility of tracking back(i.e. Giggs/Ronnie/Rooney et al).It would be foolish to sell him in a season that could amount to 50+ games.And I think SAF realises this and is happy to share duties between him and Evra.The only way I would be happy to see him go is if he wants out himself .I don’t think there are many top clubs who have such cover as we do in that position and if Brown maintains his late season form we have a strong defensive unit with good cover.Lets not undo the solid base we’ve developed this season by selling our top players.

  3. Anthony

    1 June 2007 at 15:21

    I’ve seen heinze hit many a good cross and he hits a good free kick too! I think heinze is a great left back (strong and comited) and we will def need him if we are to challenge for the title this season!

  4. Alexisonfire17

    1 June 2007 at 16:01

    I agree, there’s plenty of room for both Heinze and Evra in the team as they’re different players with different qualities to offer. SAF still has him in his plans and the competition for the spot can only be a good thing. We need him and before these supposed ‘quotes’ i’d read Heinze was desperate to stay and fight for his place. Is he definately confirmed to get first team football anywhere else?no, you have to prove yourself wherever you go and there’s always someone wanting your spot. It’s not a question of Evra OR Heinze?but Evra AND Heinze -who will play in the big games? Depends on the game and the team and the injury situation so both should be kept happy.

  5. richpenguin

    1 June 2007 at 16:09

    Well, I’m pleased to hear some counter to the rumours that have been going around.

    I for one definitely don’t want to see Heinze leave. I think there are games suited to Heinze, and games suited to Evra – in fact, I thought that’s how Ferguson was doing it in the few months he had them both fit.

    I’d be particularly disappointed if he left because he wants to play central defence – having watched him play there on numerous occasions for Argentina and United, all I can say is “sorry, Gabby, you’re a left back”.

    I think a lot of the rumours have been started (as is usual) by the clubs who want to poach him, not by the player himself.

  6. Niall Doc

    1 June 2007 at 17:23

    No self-respecting United fan could say they want rid of Gaby. Personally i prefer Evra and i certainly dont see him as a centre back but there is room for both players (Evra when we need to go at teams and Heinze when we need a bit of steel). Why all the rumours about Gaby when Silvestre is 4th choice CB and 3rd choice LB perhaps less than that when Pique and Evans return.

  7. dbeech

    1 June 2007 at 17:53

    Let’s all face it, the real reason for Heinze (and Saha, btw) to go was so that United got some transfer money and wouldn’t have any excuses not to bring in a big name striker. But seeing as United prematurely blew their wad and bought three expensive players, it would seem they’re done in the market ’til next year.

    The reasons you list are not reasons to get rid of Heinze, they’re reasons to play Evra as the number one left back. Unless we have another adequate backup either in our squad (Silvestre? Doesn’t seem likely) or someone we could bring in from elsewhere (the Bale ship has sailed, my friend) we’ve got no reason to sell Heinze. Teams that want to win trophies don’t sell players unless they need to.

  8. Little Dud

    1 June 2007 at 19:38

    I personally, would shocked if Heinze left us partly on the amount of faith that SAF has put in him, but mostly because there is noone who would come in to replace him now that Gareth Bale is at Tottenham, and in all fairness we should dump ol’ peanut head (Silvestre) way before we even think about selling Heinze

  9. adil muhozi alhinai

    1 June 2007 at 21:01

    SAF has already bought cover, the brasilian (i used brasil as im brasilian myself, i detest it when people use z instead of s) twin of rafael and fabio pereira da silva, they are 16/7 years old, better than gareth bale, they are great, we also have another brasilian rincon theres details about him (what is man u relationship with sporting), so theres no need to buy new full backs,

  10. adil muhozi alhinai

    1 June 2007 at 21:09

    oh i forgot news about rafael and fabio

    i accidently posted that in another forum, could the mods delete that please

  11. villa

    1 June 2007 at 22:23

    I think heinze is a great player and is better than evra at the left back possition.I don’t think he’s going to leave and i think he has a great future ahead at Manu

