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Ferguson’s comments on transfers, and he’s not stupid

This post was long overdue, but for some reason we never got around to posting this.

It has become a matter of common knowledge by now that Ferguson has made comments that our business is done for the summer.

“It’s the end of our business, so forget all these stories about who we’re supposed to be getting.”

That’s what he said to sum up his thoughts on our business in the current transfer window. The crux of what he said lay here:

“Everywhere in England and in Europe the players’ values have shot sky high. I don’t think any of the (big money) transfers that you see happening are realistic but for some reason the market seems to have caught fire this summer. It is a very unusual summer and difficult to get value because of that. It’s always been the case that Manchester United have to pay a bit extra. But this summer we were not prepared to do that because we have got some very good young players. There didn’t need to be a kneejerk reaction to losing Cristiano Ronaldo. We did very well to keep him for six years. He wanted to go, and we allowed him to do that. We shouldn’t panic because one or two players are leaving. I think we have a very, very good squad with good young players in all positions.”

Firstly there are two things regarding United’s business that have impressed me this summer:

1. We’ve looked to do business with clubs without dragging our feet or making too much fuss. We told Madrid to take it or leave it, or something to that effect. [Personally, I suspect it is the result of groundwork last year which forced Madrid’s hand. But it’s obvious there has been thought put to Ronaldo’s departure, based on that premise.] We were firm in our dealings regarding Benzema, and considering he went public with his preference for Madrid over United, there is really no point in crying over the Benzema transfer.

We monitored Valencia throughout last season, presumably, as a replacement for Ronaldo. Whether he stacks up to Ronaldo or not, is open to debate. The main point is that United were looking for a winger with the knowledge that Ronaldo will be leaving. According to Wigan owner Dave Whelan, Ferguson had seen Valencia play ‘practically every match’ last season. If a player can force Ferguson to monitor him so feverishly then, I have to give the player the benefit of doubt. It’s impossible to anyway find a direct replacement for Ronaldo; no one, bar Messi, comes close to him.

2. The second thing that impressed me about United’s transfer activity is that Ferguson seemed determined to get a striker and a couple of attackers that he rated at the least, well before pre-season got underway. Even while we were locked in negotiations with Benzema he had a plan B in the form of Michael Owen. Now, I must say I was underwhelmed at his choice of a fall-back option, and I made those emotions known not too long ago. I would have preferred someone like Huntelaar but, going by the details of the deal with Owen, we know we are paying for what we’d get from him. The question of how big a gamble the Owen deal represents, will be apparent when the season gets underway, or based on his pre-season at the club. But that’s besides the point I’ve been making here. His three signings were made before the pre-season, and it’s quite possible Ferguson rates team chemistry the key towards rebuilding the side.

The first point made, regarding not dragging our feet over contract negotiations, segues into another interesting example. One of Douglas Costa. When I came across this article by a Brazilian football broadcaster/pundit, questioning if United are being conned over Douglas Costa, (link via Unitedrant) I felt there may be some truth over Ferguson’s comments about inflated prices instead of the obvious “he’s trying to bluff the market into submission” reaction.

Of course, Ferguson could go ahead and splurge. But on whom? There is Aguero, but with Berbatov and Rooney, that’s asking for a tactical nightmare trying to fit first teamers at once. Playing Aguero wide forces us to waste him on the flanks whilst playing Rooney out wide to accommodate Aguero is unacceptable in a season where most people expect him to be played in a central role; Rooney himself made numerous references on that count. The only player I could think of is Huntelaar. But my contention is our problem area is in central midfield, and not in attack.

But let us return to the point of immense controversy. Ferguson’s comments, that our business is complete, has been met with a lot of backlash, some measured, some angry, some hysterical. There are also those in the in-Fergie-we-trust camp. It has divided opinion widely, but none of the backlash even compares to Ferguson’s sale of van Nistelrooy in the summer of 2006. Even then, Ferguson tested waters briefly, as the Carling Cup win in the 05/06 would testify, with great success.

Ferguson tactically altered United last season, which forced Ronaldo into a more orthodox role of a winger. The system was to accommodate Berbatov, and possibly, ensure a new winger could slot into that position more easily than getting a wide attacker to play, what we shall call, “the Ronaldos role.” Hence Valencia. The only thing that system lacked was for a midfielder who could dominate, move forward into the box and contribute to the goal tally (in the role of the Scholes of old, and Frank Lampard). Berbatov needs more players to go forward to support him, and it is quite possibly the main question mark over the current squad.

