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Rooney: “United not good enough”

article-2430118-182BD4A600000578-279_634x456Wayne Rooney has criticised United’s performance – or rather, lack of – against Manchester City on Sunday, as the Reds suffered one of the most embarrassing derby defeats in recent years.

United ensured David Moyes’ first Manchester derby was one to forget as they surrendered four goals in the first 50 minutes, with City punching holes through United’s midfield at will, Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand buckling under pressure against Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Negredo and Danny Welbeck never involved in the game.

Rooney was arguably the only United player to deserve some credit as, unlike the majority of his team-mates, the 27-year-old at least seemed to care about the result and refused to let the game pass him by.

“It is not good enough. We know we have to improve on that and stop giving these sloppy goals away and try to capitalise on some of our good play, which I thought there was even if it was too late in the game.

“Fair enough, City deserved the victory. We gave sloppy goals away. As I said before, it is not good enough,” said Rooney whose wonderful free-kick three minutes from time took his tally for the club to 201, a statistic he wasn’t too interested in considering the circumstances

“It is nice to score but it means nothing. It is a bad day for us but we have another big game against Liverpool on Wednesday. We will forget about this now and try to move on in that one. It is the ideal game. Any game against Liverpool is a big game, whether it is a friendly or Capital One Cup or Premier League. It is still massive,” said the United striker whose gone from misfit to talisman in the space of six weeks.

Nemanja Vidic, who incidentally made his Manchester United debut in a 4-1 defeat away at Manchester City, seconded Rooney’s words and admitted Wednesday’s Capital One Cup game against Liverpool can’t come soon enough.

“The most important thing that the new manager and the old manager said was that you have to bounce back and win the next game.

“It hurts. You don’t want to lose derby games in this way and trust me no-one will want to remember this.”



  1. The_Philosopher

    September 24, 2013 at 9:11 am

    How many times have we said this “Lets bounce back” line?

    Under Ferguson we would lose. He would unleash the hairdryer. And then we would go on a 10 or 15 or 20 game winning streak.

    With Moyes it looks like we’re gonna be picking our selves up and claiming how renowned we are at coming back from defeat at least twice a month. . .

  2. Stephen

    September 24, 2013 at 9:18 am

    Rooney was superb on Sunday, showed fight and spirit, which Fellaini and Young did not.

    We have 5 games coming up and we need to take 15 points without fail. The press are desperate for Moyes to fail. He has had a very tough start, but it has been a disappointing, if not unexpected one. the transition form Fergie to anyone was never going to be easy. Choosing someone like Moyes for the long term, rather than a Mourinho for the short was always going to be the clubs strategy. The jury is well and truly out if he is the right man for the job, but it would be unfair to judge him on 5 games, 3 of which are far from easy.

    We all want instant success and with Woodward also new to the club and exuding a level of incompetence which hasn’t been seen since Bebe, we are embarking a new era. One thing I am certain of, Moyes will get time. Luckily for “Davie” he was born in Glasgow, this will help and Fergie I am sure will have an influence if he is given his P45.

    • The_Philosopher

      September 24, 2013 at 9:53 am

      @Stephen: Aww shame poor baby.

      Davie had 3 really hard games did he?

      You mean the ones he was too chicken to even try win?

    • AndyCR7

      September 24, 2013 at 2:02 pm

      @Stephen: All we want is him putting out a strong line up. And from first five matches it is pretty much evident that he doesn’t even know who are his strongest players.

      • Stephen

        September 24, 2013 at 2:06 pm

        @AndyCR7: Against Bayer Leverkusen my belief was that was the strongest side I had seen for seasons.
        He needs to give nani, Hernandez and Kagawa a run. Young was been woeful, Welbeck simply can’t score and Valencia looks very in and out.

  3. The_Philosopher

    September 24, 2013 at 9:50 am

    Robin van Persie is a really good player. He is the best player we have in the squad. But we can’t ignore the fact that he has a history of injury.

    I think for Moyes to “over train him” when he joined up with the team on pre-season tour was a dim witted move from a manager who has never run a team that plays at this level. I think its poor judgement from Moyes to push a player with RVP’s history of injury.

