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Four League Wins in a Row for United?

Tuesday’s draw at home in the Champions League against Benfica was an extremely disappointing result for Manchester United, for multiple obvious reasons, but it must be forgotten quickly, as United welcome Newcastle to Old Trafford in a battle between the Premier League‘s second and fourth-placed sides. Newcastle have been one of the Premier League’s biggest surprises thus far, but United will be looking to hand them a second straight defeat after an 11-match unbeaten run, and with it, close the gap on City to two points for at least 24 hours.


Last season, United picked up four of six points against Newcastle. United opened the season at home against the Magpies and strolled to a 3-0 win, thanks to goals from Dimitar Berbatov, Darren Fletcher, and Ryan Giggs.

Then, in April, Newcastle held United to a 0-0 draw at St. James’ Park, with both sides spurning their share of chances.

United are unbeaten in their last 18 matches against Newcastle since a 4-3 away defeat in September 2001, and United are unbeaten at home against Newcastle since a 2-0 defeat in February 1972.


Three things of note about Newcastle:

1. Going into last weekend’s 3-1 defeat at City, they had the league’s best defensive mark by themselves. They still do, with only 11 goals allowed in 13 matches, but they’re now tied with City and Liverpool, with United not far behind with only 12 allowed.

2. Their main threat in attack is Demba Ba, who has eight of their 18 league goals. It’s worth noting that six of them have come in two games, as he had hat tricks against Blackburn and Stoke.

3. Newcastle have scored a goal in five of their six away matches this season.

Manchester United

Three things of note about United:

1. Thank heavens for Nemanja Vidic. Would the same errors that led to Benfica’s two goals on Tuesday night, most notably the second one, have occurred with him in the middle?

2. Wayne Rooney is fit again after missing the Benfica match. United were more vibrant in attack against Benfica than they had been recently, so to carry that into this match and have him back in the mix should hopefully mean big things are in store today.

3. United have posted a clean sheet in five of their last seven home matches against Newcastle, and they come into this match with clean sheets in their last three Premier League matches. See #1 for why these things matter.


Newcastle appear to be better than they’ve been in some time, so this can’t be written off as an easy win, especially with how United haven’t been going the easy route lately.

But Tuesday’s result, along with the opportunity to narrow the gap on City, should spur the boys on to bring it today. And having Rooney and Vidic back in the mix only makes for a better United, a United that Newcastle, improved as they are, won’t be able to keep from the three points today.

Score Prediction: Manchester United 2-0 Newcastle United



  1. Traverse

    26 November 2011 at 17:31

    Worst. Penalty decision. Ever.

  2. gator

    26 November 2011 at 17:47

    We’ve had a couple more convincing claims than theirs

  3. gator

    26 November 2011 at 17:52

    Kill the ref

  4. Eddie

    26 November 2011 at 17:54

    Un-bloody-believable. Unlucky day if there ever was one. Fair play to Newcastle for defending heroically there at the end, but that penalty decision was absolute shite on a cracker.

    Hate to have to root for Liverpool to do anything, but I suppose that’s going to have to be the case.

    There’s my day ruined.

  5. Craig Mc

    26 November 2011 at 17:58

    Don’t make excuses for this lot – they had CHANCE after CHANCE after fookin chance and we could have played all night and our lot wouldn’t have scored – NOBODY who can put the ball in the net – and that has been our problem for severaL GAMES now – not the MF. Ashley Young hang you fookin head in shame – and Chicharito the coaches need to sort your balance out – because you are fast becoming like Park on his arse used to be – can’t stay on your feet!

    • AndyCR7

      26 November 2011 at 18:04

      I was cursing Young the whole game… Chicharito is useless outside 6 yards box…

  6. Craig Mc

    26 November 2011 at 17:59

    Wonder how much the City scheik paid the officials today!

  7. ash is the man

    26 November 2011 at 18:00

    I didnt see the game but will watch the highlights tonight before I make any comments. But surely now with this draw we are in real trouble. ROONEY not on scoresheet again, did he at least play well?

    • Vivek

      26 November 2011 at 18:03

      He was a candidate for our worst player along with Young..
      on the game, yes the linesman is a motherf*cker, but we have no one else to blame but ourselves by missing chance after chance….