I am not particularly big on statistics, but I find it necessary to provide some data of our top four goal scorers in the 2005/06 season, versus the 06/07. I will also list the top four goal scorers of last season for some perspective. (stats are for all competitions)

In 05/06 goals scored:
Ruud van Nistelrooy: 24
Wayne Rooney: 19
Louis Saha: 15
Cristiano Ronaldo: 12

In 06/07 goals scored:
Cristiano Ronaldo: 23
Wayne Rooney: 23
Louis Saha: 13
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 10

In 08/09 goals scored:
Cristiano Ronaldo: 25
Wayne Rooney: 17 20
Carlos Tevez: 15
Dimitar Berbatov: 14

Stats source: Soccernet

The comparison between 05/06 and 06/07 is fairly instructive in that one player notably, in Cristiano Ronaldo, stepped up significantly to score 23 goals. Berbatov who’s averaged about 22 goals for Spurs, could conceivably step up in his second season at United while Rooney, injury notwithstanding, could even perhaps step up if the side is built around him. Both those projections are not a major leap of faith if one thinks about it. Back in 2006/07 we had an ‘old codger’ in Solskjaer step up to the plate to share the goal scoring burden, this season that onus falls on Michael Owen. Again, even assuming he’s injury prone, it’s not entirely a major leap to expect 10 goals from Owen. The rest would have to be made up by Valencia et al. This system can fail however on one count, and that is what I’ve already mentioned — we need a central midfielder capable of chipping in with goals. Despite this we still have a first XI good enough to mix it with the best.

We may not win the title this time. But with this side we cannot conceivably finish out of the top four, as a lot of the naysayers would have it. In all these years since the Premier League’s inception we haven’t done it. Not even when we had a train-wreck of a midfield in 05/06, manned by John O’Shea and Giggs. I see no chance of that happening this time either.

Liverpool are likely to lose Alonso to Madrid. Barring a right back, they haven’t addressed their problem areas yet. Speculation abounds over their lynch pin, Mascherano. Chelsea have made a top signing in Zhirkov and will be a threat for sure next season. But Terry’s possible departure for Man City could well put a spanner in their works, not to mention, the question marks over Ancelotti’s abilities in a league foreign to him. Arsenal are in the lookout for their elusive defensive midfielder, and although their first XI could challenge anyone, their depth remains questionable.

Of course, we speculate, we doubt and, as concerned fans, it’s a natural reaction following the departure of the greatest star of our generation. But once again, the constant that remains and matters, and is arguably the envy of all clubs, is Ferguson. He may have mellowed a bit, but he hasn’t lost the ability to rebuild and mould sides. There hasn’t been an instance where he hasn’t bounced back. And the evidence of time, makes it a very, very important factor to consider in our speculation. Despite his successes in Europe, he may have never really made it his own. But he sure knows how to win the league. He may never be known as a tactical genius; I never considered him one, and to this day I question a lot of his tactical decisions, but, I never doubt his ability to coax and cajole the best out of the men at his disposal; I haven’t seen much, in all these years, to make me think otherwise.

The key to some of Ferguson’s success is his ability to not be swayed by emotion that we fans get caught up in. It divorces him from the emotions that could bring many men down. He has known one way to satisfy us fans, and that is by doing things his way, even things that haven’t been always popular. His pointed remark in the conference was a case in point, “I can only placate fans one way and that’s by not being stupid.”

We won the league last season, but the hurt and humiliation at Barcelona’s hands resonates more. SAF has often used failure to fire him up. Perhaps we may not challenge for the title. Perhaps we will only have a Carling Cup to show for all this bluster. Maybe we will graft our way after all. But the day I would really start worrying about United would be the day Ferguson departs. I will have the odd concern; perhaps criticising him for a bird-brained substitution. But worry is reserved for far greater potential pitfalls than anything I could foresee this summer.



  1. gator

    17 July 2009 at 00:49

    @Redrich: the boy should shut the fuck up and be happy someone is paying him. if he keeps this up he will eventually have to produce something.

