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Hammers Beat United As Champions Squander The Advantage

West Ham 2-1 Man Utd

There are days when you will have to hand it to the opposition. As much as I hate to say it, I would be forced to concede that West Ham were the better team yesterday. They outplayed, out scored, out ran and outnumbered (in midfield) us right through the game. And yes, they had that extra intensity to go on and win the game.

It is fairly simple (and sometimes, even boring) writing a match report following a win; you go through the usual format of reportage, saying how good such and such player was. Writing a report after a defeat is a far more enlightening experience, although it must be said that it is extremely hard to get motivated and get to the writing part in the first place.

So here we go with the report.

SAF fielded a midfield containing Fletcher and Hargreaves in the middle, and a forward line with Saha and Tevez. Ronaldo and Giggs started on the wings with our best possible back four.

It’s a pity seeing how fickle some fans can be blaming SAF’s judgement with regards to selection. True, it was a mystery why Rooney didn’t even make it to the bench, although there were reports that said he was down with some infection/stomach bug. But I did have my doubts when SAF fielded Carrick and Fletcher at the Stadium of Light; we had little trouble dismantling the Mackems. I am sure, had we struggled, people would have turned on the boss for his selection.

It’s entirely unfair on our part to be blaming SAF’s judgement for the slightest bit of squad alterations.

What happened yesterday was solely performance related. Even then, our report wouldn’t have been as morbid. Ronaldo’s penalty, if converted, would have effectively killed the game and knocked the stuffing out of the Hammers. Instead, the miss galvanised them and, courtesy some defensive errors, got them all three points from set-pieces.

Alan Curbishley got them coming at us from the start. They didn’t need any more motivation. It was United after all, and we were lucky to see Mark Noble miss a gaping wide goal. Our goal was top notch, much against the run of play, and surprisingly despite the goal, didn’t help us settle at all.

Tactically, Curbs got it right. Mullins, Noble and Parker were too much for Fletcher and Hargreaves. Hargreaves did okay, given the situation, however we’ve seen better from him. What he lacked was someone who could spray the ball to the forward line. Fletcher couldn’t do that and the battle was won in midfield.

While we created very little going forward yesterday, I feel terribly annoyed if we single out people like Giggs and Saha for criticism. Let’s remember their roles in creating our first goal. And they didn’t do too much wrong. It’s just, and for the millionth time may I add, that West Ham outplayed us on the day.

There was a general listlessness on the field, though. We gave the ball too easily and never really showed the urgency needed to get on with things and finish off teams. Was there some complacency? Even cockiness? Perhaps. I am not sure, but I did see an element of cockiness in Ronaldo while taking the penalty. Or was it me being so over-confident whenever Ronaldo steps up to take a penalty? I don’t know.

There has been a lot spoken about why he didn’t even manage to hit the shot on target, thus test the ‘keeper. Well, it had to happen someday, didn’t it? Ronaldinho has missed penalties, so has our own Ruud. If you think about it, it’s good he missed one. It would urge him on and remind him to never take such situations for granted. At his age, such disappointments are a part of his footballing education, and it’s good that it happened in a league game and not in a Cup final.

I wouldn’t single out anyone for criticism. At least, I think it’s unfair in the context of the bigger picture — they have given us an outstanding 2007. But it would have made things pleasant had we remained top at the end of 2007.

There is a long time left for the season to end. I had said in the beginning, when we had a wretched start to the season, that this season would be too close to call, and that our rivals will drop points. I don’t have anything different to say even now. Such setbacks should only make us stronger in the longer run. A right bollocking will be meted out to the players by SAF, make no mistake. Any hints of complacency should have been blown off after yesterday, hopefully, and let’s instead look forward to beginning 2008 by stuffing McLeish’s men at Old Trafford.



  1. Utsav Mehta

    30 December 2007 at 11:53

    I totally agree with RR’s analysis.. You can get bad matches once in a while.

    If this is true then, well…….