      • ash is the man

        26 November 2011 at 18:14

        Rooney useless again, not surprising!! Regarding young he should definitly be on the right and nani on the left. When young plays left he is sooooooooo predictable. But I didnt see the game so I dont know

        • Andrei

          26 November 2011 at 18:34

          Not only Rooney was useless he was lucky to stay on the pitch after his signature Rooney moment in the first half. Red card would have been a bit harsh in my book but it was a close call.

        • Craig Mc

          26 November 2011 at 21:02

          Thankyou for SEEING and being honest Andrei!

        • Stephen

          27 November 2011 at 09:46

          Really a red card, fuck me football has gone soft 🙄 🙄 We all know when United don’t win it is Rooneys fault, Nani never has a bad game and can’t be blamed for anything ……. 🙄 🙄 🙄

    • Eddie Griffin

      26 November 2011 at 18:07

      Even if City win tomorrow, seven isn’t an insurmountable deficit, but considering how easy they’re making it look and how hard we’ve been fighting to try to get three points, it’s fair to say we are in an unfavorable position.

      This weekend was a real chance to make up some ground, so it stings, especially because the result shouldn’t have been what it was.

      • Craig Mc

        26 November 2011 at 21:01

        Your dreaming!

  8. Owen

    26 November 2011 at 18:04

    Carrick,Evra,vidic and De Gea excellent.Rooney and Nani poor.Young will never be United Quality.Any day Valencia over him.

    • Craig Mc

      26 November 2011 at 18:12

      If you think Nani was poor you are out of your fookin mind – he could have had FOUR assists today – if not five, he put passes thru to Chicharito twice and twice to young, and once to Rooney. So don’t blame Nani – blame Young, Chicho and Rooney who put the ball anywhere but on target! By the way if you saw Valencia play recent games you wouldn’t say that!

      • Eddie Griffin

        26 November 2011 at 19:08

        You mention that through ball to Rooney, but had he put a better touch on that one instead of leaving it a little short, Rooney would’ve been in on Krul with the goal at his mercy. You still have to count on Rooney to put a better effort than he did, but he’d have been in a better position to make a better effort had he received a better pass.

        I’m as pissed about it all as you are, but spread the blame equally, including to your favorite. Shit is shit, even if it’s cute or creative.

        • Craig Mc

          26 November 2011 at 21:00

          Mmmmmmm a typical Nani hater. Other players were short on their deliveries all day – but 4 good ones out of 5 for Nani and he still isn’t good enough for you. You want to talk shit today – try Wazza, Young, Chicharito and others – but hey if it makes you feel better to beat up on Nani – just keep going ahead mate – and you call me biased – you are as bad as Stephen and other wazza (can’t do nothing wrong – its always someone elses fault) fans. I support Nani on here because apart from a very few others – not many do!

        • Eddie

          26 November 2011 at 21:20

          I was about to say something I would’ve regretted out of annoyance at you saying a bunch of absolute fucking shit that isn’t remotely true, but I won’t. No fucking wonder I don’t comment on here often.

        • Eddie

          26 November 2011 at 21:29

          At least when some others on here give a dissenting opinion, they do so rationally. You, on the other hand…there are no words.

          To this point, I actually thought of you as one of my favorite posters on here. That’s well out the window, never to return. You spew some shit about me being a ‘typical Nani hater’ and ‘talking shit’…fuck that.

          I love every player on this team equally, I get as discouraged when Evra or Rooney or Young or Carrick makes a mistake as I do Nani, I celebrate as much when Nani produces the kind of moments of brilliance he does as much as I do a Chicharito tap-in. So don’t spew some bullshit man, because you haven’t a clue about what you’re talking about. I don’t give a shit about how many games you go to, how close you are to the stadium, how long you’ve been a fan…I’m not going to be insulted, because I’ll sure as hell give back as good as you try to give.

        • Craig Mc

          26 November 2011 at 22:17

          Oh dear – touch a NERVE did I – shame!

        • Craig Mc

          26 November 2011 at 22:29

          You can give back mate – I can take it – and good for you venting your spleen – and having a good cuss session – nothing like it!