    I think RVP needs to be rested every now and then because I think pushing him too hard and relying on him only to carry this team isn’t wise.

    We have enough attacking players to rotate. We really have nothing to lose at the minute. We’re playing it safe trying to save protect avoid what? We don’t need to play RVP every game. Lets use the squad and win as a team. Not as a bunch players who are finished without our two star strikers.

    RVP is injured now so he can get some rest and hopefully be back soon.

    This is the perfect time to play Rooney and Kagawa up front. Hopefully Moyes will catch on.

    Rooney is playing really well at the moment. So its hard to argue against fielding him.

    Wilfred Zaha has been left out in the cold. I hope to see him against Liverpool in the Capital One clash. I really can’t imagine him not featuring tomorrow night.

    Zaha is a dynamic player and he needs to be given his chance.

    Antonio Valencia is finished as an attacking player as far as I’m concerned. He really needs to hang up his boots as a winger. Its over for him. And lets stop fooling ourselves that he is gonna get any better because even at his best he’s got nothing on Zaha and Nani.

    I think there are few people who try make the argument that Valencia is a more incisive player than Nani or Zaha or Januzaj for that matter.

    Valencia needs to start training to be a right back or defensive midfielder now. The player himself needs to call it a day now. Moyes is an idiot for persisting with him on the right wing.

    Danny Welbeck is a bit out of form now so I think he should be doing some solid bench time until he comes right.

    Throwing him in against a big teams like City didn’t work this time although he is our go to guy for the big games.

    Shinji Kagawa is out of form and desperately in need of games. When he is in form he is one of the most dangerous attacking players in the world.

    Ashley Young. Is not of United quality. End of. He needs to go in January. He is surplus to requirements and really shouldn’t be allowed to play for us any more.

    That Young has gotten games ahead of Nani is beyond scandal.

    Nani needs to be played regularly to boost his confidence get some form. Ideally he should be deployed on the right wing but with Zaha needing games I would sacrifice Nani and play him on the left where he is still a threat.

    Michael Carrick is over rated as far as I’m concerned. He is still a very good player. But he is not undroppable as everybody seems to think.

    Fellaini is still trying to find his way at United so I don’t really have an opinion about him just yet.

    Chicharito has been so patient with this club. Hopefully he starts tomorrow against liverpool. I’m holding my breathe hoping that Moyes will play Januzaj, Kagawa and Zaha as the support players behind Chicha.

    But knowing the coward/idiot Moyes is, Rooney might find his way onto the team sheet. Rooney should be on the bench in reserve. He shouldn’t start.

    Adnan Januzaj is the business and should be starting every other week for the United first team. He should be on the bench for every game because of his versatility.

    I don’t think I have seen anyone who is as confident and comfortable on the ball as this kid. Its a crime that he has seen so much bench this season.

    At least Moyes did the responsible thing and played solid players like Ashley Young. Because lets be honest, things could have turned out real bad for us this season had Moyes done something as crazy as playing Januzaj instead. In Moyes we trust right.

    Rafael needs to stop being injured now because we need him. Rafael and Zaha should be given that right wing to rule like kings.

    I’m so glad Moyes played Valencia instead of Zaha on the right this past Sunday. Otherwise City could have really destroyed us coming down that right wing.

    Playing Vidic and Ferdinand isn’t a smart move. They are both old. We need to partner Evans and Ferdinand. And then the following game play Vida and Smalling.

    Jones is also worth a shot at CB in partnership with either Rio and Vidic.

    Even Ferguson knew not to play them together. Moyes is so far off the pace its shocking.

    Evra is great but he can’t play in every game like he is doing. Fielding Buttner tomorrow against Liverpool doesn’t give me any confidence. We should have gotten Coentrao.

    De Gea is looking a little shell shocked with all the goals he is conceding

    Hopefully Moyes fields a bold team selection tomorrow.

    But it is a knock out game so Moyes will do the right thing and play it safe by fielding Ryan Giggs (Idiot move)

    I’m losing my optimism. . .

  4. The_Philosopher

    September 24, 2013 at 9:58 am

    @Stephen: Lets see how he does in the next 5 games.

    Maybe we will see some positive changes.