  2. Taehr

    30 December 2007 at 12:50

    Agree with most of what you said but I do think you cant compare wednesdays game against sunderland to yesterdays.west ham proved not once but twice last season why they cannot be taken for granted.Giggs did cross the ball for the first goal but that doesnt mean he should give it away countless times after that.The same goes for saha,especially when he put the defence in lots of trouble with a backpass.If these players could have shown better ball retention the outcome of the game could have been different.Anyhow, doesnt matter too much now,just need to give birmingham a good thrashing.

  3. RedDevil

    30 December 2007 at 13:08

    Dont worry Utsav Mehta. Tribalfootball never gets it right and besides, Ronado would never leave us. He knows he is THE BEST player in the world, and he can reach that with us. He almost is Manchester United. In a few years time he will be a legend. We just have to wait and see. Soon he almost will deliver against the bigger teams in England. He scores and plays great in da CL now, and soon he will score against Chelsea and Liverool. He has played great against Arseanal before so….
    RR: Did you take that penalty idea from my comment in da West Ham preview? That about Ronaldo missing in a cupfinal!

  4. Rooster

    30 December 2007 at 13:13

    I like to pop on the oppositions website now and then to get their idea on how the match went.
    First, as a Hammers supporter, i dream of West Ham playing like that every match, but that wont happen, West Ham as we all know are a kinda mid table table team with potential, we aim for the impossible, but thats what makes us love our team, we would never be happy with wins, week after week even though it would be nice most weeks ;).
    The game against you guys yesterday could have gone either way, and that day was our lucky day with the penalty miss, Man Utd did play well, but not to their usual standard of precise passing and amazing tactical moves, they may have gone there with a touch of complacency, but i doubt it!.
    West Ham was continuously in the face of whoever had the ball, this makes set peices hard to complete.
    Tevez received the ovation he rightfully deserves, he is a West Ham legend as he will be for you guys too.
    Great Post.. good luck with the restof the season, I rather man Utd won it, then the other 3, Man City, Arsenal, or Chelsea.

  5. JB

    30 December 2007 at 14:36

    Personally I’m not worried about Ronaldo taking penalties. I heard someone saying yesterday that Ronaldo bottled the spot kick however I strongly disagree. Sure he cocked it up/misjudged it but he didn’t bottle it. Anyone can miss a penalty but there is a difference between what Ronaldo did and say Saha’s miss against Celtic last year IMO. I’m confident that Ronaldo’s nerve wouldn’t go no matter the situation.

  6. gubby

    30 December 2007 at 14:51

    Cockiness or even arrogance sums it up really.

    The same happened in this fixture last year, when the Hammers were in total dissaray.

    United turned up thinking all they had to do was walk out onto the pitch and go home with the three points. West Ham were fired up (As they always are for this fixture) and turned us over.

    I know footballers generally are not the brightest lamps on the street but you would think that they would learn by their mistakes and not keep making the same one saeson after season.

  7. Bader Amin

    30 December 2007 at 15:01

    I think Louis Saha shouldve taken the penalty.

  8. Utsav

    30 December 2007 at 15:41

    Yes its true that the United team did not turn up for the match. The retention was horrible and defending worse. But you have to realise that you are bound to get such matches. In the past, we have been lucky that one or two players turn up with great performances a.k.a Ronaldo vs Everton. It was just an off day when the opposition outplayed us. A mere blip in the radar just like against Bolton. Not to worry. Only 2 points of the top. When we got such a start to the season, i bet majority would have taken the position we are in at the end of 2007. We will come back strong against Birmingham. Cheers!!

  9. k9

    30 December 2007 at 16:15

    Well, you’re spot on ranter- you win some…and all that. Hope the blue boys end up at the butt end of Fergie’s firing squad this time.

  10. JB

    30 December 2007 at 17:26

    Bader: Is there any reason why Saha should have taken the penalty instead of our confident, 18 goal, designated penalty taker? Or is this merely hindsight talking?

