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It’s Time To Declare War On Team Glazer

David Moyes pensive in Press ConferenceSo David Moyes has come out of his cocoon and admitted that United might not sign anybody between now and the end of transfer window. “There is no pressure to do it. I have an idea of where I’d like to strengthen. If the right players are available, then great, but there is a possibility nothing may happen”

Where do I start? Simply put, the rage presently running through my body is not healthy and I’m seeking an outlet so that I can vent my anger, frustration, betrayal, disgust and utter contempt. First off let me say that to some of you out there (and you know who you are) who actually have the temerity and lack of IQ to question my allegiance, let me say that I couldn’t give a rats ass what you think. I love and have loved Manchester United for almost forty years. I have endured both the good, the bad and the awesome with this great club but let it be known right now, I am declaring war against this present regime that is running my beloved Red Devil’s into the ground while making them a laughing stock in the global community.

For me at least, the tipping point has finally been reached. Up to now I have tolerated so much ineptitude, incompetence and skulduggery from the regime to add to their already evident attempts at extortion, misinformation and deceit. Now Team Glazer has added two more allies to heed their cause. The first is the clown prince of crime in their grand scheme, one Edward Woodward (I prefer to refer to him as Ed Wood because he has about the same talent level in his chosen trade). And now we can add the “Yes Man”, the consummate conformist and corporate lackey, our esteemed manager David Moyes to the growing list of Glazer allies.

I cannot properly convey the anger and frustration I felt when I read the above quote attributed to Moyes, this morning when I woke up, my God I have to ask if this man and this whole regime he represents have a clue or any inclination about how they are being perceived by the media and above all, the worldwide body of loyal but disenchanted supporters?

Why Dave, why would you come out and disappoint and destroy the hopes of so many who were so positive and so expectant that your new era as manager was going to get off to a flying start with some excellent and meaningful player signings? It’s safe to say that your comments today have dashed and destroyed those hopes. Why would you and your bosses ever sanction such a public relations disaster? Only a total numbskull with the IQ of a pile of wet rags would do such a thing at a time when it was vital that you build support, loyalty and confidence for yourself as the man who has the unenviable position of following the living legend Sir Alex Ferguson.

Your final compliance and surrender to the whims and machinations of your employers is for me at least, the final straw. Although I have been loud and aggressive about my contempt and dissatisfaction over the ownership and direction of the club in the past, I now am really ready to take the gloves off and declare war. No more Mr. Nice Grognard. From now on my sole mission in life is to report on and piss on everything you and your partners in crime do that is against the better interests of the club and it’s loyal but in many cases naïve supporters. It’s no secret that I have waged a campaign of information to make many see the corrupt reality of what it is to be run by the Glazer machine. Now I need to get down and dirty about it. I am fed up with this ownership group and its hired puppets (or should I say muppets) continually ignoring the best interests of the football club, and it’s large base of supporters. I don’t give a damn about the corporate brand, the licensing and the Glazer wallet padding tactics that utilize all their time and resources to sign up the Apollo Tyres of the world. I want instead, for them to put the money they have and make to better use and to spend on player development and by purchasing quality players and yes, even world-class players to strengthen the squad that actually takes the pitch and plays competitive matches. Up to now the money making machine the Glazer’s have created has done little to actually strengthen the soul and fabric of the club, which is the team that takes the pitch every week.

Saldado SpursEveryday I sit back in utter frustration noticing the Tottenham’s, Chelsea’s and Manchester City’s of the world signing big named talent for the grand purpose of improving their club and making them a greater challenge for silverware. We on the other hand have yet to spend a shilling on anyone and would rather sit on our laurels and past accomplishments and sleep while Rome begins to burn. David Moyes, do not delude your self. That opening day 4-1 victory over Swansea is misleading and not indicative of the rusting, creaking and cracking ship you are presently captain of.

I am 100% certain that the club you presently have will not win the English Premier League this season.

Several factors lead me to this enlightened conclusion. First, unlike Sir Alex Ferguson, you alone as our manager are not worth 10 to 12 points a season. Sir Alex was that good and he was able to motivate and conjure up tactics and strategies as well as intimidate referees and opponents enough to garner that many points for his club in a season all by himself. Secondly, the clubs that are chasing you for the title have all spent considerable amounts of cash and added quality players and in the case of Chelsea and City, world class managers who I believe have what it takes to out you and your club as has-beens and pretenders. Lets also not forget the lack of midfield quality your club suffers from and the fact that cornerstones like Ryan Giggs, Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic are all one year older. Your club is getting older and although you have some decent young talent waiting in the wings, I seriously doubt you will play them over the likes of Valencia, Young, Cleverley and Anderson. Oh yes, we are positively overflowing with total awesomeness aren’t we? How long before Bebe becomes a staple in the starting eleven?

This year clubs will approach a game against United differently. No longer will teams and referees enter matches scared and intimidated by Fergie and his accomplishments. Instead they will see the same old tired gang being managed by the man who won nothing for Everton. And yet you come out today and are quoted as saying “There is no pressure to do it. I have an idea of where I’d like to strengthen. If the right players are available, then great, but there is a possibility nothing may happen”. I’m sorry Dave but you are either dead wrong or you are a stone cold liar, you choose.

There is immense pressure to make signings or do you and your crew of muppets wear earplugs and blinders? Do you read or listen to nothing the media says or even more so, do you not listen to the cries and concerns of your legions of supporters? What the heck man??? Do you have your head so jammed up Malcolm Glazer’s ass that you never come out for some fresh air and a reality check? You have an “idea” where you need to strengthen yet you do nothing in the past two months to deal with that need. If you worked for me, you wouldn’t last a week with that show of ineptitude, incompetence and lack of general desire, initiative and pride to succeed.

Juan MataFinally you say that if the right players are available, you might consider signing them. Well here is a news flash for you mate. Mesut Ozil AVAILABLE, Sammy Khedira AVAILABLE, Luka Modric AVAILABLE, Luis Gustavo WAS AVAILABLE, Javi Martinez MAY BE AVAILABLE due to not fitting into Guardiola’s new 4-1-4-1 scheme, Yohan Cabaye AVAILABLE, Kondogbia AVAILABLE, Daniel De Rossi AVAILABLE, Marouane Fellaini AVAILABLE for a less insulting price than previously offered, Leighton Baines AVAILABLE (see Fellaini), Juan Mata AVAILABLE, Wilian WAS AVAILABLE, Luke Shaw AVAILABLE, Fabio Coentrao AVAILABLE, Christian Eriksen AVAILABLE, Lars Bender AVAILABLE, Cristiano Ronaldo AVAILABLE and the list goes on. All the players I have listed are or were available during this transfer window for the proper price.