  2. Redrich

    17 July 2009 at 00:56

    @gator: I know, but he’s such a fucking money pit too.
    The dough West Ham paid him, and had to pay Sheffield Utd, what we paid him and that little jerk, handler he has, and now what Citeh has forked out.
    The little cunt should be traded on the stock market!! 😡 😮 😉

  3. tevez

    17 July 2009 at 01:02

    @Grognard: Wouldn’t common sense dictate that we have the money to spend and were prepared to spend on tevez and benzema, rather than us going in for these players because we knew they would not be signing in an attempt to give the impression that the money was there and fergie was genuinely trying to bring high-value players in while the money went straight in the glazers’ pockets and we had no real intention of making more signings?

  4. Traverse

    17 July 2009 at 01:02

    @Grognard: What evidence are you basing your revelations on? I’m basing mine on the evidence that the manager has been bidding on players (£30mil Benzema, his own words), the press release from the Glazers saying the £80mil is all Fergie’s about 2 days after we sold him… the first time that ‘MUST’ supporters group started this nonsense.

    I’d be quite happy to accept what you are saying, if there were any grain of truth or evidence in it, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest there is.

  5. Redrich

    17 July 2009 at 01:24

    @tevez: Rooney needs to play along side a big target guy. With the focus taken off of him by one or both of the central defenders, Rooney will just take the scraps and end up with 20+ every year!!

  6. wilson

    17 July 2009 at 01:27

    good article red ranter!
    why is fergie npt looking at wesley snejider he’s in his mid 20’s about to come into the peak of his career! he is a very good creative midfielder who is willing to put %110 effort in and would also chip in with a nice amount of goals from open play and set pieces! he can play across the whole of midfield which we all no sir alex apreciates going off the praise he had for o’shea today! he would also come at a reasonable price as he is surplus to requirements at madrid! i would also love to see us bring in douglas costa at the right price as i think he would be the idol replacement for ronaldo EVENTUALLY and would also fit in with some of are future stars as we have a number of players from his homeland such as rafael fabio possebon dodo and anderson! he is also at the right age where he can grow with the current crop of future united stars nani, macheda, petrucci, masscari tosic, ljajic, gibson, wellbeck, evans, evandro brandao, cleverly, rhys brown, corey evans and morrison!

  7. Grognard

    17 July 2009 at 02:35

    @gator: No it’s true. Real were looking to fill the position of dressing room and latrine custodian but in the end Tevez was under qualified. 😉

  8. tevez

    17 July 2009 at 02:37

    @Redrich: I feel the best type of player rooney could play with would be someone who stays right on the shoulder of the last defender, with pace and intelligent and well-timed runs. With a player like that stretching the defense, a bigger gap is created between the opposition midfield and defense for rooney to exploit. He would find himself with more time and space, and the other attacker gives him a great option for a killer pass. I would also encourage runners from midfield, using two wide men who are willing runners from deep with good, penetrative movement. This would give rooney plenty of options and the opportunity to really put that superior footballing brain of his to good use.
    I also feel this would be a better player for him to play with now than a van nistelrooy type player. As i see it, rooney, although still possessing plenty of pace, has lost part of the explosive spark in his game. He is not as positive and direct as he once was and i no longer see him running at and beating players like he could do when he was younger and when his partnership with van nistelrooy was at it’s peak. His footballing brain is as good as ever, but for me he can’t near-single-handedly carry the burden anymore when it comes to taking defenders out of the game. He won’t be as effective with a player who is only interested in putting the finishing touches on an attack.

  9. Grognard

    17 July 2009 at 02:38

    @tevez: Thats what I said last week. Fergie is not stupid. He knew he zero chance of signing either player so he put offers out there to make it look like we were ambitious but he knew these were two players that would never sign for us for different reason. We have been conned for quite a while now which explains why Fergie is always attracted to players who are not attracted to United but are to Madrid. This way he can talk the talk but not have to walk the walk.

  10. Grognard

    17 July 2009 at 02:46

    @Traverse: God you seem to want to believe everything you read and everything that comes out of OT like it’s some kind of gospel. Learn to read between the lines mate. Analyze events and look at all the angles. My previous reply to tevez explains what I feel was going on with both Benzema and Carlos Tevez. United and it’s hierarchy are master manipulators and they are a very unscrupulous and unethical corporate entity in regards to the way they deal with the fans who pay out all the money.