          Fook me, someone just told me that you your not a stranger – your Eddie Griffin??? OOPS soz mate – I just saw Eddie, and knew you weren’t Red Devil Eddie – so wasn’t sure who I was talking too. 😳 😳 😳 – that’ll teach me won’t it. Sorry Mr. Griffin you are one I do respect, but didn’t agree with you about your Nani comment – still I agree with few about their Nani comments. I apologise Griff – I didn’t mean to offend you – A REGULAR and appreciated writer of articles here – Rimmers will probably kick my arse now – Oh well – like I said that’ll teach me. We cool now Eddie Griff? 😀

        • Ian

          27 November 2011 at 06:57

          Nice to see a bit of humility and common sense prevailing 😀

          Glad I read ALL the comments before I chose to ‘kick your arse’ Craig. The comment you should be ashamed of and regret is the:

          And we should be worried about you not coming posting here often why?

          If Eddie’s cool with it now then I’m cool with it……….Eddie?

        • Craig Mc

          27 November 2011 at 11:42

          Like I said Rimmers – I didn’t know it was Eddie Griff – as he just posted as Eddie, and I sure as heck knew it wasn’t RedDevilEddi 😀 . I thought it was some dude just coming on here who didn’t know any of us for shite – but in any case I’m hearing ya – and point taken!

        • Ian

          27 November 2011 at 20:35

          lol, it’s cool mate. For a start, I realised you’d been on the piss so that was taken into account. I also know Eddie can look after himself but knows boundaries, therefore I just made light of it.

          What kind of place would it be if you can’t have a disagreement with others without it ending in a drama? I really liked the way you were able to climb down once you realised who it was, that’s a decent attribute mate and pretty rare online. I also liked the way Eddie decided not to have a go…..then said fook it…..and had a go anyway!

          This place looks after itself nowadays and that’s the way it should be. That’s why I’m confused why 2 people disliked my original post.


        • Ian

          27 November 2011 at 20:28

          Two dislikes? I take it people haven’t gotten on to my sense of humour yet then!?

        • Craig Mc

          27 November 2011 at 21:07

          😆 😆 😆 – Guess not Ian – how funny are folk then?

        • Craig Mc

          27 November 2011 at 21:08

          Oops I pressed the wrong button – that should have been a thumbs up to your comment – see how easy it is Rimmers 😀

        • Ian

          27 November 2011 at 21:30

          Guess what!


        • Craig Mc

          26 November 2011 at 22:19

          And we should be worried about you not coming posting here often why?

  9. RedDevilEddy

    26 November 2011 at 18:09


  10. Craig Mc

    26 November 2011 at 18:13

    If your honest – because our strikers are not prolific, and I would be happy if we had just one who was!

  11. Craig Mc

    26 November 2011 at 18:18

    Never mind winning the prem, I’m more worried that we will fall out of top 4 – there is only a few points between us and others beneath us. I know most of you think this will never happen – but I am not so sure with this home run we are on. Sorry!

    • ash is the man

      26 November 2011 at 18:39

      i agree craig, and once more I agree with everything about nani, I suspect he is a far better player than being allowed to show here at united, I imagine him being unplayable in 3 man attack playing from the left in with freedom, he is too shackled here!!!

      • Craig Mc

        26 November 2011 at 20:51

        Your right mate – he showed just what you are saying in the Arsenal CL game down at Emirates, and also in other games. I honestly think Nani will be moving on mate – all the big teams are after him – and they wouldn’t be if they didn’t think he had something great to offer. I don’t think he feels at home at OT – you can tell by the outstanding performances he puts in for Portugal that he has a lot to give mate. He gets standing ovations from Portuguese fans after playing for them – he gets shit all at OT – and that is why he said in his Nani pride of Portugal programme on MUTV that he wants to give everything and more for Portuguese fans because they want him to do well for them, and he hears them chant his name and encourage him, and he does not let them down. At OT he hears ONE FAN chanting his name – ME! You think I am kidding – get down to OT and listen for yourselves 👿 :(When Nani score great goals at OT – the United fans start singing we’re Man Utd we’ll do what we want – what does that tell you mate?