Take a look at your midfield Dave as well as your aging and defensive liability at left back and tell me to my face that none of the players I have listed are not worthy candidates for your club? They all are great players and they all command decent and expensive transfer fees but they are all available if you were to choose to exercise your mind and ambition and go out and bid for any of them rather than sitting on your hands and doing sweet fuck all. You were hired to do a job and I assume that part of that job is to recognize available talent and pursue it with sincerity and assertiveness. Not prowl around like an idiot pursuing players you fully know are not available but whom your employers have sanctioned as safe targets because at the end of the day, they won’t cost Glazer a dime.

Tell me Dave, when you got this job did you envision this scenario happening? That with a little over a week before the transfer deadline, you would have nothing to show for yourself in the area of new signings? Were you so seduced by Fergie and so in awe of taking over this famous and prestigious club that you never ever questioned or had doubts about the sincerity and direction the ownership was taking it? How naïve and how stupid you were. Frankly mate, you haven’t got the pedigree to be manager of Manchester United but here is the twist. Anyone with pedigree would steer clear of this job due to the Glazer’s. But anything was better than having to direct Everton FC to Nowhere Land every year isn’t it?

The sad truth is that despite my loud and angry condemnation, I like David Moyes, really I do. I think the man is a fine manager and a solid citizen. I would like nothing better than to see him do well and to disprove the assumptions and theories that people like myself and other naysayers predict. But as much as I like the man, I am finding it harder as the days go by to positively support a man who seems to be sitting on his hands and who has not only bitten off more than he can chew, but who has openly conformed and surrendered to the regime in charge. Like Edward Woodward, he is content in being a puppet and he is fine with the reality that he not being given the financial freedom to build this club within a reasonable level based on the revenue stream this club generates per year.

In fact, I would have nothing but the greatest respect for the man if he came out publicly and lifted the veil off the Glazer regime by condemning their actions. Of course he would get the sack for that or he would probably resign beforehand, but he would have mine and millions of others respect and admiration. And trust me Dave, sticking a dagger into the backs of the Glazer’s would not hurt your chances for gainful employment in the future. You may not be up for a job managing a club like United simply because you have the pulling power of a six year old pulling his wagon, but at least football is littered with many Everton FC’s out there where I know you will do well managing.

Now back to the Glazer’s. It’s high time somebody, whether it be a consortium of supporters like MUST (but with more power and voice) or even the local municipality and or governance of the country your club is situated in, somebody needs to stand up to your style of management and deem it illegal or against the best interests of the community and force you to sell and get the Hell out of Manchester and England for that matter. I haven’t got the power but I am at least trying to do my bit by openly declaring war on your lot of thieves and scoundrels and demanding that more of you supporters who are in agreement that the Glazer’s must go should join me in voicing your displeasure openly and with passion. There may be more pressing and important things to deal with in life but at least for me, seeing Manchester United thrive under ethical and progressive ownership is something I see as a worthwhile cause to pursue.

Perhaps I haven’t got a life and that the future of my football team shouldn’t be my most passionate cause but damn it, I can’t help myself. I love this club and I want to see this club continue to dominate in England and once again be a legitimate threat in Europe as well. Sir Alex did a fine job spoiling fans like myself and he made us believe that the party would never end. Well, he defied the odds over the past few years due to his brilliance but he is gone now and I have zero faith that things will continue to improve under David Moyes. Not unless the man grows a pair and challenges his employers to show him the money and then spend it on some worthwhile players.

The status quo at Manchester United must not and cannot be tolerated any longer. Supporters need to transform themselves into Howard Beale and shout from their balconies “I’m as mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take anymore.” For if we are not mad enough and are willing to tolerate the status quo, we will soon see the rapid decline of what has been the greatest sporting dynasty in the history of professional sports. Don’t believe me? That’s fine. I’ll just let time and patience prove me right or wrong. We cannot continue to neglect the product on the pitch and annually put our faith in under achieving failures like Anderson, Evans, Young and Cleverley as well as ageing stars well past their prime like Rio, Giggsy, Vidic and Evra.

Every team needs to continue to improve and by that I mean every summer, new players have got to be introduced to keep things progressive and fresh. Some on this blog take real issue with the fact that I also support Bayern Munich. To them I say SOD OFF! I couldn’t care less what they think. I know in my heart of hearts that United is my main team but I still have to point out that I look at a club like Bayern and see a club that won it all last year. The treble was theirs and still, they hired a world-class manager to replace the one who got them the treble. They then went on to sign Thiago. Gotze and a few other lesser names to already add to their stacked to the rack roster. Enough is never enough for them and their greed is shown on the pitch where it matters. Their ownership group wants the club to win on the pitch, not in the back rooms where money is counted, pocketed and laundered in the traditional Glazer style. So to those ant Grognard aficionados, forgive me for bringing up Bayern Munich again but at least for myself, I do find some relief and comfort through another club I support. A club that does everything to appease and please it’s supporters and myself and overflows with ambition for trophies, not telecom and insurance deals that do nothing for the on filed product.

Glazer Protest RIP MUFCWhat I would give to reverse time and bring us back to that that fateful day when the Glazer’s hijacked this club and took it over like terrorists taking over a foreign embassy? How great things would have been if the ownership group back then told them to collectively take a long walk of a short pier.