    Hoping for 15 points out of a possible 15 seems a little optimistic to me at the moment.

    But lets see how he does.

    Lets call this chapter “The next 15”

    • The_Philosopher

      September 24, 2013 at 10:55 am

      @The_Philosopher: I think the opening chapter we can call “Baptism of fire” because thats what it was.

      The first 5 games were really tough. And if you ask me I would say that Moyes was hanging on tightly, until his knuckles went white, to a play it safe strategy to see him through the first 5 games.

      Now we’re facing the next 5 and I think we can expect a shift in his approach to games. I seriously expect to see more of Zaha and Januzaj and Kagawa.

      And less of Valencia and Young.

      With Moyes assuming the upcoming games to be easier we should see some risk taking and hopefully some more wins.

      Moyes is standing on very dangerous ground. He needs to start winning otherwise things could turn really ugly if he keeps not winning.

      He is in a precarious position with the media just waiting to devour every miss step and some fans primed and ready to turn on him should our slide from grace continue.

      Here’s hoping.

  5. Julian

    September 24, 2013 at 10:31 am

    There was always going to be huge pressure on Moyes and now it might build to almost intolerable levels if results don’t go United’s way in the next couple of weeks. Clearly he was concerned with the daunting fixtures at the start. Having got those out of the way he might feel a bit freer to make some changes particularly as regards bringing in youngsters such as Zaha and Januzaj. Hopefully both will play against Liverpool and that a positive performance and result will ensue to boost confidence. But don’t expect Moyes to go overboard with the changes. He’s still relying on experience to see him past the initial settling in period which might be as long as his first season. Unfortunately Fergie left Moyes with a team which needed strengthening – particularly in midfield. This should have been a priority in terms of planning and execution in the recent transfer window. Sadly the whole exercise was botched and we were left with Fellaini who doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Early days admittedly but when I think we could have had Strootman whose style seemed ideal and who went to Roma for just 16m I cant help thinking we missed yet another opportunity. Anyway Moyes has Rooney playing almost at his peak again and with the possibility of a flourishing partnership developing between him and RVP, there are a number of positives. If he can fit Kagawa into the scheme of things and get away from playing two wingers – if he can solve the defensive roles they also play – then we could get back on track quite quickly. He must realise that he’s going to have to rotate Rio and Vidic. They simply cannot play every game. Evans must be given game time and hopefully Rafael and Jones will get back to playing soon. I’d give Buttner a run in place of Evra who, whilst still effective on attack, seems incapable of getting back to thwart the opposition when they have the ball. Maybe Buttner can offer a better alternative defensively. So Moyes should be positive and there is now a run of fixtures where United can hopefully get back on track.

    • The_Philosopher

      September 24, 2013 at 10:41 am

      @Julian: Agreed

      Rio and Vida can’t play every game. We need to integrate Evans into the mix.

  6. The_Philosopher

    September 24, 2013 at 10:33 am

    So far this season Moyes has Won: 2, Drawn: 1 and Lost: 2.

    Yep that’s about right. That’s pretty much in line with his preseason form.

    In pre-season Moyes Won: 3, Drew: 2 and Lost: 3

    If we were to project our season using Moyes’ current form we would end with this:

    Won: 14 Drawn: 10 Lost: 14

    Thats a total of 52 points this season.

    52 points on the final day of last season would have gotten you 8th place. 9 points behind 7th place Liverpool.

    Its still early days so you would expect this trend to change for the better but lets wait and see.

    • Julian

      September 24, 2013 at 11:31 am

      @The_Philosopher: The problem for Moyes is that he has no record of success unlike say Mourinho whose also got off to a bit of a dodgy start at Chelsea. However, nobody’s questioning his ability as a manager because he has the track record of success wherever he goes to back him up. Unlike with Moyes everyone knows he’s a winner. People expect things to come right but with Moyes everyone will remain sceptical until he actually starts winning – first the big games and then the trophies. Unfortunately he’s failed with the big games so far and until he starts, as a first step, to beat our main rivals that unsettling scepticism will remain. Wednesday is the next test. Good luck to him.

