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Irresponsible Media Stir Up Another Storm

Various media outlets, including the Guardian, have run up headlines like ‘Tevez: Let Ronaldo go to Real’ or ‘Ronaldo should be allowed to go to Real – Tevez’.

Here is what the actual quotes look like, in English (considering these have been translated from Spanish, surely):

“It is clear he is a very important player for us but this is a personal decision, which is up to him only. I understand Cristiano. Every footballer wants to pay at Real Madrid. I also think that everyone wants to play for Manchester United but, if what he seeks is something else, that should be respected. I have not talked to him but, when these things happen, neither side feels good.”

Pray, tell me how this is anything but a diplomatic reply to a question that’s been asked ad infinitum throughout the summer? Yes, one must respect a player’s wishes. And United have not slagged Ronaldo for expressing his interests. [They have just respectfully told him that he’s going nowhere, at least for now — but that’s besides the point.] I just don’t see where Tevez says United must let Ronaldo go.

Tevez’s quotes are not even remotely earth shattering. They are the usual, ‘this is a personal decision, it’s upto him, club X is a good club but so is my club blah blah … the only way to settle this is by a deathmatch in a cage‘ you get the drift.

If anything, it is surprising to see a diplomatic reply from a player who runs like a terrier on the field (one who also turned up at a Boca Juniors press conference in a Manchester United shirt).

Whilst this sort of word twisting is not particularly new, it is extremely annoying to see a player like Tevez, who has been going about his business quietly, get dragged into a controversy of not his creating.

Mr. Mark Ogden (the man who ran the story on the Guardian), shame on you — and your editor.



  1. dan(u-ol)

    25 July 2008 at 22:43

    exactly RR, yet fergie is sitting on his ass watching fucking taggart instead of making a bloody signing.

  2. dan(u-ol)

    25 July 2008 at 22:45

    that said, i wouldnt mind if the star striker everyone wants just happens to come from our ranks, just how tall is welbeck can i ask?

  3. Rd

    25 July 2008 at 23:08

    @Red Diablo: With the comments from Fergie saying he’s satisfied and won’t worry about starting the season with the current squad(if the media is to be believed), it seems as if he’s given up and with the way Berbagate is heading, its looking more and more like we’re not gonna sign anyone. Sad, and i hope i’m proveb wrong…

  4. wakey

    25 July 2008 at 23:08


    Thats what annoys me (And BTW Grog the reason I reply to you and not the others is because most of them make no justification for their stance. You however continually state the reasons for your thinking, 99.9% of which are either flawed in logic, based on rumours or hypocritical. You also take a much more extreme and extremely right winged stance)

    Everyone goes on about how badly he has treated the club and its fans but how has he done anything different to what he has done since the day he signed, or what Keane did every year, or Tevez has done ect ect

    All we really have to go on is “its his dream”. The rest of the information has later turned out to be false or its of a “friend of a friend” nature. And yes maybe he could have been clearer but why does everyone join the bandwagon rather than realising theres two sides to this lack of clarity. He can after all enjoy being at United but be intrested in fulfilling a dream should the possibility be there, after all while real is his dream move United have a lot going for them so I highly doubt its an easy decision for him. You can hardly expect him to hand a transfer request in unless its something he is 100% in, especially in England where handing a transfer request in has a lot more stigma to it than in Europe where its more acceptable. And he is being hounded about this move, a move that he really cant comment one way or the other because for all Uniteds chest beating no-one knows if its something they will stand by. His “Only God knows my future” are only sinister if you read too much into it because all it really is is an honest statement that its out of his hands and not something he can comment on until an actual approach is made an the clubs intentions are shown.

    Until there’s proof he has been malicious shouldnt we be giving him the benefit of the doubt and not going on the shit in the media and our over active imaginations. If he does something conformable to try and force a move then I’m all for slagging him off (although no matter what he does it should stop short of booing him when he plays for us as thats just despicable and ugly) but until then why look for the worst and rather keep an open mind while the so called evidence is shaky

  5. Ishaq(South Africa)

    25 July 2008 at 23:16

    @Just1n: Hey man im from the province of kwa-zulu natal. I supposed to have made it for the pirates game(Durban) but unfortunately i am writin matric assessments.

