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Schweinsteiger: “No pressure on United”

Man-Utd-vs-Wolfsburg (2)Bastian Schweinsteiger has claimed Manchester United will not feel the pressure tonight when they face Wolfsburg in a do-or-die Champions League tie.

United traveled to Germany knowing they’ll have to beat the Bundesliga side to qualify or else they will have to rely on CSKA Moscow securing at least a point in Eindhoven against PSV. However, Schweinsteiger claimed Louis Van Gaal’s side were not under any pressure and know what’s required of them tonight.

“There is no big pressure we are here and we know the situation.

“We need a good result. We have to think about our performance and what we did in Manchester [United won the reverse fixtures 2-1 after trailing 1-0 early in the game] and we want to do it again.

“It is not so easy here as at Old Trafford. It is a challenge and we have to prove ourselves. I am convinced we will play a good game.”



  1. colver

    8 December 2015 at 23:31

    Van Gaal’s decisions were completely insane. Varela, Borthwick-Johnson and Powell are not at all matchfit and incredibly inexperienced and definitely should not have been involved in such a must win game. Young can play full back and Carrick can play defence and that would have been the obvious selection to make.

    And given how makeshift our defence was it was suicidal to play with just one central midfielder especially someone as slow and past it as Schweisteneger. OK we scored two goals. But if the only way we can score is by leaving our defence completely exposed I’d rather go back to the old cagey style and just hope we start converting a few more chances. Especially as the new system clearly unsettled the team. A must win game is really not the time for experimentation.

    The injuries did not help and Wolfsburg are a quality team. What really cost us was failing to beat PSV at home with no excuses as we had a pretty full strength team. But I just thought our approach to the game was completely amateurish.

  2. JARaven

    9 December 2015 at 05:18

    Agree @colver. Did Young offend LVG?! I don’t understand how again he is overlooked for youngsters. This is another game where LVG has relied on Bastian when Carrick is the the more dynamic holding midfielder given his passing range. Completely agree though. We lost this game at Old Trafford against PSV where we should have been nore adventurous

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