Many of you must be wondering whether I will ever grow tired of spewing my anti Glazer rhetoric on this blog on a weekly basis? The truth is I am sick and tired of doing so but I am urged and compelled by my anger and frustration to do so as well as my duty as true fan of this club and its historical traditions. This summer David Moyes and Woodward’s have shown sheer incompetence and stupidity in trying to buy players and this is yet another factor as to why I must continue to fight. I urge many of you to join me. Get louder, spout of a bit. If you live in Manchester more of you like-minded supporters should band together and make serious noise. Hell, if I were living in Manchester I would find like-minded people and picket in front of Old Trafford. I would refuse to buy a ticket to a game and refuse spending a dime on merchandise simply because I know none of it goes to player development and team building. Stop acting like addicts and stand up to the regime that is slowly but surely destroying your club. Your club’s hierarchy are using you and have no respect or appreciation for you or for what you want as supporters. They ignore your wishes, keep secrets, and continue to offer up disinformation while playing wicked little games of deceit filled with smokescreen devices designed to make you think they care, when they clearly don’t. It’s time for all of you to wake up and smell the coffee.

Glazer Protest outside Old TraffordTo those of you who agree, do something, make some kind of statement of intent, get angry. For those of you who think I’m full of shit and am nothing more than a Liverpool plant infiltrating Mancunia to poison the well, I have nothing bad to say other than I pity the fact your hatred and contempt is so misplaced and misdirected at me and not towards the real enemy, the Glazer family. The fact some of you can question my loyalty when I am bursting a spleen out of anger for what this club is not doing for all of us supporters really makes the mind warble. That’s fine. Although insults, name calling and Neanderthal accusations hurt me, I do have a thick skin and I know in my heart of hearts, that I have way more supporters to my cause than I have detractors. And that alone will fuel my fight like an elixir. I want a war of words to go viral and to feed the anger and frustration of millions of hard-core devoted fans of Manchester United. Only our collective anger and demands will be heeded. Stay silent and I guarantee that your beloved club will be headed in a steady downward spiral that only Sir Alex Ferguson could have prevented. Denial is not a river that runs through Egypt. It is a reality that is allowing our great club to slowly but surely deteriorate until we surpass the ineptitude and total mediocrity that has befallen Liverpool FC. If that is what many of you want the by all means support the Glazer’s and show me the middle finger. I at least will continue to declare a war of words against the Glazer’s and their minions who continue to betray and disappoint us all, whether we realize it or not. I have some fight in me and I like Fergie refuse to lose. My cause is just and it’s time those of you who agree did a bit more. In the mean time I still hope for and wish the best for the club in this season. Despite the Glazer’s criminal regime, our club winning matches as much as possible would still be delightful. Anything that delays the inevitable is widely encouraged. Now “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.”



  1. Gav Stainsby

    24 August 2013 at 13:29

    I agree totally ive been saying exactly what you have said here on twitter & Facebook but the coments i get are from people blinded by the the red mist i too believe Moyes and his side kick woodward needs to go fergie was or still is the Glazers puppet he knew if mourinho or pellegrini even guardiola would of wanted alot of money to sort the ageing defence and non exsistent midfield so they had no chance so in steps moyes hes so star struck with fergie its unreal every interview every time he opens his mouth hes waxing lirical about fergie well lets be honest for all his good fergie hasnt left us in that good a shape begging scholes out of retirement was not the answer so he knew yrs ago we needed playets in but his ego took over as always quick fix ie van persie to win us the league when he should of sorted the defence and midfield out for the future instead hes got moyes in who he knew could be moulded into a glazer/fergie puppet…

  2. Gav Stainsby

    24 August 2013 at 13:33


  3. BigRed

    24 August 2013 at 13:48

    How exactly on you going to stage this “war” you speak of?
    It’s been clear for several years now that the Glazers have nought but their own interests at heart. Made perfectly clear from day one with their leveraged buyout. A clear indication of things to come.
    So given the situation is today exactly the same as it was when they “bought” the club, or more accurately, the club bought itself, for the Glazers, why now?
    Do you think the Glazers will even bat an eyelid at this vitriolic rant?
    The ONLY way to declare war on the Glazers is to do it financially. But I don’t see how you can do that. Words mean nothing to them.
    You’re pissed at Moyes for towing the company line, when Fergie did the exact same thing from the very first day. Fergie wouldn’t entertain the notion that the Glazers were anything but great for United. No war declared back then though?
    Moyes was always going to be a stooly for the men upstairs.
    The Glazers, I believe have looked at Arsenal’s model for “success” and thought, “Hey, we can do that.”
    Hence the appointment of Moyes. He won’t win you anything, but he is very good at operating on a shoestring budget and should be able to keep us in the top four.
    That will be success for us from now on, unless the shareholders speak up, but given the amount of shite Wenger has copped, whilst winning nowt, from their shareholders, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any action any time soon.
    Venting your spleen will do nothing.

    • Grognard

      24 August 2013 at 16:16

      @BigRed: Obviously I mean a war of words that gets other like minded people to also use their communicative skills to get the word out. It’s impossible for one man to do anything but at least through ranting and the power of the worldwide web, more and more noise can build and spread as information and a sign of dissatisfaction. You are right mate, it probably is pointless but I just can’t sit back and do nothing so I use the one tool I have at my service. Primarily I am doing what this blog was designed for, and that’s ranting. It may seem hopeless and a bit of a joke but you know something, many a political party and movement started out like this. And venting my spleen does accomplish one main goal, it makes me feel better because I care enough to take the time and write my feelings. It’s therapeutic in a way.

      • BigRed

        24 August 2013 at 18:05

        I can relate to that, but given the green and gold movement a few years back gathered an awful lot of press coverage and support throughout football, hell even Becks donned the g&g scarf at OT, and yet it came to nothing. It just fizzled out.
        The Glazers only care about money. A boycott of the stadium is the only way to get through to leaches like them, but for every caring, disheartened, angry fan that will make that sacrifice and not go to the game, there will be five or six tourists who will cough up the money and get arses on seats.
        Their here till the cow is milked dry, and then a rebuilding process will be needed.
        Shameful, but I can’t see them relinquishing control while their coining it in.
        Should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

        • Grognard

          25 August 2013 at 11:13

          @BigRed: Then I guess we are screwed.

  4. Du

    24 August 2013 at 13:56

    well, I feel you Grognard. I must admit that I was not a fun of Moyes’ appointment. For me, I feared big players would not be happy to work for someone who has not won trophies. In fact, I had hoped that Klopp was going to be appointed Manager. A friend of mine mocked us: where in the world have you seen a primary xul teacher being promoted to teach at the University? Would students really choose modules presented by such a teacher? Perhaps, this is why no major players are seriously attracted with our club, except those that are from lower clubs ie Everton. Today, I have accepted that alongside Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool, we will be fighting for the third and fourth spot. I didnt think such a thing will happen so quickly.