  12. Robbie

    26 November 2011 at 18:52

    @Craig…atleast young was seen doing stuff, hitting the post, putting in balls etc, Nani I don’t remember seeing at all, don’t be so biased when he has a bad game, all the players are responsible…

    • Craig Mc

      26 November 2011 at 20:38

      Errr you were obviously watching a different game to me mate! 🙄

  13. Moscow is my heaven

    26 November 2011 at 18:59

    It’s a shame that we weren’t able to call on the game-changing powers of Anderson today. His creativity was sorely missed 😀

    Berbatov is finished at United, but then again we all know this. Macheda needs to be sent out on a 3 year loan. Owen is a great pro but essentially a Carling Cup striker. Hernandez is always let down by his poor first touch, lack of dribbling ability and passing, and our team can’t play to his strengths at the moment when we have a poor supply line from a poor midfield.

    Which brings me to Rooney. He is no David Silva (I’m talking to you RedDevilEddy) and he is no Wesley Sneijder. He is in limbo right now. His laboured playmaking and current goal drought probably makes him our equivalent of Dirk Kuyt right now. He is a victim of his own versatility, Fergie has experimented too much with him and he’s a jack of all trades at the moment. He should have stayed as our lone striker.

    So despite the size of our strike force, we are quite weak in this area as well. Now, I would love to advocate a move for Higuain, but as it so happens we also desperately need at least two world class midfielders, and considering our pathetic transfer policy, it is the least of our worries, but a concern nonetheless.

    • Craig Mc

      26 November 2011 at 20:36

      Yep Jack of all trades – master of none. Fergie needs to make his mind p just what position Rooney is – and stick with it. I hate Fergie’s square peg round hole team positionings. I don’t see why we bought Young to be honest – we already had the wings sorted with Giggsy, Nani Valencia and Park plus others.

    • RedDevilEddy

      26 November 2011 at 22:44

      Rooney is no David Silva, even a blind pidgeon can see that. I’m just saying his is playing in that role for us. How difficult is that to understand?

      • Craig Mc

        26 November 2011 at 23:11

        Eddie mi man – did you compare Rooney with Silva – nah surely not – 😆 . Oh you did – oops 😉 😉 😆 – I must say I think any United player is better – but then I talk shit don’t I? 😀

        • RedDevilEddy

          26 November 2011 at 23:34

          They are completely different players, but then we also play completely different football to City. Even Mata is different to Silva, yet they still have the same roles. Can you still say that Chelsea and City play the same football? No, of course you cannot. Every team have their own style of playing, and it’s the players who make up the certain roles in the team. Chicharito and Berbatov are both strikers, are they still similar players? No. But they still in the same role, having different duties. Here you have Chicharito, supposed to be on the last man, stretch teams and get into scoring positions. Then you have Berba, who is supposed to be the hold up striker and get others into play, but still get into positions to score and stretch teams. City play a very narrow game, they rely mainly on counter attacks, individual brilliance, and forcing their way through teams. We? We play a very wide game, most of our goals come from crosses. City rely on those deft flicks and key passes of Silva, while we rely on Rooney’s vision and determination. Very different players, playing in the same role, having completely different duties.

        • Craig Mc

          27 November 2011 at 00:14

          Mate if I wasn’t lager brain dead from partying with loud mouthed Geordie fans – relatives of the missus and family friends – I might be able to work out your sensible post comments mate – as it is you will have to tolerate my non-sensical ones. These Geordie supporters are driving me bonkers – its like they won the CL, PL and world cup all in one afternoon – why is it that taking points Man Utd is the epitome of every other football teams dreams. 🙄 . Mate if you are moving to Manc land – you will never be sober once you start to celebrate with local Manc fans – I unfortunately have to celebrate with the missus Geordie family and geordie neighbours – no wonder I can’t think straight 😆

        • RedDevilEddy

          27 November 2011 at 00:23

          hahahha, you just enjoy yourself mate! 😀 Anything to get over from today’s frustration

