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The Paul McGeady Story

Is this the final chapter for our Ex-Season Ticket Holder?

RedRants has supported Paul McGeady throughout his ongoing complaint with the club about their tactics and their treatment of its fans, in particular its season ticket holders and members.

If you haven’t been following the dispute or the correspondence they’re all under The Features tab.

In the latest letter to the club Paul responds to NOT receving any reply despite being informed his complaint was now ‘Official’, seems it’s the final straw, I wonder how many other fans there are like Paul, his brother and his Dad, I certainly no from experience he’s not the only one. Read his latest letter here.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have had no response to my last correspondance. In fact, nothing, since my email was formally documented for your “management team to access on a weekly basis.” Assuming it’s still under review, I’d like to take the opportunity to append it. (If that is not possible, I am happy to receive a seperate complaint reference.)
First of all, I owe you an apology. I now read that the proposed move of the away fans to tier three is not happening. (I did note that the club is “disappointed” not to have achieved this, and a more detailed analysis has to be undergone before you inevitably introduce it at some point in the future.)

So I apologise – the freezing of season ticket prices for the coming season really is a true statement. (You now won’t be moving fans to more expensive parts of the ground.) I did worry that the additional income this move would have been expected to bring, would actually now mean a short-fall in next seasons finances. But then I received the letter regarding the renewal of memberships.

Just to be clear, I have now finished my apology. I am now writing the bit that I want to append to my complaint.

In addition to the announced price rise on members tickets, I am furious to see that the cost of the membership has also been increased! Last year, a membership was £30, with a renewal cost of £27.
This year, a membership costs £32. You then have the cheek to tell me I can renew early and pay the reduced amount of “last years cost” – that being £30.
But last year I only paid £27. So my “discount” this year is £3 more than I paid last year(?!)

The reason in the letter states that this is due to increased cost in “post and administration” Please can you exlain that statment

Two points.
1) Increased cost of post.
I’m instructed in the same letter that the posting of paper tickets will cease next year and the matches will be credited to my membership card. I will be informed of my seat number
– by letter (same cost as posting a ticket)
– by SMS (about 12p – significantly less than postage)
– by email (practically free).

Assuming that some of the communication will be done by SMS and email, I’d make a guess that there will be a significant REDUCTION in the cost of postage next year. (One side note, the cost of this process to me will actually increase my spend. Having been told I will need to bring “proof” of the the seat number, I assume I will have to print out any email I’m sent, on my own printer, at my own expense)

2) Increased cost of Administration
Every ticket purchased online (yes, online where the effort is made by me) is then subjected to a 3% admin cost. So my ticket last year (tier three @ £34) actually costs me £35.02. (That’s an additional £1.02 in admin). With the price increases this year, the same seat (now £36) brings in an admin charge of £1.08. So the admin you charge has also increased.

In summary, the admin fees now generate more income, the removal of paper tickets should have reduced postage, and you have streamlined the provision of tickets by making them electronic. Yet despite these measures being implemented, the cost of postage and administration has RISEN ???

Your Administration Manager needs sacking. It appears that He/She has introduced processes into the club that COST MORE??

I refer you back to a quote from an email you sent me earlier this year. “Please do not think that the Club do not feel for supporters as this is most definitely not the case. As a Football Club and as a business, the last thing we would want is to alienate supporters and we are sorry to read that you feel your support is not valued by Sir Alex, the team and the club.”

You say you don’t want to alienate supporters, yet you choose to continue to abuse every opportunity you can to take money off the genuine support, yet take no action whatsoever regarding any of the points I have made.

The leaflet that accompanied the renewal letter stated that “We are 100% commited .. are you?”

You can’t swich off your team, and I almost feel defeated with what I am about to say. I am 100% committed, but I will be commited to watching 100% of the matches that are televised next season.My dad, my brother and I will not be renewing our memberships and will no longer be attending.

From Season ticket holders, to members, to not attending. That’s what you’ve driven us to.

“Make a quick buck” may be the American way, but ultimately, you are sacrificing the support that made our great club truly so.

Paul McGeady
Ex-Season ticket holder, Ex-Member



  1. Moscow

    25 June 2012 at 13:01

    This is what Ferguson has created, supports and fervently defends. The slimy little coward.

