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Edwin Van der Sar and Ben Foster can happily coexist

EVDS was the solution for Manchester United’s goalkeeping problems after the departure of the legendary Peter Schmeichel. He has been very instrumental in the success of Manchester United this season. It makes me wonder why Sir Alex hasn’t bid earlier for this excellent shotstopper.

However, he has become old and might start making mistakes if his weary legs are not given enough rest.

On the other hand Ben Foster has been phenomenal this season for Watford and definitely has the potential to fill the shoes of Van der Sar. He is coming back to United this season and training alongside Van der Sar should help him become a world class player and make him less error prone(‘that’ goal by Robinson).

United should give him chance to play in the FA cups and against weaker oppositions enabling Van der Sar to rest his weary legs. Two keepers playing regularly is possible (Toldo was an established keeper, when Julio Ceasar came as his understudy, and now they both play often due to their rotation policy) and it would benefit the club immensely.

What do you guys think?



  1. Ahmed Bilal

    17 May 2007 at 15:22

    I like the rotation idea, but the main question next season is going to be whether Foster is good enough to take over from EVDS. Young keepers usually have a problem in positioning – even a top keeper like Reina sometimes makes mistakes in his positioning.

    Kuszczak and Foster make the same mistakes, although Foster’s a bit better.

    Hopefully he can take over from vds, but if not, there’s always Buffon, now that Arsenal have another keeper.

  2. CrazyRach

    17 May 2007 at 16:23

    Another problem is that Foster dosnt want to warm the bench either and towards the end of the season VDS was making mistakes as well. This is one for Fergie to have a big think about over the summer.

  3. The Artful Lounger

    17 May 2007 at 16:38

    VDS has been brilliant for United – it’s such a pity we got him only at the tail end of his career but never mind. There is no denying that VDS had a dip in form though and United need to blood in a new keeper quickly or we’ll be back in goalkeeping hell.

    Rotation between them would be good. That would give Foster a chance to truly learn how it’s like being a goalie in a top team where concentration is paramount. VDS should still be #1 at the start of 07/08 but I suspect we’d see Foster seriously challenging VDS in the second half, maybe even displacing him by then.

    Of course, my fantasies can come true and we’d get Buffon. Ha.

  4. sharathciddu

    17 May 2007 at 17:36

    I hope Foster seriously challenges EVDS. Regarding the Buffon talk. I would say it is nearly impossible. If Buffon wants to quit Juventus, there are Milan and Inter who would pay a hefty transfer fee to seek his services. Inter is even ready to swap Julio Ceasar for him. Plus, the top players in Italy tend to play in Italy and not outside Italy like the Spanish (Alonso, Cesc, Reina, Arteta, Louis Garcia).

    As far as United is concerned, I would love to spend the cash on some striker like Berbatov or Etoo which would sharpen our attack, develop Foster than bring in Buffon as a keeper (Note that I would jump if Buffon joins United. But considering the financial difficulties, I would consider to strenghten the attack as we have a able keeper in Foster. Hope you see my point)

  5. sharathciddu

    17 May 2007 at 19:32

    Its tough to get Italians out of Italy, though I hope De Rossi comes [:)]

  6. samg

    17 May 2007 at 22:15

    this idea of rotation sounds good, especially when you have an old but classy stopper and two pretenders to his throne already in the squad.

    as for buffon, why would united break the bank on a keeper when they have two young talents and much more pressing needs!

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