        • Craig Mc

          27 November 2011 at 01:13

          How come you are not partying mate after todays disappointment? I thought you would have been out watching the game with your mates 😆 . I keep escaping the shindig at our place now and again, so I can post on here and get away from these over the top Geordies who won’t complain if all they remember this season is taking a point away from OT. I wish I had got to the game today – at least I would be able to enjoy myself with the Mancs – but alas 😆 . Instead I have had to suffer the indignity of being surrounded by Geordies who cannot believe they got a point from OT. They believe they are going to finish in top 4 and play in CL next year. Also very happy to tell me that Man Utd are on their way DOWN. O well I live in hope that we will at some point get back to winning ways at OT – which used to be a fortress. 🙄 😀

  14. Robbie

    26 November 2011 at 19:03

    Lots of players need to get their heads in order…at the start of the season it was the attackers on form and the defenders poor, that seems to have changed now with chicha rooney nani young all playing crap football…

  15. Yang

    26 November 2011 at 19:29

    So sad, could be 7 points gap. Can’t believe City only draw once so far. Young is fine player but you should bury chances like that. 1 on 1 situation.

  16. godzilla

    26 November 2011 at 21:04

    City’s record so far this season has been very impressive. But tomorrow will be a challenge. Pool have played well against us and Chelsea. Am hoping City stumbles tomorrow! otherwise 7 points and with our quality of play, season might be over very soon. If tottenham win their game in hand they go second!!

  17. Don

    26 November 2011 at 21:52

    We’ve definitely hit a barren spell…Hernandez struggled to cope with the wet and slippery conditions that’s why he was falling all over the place…despite teh shambolic decision I have to put the blame squarely on us..we were very sloppy in possession and as many have pointed out lacked the finishing ball…the final ball in the final third was shocking and even then we had so many chances..Welbeck and Cleverly can’t come back soon enough…I would say the one player who had a poor game was Ashley Young…Nani was mostly anonymous with a few bright moments…did anyone else notice that Rio could barely move towards the end of the game? I wonder if his back was seizing up..there are times he looks like he couldn’t show any urgency if he tried…i wouldn’t be surprised to hear him ruled out for a few upcoming matched through injury…we’re just lacking a cutting edge right now which is worrying because we’re coming up to a very important time of the season…

    • Craig Mc

      27 November 2011 at 11:32

      Rio has been missing the away CL games hasn’t he Don? Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought it was something to do with him not being able to sit down on the aircraft, as his back stiffens up? Rio has been such a legend, it is a shame that he is coming to the end of his career in not too distant future – he will be missed. He definately did not give away that penalty though – he got the ball cleanly, and it was all down to a lineman over-ruling a weak referee!

  18. Moscow is my heaven

    27 November 2011 at 00:02

    Real thrashed Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, who are unbeaten no more, had no answer. Jose Mourinho’s men now hold a great (in La Liga terms) 6 point lead over Barca.

    Mourinho is a man on a fucking mission, if he manages to beat the greatest team in the world to the league title then we must surely drop on our knees and beg for him to arrive at Old Trafford (but I suspect he’ll be pushing in the queue for Fergie’s successor anyway).

    With the Special One, we would not fall into the same trap as we did with Busby’s successor and enter another barren period. Not only would we continue our winning traditions with Mourinho after Fergie retires, but he would transform us into an unstoppable juggernaut in his second season here, and realise our dream of European glory.


    • Stephen

      27 November 2011 at 09:48

      I think you support Real and that Portuguse twat more than Fergie and United…. 🙄

  19. Jay wire

    27 November 2011 at 17:30

    hail him yourself.

    • Stephen

      27 November 2011 at 17:43

      Agreed he is an arsehole, who will never manage United…

      • Moscow is my heaven

        27 November 2011 at 17:59

        Isn’t SAF an arsehole as well to everyone apart from United fans? Success is not the only thing Fergie and Jose share you know…

        • Stephen

          28 November 2011 at 09:13

          Fergie has gained respect in the game, Mourinho is collecting enemies with his immature behaviour. He is a winner and no one can deny that mate, he is just not my particular brand of vodka.

    • Moscow is my heaven

      27 November 2011 at 17:56

      I wouldn’t expect a Barca lover like you to hail him 🙂

      • RedDevilEddy

        27 November 2011 at 17:59

        Why are we discussing this anyway? Mourinho will retire before Fergie if I know him right! 😆 😆

        • Stephen

          28 November 2011 at 08:56

          😆 😆 😆

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