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Everything Wrong With the ‘Moyes Out’ Plane Banner

moyes out bannerOver the past few days news has been circulating that some ‘supporters’ have planned to fly a plane with a ‘Moyes Out’ banner. Previously just a mere rumour the idea of doing such a thing has gained a lot of steam particularly after the 0-3 derby drubbing to Manchester City. Today pictures have been released of the very plane and the very banner that is meant to fly over Old Trafford at the the beginning of the game vs Aston Villa. In this post I will be discussing everything that is wrong with going through with such a foolish idea and why it will only damage our club!

‘It wont work’ The sole motivation for the ‘supporters’ who plan to go through with this action is to get David Moyes sacked. Unfortunately for them the fact is, David Moyes was hired as a long-term replacement for Sir Alex. The 6 year contract he was offered signifies that. Not only will the Glazer’s and other board members not sack him, they will support him! He was handed a mammoth task of succeeding Sir Alex and he will be allowed to do this until the beginning of the next season, at the very least! He will be allowed to spend in the summer, which is something we have all missed at Manchester United!

If, despite summer spending Manchester United are unable to finish top 4 and still struggle then and only then will serious doubts about the manager be raised, at the highest levels at the club. However until that happens Moyes is our manager and some supporters just have to accept it, its the bitter truth,

‘We will scare off any future signings’ Any possible future signings, be it player or manager will see this as a red warning! Why would they play for a club that will turn against them within a season if they don’t perform well!

Manchester United will be aiming to purchase ‘world class’ player in the summer and ‘world class’ players demand a certain level of respect from the fans. They will be very happy to leave the club if they are not treated well by the fans. They know other clubs will gladly pay their wages and have them on-board thus leaving Manchester United will be more of a blow for us and not them! A manager such as Klopp would never sign for Manchester United if he saw how his predecessor was treated after just one season of shortcomings! Thus this banner will act as a deterrent for any future signings that could improve the current situation at Manchester United.

We’ll be a laughing stock’ Can you imagine the snide comments we as a whole group of fans will receive from rival fans such as City fans and Liverpool fans? It would tarnish our reputation as some the best supporters in England!

The desire of the fans to cheer on their team and sing their club’s song regardless of scoreline is breathtaking! Also the away support at European games is one of the highest in England and many fans regularly pack their bags to follow the club around Europe and the world!

If we did allow this to happen we would be subject mockery from supporters of other clubs who will accuse us all of being ‘plastic’ despite it only being a minute minority who are in favour of this going through!

”The effects on the players’ Recently reports have been surfacing of many first team players being unhappy with Moyes’s tactics. As a result, according to reports, players do not play for their manager, they play for their reputation. This has lead to a dip in performances which in turn has a negative impact on results.

Not only will this action make players question why they play for a manager who is not supported by the fans it will have a huge negative impact on the atmosphere of Old Trafford, not just for the Aston Villa game but also for the rest of the season!

Old Trafford is the place to watch the best football in England. At least it has been for the past 20 odd years! Not only is this down to the exciting football played by Manchester United, it is also down to the superb atmosphere generated by the supporters! It makes it a truly special place to view the beautiful game! Flying such a banner would damage that proud reputation!

Personally I hope that the ‘supporters’ who wish to fly the plane over Old Trafford do not go through with it, for the reasons outlined above! However taking into consideration Moyes’s recent comments it looks as though the stunt will unfortunately go through.

He said: “I’ve heard of it [the plane stunt] and what they’re saying about it.” “People can do that. They are entitled to do that. It’s a long journey here and this is just the start of the journey.”

With the prospect of a nightmare plane flying over our beloved ground I ask for all match going fans to stand in unity and sing songs in favour of Moyes to nullify whatever the men orchestrating this stunt are trying to achieve. We will not be made to look the fools, they will.

It is during these dark times that Manchester United supporters should show their true colours and show their love for the club. The plane stunt is not only an attack on our manager it is also an attack on our club and its reputation, and that is something no Manchester United should accept!

This post was written by Rafae Qazi and you can follow his Man Utd Blog here.

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