    • Stephen

      25 June 2012 at 13:15

      @Moscow: What would you expect him to do, walk out? He has not covered himself with glory under the Glazer regime, but it is hardly his fault they took over the club. I agree the “great owners” and “support Chelsea” statements are a disgrace, but he is a company man protecting his own status. All mangers are the same, Mourinho did the same at Chelsea when the Russian Tsar signed Shevchenko, they are all slaves to their own agenda. We can all say Fergie is more powerful, but he really is not. The Glazers are here to stay we have to realise this fact. They earn far too much money out of United, or the cash cow as they see it. Football is all about money, the players managers and owners solely care about themselves and this my friend is the sad reality.
      Fergie is far from being a slimy coward, he has many faults I will say but he is certainly not a coward.

      • Moscow

        25 June 2012 at 13:38

        @Stephen: I have a feeling he likes the current structure where has total power over the footballing department and earns a handsome paycheck from the owners.

        If he doesn’t like it, then he cowers from standing up for his own beliefs and is not a man of principles. This shows that he has always been after his own interests which is fine and I understand, but if that is to the detriment of the club and the fans as it is now then I have every right to insult him because I love the club, not the man.

        • Stephen

          25 June 2012 at 13:43

          @Moscow: I have too much respect for him to call him names, this is my personal stance. I wouldn’t say you have a right to abuse him, but it is up to you mate. He is a very stubborn man, to some degree this is a good thing, but in certain situations he is more than wrong, but he is a winner and we have been lucky to have him.

        • Moscow

          25 June 2012 at 13:52

          @Stephen: We’ve talked about this before and I understand your stance. I was very angry after reading this post, I hate seeing our fans treated like idiots which Fergie has done A LOT.

        • Stephen

          25 June 2012 at 14:05

          @Moscow: The problem is mate power corrupts, when so many people idolise you it is hard not to believe your own hype. He should of in my view stood down after the 19th title, he knocked Liverpool off their perch and he would have gone out on a high. The concern now is that he may do a Clough, this is a big season coming up for him and the club.

  2. Barmy Mike

    25 June 2012 at 14:21

    Paul McGeady is beginning to sound like a right idiot, its no wonder the club arent replying to him.

    • World Champion (pea)

      26 June 2012 at 14:31

      @Barmy Mike:
      But they are repying to him , and they are going to phone him in person soon. He is not an idiot! Only supporters paying up time after time are.

      • dave

        27 June 2012 at 16:36

        Dam right. Sounding like an idiot? I think not. Just passionate and not willing to just be bullshitted. Unfortunately the only way is to stop going. Breaks my heart but they don’t give a fuck about us, just our money. When I seen fergie did that video to season ticket holders, I thought i was hallucinating.

  3. colver

    25 June 2012 at 18:35

    While we are starved of meaningful funds it is best we keep Ferguson on board because he shown a supreme ability to get this team to punch above their weight.

    Even when we won the Champions League in 2008 the only reason for our success was Ronaldo and the best defense in the world. With Ronaldo gone and our defense succumbing to age and injuries who would have guessed we’d continue to challenge for titles?

    Last season we had quite possibly the worst Manchester United team I’ve ever seen since the Premier League started. But we still managed to level City on points.

    Fergie is a miracle worker plain and simple.

    If he can hold us afloat till the Glazers are ousted and we get the sort of funding you’d expect a club of our size and stature should receive I agree a new boss would be good but for now Fergie is the best option

    • ForeverRed

      26 June 2012 at 02:50

      @colver: Colver – I understand your point about Fergie over-achieving with the team he had last year, but I also don’t hold him blameless for the team we had last year (or the preceding 2-3 years)! After all he spent 50M on 3 players last summer who are not guaranteed starters (the closest arguably De Gea, but not Jones or Young). Jones maybe for the future, but at his age,Young’s future is today and he was totally anonymous on the international stage these last couple of weeks. Would that 30M+ on Young and Jones not have been better spent on someone for our midfield today, who’s established world class and in the right age bracket?? I for one would say yes – particularly if we’ve supposedly got youngsters of our own coming through for a few years down the line who could learn from them?

      Don’t get me wrong Kagawa I have hope for – same for Powell), but is not the defensive shield /deep lying link player we desperately lack. [Moreover, I really worry about Rooney given his performances in the second half of last season and for England this last week. Looks seriously out of shape, out of form & out of interest. Hopefully this is a blip, and I’m wrong, but I’m concerned we may have seen the best of him at Utd].

