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It’s Owen Hargreaves…again

Reports coming out of Germany suggest that Bayern Munich had agreed a 17m deal with Manchester United for Owen Hargreaves and now all that remains to be done is for the player to agree to a 4-year contract.

You can expect both parties to stay quiet about it until it’s done, but a few things about the timing make sense.

One – after last’s season’s transfer fiasco (where we were supposed to sign our players before the World Cup but couldn’t as Bayern and Tottenham played hardball), Fergie wants to get this summer’s work done asap so that the players are in for the full pre-season. It would make sense to make a move as soon as the season is over, and to be honest, the season was over once we’d lost to Milan and once Chelsea couldn’t beat Arsenal.

Two – the price is right – I’d say that the deal could be very similar to Carrick’s, and the extra premium is all about Bayern being a big club.

Three – I want this to happen – Honestly, the biggest reason this story will sell is because so many United fans want this to happen. We’ve waited an year for it, and we need something to pick us up after the final and semi-final defeats.

So let’s hope this one’s true.

Incidentally, there are rumours (out of the Guardian) that Robben will go to Bayern. In yesterday’s final, when I saw Robben get subbed because of an injury I called up Hasan and told him that Robben looks like he’s out of the club. He’s a good player who’s had a rough patch, so it would be a shame if Chelsea let him go.



  1. Ahmed Bilal

    20 May 2007 at 18:23

    And now this.

    The Germans gave up! Hah! 😛

  2. perif

    20 May 2007 at 18:42

    Robben doesn’t deserve chelsea i guess. Jose prefers 4 CM’s and will only bring a winger on if the game is yet to be won.

    Hargreaves will be brilliant for us. He looks the kind who can play in any environment. Since he did well for England under Ericsson and McLaren then he should be bigger than Keane for us!!! 🙂

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  5. A

    21 May 2007 at 01:20

    Well Beckenbauer has confirmed that Hargreaves will leave for around 17 million. I’m glad we tied up the deal so quickly, it lets Owen settle down better with the rest of the squad and sends a signal to other clubs/players that if we really want them, we will get them. So one out of the 3 signings are done, the other two still are open to debate. I think it will be a striker and mid-fielder. I think Bale isn’t for this season. Nani looks like a probability, while a striker i think a swap deal for Defoe is on. After i read a report that said Saha missed the year end United player awards, it convinced me of his departure. I also read that apparently Spurs are interested in Saha so a swap deal could be on the cards. Assuming reports are creditable, i think its a good move. Defoe is quick, a good finisher and reliable and wont cost much for a swap deal. What say you guys ?

  6. Rod

    21 May 2007 at 10:49

    Why waste for such players. Did he prove anything when he was in Bayern. I don’t see him playing much. Save the money and buy a real good quality players. MU need a stricker t pair up with rooney. Rooney is alone pity him. At least MU should have bought 2 strickers and not just depend on Saha who is outdated.
    C. Ronaldo great player but sometimes he’s damm lazy. Get another good winger and we can forget about Ronaldo the actor.

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  8. Shaz

    24 May 2007 at 13:32

    Hargreaves did quite a bit at Bayern, unless one considers Bundisliga Titles and a Champions League winner, as nothing. He was also without a doubt the best player for England in the world cup. This was followed up with string of man-of-the-match performances for Bayern. A broken leg and minor knee injury put the breaks on a probable brilliant season. MU are desperate for a ball winning midfield general- someone to break down attacks in the midfield and drive forward. I think that they were rather fortuitous to win the title this year without such a player. MU success in the 90’s was built on Roy Keane’s role, who allowed Scholes, Giggs, Cantona and Beckham to do what they do. Most would agree, that the past season’s success was mostly built on a solid defence, sublime passing and devastating counter attacks at speed, but even more on an absolute desire and even desperation to win the title. I don’t think that they can continue like that for the whole of the new season, esp if they have Champions League aspirations. Which player in the MU midfield can tackle and win the ball? So Hargreaves imminent arrival arrival is really a relief. I think he is a more than adequate ‘replacement’ for Roy Keane and you will see an even better Scholes and Carrick if they play alongside someone like Hargreaves. And most importantly he actually wants to be a MU player.

  9. Sungimann

    25 May 2007 at 08:12

    Hargreaves gets my vote as England’s best player in the last World Cup where players like Lampard and Gerard faded on the big stage. If he can reproduce the same form which he had shown in the World Cup, he will definitely be a new star for MU. Don’t expect a Keane or a Scholes but I think Hargreaves has the potential to be as great or better in his own style of playing.

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