Is Fergie in for a £100m Summer spending spree?


Sir Alex Ferguson will launch a £100million summer spending bonanza in a bid to prevent Manchester United being replaced by neighbours City as the dominant force in the Premier League. United could finish the season empty handed for only the fifth time in 23 years following Monday’s derby defeat, which handed the title initiative to City. Even if there is another twist in the race with United taking advantage of a City slip-up, Ferguson knows his squad need strengthening – especially after their failure to come through an easy Champions League group and early exits from the Europa League, FA Cup and Carling Cup.

He is lining up bids for Eden Hazard, of Lille, and Tottenham’s Luka Modric to add some stardust and creativity to United’s midfield department. And he is also eyeing Athletic Bilbao’s Fernando Llorente, who scored in both Europa League legs against United, to boost his attack. Two full-backs are also being considered because Rafael Da Silva has proved unreliable and Patrice Evra, now 31, needs competition and cover. Valencia left-back Jordi Alba is on the radar. And there will be departures as well – led by Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Owen. Anderson and Federico Macheda are also likely to be moved on, while Fabio Da Silva will be loaned out to Benfica for the season. Park Ji-Sung will also be sweating on his future after his reputation as a big-game player took another battering in the derby.

The Daily Star links United with Wesley Sneijder and Barcelona’s former Reds defender Gerard Pique, and predicts Paul Pogba will be in the exodus, with a move to Juventus on the cards. The Times quotes Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola insisting a final decision has not been made on the Frenchman’s future but is due in the next week or so.

Papers including the Daily Mail claim Danny Welbeck will miss the final two games of the season but should be fit for Euro 2012 after injuring his foot against Man City.

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  1. If we really do have £100mil to spend, it should all go in midfield.

    • @Traverse: I’m interested to know where the people who downvoted this think we need to spent the money instead (imagining it exists, obviously)

  2. It’s not a spending spree that’s ultimately needed, while new personnel is obviously needed a tactical revamp of the team is also needed. Right now Fergie’s tactics seem to be limited to “ah sure Rooney, Nani or Valencia will bail us out” and there is no philosophy or drive to the team. Too many times have the team just assumed victory and taken their foot off the gas when ahead. Throwing away a 2 goal lead against Everton is as much on the manager’s tactics as it is the players, he persisted in playing the open style rather than bring someone like Jones on sooner and reduce the amount of space being gifted to Everton in the middle.

    • @Liam: A top class coach should be first on our list, even before a bloody midfielder.
      Our tactics, team selections, substitutions (or lack of) have been pathetic this season for the most part.
      In the last 3 bloody games weve seen scholes rested against wigan (why), no subs being made when we were 4-2 up and coasting against everton (again why), and quite possibly the most pathetic and uninspiring starting line up in recent history against city on monday.
      Cant help but feel with quieroz or someone like him, in there beside fergie, and we avoid half of that.
      People go on about phelan and say what does he do wrong. Well heres a question, what does he do right. Name one positive attribute hes brought to this team since quieroz’s departure.

  3. If it be sure true that such a sum is available then i too is for the idea that except for a left back,all the remaining amount should be strictly channeled right into the midfield.

  4. Considering we failed to qualify for the Champions league knockout stages I imagine our finances have taken quite a hit.

    We’ve never really been a club for mass spending. Even last season we only spent around a net amount of around £40 million.

    Considering the financial fair play rules and our losses in the European campaign it would be difficult to imagine us topping that figure this year. Even if we sold Berbatov and Park we’d only raise around £10 million.

    I am 99% certain Fergie will go bargain basement and get a cheap midfielder for around £10 million such as the Asian guy playing for the German club nobody has ever heard of. Then he will indulge himself and sign a striker or a winger not that we don’t already have enough of them.