  7. The red baron

    September 24, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    What totally amazed me about Sunday was the complete lack of leadership and fighting spirit in that team(except for Rooney).spineless and clueless. Where was the desire to try and salvage any sort of pride out of this debacle?.sadly none.I said during the game it was like watching an u13s game, coached by an enthusiastic parent . Nothing since has made me change that opinion. To many people in this team just think they’re an automatic first choice and don’t seem worried about competition for their place. I just don’t think this squad is as strong as some people think.Most top teams will have at least 2 top quality players fighting for the same position. Can we say that? , No. The chickens are starting to coming home to roost now. When you sell the world’s best player for £80+ million and reinvest next to nothing of it in players, this is what happens. To many players in a squad who ar e simply not utd standard. Add that to a new manager who seems at the moment, terrified of making a positive decision, thenIit spells some tough times ahead. To many mistakes are being made at on and off the pitch at the moment, a cool head is needed. That’s why, for me, was idiotic to discard knowledgeable experienced backroom staff and replace them with coaches not proven at the highest level. Moyes neads to man up. Start by demanding that the purse strings are properly released in january and 2 or 3 high quality players are brought in.ship out the deadwood and just start being positive in his team selection choice. Moyes certainly wasn’t my choice to replace saf, but he’s hear now and that’s it. He’ll get my support as long as he’s showing he’s taking the club in the Wright direction and he’s prepared to make the unpopular decisions as long as we’re moving forward and getting back to playing fluent attacking football instead of sending teams out with intention of securing a point instead of going for the win.

  8. shickst

    September 24, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    moyes is sayingg that the players need to react but I think he should, I mean we are being hammered four goals and there are a lot of talented players on the bench.that was where fergie thrived change a player and you turn a game on its head.why buy zaha kagawa, resign nani and not play should react I insist

  9. Dan

    September 24, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Two defeats in five games is hardly a positive start and the way we lost on Sunday is inexcusable. Personally, however, I feel that pressing the panic button is short-sighted and easy, way too easy. Nobody, and I mean not even the most fervent of Reds expected the transition from Fergie to Moyes to be smooth. It had to be made as smooth as possible and Moyes must have thought that relying on a settled XI for the first couple of games was his best bet to negotiate the tough start he was given.

    Alas, it wasn’t, but he shouldn’t be crucified for that. I mean, for Christ’s sake, over the last couple of seasons we were all moaning about Fergies’ tombola and now we are moaning when a manager has an established XI in mind?

    This season, whether a majority of our fans like it or not, will be one of transition and unless we want to endure such a season every second year, people better start getting behind Moyes for if we have to support a player who wants to leave the club (i’m not pointing the finger at Rooney, I’m talking in a more general sense) for as long as he wears the shirt, then we have to the same with the manager.

    At 4-0 down on Sunday, all you could hear were our supporters belting out chants like we’d just won the league, yet some Reds act like we’ve never lost a derby or received a proper hiding. It happened under Fergie and it’ll happen again.

    Moaning about how glorious the past has been doesn’t help anyone, just ask those twats down the East Lancs Road.

    • Stephen

      September 24, 2013 at 4:40 pm

      @Dan: In football like life it is always easy to dwell on the negative. Fandom is a rollercoaster ride of ups and very sharp downs. After the Champions league game in the week, I felt buoyed, I was pleased to see Kagawa, Rooney and RvP play together and Fellaini showed promise. On Sunday the heavens crashed round my ears again, we were out played, out muscled and out thought by a side wanting it more.
      Tomorrow night maybe again, a sharp up, or a down to the depths I haven’t felt for over 26 years.
      As supporters, we haven’t had a new manager for 26 years. We have been lucky with stability and succeeds. The criticism Ferguson took on this site always enraged and baffled me. He could get players to play well above themselves, which not many managers can do. This was down to his charisma, the fact that every single player in the squad he brought in as well as respect.
      This day was always going to happen, a new manager. Some felt a foreigner was the way forward, especially as domestically we had great success, but in Europe less so. Others wanted a stable influence like Moyes, who would not upset a very successful apple cart and would continue where Fergie left off.
      What we do need though, is to give the new manager time. We mat not agree with many of his tactics, team selections and signing, but he is not going anywhere. I have always been a sceptic, I generally do believe Fergie is provincial enough to want a fellow Jock at the club, he was always a good one for “jobs for the boys” But to write him off after 5 games is stupid. United are a massive club and he needs time to adjust, especially with a tough start.
      I am not sold on Moyes, but I would rather him than say Mourinho.
      Lets give him time.

