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Fabrizio Romano: Manchester United have made drastic changes to their transfer policy

Manchester United have rejuvenated their transfer policy over the last few months, suggests one of the most reputed transfer gurus in today’s market, Fabrizio Romano.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with UtdReport, the Italy-based journalist confirmed that Manchester United have started being smart in the transfer market by not allowing their players to leave the Mancunian club for cut prices. 

While asked about the motives behind United’s renovated approach, Romano answered:

“Yes, for sure Manchester United are changing their mentality.

“They want their price so they say ‘If you pay, you get the player. If you don’t, the player stays’. I think it’s good because in different times players like Chris Smalling could have left the club on loan in June or July, and now they are going to get the money they asked for in the last few days.

“That’s why I think it’s a good way to negotiate for Manchester United. Something is going to change about the mentality of the club about players who are going to leave the club.

“I expect Smalling to leave on just a permanent deal when Roma submit their new bid, but there are good chances to see Smalling come back to Roma.

“The same with Diogo Dalot – Roma and AC Milan want him on loan but Manchester United would just him just on a permanent deal. This is the new mentality of the club.”

If Manchester United, as reported, has made improvement in the transfer policies, it could really help them build a reputation that they once had during the tenure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Since Manchester United’s 13-time legendary gaffer retired, United have had seemingly struggled to pocket a decent amount of profit from the sales of the players. There have had been numerous occasions when interested parties got hold of a United player by paying just a minimal amount of money. 

Ángel Di María joined Manchester United at the age of 26 in 2014 when he was at the peak of his game. United, as per TransferMarkt, paid €75.00m to attain his services. But, when it looked as if Di Maria was continuing his career at a wrong place following a run of underwhelming performances, United chose to sell him for €63.00m. 

There is another one. The Red Devils signed Marouane Fellaini from Everton for a reported fee of  €32.40m in the summer of 2013. The Belgian got sold for an eye-watering amount of €7.20m to the Chinese Super League side SD Luneng in 2019. 

There are more cases where it feels as if United got bullied while offloading names from their ranks. However, there is a  clear sign of progression in the way they deal with an interested party now, as previously claimed by Romano. 

“If you pay, you get the player. If you don’t, the player stays” — the motto should never change for Manchester United. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stewart

    2 October 2020 at 16:58

    Surely this only makes sense if you buy a player one year and sell him the next, of course you want some kind of return for your money. But, we are talking about players who have been at Utd for years and are no longer close to getting into the first team. This is the deadwood that needs clearing out, maybe the transfer fee won’t be high but Utd have reduced the wage bill and made way for better players to come in. The alternative is for Woodward to dig in his heels, keep unhappy players Utd don’t want and who don’t want to be at Utd, and then lose them on a free transfer next summer. Sorry, but Woodward just comes across as a pointless clueless little man who is the biggest deadwood Utd have got.

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