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Twins are no longer United

After a few quiet days when the attention was almost entirely monopolised by Euro 2012, Fleet Street’s finest have jumped back into the transfer business as another midfielder is linked with a possible move to United.

Let’s start with the Telegraph and the Mirror as both report that Rafael has been given a new 50k-a-week- four year contract that will keep him at United until 2016.

Sir Alex Ferguson described Rafael as “one of the club’s brightest young prospects” and tipped him to “become one of the best full backs in the world,” and the Brazilian fullback will look to build on last season’s performances to nail a regular spot in the starting XI.

For one Brazilian staying, there’s another one going with Rafael’s twin brother Fabio making the long trip down south to West London.

The left back has joined QPR on a season-long loan as he looks to play first team football regularly.

Despite playing 53 times for the Red Devils, Fabio has never been a first choice, but Mark Hughes is optimistic about the Brazilian’s chances:

“It’s a great opportunity for us to loan a good, young player, who has decent experience of playing for a top club like Manchester United, he’s played a lot of senior games for United, so it shows the quality he’s got.

“I know they think very highly of him and we believe he has all the attributes to be a success here next season.

“First and foremost, he’s a good defender. He’s got great enthusiasm as well, and just like his brother, he’s a top professional.”

This leaves United with no cover for Patrice Evra in the left back spot, which could open the door for Leighton Baines who’s been on Fergie’s radar for some time now.

Meanwhile, it’s the time of the year when the Sun decides to fuel fans’hopes with their “Exclusives”.

The latest sees Neil Custis reporting that United are lining up a £25 million move for Porto playmaker Joao Moutinho, after growing fed up of chasing Luka Modric (who was, according to the same paper, on the verge of moving to Old Trafford less than a month ago) and won’t pay the £40 million Spurs want for the Croatian.

According to the Sun, despite the fact that former Porto manager Andre Villas Boas has joined Spurs less than 24 hours ago, Moutinho would still prefer a move up north.


Dan (@MUFC_dan87)



  1. Nelson

    3 July 2012 at 11:25

    I hate the name QPR. I will never forgive them for the capitulation last season (to be fair we should have wrapped it up earlier but still….) I hope we fuck them down to relegation this coming season

  2. colver

    3 July 2012 at 12:31

    It is silly. We could have signed Moutinho years ago at a fraction of the price when he was at Sporting. Veloso as well.

    If Moutinho is worth £25 million Modric is a steal at £40 million. It would be false economy to buy Moutinho.

    Fabio going on loan does seem to indicate we have a left back lined up! Which is great! About time! And hopefully if Fabio plays regularly he’ll build up some fitness and not be as brittle and injury prone.

  3. Jeet

    3 July 2012 at 13:44

    • Moscow

      3 July 2012 at 16:46

      @Jeet: Stats are for people without intuition and you’d have to be as blind as a bat to not see Baines as an improvement over Evra.

  4. RedOrDead

    3 July 2012 at 14:37

    Fergie said today that Berba is going on tour with us and we are working on one or two things in the market apparently. We will see.

  5. Craig Mc

    3 July 2012 at 17:08

    Fergie says he hasn’t treated Berba unfairly – NO, are you kidding me? I think Fergie had definitely treated Berba disrespectfully, and Berba is yet another in the long line of players who says Fergie makes promises, but they turn out to be just lies. To be honest, I believe Berba’s version of events, because Berba has been a total gent, and I feel sorry for Berba that he has no options than to go on tour with Utd. I feel the same way about the Lil man – the powers that be at OT are messing him about too, but he should take any good offers that come his way, because Euro FLOP Ashley Young is a typical Fergie pet boy. Young and Wazza can be as average as averag can be, and still get their place in the team, but at least Wazza gets the goals, he won’t get as many when Nani goes though, because Young proved on the big stage he cannot even keep the ball, let alone get in a decent cross from the wing. He is a champion diver though, should go for olympic diving gold. OK bring on all the thumbs down, at least all you that follow the appointed paths of the OT powers that be! Thinking about it though, Wazza will still get goals because we have playmakers coming in, and Valencia will have to step up his assists again, which he will I believe. Young I can’t stand, and I fail to see how he is worth 20 million. His balance and technical ability are atrocious. Soz lads, but that is just my honest opinion.