    • The_Philosopher

      September 24, 2013 at 8:22 pm

      @Dan: I know its gonna be a long road and its way too early to judge.

      But all I have to go on is the 5 games that I have seen.

      I’m not calling for Moyes’ head. I’m voicing my displeasure at what I have seen so far.

      You say there is nothing wrong with choosing a solid starting 11 that he can trust in and rely on.

      I say you have to be real dumb to persevere with some one like Valencia when your team is not scoring any goals from open play.

      When an obvious deficiency shows up with the direction you’re going in doesn’t it occur to you to make adjustments to the initial plan?

      Or do you blindly and blithely keep going in the same course that is destined to crash without taking into account whats working and whats not?

      David Moyes deserves more of a kick up the rear than his players right now.

      Established XI my foot!

      Its a transition for sure. But Moyes isn’t achieving anything with his asinine team selections. I wouldn’t be anywhere near as mad and disappointed if at least gave Zaha and Januzaj more game time.

      Losing is fine. But losing like this is awful.

      Waiting for a season or two is fine. But looking like headless chickens while we do is not fine.

      Transition is always difficult. And another man in david Moyes shoes would also have it hard. But Moyes’ constant fumbling whether its on the pitch or off the pitch or in the transfer window is just awful to watch.

      Rant over.

    • The_Philosopher

      September 24, 2013 at 8:25 pm

      @Dan: Focusing on the negatives isn’t constructive or helpful to anyone. So please help out here Dan.

      What are the positives that we have to hold on to?

      You tell me.

      Right now I can think only of Rooney’s form, Fellaini’s introduction and Januzaj’s proximity to the first team.

      Other than that its all dark for me.

      What else is there to look forward to?

    • The_Philosopher

      September 24, 2013 at 8:56 pm

      @Dan: 5 games really isn’t anything to go on when making judgments

      But 5 games is all I have to go on.

      Or should I just stay away from Red Rants until I have something to smile about?

      All I’m saying is. After 5 games and a horrible transfer season and a horrible pre-season I don’t have too much to point at and say “David Moyes is my man. Love the way he handled this or that. . .”

  10. Julian

    September 24, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    Very valid comment in those last two posts. This is a huge transition. I’ve just heard Alan Curbishley say that he reckoned Fergie got an extra 10% – 15% out of his players at least. That covered up for the fact that the squad was not nearly as good as it was made out to be. According to Curbishley what was needed (his words) was the introduction of three or four newcomers in the transfer window not just one! Not only would that have strengthened the squad considerably but it would have given the current players a big lift in the same way when RVP came in. I also see that Moyes is now admitting this is bigger than even he imagined and that it is a long term project which is going to take time. So I’m afraid, like it or not, we have to be patient.

    • The red baron

      September 24, 2013 at 6:39 pm

      @Julian: moyes does nead time to implement the changes he wants. Problem is, he’s not gonna get that time if he keeps sending teams out with a defeatist attitude. Moyes had one plan against city, and that was not to get beat.just dull negative tactics. Think most fans accept this is not gonna be an easy transition, due to various reasons. But what moyes has got to understand is we won’t accept dull ultra cautious football. Seems he’s yet to buy into the utd philosophy of entertaining attacking football. We’re gonna lose games during this transition, but at least show some passion and
      Commitment, both of which we’r lacking against the bitters.

      • The_Philosopher

        September 24, 2013 at 8:35 pm

        @The red baron: Thanks so much Red B. What you say is so true.

        We the fans don’t mind losing. But we do mind the cowardly tactics of David Moyes.

        People on here purporting to be the level headed voices of reason seem to overlook the fact that Moyes needs time to CHANGE things around here yet he’s hanging on to tired old Ferguson safety tactics that are completely devoid of any revolution.

        Moyes is changing NOTHING. If he was playing Zaha, Januzaj, Nani and Kagawa and losing it would be ok.