      Anyway, to my original point, I think it’s easy to throw the blame solely at the Glazer’s feet about not providing funds (not that I have any liking for what they’re doing at the club) and ignore the fact that Fergie’s transfer decisions have not addressed the needs we all see in the team today, despite having spent around 70M this summer and last.

      • RedOrDead

        26 June 2012 at 03:01


        This is a very good point especially as it looks like we are going to pay out around 15 million on Baines. If you take that money plus the 10 million or so that we could get for Berbatov then that would be a good chunk of the cash needed to bring in a top central midfield player. Yet I think theres pretty much no chance of it happening and its hard to understand the logic behind some of the transfers we decide to make (or not make in some cases)

  4. RedOrDead

    25 June 2012 at 19:58

    The way the owners and Gill continue to lie to the fans is a disgrace. If it was not for my love for the club and all I have been through with them I would just walk away now.

    I mean am I really supposed to believe that Fergie genuinely believes that young Nick Powell fresh from League 2 is really the answer to the problems in midfield that have been clear for the past 3 seasons now? Because I am just not having it. Given the funds Fergie would love to bring in a top class central midfielder such as Modric regardless of the rediculous statements he makes about value and youth year after year (which I dont blame him for, its clearly the owners who may as well write him pre prepared statements for these situations).

    Mark my words it will be Baines then out for us in the transfer window this summer as the tour will be fast approaching and I doubt we will do any business once the squad get on that plane. Which will leave us with the same situations as last season where Scholes and Carrick are expected to work miracles in every big game as the rest of the out and out central midfield is so lacking.

    Its so frustrating as we are really not that far away at all in terms of quality but we just dont seem prepared to make the few steps forwards to stand above everyone else again. Maybe (and hopefully) I will be wrong but to me a possible situation of Kagawa, Powell, Baines brought in and Owen, Pogba, Berbatov and maybe Nani going out feels like sidewards steps rather than moving forward.

  5. Owen

    25 June 2012 at 20:39

    Sheared told that Balotelli hasn’t achieved anything in his career yet.

    Three Serie A medals, an Italian Cup winner’s medal, a Champions League medal, an FA Cup winner’s medal and a Premier League title at age of 22. 😆

    How many titles he won in his career ? 👿

  6. colver

    26 June 2012 at 00:13

    Balotelli on his day is utterly unplayable. Shearer has a massive inferiority complex shown by his career decision to play it safe and join Newcastle rather than play European football with us. And what did Shearer ever do for England? Balotelli after Pirlo was the best player on the pitch making a mockery of Terry’s crappy offside trap.

    There is nothing we can really do about the transfer situation.

    I have no problem with signing British youngsters even at the overinflated prices if they actually have competition for places. It sets a bad precedent if someone like Phil Jones can walk into our team and keep his place even after some horrendous performances. Especially considering that with defenders there is far less margin for error.

    As for our midfield Fergie probably wasn’t joking when he said Powell will walk into our first team.

    Kagaya and Baines isn’t a great summer for us but they are at least Manchester United type signings. Kagaya was one of the best performers in the German league and has the sort of skillset we are lacking. Baines is consistently solid Premier League seasoned and the right sort of age to allow us to phase out Evra over the next season or two.

    We’ve had far worse summers.

    • Stephen

      26 June 2012 at 17:18

      @colver: Shearer is an idiot but he did score 30 goals in 63 games which isn’t too shabby. Balotelli has all the talent in the World, but ike Shearer is a total idiot.

  7. Stephen

    26 June 2012 at 12:37

    The true football fan has been exploited for too many seasons. The introduction of the Premiership was double edged sword, it made football clubs richer but also greedier. This has cascaded down to the players and it is the fans who foot the bill. The hike in season tickets prices is just one example, it doesn’t matter what we charge they will still come attitude which has been the food and drink to the Glazers.

    With the financial crises in the World not strangling the life out of the working class fan, can this still continue? Certain luxuries are going to have to give and football potentially will be one of them. We will always sell tickets, there are too many day trippers eager to pay over the odds to watch United but the atmosphere is getting worse.

    Old Trafford is hardly a tickets on noise at the best of times and if the heart beat is truly ripped out of the club then it can on. The atmosphere at Old Trafford occasionally feels like a scientific project to see if 70,000 people can immaculately observe a period of 90 minutes’ silence. A number of supporters seem to have confused the theatre with Theatre of Dreams, and a nadir was reached against Blackburn at home, when the crowd only really summoned any enthusiasm to sing Happy Birthday to Ferguson. United’s decision to introduce a singing section suggests a recognition of the problem, if not much of a clue how to resolve it. Our home record last year wasn’t great and for me this isn’t surprising with the fact you can hear a pin drop inside the ground.

