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RVP is back to scoring ways as United win at Stoke [WALLPAPER]



Van Persie finds the net again as United grab the 3 points at Stoke.

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  1. godzilla

    15 April 2013 at 16:22

    RUmors about rooney to PSG gathering pace! another of those ‘ Cross me and you are dead’ Fergie deals. Maybe one of the reasons he is playing way under par these days?

    • The_Philosopher

      16 April 2013 at 08:18

      @godzilla: Maybe.

      I would be sad to see Rooney go but on the other hand I would also be very relieved for Shinji Kagawa.

      Also getting 250 000 pounds per week off the books would be welcome.

  2. The_Philosopher

    17 April 2013 at 09:18

    I must say I am frustrated by Ferguson’s striker selections some times.

    Chicharito has seen too much of the bench this season for a striker who is scoring his fair share of goals.

    Robin van Persie just went through a dry spell of 10 games and Ferguson didn’t even think of starting Chicha. Ok I’m exaggerating but the point is the way things are going it seems as though RVP is our only option when it comes to leading the attack. And think thats rubbish. Given the opportunity Chicha is a more than capable substitute.

    But he can’t do it on his own. He needs adequate support. Same goes for RVP by the way.

    I would love to see Chicha partner Shinji Kagawa in attack because Kagawa can provide the kind of service into the box that a goal poacher like Chicha needs.

    Kagawa would play behind Chicha linking defense to attack.

    In this kind of formation I would play Rooney on the right wing for his work rate and his ability to provide cover at the back in support of Rafael. And also for his ability to pass and get semi decent crosses into the box.

    Ferguson plays Welbeck at right wing over the subpar messieurs Young and Valencia because of Danny’s work rate and hustle.

    Rooney can hustle just as well in my book but he possess an actual goal threat, more intelligent decision making and movement and better quality passing. In fairness Welbeck might just edge Rooney for pace and energy but thats negligible. Rooney can perform the same function.

    So for lack of better options on the wing I would play Rooney over Welbeck for the stated reasons.

    This way we can support the equally lethal (in my book) partnership of Chicha and Kagawa. (as RVP and Rooney are. Ok currently not equally lethal but given time to develop and settle they can do serious damage)

    This is where a left footed winger would be essential. Ryan Giggs or even Robin van Persie would have to marshal the left flank.

    We desparately need a square peg for the square hole on our left wing because RVP and Giggs would be stopgaps on the left due to their lack of pace. We need an actual first choice player for the left. Young sucks and is right footed. And Nani can’t seem to find form.

    But the purpose and point of such a formation would be to get deliveries into the box for Chicha to put away.

    Chicha is a very good striker and he is better than the treatment he has gotten at United this season.

    He has scored 16 goals from his limited appearances. What more does Ferguson want him to do.

    A player of his quality can’t sit on the bench forever. Either he gets playing time or he will move on. Ferguson is starting to ask a lot of him now.

    Him and Shinji(or RVP) playing behind him would be a great partnership in my view.

    Why Ferguson doesn’t try that formation is beyond me. Sir Alex is willing to try every other cockamamie formation except for the ones that make sense it seems.

    After the title is secured Ferguson needs to play Chicha. And even before the title is secured Ferguson needs to play Chicha. This is ridiculous.

    It would be better if Ferguson developed Chicha and Kagawa as a strike partnership reserving all the Capital One Cup games, some of the FA Cup games and the odd Premier League game for them while playing Rooney and RVP as a partnership in the bigger Prem games and the Champions League. Kind of like what he did with De Gea and Lindegaard a while back. One keeper would play the Prem the other would play the Champion’s League. But each keeper knew that they had a guaranteed game come the next Prem/Champs league fixture.

    The kid (age 24) needs more games for crying out loud! How much older does he need to get before he gets regular game time instead of his bit part super sub deal?!?!?

    Welbeck scores next to no goals and all he sees is game time. Chicha scores a gang of goals and all he sees is bench time!

    Thats United selection logic for you.

    I just needed to get that out of my system.

  3. The_Philosopher

    17 April 2013 at 15:51

    So its West Ham tonight.

    A win will put us 4 points away from the trophy and prove that the derby loss to City was just a minor blip in our title charge.

    The United juggernaut continues its onslaught and West Ham (bless their souls) stand in the way of near certain defeat. Sir Alex Ferguson has redoubled his efforts to finish the season strong by issuing a take-no-prisoners imperative. In a pre-game talk Sir Alex Ferguson told his charges to forget about the points tally and winning the league. “The season starts now” and there are six games to play. The focus is now on winning those six games.

    Entertaining fantasies about trophy celebrations and winners medals is a luxury that this United outfit cannot afford according to the gaffer.

    And that is why Sir Alex is so great. His ability to get his players motivated and ready for the next challenge is second to none.

    Wayne Rooney is quoted by Sky Sports as saying,”We don’t just want to try and win the league by getting the points we need, we want to get maximum points now from the games remaining.It’s important that you keep a run of wins going and that’s what we want to do.”

    Of course one can never rule out an upset by West Ham but the expectation of victory leans heavily in United’s favour.

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