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Manchester United throw the last game of the season

Not all United players had their hearts in the game, and from the team selection (and the substitutions, neither did Ferguson) and we paid the price for that in terms of a home defeat and a second double defeat of the season (the other team being Arsenal).

The game had little in it – United played like Arsenal at times, over-elaborate and too clever for their own good. With Rooney sitting deep and Solskjaer lacking pace, Smith was left up alone and he’s never going to score many goals like that.

Gradually West Ham fought back and Tevez, scored a goal that was somewhat lucky, but possible only because of his perseverance.

Ferguson brought on Scholes, Ronaldo and Giggs, and that made United more attacking but imbalanced – no Carrick and no Smith meant that United were vulnerable to attack, no creative player linking them from defence to attack and no physical presence up front.

The second half mirrored the first half, United pushing and getting chances but not converting while West Ham battled hard and held their own till the end.

How could United have won? By making the right subs (i.e. taking Fletch and Ole off instead of Smith and Carrick). However, United are champions and the defeat did little to dent the post-match trophy celebrations.

It’s on to Wembley in 6 days, the pain of watching the CL final four days later and after that it’s 3 months of transfer speculation. What fun.

Oh and – Baptista can’t even score from a penalty.



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  2. Keith Moses Kaira II

    15 May 2007 at 08:28

    The story of our last 3 matches. we don’t seem to able to score from open play. at the moment and that is worrying going into a final. I don’t believe we threw it away. We were just too profligate like Arsenal. At this rate we are headed for penalties vs Chelsea and that is worrying

  3. MGS2010

    5 June 2007 at 18:54

    The game wasn’t so important for you to be whining about, and I think you didn’t notice that the players had the Cup final in mind. West Ham’s goal wouldn’t have been one if United had playing with real intent. Wes Brown’s challenge with Tevez which caused the goal might have looked 50-50 but if this was an important game, you would have expected Brown to make a tackle that would have sent Tevez flying, never mind the ball.
    Anyway, why would Sir Alex be at fault for not making effective substitutions? He was resting Smith and Carrick for the Cup final, that’s why they didn’t play the full 90 minutes.

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