  6. micheal

    25 July 2008 at 23:19

    has for the barry situation who in the hell do villa fans think they are. they are lucky he even stayed longer then he should have. why do the media continue to think that it’s berbertov it could be anyone and if it is why is fergie buying this guy. he is not great in the air that is going to make terry and vidic to piss in their pance, like I said if united want a different striker you look for the the drogba eto’o type forward not a moody forward that’s character is not up to scratch, ronaldo is one headache dont want another.

  7. Krishnan

    25 July 2008 at 23:47

    The mail report that United have agreed to a fee of 32 million pounds to make Tevez permanent…. Hell Grog you thought even 20 million was way too much for him… I don’t know what you have for this….

  8. Grognard

    26 July 2008 at 00:10

    @Krishnan: The Mail reports a lot of garbage and so I doubt it very much. Even so, if he signs for that kind of money and he can get it, I’m all for it. Why? Because at this stage I’m just happy to see a foreign player that wants to be here and who looks forward to it. But I’d wait and see if that is true.

  9. Grognard

    26 July 2008 at 00:30

    Now I don’t think Tevez is worth 32 million but I have no problem with it provided the team can afford it. Carlos has been a good player for us and has a lot of heart and desire if not any height and real goal scoring instinct. He still gets his share of goals and he works well with others and isn’t selfish. I’m very happy but please tell me why we are paying 32 million for Tevez when Fergie doesn’t want to go above 20 Million for a player he has coveted and admired for many years in Berbatov? No problem with Carlito, sin him up but why so cheap when it comes to a player you desire even more? I don’t get it. Just pay the muppet Levy the 30 Million he wants and lets be finished with this and start truly concentrating on the season. Dragging out this charade is not my idea of fun and it could potentially backfire on Fergie big time.

  10. Grognard

    26 July 2008 at 00:34

    Well more than one paper is reporting it as true so it must be. Welcome home Carlito. Now try not to break our hearts and pull off a Ronaldo in a year or true and you will be fondly revered and respected for decades to come. Also, signing Tevez gives us a lifeline into Argentina and Atletico as it will help us in the future if we try to get Aguero or Falcao or Sanchez etc. Those players now know that Carlos is here for a long spell and that might interest them more to have a compatriot fully dedicated to the team. It’s a good thing for sure. 🙂

  11. gator

    26 July 2008 at 05:48

    this seems more likley 15m with the rest to come in add ons

  12. gator

    26 July 2008 at 05:53

  13. Just1n

    26 July 2008 at 07:43

    @Ishaq(South Africa): Sweet. I’m in Cape Town. I went to the Chiefs game. It’s laughable how serious the local lads take these friendly games. No wonder Rooney was losing the plot. Nice to have another SA lad on here. Good luck with the matric dude.

  14. IBleedRed

    26 July 2008 at 07:53

    I want to run some numbers by everyone.

    Summer 2007: Anderson: ~17
    Nani: ~14
    Hargreaves: ~17
    Tevez: FREE
    Total = 48

    Summer 2008 Tevez: ~32
    Berbatov: ~24
    Total = 56

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks the club coffers are empty. I don’t think most of us really understand the complexities of modern global economics, and can thus not envisage how the owner of a team can staple on such massive debt and still be able to supply ample ammo for the market. I think we should expect at least 45 million for the market over the next couple of years.

    I know Dimi isn’t a slam dunk yet, but last time I checked Ladbrokes the odds against were terrible. In regards to the banter in the rags regarding Levy, it is at worst pure fabrication, and at best posturing by a club dying to break the Big 4.

    I think it is fair to say that Real Madrid have given up on Ronaldo. Valencia seem to be out of sorts and I think it is fair to say that Villa will go for about half what Ronaldo would have fetched. On CR, I don’t give two hoots about him unless he is wearing our shirt and kicking ass. Outside those 90 minutes, he can whine, tan, or go to the moon. It matters not. He has proven to be magical in our set-up, and as long as that continues, I love having him in the squad. If things turn sour and he can’t or doesn’t want to hack it, then bye-bye. That said, I honestly think he’ll stay until Fergie leaves and get to finish out his career at Madrid.

  15. Red Ranter

    26 July 2008 at 07:57

    @IBleedRed: There is a discrepancy there. We paid 10 million initially for Tevez for the 2 year loan. So 07 Tevez wasn’t free. However it remains to be seen how much of the 32 million is for this year.