  6. Traverse

    3 July 2012 at 17:08

    Valencia is our new number 7. Powell 25, Kagawa 26.

    • AndyCR7

      3 July 2012 at 17:19

      @Traverse: Nani likes this 😛

    • Craig Mc

      3 July 2012 at 17:24

      @Traverse: Where’s the full list of the shirt numbers Trav???

      • Traverse

        3 July 2012 at 18:52

        @Craig Mc: Not out yet, just put out a statement saying those ones.

  7. Stephen

    3 July 2012 at 17:09

    Vally is our number 7, good choice I would say.

  8. Craig Mc

    3 July 2012 at 17:15

    Regarding the twins, we have kept the right one at OT, and I hope though Fabio gets his opportunities under Mark Hughes, because Macheda didn’t get any. I hope Fabio is a success and comes back to us fitter and stronger – because I really like the lad.

  9. Craig Mc

    3 July 2012 at 17:19

    So is Anderson’s time up or what? Is he on his way out does anybody know, because he has turned out to be another Michael Owen – injury prone much. Anybody think Andy will ever put in a full season for us, or are we to expect more sick notes? Not his fault that he collects injuries though, so I am not blaming him, but like Hargo he is hardly available to us since his 1st season!

  10. Craig Mc

    3 July 2012 at 17:28

    Wazza tripped over a freakin tree, boozed up plonker 😆 😆 . Not going with the team on pre season tour, and we all know how he comes back to training overweight and UNFIT, so expect a slow start from Wazza for a good couple of months eh?

    • tonymontanna4united

      3 July 2012 at 19:57

      @Craig Mc: People will probably say im being harsh and im unfairly treating rooney here with what im about to say – but i can say thats not the case as ive always supported him and considered him the best centre forward in world football- but i am really looking at him now and starting to wonder if it might be a good idea to move the lad on in the next year or 2.
      Dont know about you, but the lad to me looks like he hasnt been enjoying his football for nigh on 2 odd years now. And with all his vices away from the pitch, the partying as you mentioned and his fitness during the off season, i cant help but think this might be the start of the end for our wayne.
      Very much reminds me of gascoigne these days.
      But catch 22, were talking about one of probably only 3/4 top class players at united here, so the idea of getting rid of him and leaving the squad looking even more average is a scary one.
      Not gonna happen, but as i say, despite his goals he just doesnt look like a happy player these days. And when hes not happy, he does tend to lose an awful lot from his game.
      If we werent so bloody skint, ive give him another year, before possibly thinking of cashing in on him and going with someone else (particularly if fergie left next year and i was a new manager wanting to leave his stamp of authority on the squad).
      But who knows, im probably talking shite. The lad is still a great player at the end of the day, and his goal record last season speaks volumes. But i do worry about him looking at his position for the long term.

  11. colver

    3 July 2012 at 17:28

    Yeah Valencia is a worthy number 7. Not only does he have the ability but also the character with his superhuman ability to bounce back from injuries and pick off where he left off.

    CraigMc Ferguson’s treatment of Berbatov is atrocious. Ferguson must be the only manager who drops his leading scorer and wastes a whole year of his career. Tevez is a diva and after getting led on by Fergie did himself no favours with his vindictive attitude. But as you pointed out Berbatov has been a total gentleman.

    If Ferguson had decided he wanted to go with youth and change our style of play the fair thing to do would have been to sell Berbatov last summer. It would have also made economic sense as after scoring close to 30 goals the previous season he would have been quite marketable. Now we’d be lucky to get £10 million for him.

    • Craig Mc

      3 July 2012 at 17:49

      @colver: Colver mi man, I heard that United are asking 6 million for Berba, which is not a bad price really. I think the problem is, that Berba won’t just be sold off to any old club, and who can blame him? It is to Berba’s advantage that he play out his last year at Utd, so keeping his high salary, and going on a free next season. Berba said he talked to Fergie 10 times, and Fergie promised him every time he would get games, and yet went on to deny him games. Then Sir Ferg comes out in the press today, and says that he hasn’t been unfair to Berba. Hasn’t been unfair? Like you say top scorer, and never a moaner – Fergie needs to look in the English dictionary and read the explanation of what unfair means, because sounds to me he has absolutely no idea what it means. Sir Fergie – YOU WERE UNFAIR to Berba after he scored the goals, more than anyone else that season. If you had treated Wazza that way, he would have been off. He would have been off anyway but you greased his palms with 250 thousand quid a week – I’ll never get over your climbdown with Rooney – cos he showed you who the boss is didn’t he, and it wasn’t you on this occasion Sir Fergie!