        But he’s doing the same nonsense Ferguson was doing; playing Giggs and what not.

        He’s turning to Valencia, Young and Welbeck just like Ferguson did.

        There is no change. There is no revolution.

        Nothing is different.

        And therefore there is only anger!!!

        We don’t want a cardboard cut out of Ferguson. We want someone who is going to lead this club BOLDLY.

        Moyes looks like a sheep not a lion.

  11. Karl

    September 24, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    I know that “we need to get behind the manager” and “give Moyes a chance” and that he’s here “for the long term”… But, I DON’T LIKE HIM AS MANAGER. NEVER HAVE…NEVER WILL. He is even more boring than what Fergie was in his last few years. I would jave loved for someone to come in and change things around. But, alas, I need to come to grips that.. no one at OT gives a damn about what I want. (to think all I want is some exciting, entertaining football). Unfortunately, apparently, that is not feasible…
    I just have a question… what is it with Moyes and non-europeans? Will South Americans ever feature at OT? Is Valencia the window dressing? I’m not claiming that he is any sort of racist, but just that the South American type of skill play will never grace OT…we will always be subjected to worker-bee players.
    Also…I think the manager is somewhat of an idiot for playing a head injured Rooney in the center and focussing the gameplan on playinh wide… how come no one in their post-match analysis pointed that out? Have you noticed any aerial crosses comming in? Of course not…our striker has a head injury. What was upsetting to see was not how easy it was to nullify our attacks (what 3 shots on goal?), but the fact that the gameplan did not change. Instead, we push Fellaini forward…exposing midfield evrn more.
    just silly.

  12. The_Philosopher

    September 24, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    I really wanted to change my tone to a more positive one after the Bayer Leverkusen game.

    I really did. But that hot mess that was on display at the Etihad seems to have put paid to my good intentions.

    So now that I have gotten all the bile out. I’m gonna try again.

  13. Jay Wire

    September 25, 2013 at 12:37 am

    Well,now David Moyes is coming out to say he needs one or two players to come straight into the team aka world class players. Erm, is this guy unaware that this kind of thing happens during a nine or ten week transfer window which expired nearly four weeks ago. Everyday, David Moyes makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to support him. He is completely out of his depth here. Even from a PR perspective. He is also warning that there will be even more humiliations like this in the coming weeks. This guy has never opened his mouth to say the right thing ever since it was revealed he would be United manager. That’s the most amauterish thing to say. You have to say something arrogant,something defiant. Not an Everton mediocre thing like that. He is definitely not the man for the job. Pellegrini is in the exact same position and has the added pressure of not having PL experience. So why does Moyes need more time. He brought Fellaini whom he knows and,declared that he justified that shambolic transfer business. So why is he now saying he needs world class players. He was offered Ozil,together with Pellegrini and they both turned him down. He was enquiring about De Rossi,from Capello. I mean,who the hell doesn’t know about De Rossi,except ignorant man? You enquire about Januzaj,or Jonas Hoffman,not proven internationals like De Rossi. Those you simply bid crazy money for. The scouting network had been tracking Thiago for the past three years and I distinctly remember Barca having to put a near €100m clause in his contract due to persistent monitoring. Imagine the scouts disappointment when Moyes again turned him down because he didn’t really know the player. What kind of players is he familiar with then? The mediocre kind? The guy infuriates me to bits. Why did he turn down Thiago. He is an obvious talent and clearly walks into the team ahead of all our options. He was cheap too. You would think the shame would cease after the disasterous transfer window but you’d be wrong. The shame continues. Just to add insult to injury,he needs time to figure out if Kagawa and Nani are better options than Valencia and Young. Not only does he mess up the opportunities to sign world class players,he won’t play the talent he has. If the jury is still out there they need to be shot. The verdict is in : Moyes is totally incompetent for this job. Guilty till proven innocent

    • Redrich

      September 25, 2013 at 1:52 am

      @Jay Wire: The one thing that Moyes is saying, which hasn’t been said in years (and is still to this day, a source of division amongst United faithful), is that the quality of the squad is not good enough.
      So kudos to him for calling the lavatory a shit-hole and making noises that the “give-him-a-chance-just-like-they-gave-SAF” brain trust will find hard to ignore.
      Personally, I think he’s toast because he is dividing the fans with his conservative approach and he is making the Glazers’ skin crawl with his call for much more new talent.
      The United approach will allow him enough rope but ultimately he will be lynched early one spring morning and
      we’ll then be on to Martinez of perhaps Giggs or Ole for the new crack of the Glazer whip.

