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Parlez vous Francais, Wayne? Glazers and the Eiffel Tower

Following Eden Hazard’s decision to join Chelsea, Manchester United and the French Ligue 1 have been linked again in the papers, with Wayne Rooney rumoured to be the target of a £120 million move by cash-loaded PSG.

While the transfer window might still be officially closed, the wheels of the silly season have been spinning furiously in the last few weeks, but even as far as rumours go, the Rooney story is extremely surprising.

The Croxteth-born striker was one of United’s star performers last season, scoring 27 goals in the league as United narrowly missed out on their 20th league title and despite indulging in arms waving exercises a bit too often, he looked totally committed to the cause.

A cause that, according to Rooney, was in danger of being undermined by a lack of financial efforts as he publicly stated in October 2010 when he announced his desire to leave the club, before changing his mind two days later.

Since then, United have invested £52.9 million in Ashley Young, David DeGea and Phil Jones – an excellent player and two great prospects who have already become crucial part of the starting XI – but missed out on their “big name transfer” as Wesley Snejider decided that Duomo Square was still preferable to Deansgate and then had to stomach a first season without silverware since 2005.

As far as Rooney’s – and United fans’ – ambitions are concerned, this summer hasn’t got off to best of starts as one of the hottest properties in European football has joined a rival club, and the other names circulating are hardly going to have United fans on the edge of their seats.

Leighton Baines would offer quality and quantity as leftback and Shinji Kagawa’s record for Borussia Dortmund isn’t one to be dismissed easily while Luka Modric’s would be a perfect fit for the Reds but, with City sniffing around, the Croatian would probably opt for a larger paycheck.

PSG missed out on their first league title since 1994, despite a spending spree that had installed them as clear favourites, but for all their money they still haven’t managed to lure a real star under the Eiffel Tower (Pastore might develop into one but it’s too early to say).

Of course nobody expects PSG to actually come forward with a concrete offer anytime soon, particularly as Carlo Ancelotti’s team has been linked with at least 30 different players in the last month alone, but should they table an offer, United would face a potentially crucial decision – not so much for their short term future as for the long term one.

Since the 2006-2007 season United have sold players for a total of £165.6 million, while they could face the chance of earning almost as much in a single transfer, a surely tantalising prospect for the Glazer family.

If United don’t invest money in the summer, Rooney – and some of his teammates – could feel deceived by the promises aired on a weekly basis by David Gill and United could run the risk of finding themselves in the same situation as Arsenal, but with a huge amount of debts on their back.

After all, Kagawa might sell shirts in the Japanese market but not even Tokyo’s population completely decked in red would deliver £100 odd millions to Malcolm & Co as quickly as Wayne Rooney eating baguette and foie gras along the Seine.

Dan (@MUFC_dan87)



  1. tonymontanna4united

    31 May 2012 at 13:44

    Damn. Imagine the possibilities with £150m in our pockets 😛

    We could pay off some of our debt, and only be £300m in the red 😉 🙄 👿 🙁

    • RedEyes

      31 May 2012 at 17:56


      £150 muillion = 2 years interest

      How do you like them apples? Yes they do taste like shit. These apples suck

  2. Nelson

    31 May 2012 at 14:09

    I think you should have delayed this article and let the Bigger than the club article foster debate but since its already up might as well comment

    For now I think its just hot air but in the long run, if we don’t look like challenging then I think Rooney might seriously consider. we made a lot of sacrifices to finish that close in the league last season and by sacrifices I mean the lackluster performances in cup competitions. we need to assemble a squad good enough to challenge at least the three major cups and this summer activity will go along way to determine to determine that.

    So. 3 months to go. let’s see which tune Sir Alex, Gill and by extension the Glazers, will bleat out to us

    • Daniele

      1 June 2012 at 10:01

      @Nelson: I agree mate, if we don’t strengthen the squad well enough then alarm bells will start ringing loudly and discontent will start to become apparent in a few of the players, in short we’ll become an Arsenal.

      As for the articles being up at the same time, it’s because we wanna annoy you guys even in the summer!

  3. RedEyes

    31 May 2012 at 17:54

    The Spanish news paper article this came from suggested PSG would put up a 150 million euro package. Big wages minus big signing on fee, leaves the transfer value.

    Any thing in the region of 80 million would see bye bye Wazza. thats my opinion anyway. With that money going the same way as the sale of CR7. Disapearing in to the big money swallowing black hole that is the Glazer family.