  11. RedDevil

    30 December 2007 at 17:47

    Ronaldo was right to take the pen, he was just unlucky/not fully consentrated. Arse play West Ham on tuesday and that will defo be tricky fitxure. If we win against Birmingham, and Arse draw/lose against West Ham, we are top of the league again.
    All in all, a great year that deserves to be remembered for all the positives rether than the loss yesterday.
    Positives: We retained our Premier League trophy, 7-1 against Roma, 3-2 vs milan, Oshea last minute against Pool, Ronny vs Fulham, Scholes vs Villa, Tevez vs Liverpool, Charity Shield victory, and of course…Cristiano Ronaldo, The best player in the world 2007(not Kaka)! If u all wish to add more, you are welcomed. Lets get the treble in 2008!

  12. Liam O'Kelly

    30 December 2007 at 18:04

    Ronaldo used a different style to normal when taking the peno yesterday. Usually he stops mid-run to put off the keeper and calmly slots it into the corner. Yesterday he just ran up and blasted the ball at the corner. I think that it was just overconfidence because Ronnie at full concentration just doesn’t miss penalties.

  13. MUFCkid

    30 December 2007 at 18:13

    2-0 against Chelsea was also one of the best moments this year.

  14. Conor

    30 December 2007 at 18:29

    I think people are reading into the penalty miss too much, for whatever reason, he missed, we should move on as if it never happened because I am pretty confident Ronaldo has already moved on, these sorts of things happen to the best, he’s one of them, it won’t happen again for a while i’m sure.

  15. Taron

    30 December 2007 at 21:28

    Good post, however what makes me really mad is the fact that Arsenal has a really easy fixture for the whole January and they might actually remain in #1 and Who know what will happen after that? That should have done everything in their hands to keep that #1 spot.Mind my words Arsenal is going to trash West Ham

  16. real red

    30 December 2007 at 21:53

    where the fuck was rio for their 1st goal?!!?? couldnt beleive he
    left the annorexic darren fletcher to mark his wee brother?!!
    what a wind up. fuck it

  17. damien

    30 December 2007 at 23:05

    Our a best game last season was against Everton away(4-2). Coming back from 2 goals down with only half an hour to go that is amazing. Wayne Rooney also had a decent year.

  18. RedDevil

    30 December 2007 at 23:11

    You cant blame Rio for not marking Anton on their first goal. Thats like blaming Anderson to be on the bench, Of cource it was bad marking, but Anton just wanted the ball more. I have seen the game in reply and actually, the corner they got for their first goal came off a West Ham player. He headed it wide and the assistant ref gave a goal kick, but the ref gave a corner kick. Thats Fucked up. And on the second goal, Evra took the ball, not the player. That means that we lost on two set plays that never should have been. The Ref can go to Hell. Happy New Year everybody. 🙂

  19. JB

    30 December 2007 at 23:13

    Real Red: We run a man marking system on set pieces and I would assume Rio already had a designated man. Andy Gray did a good analysis on the goals conceded and the problem with the first one was simply that Anton Ferdinand jumped a split second earlier than Fletcher, who then couldn’t match the elevation he got. For the second Brown let himself get to far away from Upson and couldn’t get through the traffic to get to him when the ball was played in.

  20. Ganesh

    31 December 2007 at 04:49

    i feel ronaldo dint get enough of the ball when he really wanted it. most of our attack was towards the left side and sloppy passes. due to this he tried switching sides also. he was totally demotivated that is why he missed the penalty.

  21. Comma

    31 December 2007 at 06:00

    I didnt get to see the game, so i cant comment on that. What I can comment on though is the fact that after everton, we had an easy 9 points during this festive period. Since we got past everton, dropping points to a team that we shouldnt have is dissappointng. How can we expect to retain our crown as league champions when we cant get past mid tablers on a bad day.

    That being said, what does taht do for our chances. I realize that we are only 2 points behind arsenal, but when arsenal drop points we shouldnt counter with more points lost then they gave up. What bothers me is arsenal gave us the championship when they drew with portsmouth, and we give it right back . Why wasnt the nail put in the coffin when we actually had a hammer?

    I know people think that arsenal will drop points before the seasons out, which I would think also. But as it looks now, I’m not so sure that we wont drop more. As much as i hate to say it, when arsenal has a bad game they still have a way of getting a draw. Teams are figuring out how to beat us, and that scares me. Specially since everyone outside chelsea and man united look very scared of arsenal.