    • The_Philosopher

      September 25, 2013 at 3:04 am

      @Jay Wire: You know whats so upsetting with David Moyes is that he is in the same position as Manuel Pellegrini but he chose to play it safe and got put to the sword. And rightly so.

      Here’s one of Moyes’ biggest indictments yet; During one of the interviews in the build up to the Manchester Derby Pellegrini stated clearly that “its more important to win than not to lose”

      For Pellegrini winning was first prize not not losing.

      Oh but David “I-am-quite-clueless-actually” Moyes decided that its best to be safer and try not lose. Yes David lets contain City because we really don’t have any other option.

      Moyes has been just awful as a manager so far.

      Just awful.

      His current record as United manager stands as:

      Played: 14

      Won: 6

      Drawn: 3

      Lost: 5

      I’m still waiting to see how he turns things around. But Moyees has given me nothing so far to suggest that he is the man for the job.

      Installing Steve Round and Lumsden was not a smart move in my book.

      Buying Fellaini for more than He was worth was sheer incompetence because Moyes should have just put his foot down and fronted the money before the clause expired. Moyes should have made the decision about Fellaini in July and not on the last day of the transfer window.

      Parking Zaha and opting for Valencia is the dumbest decision I have ever seen. Zaha doesn’t even get the last 15minutes of games.

      The evidence points to Moyes being inadequate but its not enough for a conviction so far. I am waiting til late to judge.

      The jury is still out for me. I cannot give a final judgement until I have enough evidence. So please don’t shoot me Jay.

      • Redrich

        September 25, 2013 at 5:05 am

        @The_Philosopher: “But Moyees has given me nothing so far to suggest that he is the man for the job”.

        And of course David Moyes and his entire coaching staff, as challenged as they are, will ponder over your expert opinion.
        Your opinion will change like the direction of the wind and in a day/week/month you will be blowing a totally different tune.
        You probably won’t deny it either!! 😯

        • The_Philosopher

          September 25, 2013 at 8:56 am

          @Redrich: I think the nature of that comment implies that I am going to change my tune.

          If Moyes continues in his current vein then I will keep ragging on him.

          If he changes and gives me something positive to judge him on the I will change my tune and praise him for what he has done.

          Credit where credit is due.

  14. Jay Wire

    September 25, 2013 at 1:14 am

    Now I have also never tried to hide the fact that Ferguson was not my favorite person in the world. I respected him,but his ways infuriated me to no end. I feel,no remorse in saying this,because my philosophy is if you are in a job you better make ot work. I thought from everything other than tactics and consistency in team selection, Ferguson was the man for the job. He knew what to say to the press or players. He knew how to instill that intangible thing called winning mentality. It is often taken for granted, but the players and fans at United have always thought and believed they are entitled to every trophy available. This is almost entirely due to Ferguson. No wonder everyone hates United. We don’t accept anything other than three points. As the saying goes “we do what we want”. Thats the United way that has now gone to the dogs. Now we have a manager who after a derby humiliation comes out to say “it’s because I don’t have world class players” and “more of these performances are inevitable in the weeks ahead”. Pathetic. What kind of message is he sending? I think as fans we need to take matters into our own hands. We need to put the message across quite clearly that we don’t accept or deserve this crap. The fact that they had to write a statement however unsatisfactory,to justify the transfer nonsense we experienced during the window,is testament that the voice of supporters is critical. If we make enough consistent noises maybe we can panel beat the club into tye right shape. Someone could start a Twitter craze like #NeverAgain, where people say stuff like “never again should Moyes speak to the media” or “never again should Kagawa be not found in the first eleven”. Something. If the .#FreeShinji campaign turned into something,then we could do our own thing that could turn to something. I know I’m dreaming here but I can tell you,its better than not doing a thing to stop this nightmare.

