Home Sweet Home for United against Villa?

Wednesday’s defeat at Wigan was an ill-timed blip and also made for unpleasant viewing, but while it added another twist to a Premier League title race that many – mistakenly, because it’s not over until the title is secure – considered to be all over, Manchester United are still in full control of their destiny.

City closed the gap to two points with a 6-1 win at Norwich yesterday, but United can restore their lead to five points with a home win over Aston Villa in today’s only Premier League tie.

United have won all six of their home league matches in 2012, and a seventh win in a row would continue United’s dominance over Villa. Villa have only one win over United since 1995, and considering that they’re winless in their last five away matches, the odds are strongly against them today.

Manchester United: De Gea, Rafael, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Scholes, Young, Rooney, Welbeck.

Subs: Amos, Jones, Cleverley, Giggs, Nani, Berbatov, Hernandez.

Aston Villa: Given, Hutton, Collins, Baker, Lichaj, Bannan, Gardner, Clark, Ireland, Weimann, Agbonlahor.

Subs: Guzan, Johnson, Delfouneso, Heskey, N’Zogbia, Cuellar, Carruthers.


  1. Another shocking dive. Man U always going to win today but that is a disgrace.

  2. Well done Danny Welbeck on scoring your 2nd goal in 14 appearances! 🙂

  3. roony just keep the ball were 2-0 up why the shit desperate passing and runs. keep it simple stupid

  4. wow stone cold pen there 👿 how many non calls have wcost us this year? hope this one doesnt

      • @Craig Mc: i mean the ref carded him after he was manhandled by a villan. he took his card and scored the next time he had the ball. 😆

  5. Disgraceful dive by Young. I hated that….. I know there are countless times this season when we haven’t got a penalty we should have, or as against Newcastle when Rio’s brilliant tackle on Ben Afra took 2 points away from us, but that doesn’t mean we should have to result to this. I’d much rather get a penalty by a poor refereeing decision, meaning getting something without asking for it. A wrongly called handball, or as happend with Ronaldo against Bolton in 2008 when Gardner took the ball and United just kept playing on, yet the ref pointed to the spot. And worse off, this is two weeks in a row! Young needs to realise that we are United, he’s at Manchester United FC, and we don’t have to result to diving for us to win games. Brilliant performance by the lads today, especially Scholes and Welbz, but the manner in which our first goal came leaves a bitter taste. 😐

    Still, only 4 games to go now so I’m gonna enjoy every game we play. I mean, fucks sake in 5 weeks time we won’t see more Premier League football until August! Let’s win this lads, let’s win it in style

  6. There are a couple of players I would like to see us sign this summer, but for now I’ll just enjoy watching this team express themselves! Only 4 fucking games to go, unbelieveable… I expect United to be busy in the transfer market quite early yet against, meaning late May – early June will be the time for most new signings. Only thing I do know is that Götze won’t arrive, which is a shame as I think he’d do brilliantly here 🙁

  7. Martin Atkinson should not be allowed to ref Chelsea games. It’s not even a joke anymore 😯

  8. refs need help out there. gole line tech is a must. and there should be officials watching in a booth to make crucial calls such as offside and fouls/penalties. if the match is already being stopped to argue with the ref and players lying on the pitch rolling to try and win the refs opinion, then surely it would be better to take 30 seconds to review and get it right??? just sooo much poor reffing going on in an age with slow mo replay.

    every fan watching on tv has seen enough to make a decision by the time the ref makes a wrong one. why not have a booth with replay official.

  9. Was at the game Sunday and down the right end for the pen – have to say from the NE quadrant it looked a stone-cold pen and even after reviewing on MOTD2 I still think if you’re a defender you shouldn’t be sticking your leg out like that in the penalty area. Yes Ashley tumbled theatrically but if it hadn’t been given I think we’d have been complaining. Of the 3 dodgy pens in last 3 home games, I;d rate it only 3rd worst decision (Young/QPR narrowly ahead of Murphy/Carrick by virtue of offside compounding the error).

    That aside – and doubtless helped by the early goal – a carefree afternoon and the first 45 was as good as I’ve seen United at OT in several seasons: fluid, attacking, Scholes IMMENSE (admittedly vs. very weak oppo). Second half less satisfying – United sat back a little, lots of injury stoppages interrupted the flow till the last 20 when we got our reward.

    Note though: 2 goals notwithstanding, Wazza’s passing still not all there. But team as a whole professional enough to despatch gloomy Everton next week, demob happy Swansea later, and Sunderland if needs be last game. Should be OK regardless of result at Shittyhad.

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