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Dwight Yorke believes Mason Greenwood is better than Marcus Rashford

Manchester United produces promising youngsters in the academy very often. The club holds a record of having at least one academy graduate in their starting XI since October 1937. United’s philosophy revolves around developing young players, buying some of them and combine with world-class players. But this year, a certain youngster is living his dream. Yes, we are talking about Mason Greenwood.

It’s his breakout season and he’s already made 46 first-team appearances and made the right-inside wing forward position his own. He’s scored 17 goals so far and has five assists to his names so far.

Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke says, “Mason Greenwood is better than Marcus Rashford and a defender’s nightmare.”

With his natural flair and sublime dribbling abilities he is already one of the best young forward in the league and perhaps the best amongst his age.

Greenwood is quick on the ball, strong and can score equally well with both feet. The striker is arguably one of the best in the league when it comes to 1v1 situations. Along with his finishing abilities, the striker has the ability to find spaces, he depends on his football IQ for that. His two-footedness keeps defenders on their toes all the time.

Even former United skipper, Gary Neville, earlier said, “United are proud of their academy, full stop, but there’s so much excitement about Greenwood- he’s so good.”

We cannot compare him to Rashford as both players have different profiles. Unlike Rashford, Greenwood doesn’t want the ball more often. He has fewer touches per 90 and creates from outside the box. Whereas Rashford helps Martial and Bruno Fernandes inside the box by making runnings cutting in the central space from the left-wing. But yes, where Greenwood is right now considering he’s only 18, the sky is the limit for him and he can be a better player in the coming future.

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