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Guardiola keen on fading United star

Pep GuardiolaA few lingering reports about Wayne Rooney’s departure from Manchester United suggest he could find a way out via ex-Barcelona manager, Pep Guardiola and his new club Bayern Munich this summer.

Guardiola is apparently keen on Rooney after long admiring his talents. Once labelling Rooney as ‘one of the greatest players in the World’. Guardiola would be willing to pay an asking price in the region of £20m for the 27 year old according to various reports.

Franz Beckenbauer has thrown his support behind the transfer saying “I would be very, very happy if Wayne Rooney decided to come to Bayern Munich”

Bobby Charlton on the other hand doubts a deal for Rooney could be reached saying “Sir Alex Ferguson came out and said that he had no intention of letting Wayne Rooney go anywhere. You have to abide by that and I believe it, 100%. He is a great player – why should we get rid of a great player?”

Would a coach with Guardiola’s philosophy really be keen to take a player with such limited ball skills as Rooney?

I think Rooney is finally, somewhat belatedly, leaving United and for those who don’t like that or won’t accept it I think you need to start preparing yourselves for it because if there are clubs and managers out there who fancy his name or his ability then there’ll be sure to test United with a bid in the knowledge that he has only has 2yrs left on his contract and the possibility that all may not be well with his relationship with the boss.

Such is life today that Rooney’s name will sell (and his face, somehow!), mix that with his undoubted ability to score goals and you get a few clubs willing to pay his ridiculous wages. Clubs such as City (although I doubt there’ll bother), PSG, Zenit, and Chelsea etc could all extravagantly splash the cash with other clubs such as Bayern, Madrid and Barcelona capable of luring him on a smaller wage IF they fancied him. We could even do very well out of it if it turns into a minor bidding war and it would create space for a carefully selected new face.

I’m sure the rumours will die down for a few weeks but gather pace again in May, in the mean time we can enjoy arguing the case ‘for-and-against’ his departure right here or in the forum and also put your money where your mouth is by having a bet on thebetting market for Rooney’s next club with bwin.

Who replaces Rooney WHEN he leaves? Lewandowski?



  1. Nicholas

    March 11, 2013 at 10:49 am

    I’m a bit torn when it comes to Rooney. Yes, he is a great player but is he really living up to his potential this season? Is he really delivering as one can expect him to?
    I don’t think so. And evidence of that is the fact that SAF dropped him from the starting XI against Real… the biggest game of the season so far.
    He was back again against Chelsea last night and yes, he scored. But did he play well? No, he didn’t, and he was one of those players with realtively fresh legs.
    I like having Rooney in the club, but does Rooney like it at United these days?
    I’d say it like this… if he picks him self up and plays to his ability for the remainder of the season, then keep him. If not, sell him or bench him.

    • The_Philosopher

      March 11, 2013 at 1:15 pm

      @Nicholas: Rooney would just get fat on the bench.

      At least one of the benefits of not having Rooney around or benching him is that we can play the more technically gifted Shinji Kagawa in his stead on a regular basis.

      I think when Shinji eventually comes into his own he will be a worthy successor to Rooney.

      For the first time ever I am starting think that there just might be life after Wayne Rooney.

      He has been our club talisman for many years and has carried us through some really rough situations.

      But if he were to leave I don’t doubt that Ferguson would adjust the squad to compete without him.

      Manchester United will not implode if Wayne Rooney leaves. We will fight on.

      Christiano Ronaldo left and we carried on.

      We can make it without Rooney too.

      Replacing Sir Alex Ferguson will be a much more difficult task.

  2. One United

    March 11, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    a mate of mine just took the piss out of me by saying “from treble, to double, to wobble “. i had to laugh!

  3. One United

    March 11, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    Right fellas, about the game-

    1. Wayne Rooney: Where to start? The boy is gifted, there is no doubt about that. He is naturally fit and strong which begs the question “how great would he be if he applied himself and actually tried to better himself? Personally i think Rooney needs a new challenge, so i fear for his future here. It reminds me of Ruud, just before he left , although he was scoring goals, his attitude and body language just didn’t look right, then he went to Real Madrid and well we all saw the difference.
    If fully fit, Wayne Rooney would walk into any team in the world. I only wish he would make an effort. And by effort, i don’t mean tracking back, i mean eating right and training hard and living well. He’s being paid way too much and has too much ability to be smoking, binge drinking, pissing on the street and shagging Prostitutes. Players have to take some sort of responsibility for how their carers turn out.

    Another issue of grave importance is our Midfield. I really have no complaints with Tom Cleverly. His performances this season is exactly what you get when you bring in young players. There will be inconsistency. With age comes maturity, comes experience, so i cant really complain. He had a bad game, end of story , on to the next one. He will get better.
    But whats the excuse with Michael Carrick. I say this often ‘When the going gets tough, Michael Carrick gets going” I’m sorry, he just doesn’t command the game enough for me, I’m sick of people waxing lyrical about him. He is a good passer NOT a great passer, Paul Scholes is a great passer, Alonso is a great passer, Busquets is a good passer, Mikel is a good passer, fletcher is a good passer, Arteta is a good passer, Pirlo is a great passer, Beckham is a great passer. Carrick though is a phenomenal interceptor and thats my problem, he doesn’t have the composure on the ball or the legs of the ball to be a commanding midfield presence and that why i would advocate for another midfielder, logical question is would we want that partner to be attacking or defending, because we need both. Other than Modric there are two players that come to mind that would be suitable central midfield box to box players and they are Moutinho and Cabaye. Having said that i would want Alex Song or Vincent Wanyama as well.

