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Ronaldo Returns + Fergie’s Optimism Dips + Squad ‘Swells’

According to reports, a Manchester United player who goes by the name Cristiano Ronaldo has just returned to light training.

I was curious, so I looked up Wikipedia and did my research about this player — because, you know, it’s always good to get your facts right about lesser known players. I found out that he’s got great pace and can get past defenders with ease. He also scored 42 goals last season and played three months carrying an injury. So he must be some player.

So this some player has returned to light training and concentrated on jogging all week.


The Sun put up pictures referring to his appearance as ‘grim’ whilst Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney, John O’Shea and Louis Saha were all laughing. I mean, what training ground sees only a certain set of players laughing while a few others don’t join in the laughter? It’s a team game, where everyone laughs in unison (and turn glum in unison) at the count of three, no?

Seriously though, my only question after reading that article was, what the hell is Louis Saha doing laughing his arse off in training? What if — as opposed to regular folk — his arse actually falls off, thus ramping up our medical bills further?

Pertinent questions, one would suspect. Think about it.

Meanwhile all the optimism and positive energy that Fergie exuded last week has all but evaporated when he admitted that he was less optimistic about signing a striker.

“I’m feeling less optimistic right now. We are looking at something, but if it doesn’t come off then we will carry on as we are.”

So there you go. Fantastic news. We will have the same team that won us the double last year. Hmm… not a bad squad to have but when you think you are just one signing away from having a side that can continue to be challenging on all fronts then it’s less than comforting to see the way we have done business this summer.

We need an out and out striker who can play maybe from the game following Portsmouth, ideally. If we don’t then I would tend to think it to be a bad summer in terms of transfer business.

In better news, at least some of our players, who had gone out, are returning in one piece. Anderson will be back in the weekend, Tevez will be back after being involved in a friendly with Argentina. Ji-Sung Park is making good progress whilst Hargreaves and Giggs could make it back for training this week.

So in short, it looks like Tevez will surely make it for Pompey. I think I’ll take that. It’s a good thing our game is on Monday although we travel to Monaco for the Super Cup game against Zenit on the 29th. I would love for our lads to win that trophy, and I think it will be more an opportunity for the likes of Anderson and Nani to get their first real competitive first team action. Perhaps, Fergie might throw in the Brazilians if we do manage a couple of early goals.

As an aside, Zenit, who we will be facing in the Super Cup, will be without Arshavin to avoid risking injury so that he could move to Spurs. Could that lead them to selling Berbatov to us?

Hope springs eternal.



  1. Gabriel

    August 25, 2008 at 9:17 am

    @edi: lol, Fergie is the Master!. 😛
    You still have to give credit to Levy though, he put up a good fight!. At least now they have proved they are not so much a feeder club and can resist the overtures of bigger clubs when it comes down to their stars. Next time a big club wants to come in for their big players, they’ll at least think twice, and I think that was partly Levy’s aim.

    As per Berbatov, wouldn’t it be funny if he was sitting in the stands at the Portsmouth game today?. 😛 (seeing as Ramos apparently had no idea if he was in White Hart Lane on saturday)

  2. edi

    August 25, 2008 at 9:27 am

    @Gabriel: lol m8. Did you see motd on saturday! God it was hilarious. After the Tottenham game, Poyet was asked about the berbatov situation, and after saying “he was not in the right mental comdition to play” he was told that Berbatov was in the right mind to score two goals for Bulgaria!! Priceless!!

  3. Gabriel

    August 25, 2008 at 10:10 am

    @edi: lol, dat interview was funny, wasn’t it!. The guy was flushed after the interviewer nullified his berbatov frame of mind comment lol. Gus Poyet said, “How do the English say, not in the right frame of mind”… well Gus, how do the Uruguan say, “usted fue embarrased” lol :mrgreen:

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