  5. Tony

    24 August 2013 at 14:34

    You are so right man, Moyes has done nothing to improve us. Kagawa is still on the bench, Zaha too, the retarded anderson is playing instead of our young players. He is unable to buy a good player simply because he is stupid enough to waste time on impossible deals such as fabregas. He is making fun of his old team, and being unable to bring any good player. He is not in everton anymore, i’ve never seen a new manager who isn’t bringing players. I can\t believe how much time this moron wasted on fabregas, there were players such as : Taider, Strootman, Wanyama, Alcantara, Paulinho and many more that he missed because he was was stupid enough to chase fabregas. United will suffer and i’m feeling bad abut my team, but that’s what happens when we bring a bad manager with 0 success. And our champions league dreams are being frozen.

  6. red astair

    24 August 2013 at 14:50

    Let me make my position clear. I don’t trust the Glazers, I don’t trust Woodward and as for David Moyes, I’m still undecided. Saying that, I don’t believe it’s their fault for the midfield problems Utd are experiencing. That fault lies firmly at the feet of Fergie. For too long he ignored the fact that we desperately needed to replace Roy keane. Yes, we bought Hargreaves, unfortunately it didn’t work out, and the position of DM has been overlooked ever since. Then, we had an answer to the problem, a young player with massive potential, that could have strengthened and solidified our midfield for years to come, his name Paul Pogba. He was ignored and instead Paul Scholes was brought out of retirement, so not surprisingly he left, but not before Fergie gave him the famous hairdryer, not a great incentive for Pogba to change his mind. It’s not as if there was no money to buy a midfielder, there was, but Fergie spent it elsewhere, strengthening positions that didn’t always need strengthening. Fergie left a great legacy for Utd, probably a record that will go unequalled, but it wasn’t all positive and the team we see today with it’s inadequacies is a legacy of Fergies neglect in those important areas. We are well stocked with attacking options, overstocked in attacking midfield with too many average players, and desperately short in defensive midfield. Fergie must have known what was coming and probably it’s the main reason that both he and Gill quit. Moyes, to his credit identified areas of weakness, areas where new players were a must, but the more I listen to his statements the more I see a man with high hopes dashed before they’ve had a chance to be realised. It seems incomprehensible to me, that the Glazers as business people, would knowingly allow a major asset to fall into a state of disrepair and lose value. It is surely in their interests to have a strong and successful Utd team out on the pitch, winning everything possible. How else can they attract investment? The only other possibility is that the Glazers have finished putting money in and now want to break up Utd and sell the parts separately. We will know this soon enough.

    • Grognard

      24 August 2013 at 16:25

      @red astair: I don’t think anyone questions that the real blame for the midfield’s state is on Fergie. But he’s gone now and the new regime had two months and countless options to choose from to improve the situation and instead they chose to pursue two forlorn hopes rather than nail down any one or two of the remaining 20 to 25 quality midfielders that were still available. For years I complained about Fergie’s continued ignorance of the midfield and I do remember reading an article a few years back where it stated that Fergie felt that central midfield was an overrated position and that he felt the true way to success was on the flanks and that is why he seemed to always be looking for wingers and fullbacks who could move the ball. I believe he was wrong but he seemed to do pretty well despite that error in judgement. Moyes has had a long time now to put his stamp on things but unfortunately his stamp isn’t working cause it appears he’s out of ink. 😀

      • red astair

        24 August 2013 at 17:23

        @Grognard: I have to say I’m undecided about Moyes. I try to read between the lines of what he says. I may be wrong but it seems to me that he’s saying I know we need players, I want players but because of things out of my control, they’re not coming, and the way things are being handled, I don’t expect any. Now, you might see this as spineless, that he could just come out and say exactly what he means, even if all he’ll get for his trouble is his p45. It might be though, that he’s realised that he’s toothless, he certainly doesn’t have the bite of Fergie. I’m hoping, even at this late stage, that the real problem is Woodward, and that the Glazers realise he’s the problem, a block to them making even more money from the Utd cash dispenser and force his hand, either to make sure he acquires the needed players or he’s out on his arse PDQ. I’m not defending the Glazers here, I’m not even saying they have Utd’s best interests at heart, just as savvy business people they must absolutely know they need to speculate to accumulate. I don’t believe they will allow Woodwards ineptitude to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, they’re far too greedy for that. It might be a very thin straw that I’m clutching at here because the alternative, that the
        Glazers are beginning the process of running down Utd is just unthinkable. If they are then I don’t think any amount of words will stop them.

        • Grognard

          24 August 2013 at 17:45

          @red astair: If that’s the case then I have even less respect for the man. A man that sits idly by and watches neglect and disinformation become standard procedure is not a man I can admire. What kind of a man takes a job like this without some kind of guarantees and assurances? Hell, he’s not stupid, he’s been seeing what has been going on for a few years now. Fergie may have incorrectly painted a nice picture for him and at the same time coming to United had to look like a major upgrade from his previous job but still, questions about Woodward and the Glazer’s should have been part of his job interview. Bu then again he knew he was biting off more than he could probably chew so he shut up and hoped for the best. Blind ignorance and naivete is nothing to be proud of or admire.

          I said this three years ago, that Jose Mourinho and mangers like him would never accept a job working for the Glazer’s because it was clear as day that the money for transfers was very restricted. Fergie came out recently and even said that Mourinho had asked to be excluded for the job despite all the rumors that linked him with it. No manager worth his weight in gold would have taken this job under the present ownership. It’s no different than Martinez accepting the job at Everton or Lambert becoming Villa manager. Small jobs for small managers. United is a massive club but the way it is presently being run at the team level is amateur hour and well beneath the prestige and financial might of the club. Any fan that cannot see this and who does and tolerates the status quo needs to checked out physically. I want United to flex it’s financial muscles by buying world class players and even just buying very good players. If they do this then I will call off my dogs and even show gratitude. The ball is in their court.

  7. colver

    24 August 2013 at 14:52

    Yes our failure to strengthen this summer when you consider the massive outlays of Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City is criminal and shows our abject lack of ambition and complacency.

    Does Moyes really think we won the league last season because our squad was “good enough”?