    As for evidence, I have given many examples over things I have read and observed for days now and I’m not about to go back and start copying and pasting. If you are so interested, then go back and read all my entries. Frankly I am tired of this whole summer transfer season and I’m tired of United lying to us through their teeth. Christ, you don’t have to believe mate. Just go with the status quo and buy into all the BS being fed to you. What do I know? I’m just offering my opinion on things whether I am right or wrong. That’s for you to judge. Based on your faith and trust in the corporation, I know where I stand so I don’t really feel like fighting a losing battle because I have better things to do. So just ignore what i have to say if you don’t care for it or don’t agree with it. I have debated this thing for days now at great length and to frank, I’m fed up with it.

  11. Grognard

    17 July 2009 at 02:47

    @Redrich: I believe that requires a Huntelaar. 😀

  12. Redrich

    17 July 2009 at 02:48

    @tevez: When Rooney is marked, he has a hard time taking on and beating a big defender, he is often forced to the outside! But when he seizes upon the the loose ball, he’s deadly. IMO one of the best in the game today!

  13. tevez

    17 July 2009 at 02:49

    @Grognard: You misunderstood what i said. Do you really think we are going to a lot of trouble to make it appear that we are ambitious when we aren’t? That we put in bids for players because we knew they would come to nothing? It just seems a bit fantastical. Don’t you think it is more realistic and likely that we put in bids for these players because we were genuinely interested in signing them? And therefore the money is available?

  14. Redrich

    17 July 2009 at 03:00

    @Grognard: Well yeah, him or even Eto’o would do the trick for Rooney! I wonder how long it’s gonna take for him to figure out his career is stifled here. Then he’ll be off to Madrid too.

    I think I’m seeing a pattern here!! 😉

  15. tevez

    17 July 2009 at 03:10

    @Redrich: To be honest, against an organised team even if he played with another striker who would play right up against the defenders and occupy the centre halves, he would still have to escape the shackles of an anchoring midfield player. So whether he played right up front on his own, with another player or dropped off of another player, he will be marked against any worthwhile opponents. He will always be marked, and it is up to him to lose his man. Or did i just completely misunderstand your point? 🙂

  16. Abu

    17 July 2009 at 03:11

    @Grognard: I agree with you Grogs, you make a good good point. If prices are inflated by Real Madrid’s slurge, they will be next year in a World Cup summer. But I guess they will have to assess the situation and spend money then.
    I don’t understand the sentiment Europeans make about debt, the club is leveraged. I mean you guys forget that the club is fully private. Only the Liability and Glazer Equity. It is a principle in business(at least in American philosophy) to have some leveraging to better manage exposure to risk, so as long as the debt is serviced well its really fine.
    I was really unhappy when the Glazer took over because at that point Manchester United was a good public firm with no long-term debt, so if we needed the money we can easily leverage to expand. The Glazers however seem to be shrewd enough. They have expanded the stadium, and left the football management to the best manager I will see in my lifetime(Fergie if I must spell it out). But the British culture does not understand the leveraging, and still can’t grasp the fact that Manchester United is corporation and a brand and it functions as capitalist entity. The fans are a market loved only to the extent that they generate revenue and profit and remain loyal.

  17. Redrich

    17 July 2009 at 03:32

    @tevez: My point is, that Rooney is not a big guy, a strong guy, yes. When he is playing as the lead striker he does not have the bulk to beat a central defender and thus his whipper-snap reactions do not have the opportunity to flourish. If he can pick up the ball and run toward goal, or if he is offered the half chance in the box, he is second to none!!

  18. Redrich

    17 July 2009 at 03:42

    @Abu: I guess most of us fans could give a flyer about that mate. Your points are well taken, but when you watch a United game, are you really weighing up the profits, the losses, and whether they have an appropriate amount of leverage with their debt??
    Most of us just want to see them win the game, because after it’s a game and it takes us away from all that stuff!!