    I can only hope that this only awakens a sleeping giant and we go on a tear with arsenal getting complacent.

  22. julio

    31 December 2007 at 07:46

    Far too many palyers went missing on saturday.To blame ronaldo
    who has been our rock would be wrong in so many ways.It’s time
    united supporters realised that everything can’t go our way
    everytime,we can’t win every game.And besides we are two points
    off the top so come january when arsenal lose a few players for
    the african cup of nations we will be there abouts ready to pounce
    on their mistake.Besides lads if you have not noticed we tend to
    have been struggling against the london based teams.

  23. karl

    31 December 2007 at 11:16

    1. Credit where credit is due…
    West Ham played brilliatly. It is not everyday that a team can outplay Manchester United’s top11 (almost top 11).

    2. I won’t worry too much about the Arsenal situation. If the table stays exactly the way it is, it’snot a bad thing. Arsenal still have to come to Old Trafford. We cannot really deserve the title if we cannot manage to beat our main tital rivals.

    3. Ronaldo’s penalty.
    It was a bit of ‘over-confidence’ on his side. That is not necessarily a bad thing. He wanted to try something different. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I still believe he should remain the designated penalty taker. That said, I also still believe he should continue trying new things. This way, he will become unpredictable when taking penalties.

    The loss hurt me deep, but I still believe we are a better team than our main rivals Arseanl, AND that we WILL win the league again this season.


    31 December 2007 at 12:32

    We didnt deserve to win this match. Without Rooney we were quite blunt in front. Saha long lay off played a big part in his performances. Cristiano Ronaldo penalty missed was also the turning point of the match.
    I wonder how Man Utd can concede 2 goals from headers when they have Vidic and Rio Ferdinand? Besides that, where was the man on the right hand side of the post when West Ham Scored? Shouldnt United have a man on each side of the post when defending a corner kick?
    Anyway, 2 points is still make able. No worries on that.
    Happy new year to all
    Enjoy your holidays!

  25. julio

    31 December 2007 at 12:41

    why does press continue to link us to defoe ,surely if he was good
    enough(united quality) fergie would have bought him a long time ago.

  26. MUFCkid

    31 December 2007 at 13:13

    United have let in many headers this season: Benjani(pompy), Agbonlahor(villa), Aliadiere(boro), Rincon(Kiev), Cahill(everton), Ferdinand and Upson(both West Ham). And the goal for Bolton was also a set piece. Do other people also think this is wierd? I mean, we have Vidic, Rio, Brown and sometimes Oshea in there. They should defend crosses better. Only City, Arse, Derby and Sporting hasnt scored on us from headers. 60% of the goals we let in are headers. Thats a fact.
    By the way, Berba wants to leave Spurs for a bigger club. I think he will join us in three weeks time. Do you too?

  27. RedDevil

    31 December 2007 at 13:31

    Barbatov would be an exellent player to have and I think he might not join us until the summer. Fergie said that he wasnt keen to buy anyone in January, but it all depends on if he want himor not! Anyway I for myself would be delighted tohave Berba here. Than we have four srikers who brings different qualities to this squad. He can use both feet, hes got a fantastic tecnique, a great vollyer of the ball, he (almost)never gets injured, He can head the ball, he can cross and he is calm like a rock!

  28. Conor

    31 December 2007 at 13:33

    No MUFCkid, I would be very surprised if we did buy him since he’s back on great form, which would inflate his price back up to what it was before everyone started talking about his ‘problems’. RedDevil you forgot about all his weaknesses, he’s slow, never shows any commitment for the team by chasing down balls or trying to spur the team on, he sometimes slows down the play, and he goes missing in games for long periods when he does basically nothing. And he’s expensive. I’m not saying I don’t want him but at least judge him fairly both ways.Comma West Ham aren’t an easy team to beat, Arsenal just about beat them. Not that many people expected us to walk all over them, the way you talk about htme shows a complete lack of awareness of their ability. The reason they are in mid-table is because they have no-one to score goals when Ashton’s injured, but they’ve been hard to beat at home all season.”Specially since everyone outside chelsea and man united look very scared of arsenal”, I’m very sure most teams are more afraid of us than them.
    I also see some news o us buying Jose Bosingwa, this seems more realistic than Daniel Alves or Phillip Lahm because:
    1:He’ll cost half of the price
    2.He’s Portugese
    3.Carlos Queiroz said he’s good enough.