    We won last year for the following reasons:

    1. Chelsea were bedding in new players such as Hazard and Oscar and suffering greatly from the loss of Drogba and as usual were held back by their usual management merry-go-round. Now they have added depth to their squad with the signing of Schurre, Van Ginkel, and the retention of De Bruyne, and with Mourinho in charge they look well placed for a very strong season.

    2. Manchester City fell out of love with Mancini and his adverserial management style and bizarre favouritism towards Balotelli. With a team of mercenaries once the results stopped going their way the players lost their unity and big names like Silva and Toure were notable underperformers. But now they have one of the best managers in the world and in Fernandinho, Navas, Jovetic and Negredo they have £80M of attacking talent.

    3. As Grognard pointed out Ferguson adds 10-12 points a season and gave us that aura of inevitability which wore down our rivals and opposition teams. Moyes does not have that and teams will be more confident to have a go at us.

    4. Carrick and Rio and Van Persie had really really good seasons. While I will not bet against them repeating this feat the reality is that they are all in their 30s and a year older.

    The only saving grace is that Arsenal have had an even worse summer than we have and Tottenham despite all their quality signings will probably require a season or two for them to bed and will also initially miss Bale quite a bit before other players step up to the plate.

    And in Europe we have lost even more ground.

  8. Sahal

    24 August 2013 at 15:04

    The only way to hurt the glazers is to hurt their pockets,have a total boycott.And we all know that’s not going to happen!

    • Grognard

      24 August 2013 at 16:37

      @Sahal: That’s 100% correct mate. But never say never. The time is not yet right for revolt. We are as of this point in time still champions and nothing yet has gone wrong on the pitch. But watch the seeds of revolution begin to germinate if we fall to 3rg or 4th and then watch if that repeats itself the following year or even gets worse. The dissatisfaction at Arsenal is much louder than ours presently because they haven’t won anything for a while. Well they were never in our league to begin with so imagine the noise that will originate from our disgruntled fans if we go two to three seasons winning nothing and showing major signs of decay. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      The movement of disgruntled fans like me will grow and eventually empty seats will be evident at Old Trafford. But the thing that will really overturn the Glazer bandwagon is losing because it will begin to cut in to profits. All of a sudden advertisers will pull out, and merchandise sales will fall. Nobody likes to follow a loser. Even diehard fans get disenchanted and the farther they live from OT, the less they have tying them down to the club. I am a loyal Red but I for one have refused to buy a single licensed item of United’s for over five years. My friend bought me a key chain when he visited London recently and I gave him Hell for it. Starve the Glazer’s out is the only way to get rid of them, and that will come if they continue to neglect the product on the pitch.

      • Sahal

        24 August 2013 at 17:20

        @Grognard: As long as the financial department is doing well the Glazers won’t give a toss about what’s happening on the pitch.United is a business o them and if business is good,why should they not be happy

        • Grognard

          24 August 2013 at 17:32

          @Sahal: True but the financial windfall will begin to fail if the club starts to lose and take a nose dive. Liverpool has been for decades a very popular brand worldwide but are seeing that brand take a major hit but the reduction of merchandise purchased as well as fewer and fewer advertisers truing to use them to sell their product. If you do not feed that which brings you wealth, the gravy train will eventually derail.

      • LOL @ GrogBayern

        28 August 2013 at 01:15

        @Grognard: Unfuckingbelievable! “The movement of disgruntled fans like me will grow and eventually empty seats will be evident at Old Trafford.” – Reality check for the BAyern fan: YOU ARE IN CANADA: You are not in Manchester. You are not at Old Trafford. Matchgoing reds are. You are not. And in case we go for two seasons without winning anything, so be it. True fans don’t care. Canadian fans who don’t understand our football culture – well – as you put it perfectly – “Nobody likes to follow a loser” – they walk away. Since you’re already a Bayern Munich fan, I recommend City for your 2nd team to replace United.

  9. Dhevan

    24 August 2013 at 15:06

    I live in South Africa and a mate and I had this discussion of your rant some 3 months ago. Reading what you wrote is like you were sitting and listening to us but you were more eloquent or polite in your rant.
    If you want to know what to do> Short the stock. Also they have a duty to inform the NYSE if they do anything that would have material value over the stock price e.g Sale of Rooney. Which is the biggest star that the clubs got. If they don’t they can be charged. We must use every avenue available to us.

    • Grognard

      24 August 2013 at 16:49

      @Dhevan: So true mate. Nothing would make me happier than manipulating their stock options and thus having them take another hit like they took in 2008. Still, they will sell once the club no longer wins. Years of neglect on the pitch will cause all their investors and merchandising and advertising ventures to crash and thus force them to sell. The fact they don’t get that nurturing keeping a healthy squad is tantamount to their success in promoting the club is incredibly short sighted. It’s like buying a brand new car and then never changing the oil or never giving it a tune up or a wash. Eventually it decreases in value and starts to run rough until it conks out completely. That kind of stupid neglect is synonymous with many of the Glazer holdings in America over the past ten years. These assholes are nothing more than parasites like those feeding parasites that latch themselves on to sharks. Many of us like yourself and me get this and are enlightened. Not everyone is yet and many suffer from a torn sense of duty and denial, but it won’t be long before they start to see things through a similar light. When that happens United fans will band together like the Walk on Wall Street Movement and demand the Glazer’s sell and thus get out of OT forever. And that day I will celebrate much more so than any championship we have ever won because hatred is a much stronger elixir than victory. In the mean time I urge all who care about this team to refuse handing over money to the Glazer machine. Stop buying merchandise.