  16. Ishaq(South Africa)

    26 July 2008 at 07:58

    @Just1n: Lol yea man you should see my friends in school after we drew chiefs. They were like wah, european champions couldnt beat chiefs. Lol im taking alot of stick in recent days about our team and how they(chiefs) eliminated rooney from the game. I just hope, one day, Sir Alex brings his whole first team and we give them a damn good thrashing!!!

  17. Ishaq(South Africa)

    26 July 2008 at 08:09

    @Just1n: Oh and thanks about the good luck wishes. Hoping to study next year. Cant wait for 2010 world cup. Its gonna take place whilst im in university… which is totally cool. Going to go with all the buddies. Not sure which team im going to support though. Especially now that Ronaldo is leaving us. Would my heart still lie with Portugal? Lol I have no hope for our national team.

    Anyways do you work in Cape Town

  18. John

    26 July 2008 at 09:06

    I’m happy to know that United have a permanent move for Carlos Tevez. I feel he should stay at Old Trafford because this is where he belongs.

    I can only see more positive out of this and my sincere hope is that both for him and the club, the more great success will follow.

    What do you think about this? Do you think United should keep him permanently? I would love to hear your thoughts/comment/opinion on my blog. I’ve just posted an article about this. 🙂

  19. Tomas

    26 July 2008 at 09:17

    I’m not sure about these figures for Tevez.

    Imo £32 mil sounds like too much. It’s not that I think, Tevez is not worth it, because I think he’s awesome. But both SAF and Gill have said quite a few times from when the loan spell started that the price for Tevez was in place, and that it was a very good price. To me, £32 mil doesn’t sound like a very good price.

    When SAF and Gill say something like this, to me it sounds more like £15-20 mil. And I think, the price will be in that area, because we’ve already paid 10 mil for the loan.

    And the journalism isn’t the best. It’s based on Gill’s statement that we can sign him anytime we want to. Gill said that we can sign him in “September, October, November, December”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that that will happen. But these papers make it sound like it’ll surely happen before December, because that’s the last month he mentioned, and that makes a story.

    We’ll see when we sign him, and that doesn’t really matter, as long as we have him.

    But the price tag isn’t up there around £32 mil.

  20. ahmed(south africa)

    26 July 2008 at 09:20

    this is my 1st post but ive been checking out this blog regularly.
    very excited im going to the game today

  21. Red Diablo

    26 July 2008 at 09:31

    @Grognard: Hey do you mind giving me some points? Or have i been grogonified? 😆

  22. Tomas

    26 July 2008 at 09:53

    @Red Diablo: In an effort to lessen the weight of Grognard in here (I’m sorry, but I think Grog is a little bit too important to a lot of people in here. He’s being treated as if he holds all the answers, and I’m sure that not even Grognard himself feels this way 🙂 ), I’ll answer you.

    We will sign someone, and it’ll most likely be Berbatov. Even if Spurs sell Keane to the scouse bastards, Berbatov wants out, and he’s wanted that for quite some time now. He’ll be expensive, but we have the money.

    About teams knowing us inside out. That may be, but they had the same knowledge last season. Problem for most of our opponents is that they can do very little about it because of the quality of our players.

    And don’t forget, it’s not like we have no knowledge about our opponents. For instance, we know exactly what players Chelsea have, and how they play.

    Only difference (and why we won the double) is that we have better individual players than most other teams. And we have these players next season as well, and they won’t be worse. We have a fantastic squad even without signings, people tend to forget this.

  23. Red Diablo

    26 July 2008 at 11:32

    @Tomas: HEHE! Ok I guess then i have been TOMASified! 😆 Anyway look! What if berba doesnt come? U know that spurs are trying to sell him to ANYONE BUT United! And I think if Berba doesnt come then which striker will? Fergie is only serious about Berba! and due to that! Rooney would again be sacrificed this year! 😡 So? how can you explain that?

  24. Tomas

    26 July 2008 at 12:02

    @Red Diablo: I don’t know, if there’s anything to explain per se, but I can give you my view on it. It seems that Berbatov is our main target, and I’m fine with that. But I’m pretty sure, SAF has someone else ligned up, should Berbatov go to Milan or Barcelona.

    Problem for Tottenham is that there are not many clubs that can afford Berbatov, and some of those that can are not interested. AC Milan don’t have the money, I think. They made it clear earlier in the summer that they would go for either Ronaldinho OR Adebayor. They got Ronaldinho, so I don’t think we’ll see any more major signings from them, unless they sell Kaka, which is highly unlikely imo. They need Kaka to be succesful.