  29. Jay Jay

    31 December 2007 at 13:45

    Nice writing RR, but key issues first, Giggs and Saha having a hand Ronaldo’s goal doesn’t guarantee them to have a lackluster performance in the remaining part of the game. Am sorry to give an example of the arse team but when Denis Bergkamp was caught up by age he let the ball do the running for him as he killed off opponents. Its time Giggs learnt that on someone advised him to because I believe he’s got the skill and intelligence to do so.

    To people blaming Fergie for the loss, do not misjudge them perhaps they are right. However good you are, your mistakes and weakness are seen, determined, discussed and judged the day your performances are below par. Playing a team like West Ham with a manger like Curb when you are Man U what else do you expect; a packed midfield and tackles flying every where. West ham surprised SAF last season, so he knew what they are capable of, so playing a midfield of Hargo and Fletcher wasn’t wise when Anderson was fit. Of the two (Hargo & Fletcher) who was going to bring in the creativity needed in the middle of the park?? Many of us have no answers for that.

    Per Ronaldo’s penalty, I don’t think any one else should have taken it, coz he’s our penalt taker and for heavens sake all players had a bad game at the time but he had scored so you expected him to have more confident than any other United player on the pitch and in any case we were still the ones leading. But in my own opinion, I do not think it was being over confident, I have a feeling that he had heard or read about Robert Green’s penalty saves this season (3 out of 5) and perhaps that scared him abit because when he put the ball on the spot, he never faced the goal or goal keeper which he rarely does. He face a side and wasn’t comfortable as he always is. After the referees whistle he rushed straight and blasted it way not first stopping like he often does. The times he’s gone straight he’s missed on the first attempt on that he was lucky to score a rebounder against Reading last season.

    Finally the other thing most likely to cost us games is the Brown factor. Ever since that idiot refused to renew his contract, he’s lost the little confidence he had and is so prone to errors nowadays. His poor finally ball has continued to deteriorate and its not long opponents discovered and he’ll be attacked game in game out on that right frank. Then we’ll see how an idiot and ‘weak’ player he is.



    31 December 2007 at 14:02

    West Ham will always perform against bigger teams. Against smaller team they will always struggle. Dont know why it is like that. Over Confident? Anyway we have lost but we are still in a good position nonetheless. So enjoy your New Year everybody. Red Devils will rock in 2008! 🙂

  31. RedDevil

    31 December 2007 at 14:11

    Conor. I just wrote the qualities he would bring to the squad. Maybe he is slow, but he makes that up with awereness. He goes out of the big games, but Ronaldo does that too. He is like Ruud Saha 4 years ago. He would bring better finishing, heading skills and awereness to the attack. I know he would have to be on the bench often, and I think that is the main reason why Fergie wont go for him. I dont think money is an issue. I mean, we spent 17 mill on Nani. Berbatov would cost 20 mill or 15mill Brown. I dont think that is bad at all. If he costs more I would be surprised. Bosingwa is an unknown player to me, but if Carlos says he is good enough, then he is good enough.

  32. realred

    31 December 2007 at 14:16

    are you boys mad? JB darren fletcher is BY FAR the weakest player
    in our squad, hes pathetic. surely when a corner arises we shud
    use our heads when delagatin markers!? Anton is a big strong lad
    so why the fuck do you think its ok for darren fletcher (who
    clearly wasnt up for the job) to mark him when we have the boys
    older brother right there! You tellin me Rio wouldnt have done a
    better defensive job in that particular situation??!!!……

  33. realred

    31 December 2007 at 14:18

    With lads like scholesy n neville out the team we need older heads
    in the team to stand up n take some fukin responsibility. u get me

  34. Keith Kaira II

    31 December 2007 at 14:26

    Fergie’s selection was just wrong. You don’t select a center midfield partnership that has never played together, play a similar game, and has one half (Fletcher) short of math fitness. Against a side that beat you twice last season. Fergie was asking for trouble and he got it. Rotation is fine as long as the partnerships selected are compatible. Fergie will have learned form this…

    Happy new year all!