  10. khalid7

    24 August 2013 at 15:32

    so, you were against Moyes appointment, then for it, and now against it again. only a matter of time before you are for it again.

    you constantly keep saying “you are a true fan of United”, or “i love the club so much”, etc. everyone here is a United fan, so saying all this stuff is pointless and looks pretty desperate, as if you are trying to convince everyone you support United more than Bayern. what are you honestly trying to prove with such verses?

    on top of that, the way you generally talk is as if you think in your mind you are some sort of hero, or as if you are Wallace in Braveheart. who are trying to impress? look at the last paragraph you wrote especially for what i am trying to point out.

    sure, i too have my doubts on Ed. i think a more experienced man (regarding transfers) should have been appointed. i feel United needs more “football men” on the board of directors, like Bayern, which i covered in an older article. but despite all that, Ed could still be a good CEO. even David Gill didnt get off to a flying start. in his first transfer window as CEO, he sold Beckham, Veron too (flop or not, he was still a good player), bought Kleberson, Djemba-Djemba, Bellion and Howard. he also bought CR7 to replace Beckham, but CR7 was just a show pony at the time and for another couple of years and during those years, we missed Beckhams productivity, even though we were all dazzled by CR7’s pointless tricks during his first couple of years.

    but Gill learnt the trade and become a fine CEO. he was given time. how much time has Ed been given? less than 3 months? also, when Gill was CEO, he learnt from Fergie, so he has a much smoother transition, whereas Ed has to learn, or form a partnership with Moyes, who himself is also new to his current job. if people werent expecting a period of transition and some bumps in the first year or so, then they werent paying attention to Fergie’s speech after the Swansea game last season. not just that, those fans throwing Moyes, Ed and United, under the bus, after just a couple of months are acting like little kids with no common sense or patience. as for whether Ed can become a fine CEO, i think he can. he has a very good CV, and can adapt to his new role, just like Gill did.

    regarding transfers, were you and others not paying attention when Moyes said we are only interested in getting the best players, and that we will trust the youth in most cases when we cant get those top players? so many United fans nowadays speak before they think. conveniently, i wrote an article on how stupid and disappointing some United fans are nowadays, just like Pacific Rim.

    you, and others like you better hope Moyes and Ed dont pull a couple of rabbits out of the hat before the window ends. keep the faith, and such slogans are totally wasted on you and your supporters. you threw Moyes, Ed and United, off a cliff after just 2 months. you lot couldnt even honour Fergies wishes for a season.

    • Grognard

      24 August 2013 at 17:14

      @khalid7: You are missing the entire point mate simply because people like myself get under your skin. I have stated many a time that deep down I like David Moyes but that at no time have I ever felt he was the right man for this massive job. Sure I wish him well and hope he does well because that means my team does well, even if it keeps the Glazer’s in town. But my rants are about so much more and about the big picture. People like you think small and still cannot get it out of your thick skulls that I am a Bayern supporter also. What a fucking crime eh. A man who lives in Canada and chooses to support two clubs in different parts of this large world of ours. Simply diabolical isn’t it? Come on mate, get over it. I am as much if not more of a fan because I take the time to write and show my love and concern for the club. Loving a club does not mean indebted servitude. I do so of my free will and I resent anyone who questions my loyalty and allegiance. So will you and a few others kindly cease with this constant Bayern shite you keep digging up simply because you have no real ammunition to throw at me other than that.

      As for what I am trying to prove? Well if you don’t get it I will not take the time to educate you. What kind of a question is that? I am simply a fan who is not happy with the direction his club is taking on the pitch and it all comes from the fact that we have owners who are not committed to building a winner, just leaching off the remnants of one. And as for transfers, we have missed out already on many of the best players their Bucko. If you think we are fine as we are and the likes of Modric, Ozil and even Fellaini will not help us, then you are a naive no nothing. Fin e sit on your couch and do nothing. Conformists like yourself are always the last to get it anyway. The fact you are standing here and defending people like Woodward and the Glazer’s tells me everything I need to know. Ed Wood(ward) is a king sized muppet who is nothing more than a Glazer attack dog sent down to watch over Moyes and make sure no money is spent. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s doing it very well. You are a fan but you are also a
      closed minded conformist. I love this as much as anyone else, but the fact that I am willing to lift the rug and show the world the garbage that is accumulating underneath doesn’t make me disloyal or less of a fan.

      If you think I’m wrong then fine. let the future tell us both. Let the status quo continue for the next couple of years and then when this club starts to creak and fall apart from the rust and neglect, then you come back and tell me I was wrong. Maybe Dave is such a good manager that like Fergie he can keep the ship afloat and win silverware despite everything. Maybe, but highly unlikely because as good a man as he might be, he is not Fergie, and he hasn’t got enough testosterone in his system to stand up and tell the men in charge that what they are doing is unacceptable. Many great players were available and are still available in this transfer window. To buy into the total hogwash tha is coming out of Old Trafford and Moyes mouth is to be completely ignorant of the realities of the situation. Sorry mate but I call em as I see them.

      • Ian

        24 August 2013 at 18:55

        People don’t dig up the ‘Bayern shite’ mate, you offer it up on a plate almost every time you write.

        If you don’t want supporting two clubs to be an issue stop talking about it.

        • Grognard

          24 August 2013 at 20:14

          @Ian: I have stopped talking about Bayern for quite a while now. I bring it up in defense to the attacks I get by a few relentless individuals on this blog who seem to thin k it’s their duty make a point of it anytime I write something that irks them. So I deeply resent the accusation because it is wrong and way out of line.

    • Grognard

      24 August 2013 at 17:29

      @khalid7: And as for your article, how truly pathetic that you take the time to insult the common fan by comparing them to some useless movie. Show how badly you simplify things in order to fit them in to your set of blocks. Never ever insult the fans of this club while supporting the regime that continues o rape and pillage their club and them. It’s shameful that after all that has happened with this club and what will happen that you have nothing better to do than bite the hand that feeds the machine. The fans are Manchester United. Their views and they may be very different like your and mine are what keep the spirit of the club alive. Their money is what feeds the club. If many are too whiny for you well that’s too bad. There were thousands that opposed Hitler too while Brown Shirts fell in line to the Nazis and beat them up killed them and burned their books. You seem to have a problem with free thinking. Newsflash. Manchester United is a football team, not a political party or social movement of great importance. So dishing out shit on the whims of supporters is low class mate. Save your hatred for those who really deserve it in the world. It’s just a game at the end of the day and even though I take it seriously, I am not about to slap the faces of all my like minded brothers just because they may not agree with me or because they choose to follow Team Glazer to the end of the pier. We all have one thing in common that you seem to not respect or register in your bitter head. We all love Manchester United and loving Manchester United does not equal loving the present regime that is running the club. To tolerate criminal incompetence is to agree with it.