    Barcelona seems the best other option for Barcelona, but I’m pretty sure, they are after Adebayor, which meens Berbatov would be their backup. This meens that it’ll take some time for Barca to get to him, because they want to explore all possibilities with Adebayor first. And as long as Adebayor hasn’t signed an extension in Arsenal, the lure of a big paycheck may convince Adebayor to go to Spain. If he does sign an extension, Barca will have to look at other options. Problem for them is that August is coming fast, and Berbatov will look to seal his move sooner rather than later (one of the reason why he was recently fined by the manager for acting like a 10 yo in training – he wants out). At the same time, we need to close the deal fast to get him ready for those first matches without Ronaldo and Nani, and therefore, we’ll pay what’s necessary. And the bid will come soon. I reckon that as soon as we get back from SA, negotiations will pick up speed, and he’ll be with us in a week or two.

    Have faith in the club and the people there. I agree that it’s time Rooney is played, where he plays the best, and SAF knows this. That’s why he’s so sure, he’ll get his man (he said he was quite sure to get the player, we had made a bid for – or something like that).

    And even if we don’t get him, Rooney’s role will just be the same as last season, which worked fine and gave us 2 trophies. Don’t be so nervous about our inactivity in the transfer market. I’d be a lot more worried, if we needed to sign 4 or 5 players (or even more like Liverpool), because that would mean our current squad wasn’t good enough.

    The season will be great… don’t worry.

  25. Red Diablo

    26 July 2008 at 12:20

    @Tomas: Ok Thanx Tomas i DO feel alot better! GO MUFC! OH and i would like to announce one more thing! FOLKS! I have been TOMASified!

  26. Red Ranter

    26 July 2008 at 13:10

    new post up

  27. Tomas

    26 July 2008 at 14:36

    @Red Diablo: I’m glad – you’ve entered a more positive world than the Grognified ones 🙂

  28. Grognard

    26 July 2008 at 16:30

    @Red Diablo: Sorry for the late reply but I assume you are posting from a completely opposite time zone as I just woke up. Problem is that I can’t seem to find the post where you actually ask me a question. I may be blind or still asleep but I am trying to make sense of your post #171. Fortunately Tomas saw fit to answer the questions for me and for that I am grateful. Even if he thinks I may be relied on too much or that some find me far too important, it is appreciated.

    First off, no you have not been Grognified (whatever that may actually mean). Secondly, I can’t add much more to what Tomas said regarding Berbatov. I agree with his assessment. I’ll just add that I think Fergie is a sly old fox and he is not one to show his hand openly. I’m sure he knows something we don’t and so I think there is a reason or plan for his stalling tactics. Personally I think he has been waiting for Spurs to sell Keane and then buy his replacement. Levy knows clearly that Berbatov wants out and so there is no way he will be holding on to him. Problem is that Spurs don’t want to let him go until they have acquired a replacement. I think Fergie is biding his time until the final hour when Levy will have no choice and when United might actually be able to buy him for a price closer to their bid and not Spurs asking price. The fact that other teams are interested concerns me but not as much as one might think. Berbatov wants the Champions League. AC Milan are not even in the league this season. In that case staying at Spurs is no different. Secondly Barcelona already have promised Henry the starting striker role unless of course they are able to sign Adebayor. I don’t think they are serious about Berbatov. I think that rumor was started to get Arsenal to get off their duffs and do a deal for Adebayor. There are no other teams that I can think of with high CL hopes that are in for Berbatov and I think as the season gets closer, Berbatov will crack and end his silence. He will demand a move to United and Levy, unlike Fergie will buckle to the deamand and sell him.

    As for plan B’s I think there are two viable ones. Forget Falcao in Argentina, he’s not coming. I don’t think Fergie was ever really interested in Fabiano or Santa Cruz either. Those were just rumors designed to piss off the Grognard. I think the next choice will be Huntelaar but I think that Ajax will see the situation for what it is and ay price him out of contention. It’s too late in the game to now go for Huntelaar in my opinion even though Ajax did secure the rights to his replacement a month ago. Still, it is possible he could still end up in Man Red and that for me would be a dream come true as you must know. He has always been my first choice. The second choice is not so outlandish on further thought. Thierry Henry will not be happy if by some remote chance Barca do buy Berbatov or Adebayor. If so, I can see the French legend consider the unthinkable and come to OT. I think he misses the EPL big tie and I think he still has a little bit left in the tank. I personally hate his guts but in comparison to my present feelings for Ronaldo, I would consider marrying the guy. After him I don’t see any options except the obvious ones. Keep Saha (GOD FORBID) and give a few of the reserves a chance like Campbell or Welbeck. With Ronaldo out for two months I think that would be catastrophic. We need a experienced and world class infusion right now, not kids. Get rid of Saha and promote Campbell to #4 striker, but still get us a true #1 striker. I think Fergie still has one big move planned and I do believe he will get it. And that move means Berbatov.