    After five years without signing a central midfielder (besides Scholes!) it is too much to imagine he’ll have the sense to buy the two central midfielders we desperately need. Let alone spend the £100 million necessary to get us back to the same level as the top European clubs

    • @colver: Under financial fair play we could spend what we want, because we earn it. Our revenue is massive.

    • @colver: Kagawa is the one i guess your refering to there. As i said to stephen on the other thread, hes actually a lot better player than what others are giving him credit for.
      No doubt, the marketing value appeals to the leeches, but to dismiss him as being brought here just for that, is a bit unfair. He’d offer us a goalscoring threat, and his creativity would be fantastic asset if he was utilized correctly (hes an AM, not a CM) so yeah a good signing id say.
      Id have no problem with his arrival tbh, so long as he’s one of two, maybe threee, additional arrivals in the summer (sahin/martinez and baines in a dream scenario).

    • ‘I am 99% certain Fergie will go bargain basement and get a cheap midfielder for around £10 million such as the Asian guy playing for the German club nobody has ever heard of’

      Just because you never heard of him it doesn’t mean he’s dumb infact if you did your research well you would find out that kagawa is the star player of broussia dortmund and was also voted in the best XI of last season!

  5. Can’t see the Galzers allowing him to spend £100 million then replace him with another manager in a year or two’s time and allow them to spend to create their own team too!SAF should go now,he’s lost us this title,we were 8 points infront and coasting,even some bookies paid out on the league!!We need to bring Quieroz back as number 2 as I feel Phelan has alot to apologise for.As for the main man,can’t see Pep leaving Barca to come here,sothats just leaves Jose.The Glazers need to put up or shut up and go if they allow things to carry on.

  6. Huh, theres more chance of me coming into £100m than united. Id be surprised if we spent anywhere near what we spent last summer tbh.
    Clyne and raul/del piero in on free transfers, and maybe a cheap midfielder or 2 (kagawa and someone else) and that’ll be it for us.
    Leeching bastards arent going to be exactly forthcoming with any significant amounts are they, after taking a hit this year with the loss of CL money, and most likely recuced season ticket applications again.
    Knowing us though, even if in some bizarre scenario, we did come into that sort of money, you can bet it’d all be spent on every position but midfield. Its fergies blindspot, and i get the feeling long as he has his trusted lieutenants, giggs and scholes, around him nowt is gonna change.

    • @tonymontanna4united:

      Well signing Raul would be way better than the Owen deal. I wished we had gone for Raul in the first place when he was available for free rather than for Owen. He has done decently at Schalke and would been a good option to have this season. Then again we had Berbatov and Chicharito for most of this season and we haven’t used them well.

  7. In

    Jordi Alba


    Berbatov 😥
    Fabio(Loan to Benfica)
    Kiko Macheda

  8. 2 tell u truth we need 2 get rid of park, nani and berba. We need modric, Kagawa ( who has scored 26 goals n 10 assists in 1 n a half seasons) and an attacker Id like 2 c rossi bk at united. And for use that think we haven’t got the funds are talkin out there bk side our debt is ova half paid off and will be paid off in next 5 years or so. We are still worth more money than any ova team in the world and have the largest income fo that fair transfer policy isn’t the issue at all :mrgreen:

  9. Remember that United was never about the big money. That is reserved for Chelsea and City. United has always been about making nobodies or second row players into big stars of tomorrow.
    So we do not need 100M, we need one creative midfielder who can make a game his and bring some surprise in the last 15min other than conceding 2 goals in a few minutes.
    Another construction site is the goal, where De Gea is a good chap but not experienced enough to calm down the defense when its needed…

  10. My summer list


    Modric/Kagawa/Javi Martinez


    Ando ( 🙁 )

    I’m fine with just one midfielder and one striker, we defo need a new one if Berba and Owen leaves. Wouldn’t complain if we got Raul or Rhodes either. Chicharito can’t play alone, and both Welbz & Rooney are injury prone. Would have wanted Torres, but I think his price may have gone up lately because of his good form, so I’d love someone like Ba or Llorente. I’m loving the Welbz-Rooney partnership, but we could do with a physical presence. We need variation in attack, and a proper target man with ability on the ground seems neccessary.