      • khalid7

        24 August 2013 at 18:08


        trust me, i have all your previous articles i can find. i have seen you insult fans that try to defend the Glazers even a little bit. i hate the Glazers just as much as anyone. member of MUST as well. but i wont let hatred of Glazers cloud judgement. when they should be bashed, i bash them, when its unfair, i defend what is being unfairly bashed by others. so, there is no need to say i am an ass**** for bashing some of the fans that are throwing United, Moyes and Ed under the bus, after just 2 months in charge. if you want to bash me for that, then its fine with me, i have no problem at all with that.

        as for you supporting Bayern, i dont a shit. i have friends that support one club from each major league. i only support United. i didnt attack you for supporting Bayern, at all. as i said, its because i couldnt care less about who else you support.

        but my point still stands. Fergie said support the manager, and you gave him 2 months. i have seen your previous articles where you flip flop between supporting him and then throwing him under a bus in another article saying that he wasnt the right man for the job.

        when Gill said that the new manager must have European experience, my first thought was Klopp, or maybe Ancelotti. but when Moyes was chosen, i didnt blink. i just thought for a few days, and realised that he was the right man for the job. so i am not surprised that Fergie chose him. he was the best candidate for being here for many years, continuing what he already do, making the youth academy amazing again, etc.

        unlike you, i will support the manager, United and Ed. Gill was given the same support, even though we was pretty clueless when he too got the job. now all we here is Gill’s praises, and everyone forgets how he started off as CEO. same case with Fergie. few years of nothing, then boom, we reached the promised land.

        saying Moyes is a nice guy, but wont support him, is nonsense. calling him a Glazer slave, or yes-man, is not support, nor is it a nice thing to say about a nice man. you may be right, but he needs to be given some, like Fergie asked for. you and others interpret that as 2 months, then off with his head.

        • Ian

          24 August 2013 at 18:57

          Where did he call you an ass****, please?

        • khalid7

          24 August 2013 at 19:23



          i meant to say, he implied something like it, since i was calling some sections of the United fanbase immature

        • Ian

          24 August 2013 at 19:26

          Ok, make that in future please. Grog has a hard time protecting himself as it is on here w/o that.

        • Grognard

          24 August 2013 at 20:21

          @khalid7: That’s fair enough mate. I do not oppose Moyes as much as you may think or as much as my articles may indicate. Like I said I do like the man and I really want him to do well. But sitting back and doing nothing to improve the club is not my way of improving a club. Yet I was first on here last week to write a very positive review of his first game and gave many positives. So as much as I have reservations about him, I want to be fair. But I do not like men who sit back and watch their bosses ignore the company and allow it to decay without them having the balls to stand up to them.

          As for those who support the Glazer’s, yes I have been rough on many in the past and I was wrong to be that way. It’s one thing to disagree with them, it is something else to be rude and insulting. I don’t like the Glazer’s and I want them gone. Perhaps that dislike and passion gets me in trouble sometimes. Still, I thank you and respect your explanations. I just hope that even if you don’t agree with mine, that their is mutual respect.

  11. Alex

    24 August 2013 at 17:28

    As I said earlier that both Moyes and Ed Woodlands are both just 2 pieces of J.ass … Running the mouths all the times without any actions.

    Both woud have lost many respect from the fans already.

    Hopefully these 2 douchbags could know how to do better in the future.

    Time to Walk the Walk.

    • Grognard

      24 August 2013 at 20:23

      @Alex: Here here bro. 😀

  12. The red baron

    24 August 2013 at 17:49

    One issue for me regarding the article is the role the fans play in all this. If everyone is singing from the same sheet, you can create some form of backlash against the powers that be. Unfortunately, that ain’t the case. The only way to hit the gazers hard is in the pocket. That’s not going to happen though, because football fans in general will still go week in week out, buy merchandise……..etc. that’s a fact of life. The only way that would change was if there was a meltdown of epic proportions and that ain’t gonna happen. So how do cut out the poison that is penetrating the heart of the club.i wish I had the answer.Realisticly, the only way change is gonna happen with the ownership is when someone more powerful and wealthier than the crooks who are there now, decides to make a bid for the club.I still believe that if a big enough offer was made for the club, they’d sell.All this bollocks about being in it long term doesn’t wash with me.they’re business men and in it for the money.who’d take over and what they’d be like with regards finance, god knows, just couldn’t see anything worse than the wankers that control the club today.With regards moyes, he’s showing that, in a short space of time, he’s been schooled well in the fine art of glazer bullshiting.I take my hat off to you mr moyes, you’re a quick learner.With regards little ed, I’ll leave that blanc, a bit like what he knows about football. 😥

    • Grognard

      24 August 2013 at 20:30

      @The red baron: If the club began to lose or really slip into the doldrums of mediocrity the wy Liverpool have, then perhaps the uproar for change would begin to get very loud and too loud for the Glazer’s liking. Big problem with them is they don’t live in Manchester where getting fed hatred everyday might urge them to a sale. They sit back in their luxury beach side mansions in Florida and just watch the money come in while they sit back and tan their bald heads. Hard to fight that kind of opponent. Their valuation of the club is also so how that it is turning off even the richest of potential buyers. Bad times and losing would bring that valuation down but who wants to see that happen? Certainly I don’t regardless of how much I dislike them. I’d be willing to cease with my tirades and seek peace if they would just sign two quality midfielders. I’d shut up and let time take care of the rest. Just stop ignoring the needs of the club and give the new manager a semblance of chance to succeed without many bring up the name Fergie every time things go wrong. Trust me, with Anderson in the starting lineup, more often than not, things will go wrong.

  13. Grognard

    24 August 2013 at 18:07

    I think it’s pretty funny the way some people react to the passions and demands of fans who want positive action from their club during the transfer window as unrealistic and bordering on a “Football Manager” level. And perhaps at times their is justification the way some fans seem to think that this player and that player are perfect for our needs etc. But then you get something like what happened yesterday that makes you think that at the end of the day, maybe the transfer window should be more like “Football Manager”. I am referring to the whole Wilian affair. He looked certain to go to Spurs but then Chelsea flexed their financial muscles as well as their Mourinho muscles and next thing you know, Wilian is a Chelsea player. It took Mourinho just 24 hours to get his man. Some call it sleazy and very unfair in the way it was done but I for one admire and congratulate Chelsea on their tactics and with the speed in which they bought and signed a player.