  35. Conor

    31 December 2007 at 17:17

    Yeah RedDevil, exactly, so if we hqve him and Ronaldo doing nothing in the big games then we’ll be at a disadvantage against the big teams. that means 2 out of the 10 outfield players may be doing nothing for 90 mins. He’s nothing like Ruud or Saha, Ruud is the ultimate poacher, Saha uses speed and agility to do what he wants, Berbatov has neither of which, so he’s not like Saha either. Plus Berbatov isn’t that good a finsher. “I dont think money is an issue. I mean, we spent 17 mill on Nani. Berbatov would cost 20 mill or 15mill Brown” read that again, and tell me the logic of that quote, we spent 17m on Nani, yet you believe Berbatov will be worth 20m? Doubt it. No point in arguing about valuations since we’re never going to be able to know how much we actually are willing to spend on him, I know, but I just don’t see how Berbatov could be worth 20m.

  36. UNITED!!

    31 December 2007 at 17:17

    i agree with the last comment on the midfield partnership of fletcher and hargo.. we should have started with anderson alongside hargo, they have been an exceptional partnership as we have seen many times already this season. Ronaldo has been spectacular for us recently, and im sure that the miss wont effect him too much, hes an ambitious lad and he’ll come good against brum. im hoping for a comfortable 3-0 win ahead of our trip to villa park. Anywayz Happy New Year all!!!!!!

  37. JB

    31 December 2007 at 17:51

    Conor: I have my doubts about Berbatov – is he the fastest, is he lazy, his body language, work rate, big game temperament, price tag, etc. But then you see performances from him and I have to ask myself, maybe he’s worth risk. I believe he has the best control and touch of any player in the league. I have also seen him put in some performances as a loan striker, that I would consider nigh on perfect. Given that Rooney tends to struggle when isolated and when doubts over Saha’s fitness persist, a player with this capability would be a major asset. Personally I’m still not sold over the idea that Tevez is really the answer as a first choice striker for us.

    As for his performances in big games, it should be said in his defence that when he bothered to pull himself out of the strop he was in for 15 minutes against Arsenal, he completely dominated the game. He would have left Spurs with a victory if Keane could have hit a barn door.

    Realred: Ferdinand looks like he was marking Carlton Cole, who I (and presumably the coaching staff) would regard as West Ham’s biggest aerial threat. Upson, Asthon and Mullins the other big threats, seemed to be marked by Saha, Brown and Vidic. After that I wouldn’t be surprised if Fletcher and Anton were the next in line at set pieces (given the players on the pitch).

    At any rate, it doesn’t look to be an issue of strength. Sometimes a team hits a good corner in, an attacking player gets fractionally ahead of the defender and scores. I think we can sometimes over analyse goals conceded, in this case I would mark it down as good play by West Ham rather than as a major mistake on our part.

  38. Conor

    31 December 2007 at 18:15

    Oh I know JB, if he comes to us I’ll be delighted, no matter how much money we spend on him, and I agree with you and RedDevil regarding his ability and what he would bring to the team, but I was just making sure people don’t just suddenly forget his inefficiencies once we see all of his wonderful skills shining so brightly. But yes, he probably does have the best touch in the lague, he’s magic with a football, and since it seems likely he will come to us sometime,whether in January or the summer, I understand why people get excited, but I still look at how lazy it is and think “would that bother me if he comes to us”, and it might. But in terms of pure footballing ability, he’ll be perfec, plus as an added bonus we would have someone to aim our goal kicks to, since he wins so many flick-ons for spurs, many resulting in goals.

