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PM Boris Johnson vows to fix ‘unacceptable’ school meal hampers in phone call with Marcus Rashford

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has revealed that he had a “good conversation” on the phone with Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding free school meals hampers.

Rashford has been fighting for the cause of child hunger since last year, and he has twice forced the government into making a U-turn over its policies regarding free school meals to children.

The issue ramped up again earlier this week after disgruntled families took to Twitter to complain about the meagre supplies of food that they have been supplied with as part of the scheme.

As per one of the Twitter users named Roadside Mum, the food parcel that she received for a £30 voucher is supposed to last for a week but was actually valued at just over £5.

Rashford, who was one of the 30,000 people to share the tweet, wrote on Twitter that Johnson has promised to him that he will be taking a “full review” of the supply chain.

Rashford had earlier tweeted that the latest lockdown has made the situation worse and urged the government to be more forthright with their plans to the food suppliers.

“One thing that is clear is that there was very little communication with the suppliers that a national lockdown was coming,” Rashford tweeted.

“We MUST do better. Children shouldn’t be going hungry on the basis that we aren’t communicating or being transparent with plans. That is unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, Rashford provided a brilliant assist to Paul Pogba in the Premier League game against Burnley on Wednesday to help United pick up a 1-0 win and climb to the top of the Premier League table.

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