    On the flip side of this is the Manchester United model. Identify a player that interests you, paint and draw pictures of him, commission a portrait of the player in United colors, call the media and let them know that this player is classy, have Rio tweet the player and tell him how much he is loved and just how much he’s love OT. Then wait three weeks, stir and add some seasoning, flip and bake for another week. Then you make an informal bid through the media, wait until the player rises and then when four other clubs begin to show interest in him you swoop in with a low ball bid designed to insult the club he plays for. Wait a week, stir ingredients then up the bid by a miniscule sum assuming that this paltry increase will now get the club to see the light. Sleep on it overnight and let the thing chill in the fridge and then forget about in the morning while somebody else raids the fridge and purchases the player for twice the amount you had offered. Then come out to the media and say that you were never really interested in the player.

    The United way sucks. I like transfer done in an expedient manner. You target a player, contact his agent, contact the club and get permission to talk to the player and then negotiate a salary. Then you meet or go over the valuation of the player when you bid. Have financial people on hand who can take care of the paperwork of the transaction and the contract etc. Why this process has to take longer than 48 hours is beyond me. Just a bunch of game playing and insincere dilly dallying that produces nothing. I like Chelsea’s method. You want a player, go out and buy him. Simple. Not every deal can be this simple but the first part of making your intentions crystal clear with a formal bid that isn’t insulting is a start. United handles player transfer in totally unsatisfactory manner that makes us seem like minnows and not the dynamos that we should be. It also sends a very negative message to players and agents which may have a lot to do with why the Moura’s, Thiago’s and Fabregas’s of the world don’t seem interested in us.

    • The red baron

      24 August 2013 at 18:39

      @Grognard: Think the power s that be at Old Trafford nead a fuckin reality check, that’s the problem. They seem to think just mention the name man utd and everyone will walk on hot coals for a chance to join the club.The day’s of Steve Bruce. …….etc, players who’d walk the length of the country to join mufc are sadly long gone. Your dealing with a different sort of player nowadays, something Woodward hasn’t sussed yet.Had to laugh reading the comments of Mike phelan regarding Woodward. He said he thinks Woodward has been shocked by some of the prices players have gone for in this window!.god help us, he’s conducting our transfer business. Just show’s why, from a fans point of view, you couldn’t get anyone worse for the job, but for the glazers, the perfect candidate.

      • Grognard

        24 August 2013 at 20:31

        @The red baron: Yet many on this blog seem to think it is I who needs the reality check. 😀 😀

  14. JW

    24 August 2013 at 21:24

    When I read your posts I am reminded of one of the Fawlty Towers episodes, ‘The Psychiatrist’ …there is enough material there for a book. Get help!

    • Grognard

      24 August 2013 at 23:55

      @JW: There is no need for that. You disagree, I get it. Just show some class and leave it at that. Grow up. 🙄 🙄

    • reality

      25 August 2013 at 00:30

      @JW: Fawlty Towers, ha ha! So true, he’s like the frustrated sadist Basil and his impotent victim, Manuel, wrapped in one. Declaring an imaginary war in his addled mind. Bayern v United. Got to love it really. His fantasised relation to both clubs is founded on a totally imaginary/paranoid attachment yet he “declares war” as a’hard core supporter’. And he has the deluded gall to tell us real, match going supporters to stop acting like addicts.
      He’s probably never even been to the UK or Germany,let alone O.T.
      His displaced infantile aggression is symptomatic of all that is wrong with football as vain glorious and hyperglobalised, commercial entertainment industry.

      • Grognard

        25 August 2013 at 11:10

        @reality: I’ve been to both thanks. And come on mate, I thought we were past all this?

  15. Farhan Ahmad

    26 August 2013 at 10:48

    Hey, Good to see someone was able to sense what was going on just the way I saw it. I had been feeling right from start of the Transfer window that the names we are linked with are impossible – just the smoke screen. I think Glazers are more worried about their own pockets than the club.

    But you know what – I have been looking a lot at the team, new, scouting sites etc – and bearing in mind what has been happening with our Youth (Pogba, Morrison, Fryer), and looking at what we have coming up (Henriquez, Januzaj, Powell, Zaha, Lingard, Keane brothers – both of them, Tunnicliffe – and there are A FEW OTHER U18s, inlcluding James Wilson, and Bruno Gomes hopefully) – I can see why it would be a tougher man management decision to buy more. How do we have such talent in team and not find them playing time???

    We have a VERY Healthy youth system in place. Again – I hate Glazers – probably just as much as you do, and would like one of Arab Sheikhs to buy the club – but lets see what the Glazers have been doing.

    Everyone knows the commercial side of things, but they are buying mainly young guys. So far, they have bought following good youngsters;
    – Nick Powell
    – Adnan Januzaj
    – Zaha
    – Henriquez
    – Phil Jones
    – Chris Smalling (maybe not as good as he first looked, but was promissing)

    Yes they sold Ronaldo and never re-invested, but maybe they are building from basics? These guys are clever – we know that much! They are making a lot from Man U, maybe they are building the club at the same time without others realising it?

    Again – I am no Glazer fan – but maybe you could use the above points to start another study on Man U youth – possible future?

    You have my e-mail – would love to hear your thinking on this.


  16. LOL @ GrogBayern

    28 August 2013 at 01:06

    LOL @ this fool. 40 years a Bayern fan and at the same time a United supporter…Grognard, the one and only, from Canada, in front of the TV. Bloody hell. And now this armchair supporter “declares war on the Glazers”. I am sure their knees are already shaking from all that wrath coming from Canada. And of course he has to place insults against our new manager, this Bayern Munich fan is truly unbelievable. Grog, if you have issues with United, please fuck off and go support City. Their business model is exactly what you have been dreaming of and it shows why you are from Canada and not from Europe. You simply don’t understand football. You are not one of us. We stand by our manager. In the end we don’t care if we get new players or not. We support the club. You should play more FIFA 13 and you should stop polluting this website with your verbal diarrhea.

  17. brad urwiler

    5 October 2013 at 19:22

    i live in the united states of america.malcolm glazier and his minions own our american football team.tampa bay buccaners.they spend 0 money for talent and it shows.we used to go to games but they are the worst owners i ever seen.good luck man. u fans.u need it.bernie madoff

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