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“He’s not the player I had at Bayern.” LVG lets rip on Schweinsteiger

Schweinsteiger-1Louis Van Gaal has explained the reasons behind his decision to replace Bastian Schweinsteiger on Tuesday night, as United chased an equaliser against Wolfsburg.

The United manager said the German had not delivered the kind of performance he’s capable of producing, leading to him being replaced by Michael Carrick halfway through the second half.

“I have changed him and I don’t change players for nothing, then I think that I can do it with other players better,” he said.

“But we are all human beings and also Bastian Schweinsteiger is a human being and he wants to play at the highest level and certainly in Germany to show his qualities, but I cannot say that he was the Schweinsteiger from my period in Munich today.”



  1. colver

    9 December 2015 at 12:01

    A pretty dumb comment from Louis. If Schweisteneger was at the same level he was under LVG at Bayern does he really think Bayern would have let him go for £10M? He’s played very few games for Bayern over the last few seasons due to injury and fitness problems and while he can pass the ball around and is as composed as you’d expect from someone with his experience the dynamism which made him such a powerful player for Germany and Bayern has long gone.

  2. bestie

    9 December 2015 at 13:13

    what and idiot! Of course he’s not; we all knew that, he didn’t? Bayern were all too happy to sell him to us and sign Vidal a week later. So now add Schwein to the (long) list of great players VG pissed off over the years, and don’t act surprised when no decent player will want to come to OT in the next transfer windows

  3. Karl

    9 December 2015 at 19:32

    LVG is really starting to piss me off on and off the field. He comes across as arrogantly ignorant and stupidly stubourn.

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