Rashford: “I can’t explain this feeling”


Manchester-United-v-Arsenal (1)Marcus Rashford expressed his delight after scoring twice in his first Premier League game as United beat Arsenal 3-2 at Old Trafford as the 18-year-old striker scored his second brace in three days, after netting two against Midtjylland in the Europa League on Thursday.

The striker, deployed up-front to replace the injured Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial, scored with his first shot on goal in the Premier League as he pounced on a loose ball to fire past Petr Cech with 29 minutes gone, before adding a second three minutes later as he headed Jesse Lingard’s cross.

“This is my first game in the Premier League so obviously it’s been amazing and to score two is a bonus so hopefully I can carry it on and do it again next game,” he said.

“It was a shock playing midweek because [Anthony] Martial was supposed to be starting and coming in kind of benefited me because I wasn’t thinking about it, thinking about the game too much so it’s just been good.”

Rashford thanked Michael Carrick for his help during the game. “It was just crazy but having the likes of Michael around helped,” he added. “He just said keep going because I was backing off and he just said to keep going. It’s crazy, you can’t explain it when you’re out there.”



  1. Early days and the kid is benefiting from his unknown quantity. But he looks very promising. A prolific striker is what we have been crying out for all season given our inability to create many chances. If he shows he can do this week in and week out we won’t need to buy another striker in the summer and can prioritize central midfield and defence.

  2. Not just Rashford, who’s been exceptional of course, but also Fosu-Mensah who looks a terrific prospect. Then there’s Varela who looks better than the current Italy right back as well as the others. Not forgetting Martial of course.

    Early days of course and things can change but there’s no doubt a whole new atmosphere has descended on OT thanks largely to the youngsters and the positive results recently. “Out of adversity comes opportunity” – or something like that.

    I just wonder if the emergence of this exciting group of youngsters will have any effect on how long LvG stays and if Mourinho, who has never been that interested in developing youth, will actually be his successor?

  3. Interesting question Julian. It is very difficult.

    A top four finish is really vital to our commercial success. But having a strong core of British players is important to our identity as a club and is a better platform for long term success than having to buy five or six players every summer and inevitably settling for second or third best.

    LVG was seen as the man capable of delivering the balance as he has shown he is able to bring through youngsters at big clubs while still achieving success on the footballing pitch. The problem is his philosophy is not suited to the Premiership and he does not really seem to have the support of the senior players. Liverpool and Chelsea will be a lot stronger next season and if we cannot get back in the top four this season or next we could struggle to hold on to our best players.

    Mourinho is not the answer. He would only come to win trophies and doesn’t have the patience to bring through kids. Pochettino would be the ideal choice. Diego Simeone wouldn’t be a bad choice either. It is a difficult dilemna we face as a club. Especially as if we stick with LVG for another season it would probably mean appointing Giggs as his successor which I’m not sure is the wisest choice given his total lack of managerial experience.

  4. The more I have thought about it over the last two seasons the more I am convinced that Giggs succeeding LvG was always plan A. The idea being that Giggs, having served a three year apprenticeship and having United in his blood, would then take over a settled and successful set-up. However, we reached such a low ebb in December and January that a plan B was drawn up. This involved Mourinho coming in if LvG didn’t see out his contract and left by “mutual consent” at the end of this season or was fired earlier if things got even worse than they were.

    If this is correct then no formal agreement has been reached with Mourinho – more an understanding that he takes over if LvG’s contract is curtailed. Why Mourinho should want to wait in limbo whilst United wait and see is not clear though.

    As for the others, Pochettino has no record of success as yet and Simeone no EPL experience. No, if things are getting back on track Giggs takes over, failing which, Mourinho.

  5. It still took De Gea at his best and a late set piece to beat Watford. It is great we are getting a bit of momentum and the youngsters breaking through has created a positive buzz at the club but LVG’s footballing philosophy still is not really working on the pitch. He may still deliver a top four finish but this year a title challenge was expected. Our exit from the Champions League was also very disappointing. And we have rarely looked convincing on the pitch with today’s laborious victory very much a return to form. On another day it could have easily ended up another embarassing loss.

    I wish he had started playing youngsters sooner especially mid season when he was being let down by senior players like Rooney, Mata, Carrick and Fellaini and playing Young and Blind out of position.

  6. at the end of the day, the injuries turned out to be a blessing in disguise: my eyes don’t hurt from watching Fellaini strut aimlessly about the pitch any more, we no longer start with two DMFs (usually two slow, old chaps)even against weak opponents at home, Mata is not playing right wing, and Herrera is not getting wasted on the bench.

  7. agree bestie. without all these injuries i don’t think december would have ever ended and we’d be midtable and LVG would be on the dole. But I think that just illustrates some of the problems with LVG.

    It takes a full scale injury crisis for him to realize….

    -That Herrera is a much much better central midfielder than Fellaini. (Fun fact virtually all our defeats this season have involved Fellaini playing in central midfield)

    -That Carrick can cover effectively in central defence just as he has done on numerous occasions under Ferguson with his lack of pace less of a liability than it tends to be in central midfield.

    -That playing wingers as full backs is kinda dumb and kids like Varela and Borthwick-Jackson can do a much better job.

    -That Rooney is far from irreplaceable and Mata is not a winger and in conclusion we look much better with a pacey front three.

    I’m just hoping he won’t do what he has done in the past and jettison the youngsters as soon as the senior players come back from injury.

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