    This for me is down to gread, gread by owners who have no love for the club, just for their bank balance. Yes they are great owners.

  8. Paul

    26 June 2012 at 13:44

    Stephen’s point about “True dootball fans” is all too true. A City fan made some comment on one of my letters, seemingly gloating at my dismaye. I did warn that him this is a football issue, not just a United issue. Read it if you like.

    City have just announced season ticket price increases of an average 9%

    Told you so

  9. Traverse

    26 June 2012 at 14:06

    One of the only genuine football agents on twitter has said he spoke to Gill at a golf thing, and Gill wouldn’t name names, but is hopeful of bringing in 2 more players.

    I’d imagine Baines and Rodriquez. Strong rumours coming from Portugal that we’ve offered £5mil for Pablo Aimar, who at 32 is a strange one.

    • Moscow

      26 June 2012 at 21:22

      @Traverse: Wonderful, just imagine a Scholes-Giggs-Aimar midfield.

      If we don’t sign a central midfielder this summer then I refuse to watch any United games live.

      • Traverse

        26 June 2012 at 22:43

        @Moscow: We already did. We signed 2. Nick Powell and Shinji Kagawa. I dont seriously see us signing Aimar. Why would we spend 5 mil on an old player?

        • Moscow

          27 June 2012 at 18:37

          @Traverse: They play in the hole, and are not central midfielders in the same way that VDV, Sneijder, Ozil and Kaka are not central midfielders. Put Kagawa in a deeper role and he is ruined, same with Aimar. Nick Powell is more like a second striker I believe?

          Nope, no central midfielders, prepare for the Giggs-Scholes-Park axis of doom next season.

      • Stephen

        27 June 2012 at 08:50

        @Moscow: Really?! I don’t believe you 😆 😉

  10. Moscow

    26 June 2012 at 21:36

    @Stephen: If you watch the 1-6 thrashing, every goal that flew in was greeted by what sounded like the majority of the support at Old Trafford. The Glazers and their cronies Gill and Ferguson have indeed priced out the true fans, but the atmosphere has also worsened correspondingly to the quality of football on show.

    I won’t go to Old Trafford anymore because the last time I went was in the 1-2 defeat to Chelsea in 09/10 season which cost us the title. I was abusing the players and almost ended up in a fist fight with supporters around me. I only watch United on TV now when I can afford not to control my emotions. For example, when I was swearing during the Fulham game this season, the only person who noticed was my old man next door who started laughing.

    I digress, the plan to restrict the away allocation is quite pathetic, as if 70 odd thousand fans aren’t enough to compete with them. It looks like the team and manager’s decline is in line with the club’s decline in ethics 🙁

    • Traverse

      26 June 2012 at 22:45

      @Moscow: What will prompt a decline in your whining?

      • Moscow

        27 June 2012 at 01:30

        @Traverse: One world class central midfielder and a left back who can defend.

        • Opti

          27 June 2012 at 05:57

          @Moscow: Carrick and Evra satisfy your demands. World Class. CAN defend. 😆 😆

    • Stephen

      27 June 2012 at 08:49

      @Moscow: Bloody Hell mate if supporting United causes you so much misery why bother? We did loose the league in the last 30 seconds last season! Have we been spoilt over the seasons or are some fans just not used to us not topping the table every year?
      Mate you seem to hate everything about the club, focussing on the negative constantly, we will invest this season. We have bought two players already and the Euros’ haven’t finished yet. Lets see what happens in the next couple of month then judge. Give the manager time, I know you hate the man, this is up to you, but constantly abusing him and the players is stupid. We have plenty of time in the market yet, we do need to invest but so far I am happy with what we have done.
      If we fail to bring anymore players then I will be a the front of the cue with you, but lets see what happens bro.

  11. Stephen

    27 June 2012 at 11:12

    I am just off to John Lewis to buy a very large pillow so I am all prepared to watch Spain tonight….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Spizzy

    27 June 2012 at 11:15

    I dont think we’ll be buying any defensive midfielders. From what i read any the movements we have been making,i think we are looking for more ball retention mf’s like the spanish or french. I think fergie is building a side that wins games not by muscle or brute force but by maintaining possesion and having a fast dynamic forward line. Its basically a barca on steroids.
    By having intelligent and technical mf’s,you have players who can control the game and read the oppositions movement wisely thus ensuring we defend by smothering the opposition rather than running hard and tackling like rugby playes. We are after the next carrick, not the next roy keane.

