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Pressure is growing, will Woodward deliver?

Louis-van-Gaal-Manchester-UnitedWith Twitter becoming even more popular in the world of social media, it seems that everything in football – from transfer rumours to angry hashtags – starts and ends with a tweet. 

With United’s lacklustre performance against Swansea coming after a lack of transfer signals from inside United, fans went into a impulsive, yet fully justified attack on the club’s hierarchy. 

Realistically, thousands of fans putting #GlazersOut within their tweets isn’t going to change much, but it does signal that the fans remain crestfallen with the club that so many love. 

Being downbeat is an odd feeling for any Red, so when one fan feels the need to tweet their disdain, it often spreads like wildfire, as fans don’t know what to do other than to share their aversion for the current state of affairs. For most United fans, Twitter was an angry place to be in last night and it was a surprise. Anger, disappointment and disdain aren’t words that are often associated with a club the size of Manchester United.

It is very important, in circumstances such as these, not to lose sight of what’s at stake and, quite often, some of the best times in the club’s history have directly followed considerable low points. 

Quite simply, Manchester United are a too bigger club to just fall back in to mediocrity. 

From the outside, yes, it looks as though Edward Woodward is hopelessly out of his depth but fans don’t know enough about what goes on inside the club to fully condone the signing of a petition that would see Woodward removed from his role. 

Some of the quotes that have emerged from his interviews have been questionable at best, but it’d be wise to wait until the next two weeks are over before passing resolute judgment. 

Who knows, we could be in ‘two weeks to save your job, Ed’ territory, and in absolute panic, he could pull of a major coup.  

Let’s look at the bigger picture for a minute: We are the most successful team in English football with the largest fan-base in the world. We have a good crop of young players in the country coming through the ranks and, in Louis Van Gaal, we have one of the world’s best coaches. Furthermore, the Dutchman is likely to have made serious demands before joining the club and the fall-out if those promises were to be broken is scarcely imaginable, given Van Gaal’s stature and calibre.

Whilst we may have lost our first game of the new era, and have a vice-president who seems constantly bewildered by what goes on around him, it’s unthinkable that United will be allowed to further plunge into decline.

Justifiable optimism or sheer lunacy? The next two weeks will give us the answer.

Daniel Mayer (@MAYERMUFC)

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