    As for midfield, I think Modric is worth a punt. Spurs don’t look like qualifying for the Champions League, my money is on Arsenal and Newcastle, so he may be looking to leave. Would be an absolutely brilliant signing if you ask me, as would Götze, but with him signing a new contract just a few months ago he seems highly unlikely. I like the look of Kagawa, seems like a proper creative and skillful playmaker. Anyone of those 2+ Javi Martinez would be delightful, but I think a potential signing in there depends on Pogba. He leaves, we’ll probably sign 2, if not then we wait and see on Fletch. If he can return, then only one will arrive.

  11. Oh, and fuck Evra. Seriously don’t like having anything against United players but I just can’t believe how on earth he’s still playing for us. And him as captain??? 🙄 Don’t fucking get me started, that for me is embarrasing to say the least!

  12. yep, the decline of Evra is a huge reason for United’s failings this season besides limited tactics and a slow centre midfield. I suppose that was unfortunate with Clev and Ando being injured but Anderson isn’t really up to it anyway and both are becoming Hargreaves mark II

  13. In (ranked from expensive/…/cheap):
    Goetze/Munain/Gaitan/Hazard/Kagawa/Maloney (amc)
    J.Martinez/Sahin (mc1)
    Modric/Cabaey/Tiote/Fellaini (mc2)
    Higuain/Llorente/Cisse/Ba/Raul/Del Piero (2 st, pick 2 to replace Owen/Berba/Macheda, if we keep 442 tactic; else pick 1)
    Fryers (youth team)

    Berba (done?) 😥
    Owen (done?) <— about time
    Macheda <— one-goal wonder, good luck!
    Park <— is he sick? Why does he suck so bad this season?
    Pogba (done?) <— this is bad for United!
    Scholes (retires?) <— wouldn't mind keeping him 1 more season
    Ando (loan/sold) <—- about time, tbh, but can keep him 1 more season
    Fabio (load) <— that's great for us, I think!

    In: That's 3 MFs (two expensive, one cheap), 1-2 strikers (one free, one cheap?), and 1 LB.

    Out: That's 4 MFs, 3 strikers, and 1 LB.

  14. Some of you guys are crazy! I can see us signing one midfielder and one striker (Ferguson has a striker fetish-he cannot bear not having at least four world class strikers but seems perfectly content with zero world class central midfielders)

    Perhaps if Pogba leaves we may get another defensive midfielder. But I see us going bargain basement.

    Ferguson really does not like spending more than around £20 million for midfielders and that would put Modric, Martinez, Goetze out of our price range.

    • @colver: Fergie has a striker fetish, and yet we only have one world class striker who doesn’t even play up front!

  15. We need to spend as much money as possible in the midfield. A left back and a striker would be good too. But two midfield players is the most important, as it has been for the past 3 seasons at least.

  16. Knowing Fergie of recent years, I won’t be surprised if he makes a late bid for Lampard and Meireles..Nothing more can be expected from him as he still can’t see value in the market. 👿

    • @Owen: I would take Lampard tomorrow, he is far better than anything we have now..

  17. I am pretty sure whatever players we go after the likes of ManCity , Real Madrid and Chelsea are going to escalate the prices a bit for us.

    According to Sky Sports , Gaitan would be interested in a summer move to United if there is any possibility and Owen possibly going to China 😀

  18. $100mm? haha more chance of me sleeping with Mila Kunis than Fergie getting 100MM to blow on new players. Best we can do is barrel scrap. Make a list of players who’s contracts are ending in an year and try to get them around and under 10MM and crib about no value in market. No way we can afford Hazard of Modric or anyone…

  19. get ready for a summer of regrets….nothing’s gonna change till the Glazer’s leave… 😐

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