  12. BootifullGame

    2 June 2007 at 05:22

    I think it would be a real shame if Heinze left. He is class. A stronger defensive choice than Evra. Good in the air, solid tackling and a great team player. I think being able to rotate him and Evra has been fantastic for us this season. Admittedly they have both had to recover from injuries this season and have both suffered in form because of those injuries. But you can’t deny the quality.
    Hienze is great cover at CB too.
    Seeing as we let Bale go to Spurs, before we pick him up in three or four years time a more polished player, it’s important we retain some quality cover at LB because I for one dont want a return to Sylvestre’s ‘Dazed & Confused’ style of defending.
    Keep Heinze, he has the Copa America to get his ‘A’ game back, and we’ll be set for next season.
    I’d like to keep Heinze as part of the Family. OT sounds great to the roar of “Argentina, Argentina!”

  13. sungimann

    2 June 2007 at 06:18

    Heinze is absolutely rock solid when he is playing at his best, much better than Evra. If Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic and Heinze can all peak at the same time, then that would be my dream defence team, probably would be one of the best in the world.

    Losing Heinze would be sad!

  14. adil alhinai

    2 June 2007 at 19:44

    yes heinze is good, but it has been years since he played at his “best”, that injury and evra changed everything, the presen=ever future fabio rincon and rafael

  15. IndianRed

    3 June 2007 at 11:36

    And who would you rather believe?

    No one beleive when or atleast confirms he’s going
    Rather then some stupids opening theier damn mouths

    Anyways well written article bro

  16. Little Dud

    3 June 2007 at 18:32

    I was not previously aware that Anderson can also play at left back! This is surely why Man Utd didn’t move for Bale. I am now more hopeful that Silvestre will go now more than ever because I am positive even SAF won’t have enough faith in him to play him more than a couple of times next season, if that.

  17. karl

    4 June 2007 at 13:21

    I will be very stupid to let Heinze go. He fully deserves his red shirt.
    Still feel he should be given a run-out in CM though…

  18. BootifullGame

    4 June 2007 at 17:33

    CM ? Heinze? Why?
    You would rather a left back play in CM in place of who? Scholes? Carrick? Hargreaves?
    Never gonna happen. No point, we got too many natural CMF’s.

  19. Mick

    4 June 2007 at 19:56

    “b) how many players do you know who have quit clubs even when they got regular football just because they wanted to play in a different position ”

    William Gallas is the obvious example. And even if this has only happened once before it sets a relevent precedent.

  20. Ahmed Bilal

    4 June 2007 at 20:05

    Gallas has had well-documented problems with the club. Heinze? not really.

  21. Mick

    4 June 2007 at 21:37

    Gallas has always been fond of the odd whinge. So if he was unhappy with anything it’s likely to end up all over the papers. That’s not really Heinze’s style.

    FWIW, if he does leave I don’t think it will be because he’s worried about being played out of position. More that he’s worried about not being played at all.

    Which is why us fans should be grateful to players like Silvestre, Fletch, Brown and O’Shea who are willing to put personal ambitions to one side in order to help the team win trophies. They are all seasoned internationals and could easily “do a Phil Neville” to further their own careers, we’re incredibly lucky they haven’t.

  22. BootifullGame

    5 June 2007 at 00:52

    Its not the loyalty of those players thats the problem Mick, its the ability. Sylvestre is dnagerous unless getting forward. Slack slack defender most of the time. Fletcher lacks any pace, no ball control he cant tackle very well and he gets knocked off posession all the time. Brown is ok, he can do a decent cover job at CB or RB, and i’d be inclined to say the same for O’shea. Although, since his amazing first season, i get a little more disappointed each season as he seems to be going backwards instead of progressing and building on his early success, and im not even open the Richardson can of worms. One word will do….dreadfull. Whilst you might not mind these boys taking to the field against the likes of Bolton, Charlton, Villa etc, you certainly dont wat them anywhwere near a Chamions League game, i dont anyway. They’ve been good servants over the years, especially Sylvestre, very loyal and all that, but i simply dont think they are good enough, they all see far too much first team action. For me anyway.

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  24. Tom Durcan

    8 June 2007 at 22:51

    Why would Heize boy want to leave hes playing really good now. The only problem that faces him is Evra who is another great United signing.

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