  19. Abu

    17 July 2009 at 04:14

    @Redrich: Yeah you are right Red, but its picking up. I mean If you go to the Newcastle webpage on main site for PL news, gossip and stats) all you see is takeover speculation. The boardroom and the business aspect is slowly becoming a spectacle in itself….AND I like watching. I support Man Utd not only because they are a good team to watch but for the culture instilled. I like Fergie’s no non-sense we don’t let 24 year old prima donnas tell us how to do business. I like the structural nature of his squad, where Arsenal are sophisticated artists, we are gritty soldiers. I like hearing a stadium expansion is in the works. I love knowing AON Financial is giving us a shitload of their advertising dollars. its just as exciting as Berbatov’s spin in the box last season, or Ronaldo’s back heel flick nutmeg the season before. I don’t play FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer anymore, i retired….to Football Manager. 😀

  20. Redrich

    17 July 2009 at 04:29

    @Abu: OK!. but you are truly apart from me on this point. If we are now to discuss the ins and outs of United’s financial dealings and not the pertinent aspects of transfers, team selection, tactics, player performance, player behavior, I just don’t think I’d give a hoot to post commens here.
    This is an escape, and not a necessity, and the more that it doesn’t remind of the former, the less I see it as the latter!! 😉 😉

  21. Abu

    17 July 2009 at 04:47

    @Redrich: I’m an MBA and I don’t work so this is my job! lol

  22. Grognard

    17 July 2009 at 04:53

    @tevez: Possible but I’m a conspiracy freak. 😉 Seriously though mate, I have worked with corporations and with government for many years and I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. Nothing would surprise me because I have seen far worse.

  23. Grognard

    17 July 2009 at 04:58

    @Abu: Sounds pretty cold doesn’t it? But it’s 100% true. Brits have a hard time wrapping their minds around the American business model. Rule number of of American business, use the pyramid system. Rule two, never use your own money, and third, never reward your customers more than you have to.

  24. Elliott

    17 July 2009 at 05:14

    I think Owen and Macheda can both contribute 10 goals a pop, Berbatov can reach 20 with more playing time, and Rooney is good for 25.

    The good news is the airtight defense has been kept in tack, the bad news is the wheels came off a sputtering offense

  25. Red Ranter

    17 July 2009 at 06:14

    United team were to stay at the Ritz, target of Indonesian bombing: Click Throws the Indonesian leg of tour in doubt. 😯 😯

  26. Grognard

    17 July 2009 at 07:44

    @Elliott: I think Rooney can score 40 goals and Berbatov can score 35 and Macheda and Welbeck can contribute 15 each and Owen will get 20. I think I think I think. 😉 Sorry mate but your predictions are hilarious because they are so far from the possible. Macheda will not play enough to get 10 goals, and why would Berbatov score 20 goals when he struggled so last year? Rooney could get 25 goals in all competitions but I really believe that we should expect 25 from Rooney 15 from Berbatov, 12 from Owen and 4 from Macheda and Welbeck each. That’s 60 goals in all competitions. Bring that down to 35 to 40 for just the EPL. I would be willing to increase their totals if we were to get a player like Ashley Young who could provide great service. Then I would add 12 goals to that EPL total. I just think everyone is just to optimistic and I don’t know why because we have made no improvements to the midfield and last year they hardly scored any goals and are not great at servicing the forwards on a consistent level. So why should i believe that all of a sudden a magic wand is going to turn our midfield into Xvi and Iniesta and our forwards all go crazy? It’s madness. We’re just not that good.

  27. Onkar

    17 July 2009 at 08:29

    @Grognard: Grog Bro… Don’t consider me as one of those who say with some sort of blind faith that ‘In SAF we Trust’ and all. I am definitely not one of those…
    I mean see i am a sports man in my own life. Don’t know weather you know about CRICKET or not but being an India i played lot of it at different levels of competitions before coming into Finance Sector. So, i always believe that you as good as you were in your last match…
    And last match we all know what happened… Terrible display…
    So, i won’t say i am believe in gaffer and all. By now, you must have realized that i don’t give lot importance to past records and cold evidence as well. So, please just because i am having what i can say a healthy conversation don’t generalized me into category of those muppets….
    Anyway, i think we can move on with this point now… As we can agree to disagree on this isn’t it??? 😀 😀 😀
    But, one thing i promise bro that if there is revolt against the Glazers in Man UTD i will the first one to do what ever i can to kick them out…

    By the way, i was kinda confused with this Abu DHABI consortium i mean they own Man Shitty now they are doing Pompey I mean don’t you think it can be a case Conflict of Interest.. I mean if both of them are owned by the same group of people then who can guarantee the results if there matches..
    I mean think of the hypothetical scenario if on last day of the season Shitty needs a win to qualify for europe (which won’t happen but still) and they are playing Pompey then Shitty wins. Can any one guarantee that result was a fair play..
    I mean IF its the same group then don’t you think they should not be allowed as its clear case of conflict of interest…

  28. fuzzy

    17 July 2009 at 10:34

  29. Scorp

    17 July 2009 at 10:51

    @fuzzy: His last name scares me 😆 . Hopefully not going down the Manucho road again.