  15. Jay Wire

    September 25, 2013 at 1:27 am

    I just can’t understand why noone is concerned about Moyes recent comments. Doesn’t anyone else see whats going on? I just can’t let this go. How did we hire this guy? Wtf. I don’t believe this. I think maybe I’ll call it a night. What a nonsense decision to hire Moyes vs the likes of Antonio Conte or Jurgen Klopp. I hope this doesn’t sound too politically incorrect,but I’m not for hiring British nationals to coach meaningful football teams. It has nothing to do with their nationality per se, but their abysmal track record. Moyes has done everything he possibly can to emphasize thing. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he has done everything possible,because there is “more to come”.

    Can’t believe this crap

  16. ForeverRed

    September 25, 2013 at 2:34 am

    I personally don’t think the XI we played against City on Sunday is very much different from what Fergie would have put out (though we might have seen Giggs instead of Fellani!). I am also certain that we would have been beaten with Fergie in charge. Not so meekly, but beaten nonetheless. This City team played far better than the one that we lost to at the Ethiad in 2012 – the game in which many of us roundly criticised Fergie’s team selection.

    Moyes is (over) relying on the experienced players – supposedly the best we have. He’d hoped to rely on their experience to get us through the tough opening period. They by and have large let us down. Proven internationals, winners, seasoned professionals who should not need a manager to get them motivated and on their game to face the noisy neighbours. Moyes was certainly too slow to see that things were not working on Sunday. Sadly, there isn’t a game changer on the bench for him to turn to – just as Fergie himself often found out against the big boys over the last 3 seasons. (And yes, things did look better when Cleverley came on, but I attribute this largely to City taking their foot off the pedal; at 4-0 I saw there being a real possibility of this being 6 or 7, so disorganized did we look).

    The transfer window was a missed opportunity and did not reflect positively on anyone involved. The 1st XI as we all know needs quality additions – especially, but not only, in midfield. I believe Moyes is now seeing its limitations all too close and personal. Given there will be no arrivals until January at the earliest (more likely summer), Moyes is going to have to take some risks and blood some of the current fringe players (Zaha, Nani, Januzaj, Kagawa). I believe most fans (this one for sure) will be willing to be patient if we see more of the youngsters who have something to prove, and frankly can do little worse than some of the current first team incumbents that have fallen into the comfort zone, or were never good enough to start with.

    I said at the beginning of the season that this was going to take time and patience would be needed. Even Fergie would struggle this season to squeeze much more out of our unbalanced & aging team. And given his recent record, I don’t think he would be turning to many of the youngsters to bail us out and by the same token, probably wouldn’t have strengthened the midfield! So let’s accept that the starting materials were not suggestive of an upward trajectory for the new manager.

    The encouraging thing for me is we have a number of exciting, skilful youngsters with us, or on loan – we need to give them a chance and cast away the mediocrity that is clogging up the team. Supplemented with a couple of world class recruits and things could be looking up. But realistically, we’ll not be able to assess Moyes’s vision/team until this time next year, after the next summer transfer window. However, the signs of progress must be evident in the coming weeks with what we’ve got to work with today – namely giving a lot more time to those that have been on the fringes up until now. Let’s see if he is willing to cast off the shackles!

    • The_Philosopher

      September 25, 2013 at 3:17 am

      @ForeverRed: Moyes has been trying to save face with his play it safe tactics. But he failed.

      Playing it safe has still yielded the results he was trying to avoid so now he must just gamble.

      We have nothing to lose so lets play Januzaj and Zaha.

      They can’t do worse than the incumbents surely.

      Well said FR.

  17. Stephen

    September 25, 2013 at 6:15 am

    Jay, look on the brightside, you always have your other teams you support, Barca and Juve to fall back on. 🙄

    • Jay Wire

      September 25, 2013 at 7:00 pm

      @Stephen: Ha ha ha. Very witty and useless. Obviously the clear translation is “go support Juve and Barca you plastic fan”. And I guess that makes you the famous True Fan. The season ticket holder who bleeds red and has given everything for the past one hundred years. Please bear with plastic fans like me. We didn’t choose this life,we were made that way. I hope to reach the self righteous dizzy heights of your Salford throne one day

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