    I remember when Carrick, Fletcher and Anderson played as Midfield trio, i couldn’t fault them. However If Fergie insists on the same set of squad players, then right now i would advocate for a diamond only because Valencia must be the most of form winger in the world. I mean he has been atrocious this season. I was never really sold on him but because he was delivering and Rooney was scoring, i couldn’t really complain. Now i can complain because i really don’t see why he is starting ahead of Young let alone Nani. He cant dribble,he has no left foot, he doesn’t contribute with goals, he cant cross, he can only drill the ball and half of the time its trial and error with him, he doesn’t look up and actually attempt to pick out a man, he doesn’t curl the ball away from the keeper, at least Young would give us a variation in the type of delivery.Valencia just hits and hope!
    As far as Nani goes, he needs to sign that new contract, so I’m backing Fergie on how he handles this one!

    I would like to see Rooney as a Centre Forward partnering RVP, with Kagawa in the hole and a midfield trio of Carrick, Ando and Clevers- AS A DIAMOND, with Kagawa top of the diamond. It gives us great balance. There is the ability to interchange. There is energy, Andersons left foot and Cleverly right foot for when we need to play a little wider to pump balls into the box. Remember the crosses Cleverly put in for Wellbeck and RVP against Tottenham. There would be speed, dynamism. i think its flawless. At least it should be tried until our wingers get better. Currently we suffer whenever any body bombs forward from midfield, our defence is exposed. Ramirez goal, Verghotens goal, Gareth Bales goal. With this formation, everyone is playing in their rightful position.

    All in all we seem to crumble under pressure, i feel we are always better with a one goal lead or chasing the game. Over the last couple of seasons, there have been some results that have left me feeling insecure about the strength of our mentality. Everton game, Wigan, the way we lost the league (we might have lost on goal difference, but with an 8 point lead with 7 games left, one would expect us to see out the league), Chelsea this season, Liverpool, Madrid ( conceding two goals in 5 minutes, shows a collapse), Chelsea yesterday. We just don’t seem strong enough to see off challenges and it is concerning!

    • Opti

      March 11, 2013 at 8:39 pm

      @One United: The forum has a topic on “ideal formation” … put yours in there and let’s get a good discussion going on that more narrow topic before a new post kills this conversation off…

      • Ian

        March 11, 2013 at 8:57 pm

        Great idea 🙂

  4. Stephen

    March 11, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    I had the misfortune of being at the game yesterday and we were awful. It is and old line now, but we MUST sign a midfield player.
    I have never seen a poorer display than Tony V’s, I still like him but that performance was garbage.
    Cleverley was nearly as bad and don’t get me and Rooney looked not interested, yes Ian I said it!
    We are a side which look either complacent and lacking in ideas or out on our feet, we couldn’t string two passes together.
    I seriously think we could throw the title away, yes the ref was diabolical on Tuesday, but should have showed more character, the greasy slaves goal was soft for me and the two yesterday were as bad. If De Gea hadn’t pulled off another amazing save then we would and should have lost.
    Lets hope and pray Fergie can lift the players as they need it, ps never eat a fillet steak at Mal Masion, you will have to re-mortgage your house, knocking £40!

  5. The_Philosopher

    March 11, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    One United: Rooney might do better at a different club you’re right. Good angle.

    Bayern or Barcelona. But German and Spanish might be difficult for him to learn.

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Rooney leave. I hear what you’re saying about him coming to the end of a chapter and needing a new challenge.

    Great perspective on Cleverley.

    And I totally agree about Carrick and our midfield.

    Alex Song would be perfect. After warming Barcelona’s bench for a while he will start wanting regular action. And he won’t want to return to Arsenal who will have quit champion’s league football by then. So he might be totally get-able.

    Valencia does hit and hope. Agreed.

    Young would be better on the right.

    No formation is flawless though I like your idea.

  6. jos

    March 12, 2013 at 8:05 am

    Last three big games (2xRM, 1Chel)
    RVP – 0 goal and 0 assist
    Rooney – 1 goal and 1 assist.

    Rooney gets all the brickbats/blames whatever. yeah right.

  7. Aussiehopper

    June 11, 2013 at 2:04 am

    If Wayne Rooney leaves United is it such a great loss ?, possibly it is but when you look at other talent
    at the club E.G. Van Persie , Chicarito , welbeck, Will Keane , the young Chilian forward on loan, and lets not forget the young Brazilian striker who cannot wait until he fulfils his dream of playing for the club of his dreams next year, who kicked seven goals in his last game in Brazil. then we also have Larnel Cole
    And Adnan Januzzi coming through, plus Kagawa and Zaha feeding the forwards, what a future for Man United. now if Wayne does not want to be part of that, and i say part of? as all players should be, then i say we should move on sad or not . plus add to that the possibility of Lewendowskie.

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