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Man Utd Headlines 31 May 2007

On the day dominated by hard and mad transfer activity the headlines will surely be no different. We might have found the odd news snippet outside Nani, Hargreaves and Anderson, but there isn’t much else other than these to write about.

We have discussed the transfer deals in detail here and here. Go ahead and read them for the detail.

For the low attention span people, here is the roundup of United’s news headlines for the day.

1. Man united capture Sporting’s Nani screams the official website. Well the headline says it all. Nothing much other than shock, awe and surprise at a deal completed so quickly. The winger we so desired has now been bought, pending a medical.

2. In addition to that, as if to say that wasn’t enough, we went ahead and bought another promising star from the Portuguese league. This time Porto’s Brazilian teenager Anderson. I am not very clear about his position but he appears to be more of a striker, with good pace and trickery. Well done United!

Although as an aside, I wonder if United are still looking for a world class out and out striker. If they do get one, it will be one of the biggest spending seasons in recent times and put the Glazer doubters to rest for a change.

3. And to round off the transfer madness of the day, here is the end to the longest transfer saga in recent memory. Hargreaves finally moves to United The actual move to be made in July 1.

4. In other news, Rossi has been picked in Italy’s U-21 squad and is expected to spearhead their attack in the U21 European Championship to be played in the Netherlands. It’s good in a way, that Rossi gets a decent run out in the tournament. We hope he scores a hatful of goals and comes into the next season in a rich vein of form.

5. And finally Ryan Giggs retires from international football. His last game for Wales would be the Euro 2008 qualifier against Czech Republic. It’s good for United though, now that he’s old the last thing we need is for him to go on and satisfy his international commitments. It’s a pity however, that a person with such a brilliant club career never got to figure in the World Cup. Might be one of his lifelong regrets. (Goes without saying that he might have been England’s longest serving left winger in recent times, had he opted to play for them.)

And that should wrap up things for the day. Do read our features on United’s new signings, and keep coming back for more.



  1. Ahmed Bilal

    June 1, 2007 at 12:52 am

    It’s good to see Rossi getting that sort of recognition on the international level. Honestly, if he’s good enough to be earmarked as a future Italian senior team star, he’s good enough to be given a decent run next season.

  2. Pedro Vilas-Boas

    June 1, 2007 at 2:50 am

    Some feedback from Portugal! 🙂

    As you can imagine, yesterday´s news created an “earthquake” in our humble portugue league. 🙂

    I was very surprised with the signing of Andersson. No one here was expecting it. I am sure that both players are very good long-term signings. I guess that United turned the usual “summer transfer period” to a “spring transfer period”. Funny, that spanhish clubs are still playing for the league and cup, while everyone else is planning the new season.

    Anderson isn´t a striker… He is the classic atacking midfilder (number 10) that plays behind the striker, or if you prefer, ahead of the two central midfilders. I think he will also be used as a left side midfilder, playing with the atacking Evra. Having Anderson and Giggs for number 10 position, i think we´ll se Rooney playing a lot more times as first striker, which i don´t like.

    Nani is something between a side-midfilder and a winger (left or right). He can deliver some good crosses to the strikers, which is something United missed this year, since Park and Ronaldo play a lot in centre and Giggs is going to be a second striker for the future. But i think Nani will have to develop a lot in order o play in the EPL, both physically and mentally. He was far away from being a “great star” in our league (like Anderson), but at the age of 20 he is already the 4th option for winger, in Portugal´s national team (after Ronaldo, Simão and Quaresma).

    With the arrival of Anderson i don´t know how can we manage to have room for a new striker, unless we sell one of the others: Ole (no please), Saha (should last more than half a season) or Smith (yes, yes…sell it please). If we do, i think we should go to Viduka and save the money, to buy a real striker after Ole retires.

  3. Michael

    June 1, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    Not trying to make a big deal out of it but just for the record, Ryan Giggs never could of played for England, its an old tale thats been going round for years. See,13854,1320132,00.html and at the bottom of :,13854,1325481,00.html

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