    Sell players, buy land. The price of players goes down as they get older, the price of land goes up. Business my dear boy, not football. Why would we think along the lines football. We dont own a football club, those words were removed from the crest years ago. We own a global brand or a franchise as we like to call it.

    • Daniele

      1 June 2012 at 09:58

      @RedEyes: very good point made there mate. Many football clubs are owned by businessmen and some are run as football clubs. We’re a business and run as such, with all the problems it generates.

      • RedEyes

        2 June 2012 at 13:52


        Thanks. It’s sad that football is so money driven. Our situation is worse as we are a business first and a fottball club 7th or 8th. Football feels like an unfortunate byproducy of the business. The true united supporter. The working class people of Greater Manchester, who go to the pub, turn up 5 minutes before kick of and go back down the pub. DOnt even register

        • Ian

          2 June 2012 at 16:58

          How can you and I agree so closely on the above (that could almost have been written word for word by me) yet when it comes to SAF you/we see things differently?

          I think, as is the case with many many reds, they/you feel an obligation to protect him thanks to the unbelievable haul of trophies he’s provided us with, is there any truth in that from your point of view mate?

  4. RedEyes

    2 June 2012 at 11:04

    Mr Admin

    Would email but can not find you email address publish if you want if not stick it in your comment section.



    Fergies goes youtube and Nani goes puckering up to the highest bidder

    The choppy waters are becoming rougher. Two stories in the last few days should tell us all we need to know

    Fergie sends out a two minute video (or vlog as the cool kids call them) to season ticket holders telling them “supporting Manchester united is exciting”. No shit Sherlock, I mean Sir Alex. He also says we lost out in dramatic fashion on the final day of the season and reminds us of that glorious night in Barcelona. He then tell season ticket holders.

    “”When you are buying your season ticket you are guaranteed: 1) A possible heart attack. 2) Incredible excitement in the last minute of games. 3) Hope that we win the championship back.”

    Now one of two things has provoked this message from the boss. Either our PR department ( believe it or not we do have one) have decided that the manager communicating through the revolution of social media would be a key tool in making supporters feel closer to the club. Sorry I laughed so hard then I nearly followed though. United getting closer to season ticket holder, that is a funny.

    The logical conclusion for this reminder that Manchester united is an exciting brand (I mean football club) could have something to do with slower than expected season ticket sales

    Perhaps our all powerful manager has received a call from our all poweful London based marketing department reminding him that if he wants to get the cheque book out he better pucker up and whore his delightful red nose out to the public in a bid to get some cash out of them

    I think this is very worrying, beside the obvious statement of “ I think this is disgusting” What happened to our famous waiting list for season tickets. What happened to the ballot for every single game, no matter how dull the opposition. What happened to the huge ticket black market for any old united fixture.

    With Glazer and the debt came the increase in ticket prices. Yes, yes, yes you can argue about the price other clubs charge. But we are not any club. We are Manchester united. Supposedly the biggest in the world. The daddy of all cash cow’s. We should be able to have our cake and eat it. Big name players on big time wages. While we get reasonably priced tickets. That is why other supporters should despise us, not to mention having to build a new wing every ten years to house our trophy collection

    The storm gets bigger though, Nani and his “people” have issued united a counter offer . Nani has two years to run on his current four year deal and surprise, surprise negotiations are not going well.

    Either our offer was not enough. No numbers are available, so we can not say with clarity if united are again looking to do things on the cheap or if Nani and his “people” want parity with a certain Wazza of Rooney. Either way the player has stated that he has won the lot at united and that he is “open to a challenge and new offers” Stating that “It is not all about England and Spain” Cue offer from Stockport City and PSG.

    The drums have been pounding to the tune of Nani being cashed in on to fund squad developments ROFL PMSL. ( I have to stop laughing so hard, I will follow through). Squad improvements is Glazer inspired Gill speak for Interest repayments.

    Will this be one departure to many for Sir Alez? Will the asset stripping continue this summer? Will Sir Alex start doing magic tricks and covers of Proclaimers songs on camera to get our hard earned season ticket money? Unfortunately only time will tell.

    On a side note “Capital One” have agreed sponsorship of the league cup. A credit card company sponsoring an English football cup. The irony of it all, united are now a shoe in for every league cup as the entry requirements are that clubs must have crippling monthly interest repayments in excess of 24% apr. Clubs must also buy the maximum amount of payment protection insurance. Some thing I believe we have in abundance.


  5. dave

    8 June 2012 at 07:43

    That video from fergie sends me to despair. I cannot believe he did it. What a twat

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