  30. jamie lee

    17 July 2009 at 21:04

    @Grognard: glad u agree mate, it should of been a different story all together, fergie just doesnt trust his players in europe, sad really!@Grognard:

  31. kushagregas

    20 July 2009 at 08:07

    😳 anyone who says Ronaldo is better than Zidane is a fool he wont light a candle in front of Zizou.Players like Zidane , Pele, Maradona ,Beckenbaur PERFORMED AT THE WORLD CUP, EUROPEAN CUP 😯 the whole world knows them because of that Ronaldo is highly talented player but he never performs on big stages Defenders lock him ,I think Rooney is better than him in every aspect he can better Roanaldo if he is prioritized :idea:.I think it will Manu and Arsenal will fight it out for the title If we purchase a CDM Chelsea have a old strike force Liverpool are buying fullbacks 😛 to win EPL

  32. Cypriotenglish

    22 July 2009 at 04:20

    @Grognard. Hey you say this and that about american business methods, i too have worked with multi million pound corps from there and etc and yes it is a dirty business, but i can’t fully agree with yor claim.
    Perhaps the Glazers are different and like your describing due to their cultural reasons or own developed methods however for the most part i find americans to be somewhat theatrical in business.
    Imagine if you will a balloon – that is them. they inflate something to look like it is the best thing in the world, sure they will add the latest bells and whistles but on the inside it may be hollow.
    I doubt they can do that to our beloved club though, for 1 us the fans wouldnt allow it and secondly with all these arab investors in the epl they can’t inflate and pop the balloon because they would not be allowed to inflate for starters. Also the glazers being of jewish ancestry makes their competition with arabs all the more competative i should imagine.

    I want to believe i can trust SAF and hell even the Glazers not to let the club down and buy one class player before the window closes due to past records.
    Look at all the windows of late, rooney very late buy, berba very very late one, bitch tevez again later and later.
    My point is the tension is the glazers and SAF theatre trick, last second buys make the fans excited, it makes opposition under estimate, it adds competition in team, and sell shirts!

    About SAF retirement plans for future i say bring in cantona as fergie’s understudy. but this little devil in me says ole might already be he’s understudy! super sub to super boss??? more shocking things have happened i.e owen!! lol

    About the team, omg fletcher suprises me sometimes yes, but i think he is the weakest player in our reguler set of players he reminds me of a duck playing like crouch. whenever he get the ball i know 9/10 he will be disposessed.
    As for nani and ando, ando will improve this season in big way, but nani needs to really work hard and stop thinking he can do what ronny can, and stop being greedy.
    Up front we do not need anyone i think, as i want to see kiko break in to our set of strikers, but wellbeck needs to build he’s strengh as i find him too weak to compete on regular bases.
    The biggest concern for me is VDS, he is going to retire and honestly he’s age showed in second half of league last season. i do not trust foster to be no.1 as i see him like carrol or howard, he will have one good season and after a small slip up just fail. that will cause our defence to get nervous and make mistakes through lack of trust.

    but none the less lets see what happens, its not over untill its over!!!!!!

    P.S. for all those saying wannabe city is a danger, please! they lost their friendly by 2 plus look at real all that money and still fails to dominate! same with chelsea renieri spent spent spent and still done nothing! our major competitors are easily chelsea, liverpool and probably a underdog like villa or everton!

  33. Snoopy

    29 July 2009 at 14:10

    Ronaldo is a good player but he is not the best as Manchester United was set the main priority on him tactically….
    Next season, Rooney definetly will dominate EPL and even the world football…
    I bet Rooney will be world footballer one days…

    It is true that manchester united always buy player with expensive price because everybodys think that MU was rich…. It is good for ferguson not do the stupid trading like Chelsea and Mnachester City…..

    Bravo Ferguson! :mrgreen:

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