  13. colver

    27 June 2012 at 13:27

    I don’t think we have any sort of consistent tactical strategy. Last season or two we’ve been going back to a 90s 4-4-2 based on width and pace and predictably we got raped in Europe. It defies explanation because Ferguson made a great success last decade in shifting from a 4-4-2 to a 4-5-1 in Europe (admittedly probably Quieroz’s influence as much as anything else).

    4-4-2 is a nice formation to play against minnows in the Premier League who park the bus. But I think any team that wants to compete globally needs some version of 4-5-1/4-3-3.

    England’s failings are a good example. They lost to Italy because they couldn’t keep the ball and got outnumbered in midfield.

    We look best as a team when we have midfielders who are comfortable in possession-Scholes and Carrick has been our most effective pairing of the last several years. Players like Cleverley, Anderson, Fletcher do not have a role to play. Kagaya could be a useful addition from this perspective. However that still leaves us a midfielder short as we really need to have the option of playing three in the middle. Jones is NOT the answer for our midfield woes as last season showed.

    • Moscow

      27 June 2012 at 18:20

      @colver: Anderson, Fletcher and Cleverley are not United quality players. We need a dynamic new midfielder to partner Carrick in midfield, Scholes has outshined our midfield true but it doesn’t take much and at his age he simply not up to top level European football. He’d get destroyed and I don’t want the Ginger Ninja’s international reputation tarnished so recklessly.

      I had a feeling there were going to be other suitors for Modric especially at the price being quoted, which is why I mentioned names like Sahin, Strootman to play in the deep lying role. As for the people who rate Jones as a midfielder I don’t know what to say except watch how hopeless he is in midfield. Gerrard would be proud of his positional awareness, he has poor technnique and passing, also does not have the composure that such a role demands. Typical overrated British media crap if you ask me, a rich man’s John O’Shea minus the reliability. People have short memories to forget Basel, Blackburn etc.

      Of course, chances are that Kagawa, Baines and Powell are our lot for the summer. Probably a winger as well. Useless.

      • RedOrDead

        27 June 2012 at 19:20


        Look at every summer since the Berbatov deal and I think you are spot on:

        2009: Valencia, Owen and Obertan
        2010: Smalling, Hernandez and Bebe
        2011: Jones, Young and De Gea
        2012: Kagawa, Baines and Powell??

        yep sounds about right 🙄

  14. colver

    27 June 2012 at 13:28

    On an unrelated point recently I’ve been reading figures saying that we actually paid £27 million for Anderson not the £27 combined for Nani and Anderson that is usually stated.

    If this is true it would go a long way towards explaining why we are so slow to get rid of Anderson even though he barely managed 15 games a season and has made zero progress since joining

    • Traverse

      27 June 2012 at 17:53

      @colver: I thought it was £17 million each we paid for them.

  15. adie

    27 June 2012 at 16:35

    Ryan Tunnicliffe is gonna be involved with the first team next season, so I guess fergie’s gonna give the opportunity for him to grow first before he buys a solid MF. (Pogba Deja Vu anyone !!)

    • Traverse

      27 June 2012 at 17:54

      @adie: He’s the new Fletcher. Take that as a positive or a negative. But yeah, by first team games I think they mean Carling Cup games.

      • adie

        28 June 2012 at 15:57

        @Traverse: wasnt he the Roy Keane for the squad that won the FA youth cup !! then suddenly he becomes Fletcher 😐

        • Moscow

          28 June 2012 at 16:25

          @adie: If he becomes a first team regular before 2015 I’ll be surprised. If he was at another club we wouldn’t even know of his existence. Typical overrated youngster who is all promise no show.

        • adie

          28 June 2012 at 19:51

          @Moscow: surely he’ll be an upgrade to park and rafael at CM.

  16. Moscow

    27 June 2012 at 18:24

    I’ve just seen Fergie’s season ticket propaganda. How low can you fall old man? He looks like nothing more than a circus clown cheerleading the Glazer corporate machine. Disgusting.

    • dave

      30 June 2012 at 14:04

      I agree. When one of my mates told me he’d done it I thought he was lying.

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