    Well there you go. Fortunately I am long winded enough that I was able to offer up more than I thought I would.

  29. Grognard

    26 July 2008 at 16:34

    @Tomas: Gosh, I only see my importance as mostly being to people who actually hate my guts. Do they really count? 😀 And I am not as negative as I may come across sometimes. This Ronaldo thing has got me down no doubt, but other than that, I can only think of two or three……….thousand things that I am negative about. 😉

  30. Red Diablo

    26 July 2008 at 19:37

    @Grognard: Hey OK! Thank you! Grognard and Tomas for the maximum possible indebt analysis that you could give! Anyway i guess my heart has lightened up a bit! Oh and to Grognard! Yeah i live in pakistan! So if u are in UK then that is a 5 hours difference!

  31. Grognard

    26 July 2008 at 23:33

    @Red Diablo: I’m in Vancouver Canada. Probably as far as you can get from Pakistan. But we have a rather large Pakistani community within the city so I guess I’m closer than I think. 🙂

  32. Red Diablo

    27 July 2008 at 09:47

    @Grognard: NICE 😛

  33. micheal

    27 July 2008 at 14:40

    can people explain this to me, I am not only getting angered but disturbed at the coverage united have gotten over the summer, instead of the media writing columns on how great united have been winning a great double. all we have heard is how ferguson ronaldo and united have now ruined rooney, rooney has made a big mistake moving to united and still the media even have the nerve having the time to praise wenger has a manager even though he continues to fail, who now seems to be yesterdays manager. We did not hear what the ronaldo situation was it was rammed shoved and forced down our throats.

    Remember when arsenal beat an average side 7 0 in November, the amount of columns reports and coverage they got was ridiculous it’s like they won something. if arsenal done what man utd have done over the past couple of years we would not here the end of it. that is a fact because look at the hype arsenal got in their unbeaten season as the media loved to call them the invincible’s, what did they do since they never achieved back to back titles won a european cup and win both the league and european cup in one season.

  34. scoop

    27 July 2008 at 18:56

    Apologies everyone for harping back to a previous point of booing from points 90 – 117. Haven’t got internet at home and this has been my first access to the internet since Friday.

    What planet are you on? Youre sorry but I just don’t get it mate I get it totally you’re the one who has missed the point completely!
    I voiced an opinion about booing Ronaldo at a football match not the metaphorical rubbish you talk about. I selected your comments and said they were out of order and I disagreed with them as I would anybody who boos Ronaldo. At no point did I tell you what you can and can’t do where the feck did you get that idea from? You can boo him all you like from home, the stands metaphorically or wherever that’s completely your prerogative I just don’t agree with it.
    I respectfully acknowledge the opinion of people who want and will boo him I just totally disagree with it and I wish they wouldn’t but if they do thats entirely their decision. Im not going to have the ignorance to come out and tell them to “piss off” and if anyone is over reacting to this it is you!
    This is a Man Utd forum where you can express an opinion which is what I did!

    “I value my freedom of speech and expression so perhaps you can now understand better why I took such offense”

    No I don’t understand! How did I interfere with your freedom of speech? You want to boo him good for you I don’t agree!
    I will agree that Im happy now to move on and leave this behind us now that Ive made my position clear.

    Totally agree mate Ronaldo if he is still with us will be turning out in the Red of Utd because he has to and not because he wants to and that is sickening to me. I said from the very start once this saga started gathering momentum that we should sell up and get top dollar for him I mean really stick the financial knife into Real.
    It should be an honour for Ronaldo to pull on that no7 Man Utd jersey considering the legends that have adorned it before him and not be wishing he was playing for another team – fuck that. Thanks Ronaldo but cheerio!
    However I still wouldn’t boo the chap for reasons I have already mentioned.

    This is like closing the gate once the horse has bolted. These comments should have been made on Friday. Once again sorry for harping back to old news but I still need to get t’internet setup at home.

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