  39. RedDevil

    31 December 2007 at 18:24

    Conor; As I wrote earlier, I think Berbatov will be used as a sub. Fergie can afford him if he costs 20 mill, but not more. He isnt perfect, but nobody is. He is lazy, but United will use the positives of him if they buy him, not the negatives. He will get his own role. His finishing is almost as good as Ruud, and he never seems to get unconcentrated. He scored from a dead angle against Arsenal, he nearly made us suffer at Old Trafford with his tecnique and awareness. Against Reading, he scored three first class poacher goals and a magnificent volley on the turn. And versus Liverpool he had two assist and confused their defense the whole game. When I said he is like Ruud and Saha, I meant hes a great air threat(Saha), He has wonderful ball control(actually none, little like Saha), a good long range shooter(Saha), he can see spaces that arent there yet(Ruud) and finishes in almost every possible way(Ruud). One thing Tevez and Rooney cant do, is to be that ultimate poacher we need. He doesnt have speed, but he doenst need to! Ruud wasnt fast! The biggest reason Ruud left was because he though he was better than United, and that they couldnt score without him. Fergie will make Berbatov understand his role in the team and if he doesnt, fuck Berba I say! We need a striker that is a great poacher compared to the others, but i agree with Fergie when he said the personality also is very important. There are other strikers in the world. But this is the striker that comes closest to Eric(The King)Cantona. He seems to be the difference for Spurs and, before, Bayer Leverkusen.

  40. colver

    31 December 2007 at 18:54

    Personally I think the tactics were off. West Ham were playing a lone striker and loading the midfield. Not surprisingly then Hargereaves and Fletcher struggled to keep possession, while our defenders were only really troubled at set pieces.

    Obviously it was difficult for us to leave out Tevez which forced us to play two up front, and the midfield was stretched by illness to Carrick and Fergie’s desire to rest Anderson.

    But I think we would have done better playing Saha on his own upfront, playing Nani and Ronaldo on the wings, loading the midfield with Giggs, Fletcher and Hargreaves.

    Berbatov would be a good signing. I’d prefer Anelka froma financial perspective.

  41. Comma

    1 January 2008 at 01:49

    Conor, youre actually right. I never think that any team in the bpl is a sure 3 points for us, especially away from OT. What i was saying though is, getting the 3 points from everton was supposed to be the hardest of all our games.

    To be honest though, I’ve only gotten into football in the last 3 or 4 years and, living in the US only watch the matches that are on Fox Soccer Channel and the United games on sopcast. I get most, if not all of my ‘news’ from Fox Football Fone-in on FSC aside from the main MUFC website and this blog. So I hope how you can see how my fact can be strewed.

    That being said, the main point i was trying to convey is that we should at least come away with some points of not all. Arsenal does it week in and week out with pulling something out of nothing and when they present us with a opportunity to not have to chase anyone, we give it right back. I think we will get those points back, but why didnt we put everyone away for the season?

  42. Conor

    1 January 2008 at 02:23

    Yeah I completely understand Comma, fair enough. But its just that, I’m not sure why, but there always seems to be at least one team who know how to beat us, or at least stop us from beating them regularly, it’s weird that West Ham are that team at the moment, because Alan Curbishley’s team(Charlton) nearly always got a thrashing against us and West Gam recently, hadn’t been that great against us. Portsmouth have always been our ‘bogie team’ but now we ay have two. and i understand the concern about us not being top at the new year, coupled with the fact that Arsenal have the easier fixtures from now until March I think, but I really believe that we have the better team on paper and on the pitch, and we should just forget about this match, because it was a disaster. But lets just hope that Arsenal have a problem against West Ham like we did tomorrow, even though Arsenal are at home I’m hoping and believing Arsenal may draw. That should put us back on top becuse even though Birmingham are scoring a fair amount of goals, they’re conceding many, so it should be a good match.
    Does anyone here know about Bosingwa? He seems like Evra from what I read, great at attacking and defending, energetic, and they’re both of similar age.

  43. Kienu

    1 January 2008 at 04:27


  44. dan(U-O.L)

    1 January 2008 at 09:32

    why is it 1 unknown guy gets the last post of 2007 and another gets the first of 08.

  45. Keith Kaira II

    1 January 2008 at 13:39

    Bosingwa can play right back, right wing and defensive midfield. And he is good in all three positions.

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