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English FA concluded Edinson Cavani was not racist while banning Manchester United striker

There is a new update on the Edinson Cavani saga as the full findings of the FA regulatory commission were published on Thursday regarding the charge of misconduct against the Manchester United striker.

Cavani was handed a three-match ban last month for an Instagram post that was allegedly deemed as ‘racist’.

But it is now revealed that the three-member FA panel had concluded that Cavani’s acts were not racist and he did not know his language was offensive.

The committee also noted that Cavani had only been to England for a couple of months and was unaware of the culture and language of an English-speaking nation.

“The commission were satisfied that the player wrote his reply in affectionate appreciation of a message from his Uruguayan friend and that it was not designed or intended to be racist or offensive either to his friend or others reading the content of the Instagram post,” the three-person FA commission said.

The panel further explained why the striker was given the minimum punishment of a three-match ban for the offence.

“Such a conclusion was supported by all the available evidence relevant to the circumstances in which the post was made and having regard to the character and response of the player…. However, it is not sufficient that the player simply had no such intent,” it added.

“In assessing the appropriate length of the playing suspension, the Commission considered whether it would be right to conclude that in circumstances where an aggravating feature was present, it would be wrong to apply the minimum suspension of three games.

“Whilst readily recognising that there might be cases where such an approach would be appropriate, on the facts of this particular case the Commission concluded that taking all relevant matters into account, a suspension from playing of three games properly marked the gravity of the Player’s offending.”

Cavani played no part in United’s Carabao Cup game against Manchester City on Wednesday and will also miss the upcoming FA Cup clash against Watford. Besides the three-match ban, the striker was also fined £100,000.

To view the FA committee’s full findings on Edinson Cavani, CLICK HERE

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