  12. RedOrDead

    3 July 2012 at 17:49

    Valencia getting the 7 is cool with me.

    Really not impressed with the way we continue to treat Berbatov though. I really wont be suprised if Fergie drags him all over the world on tour then sells him off somewhere before deadline day anyway. He doesnt deserve the treatment he has been given by Fergie and telling him its down to going with a youth policy is a load of bull if that was the case because how does he explain the continued selection of Evra, Ferdinand, Carrick, Giggs and Scholes?

  13. Craig Mc

    3 July 2012 at 18:21

    Ok lads, I have been trying to hold back, but I can’t, I need to let go with a RED RANT 😀 . I am still smoldering – blazing inside in fact, when I look back to the Euros, and think again about things. I fail to see how Wazza got the blame for fiasco of the Italy game with our lot. Young only got criticised for missing the penalty, but he should have been TONGUE LASHED with gale force for his non performance in every game. I mean course Wazza didn’t seem to perform, how the fook could he, when he didn’t get any supply from Young and the other duck egg on the right wing – Milner. Our wingers were proper shite, and a striker can’t strike without opportunities made for him. Gerrard had his total non performance game in this match, although he had done good in the other games. Parker was carrying an injury and overworked because Gerrard was absent in the game. Now here is my big point – Nani was the United player, who not only turned up for the Euros, but gave performance, after performance. The amount of opportunities he supplied for Ronnie, and especially in the Spain game, which in my opinion Portugal should have won, but for Ronnie not taking the opportunites afforded him so often by Nani and other Portugal players. Spain were so fortunate not to be knocked out by Portugal, I really mean that – but Ronnie missed after missed opportunity. The penalty shoot out, Ronaldo should have been the 1st to step up and take a pen, but he demanded to take the 5th pen – he cost Portugal big time. Now Lil man has found his voice and gave it to Ronnie with all barrells blazing – calling him a soloist, and no team player, and just turning up to claim the glory for himself. GO LIL MAN, Kick Ronnie’s arse everytime you come into contact with him, because he does think he is better than the team, and let Portugal down. Lil man played his heart out for Portugal, and he was right to kick Ronnie’s arse when Ronnie tried to blame the manager, saying he had been forced to wait for the 5th penalty – LIAR. I hope Nani finds the same fury and voice at OT now, and dishes it back to Wazza and others who bully him. If Gill and Fergie are lying again about offering Nani a new contract, and continue to mess him about, Lil man should dig his heels in, see out his contract and go out on a free, there will be no shortage of offers, and it will be the lost income United deserve. Berba should def do the same. I am sick the way some players are treated at OT. Okay lads – RANT OVER, I am off down the pub in a bit for a few bevvies with some good mates. 😀 👿

    • tonymontanna4united

      3 July 2012 at 19:47

      @Craig Mc: Wouldnt surprise me in the slightest mate, if nani is offloaded this summer.
      Hes one of our few remaining “sellable assets” who will make us alot of dough, and with the recent comments to the press, im sure gill, glazer and indeed fergie, are looking at this licking their lips and thinking what a great time to sell the guy, whilst avoiding all blame themselves, for they can just pin it on nani and say he demanded to leave, and we dont want players like this at the club 🙄
      Watch this space i say.
      As for berba, well yeah again agree with you mate. Disgusting treatment for a guy who has behaved impeccably throughout, and shown class and total commitment to the united cause.
      Fergie knew full well he wasnt going to play him this season.
      So why for the sake of berba, did he not sell him last summer?
      His sale might have helped make up the funds we werent able to offer for sneijders signature, who knows.
      Even in january, same question. Why was berba dicked about and told he’d play a part, when he obviously wasnt?
      Questions indeed that only fergie can answer.
      Said before and i’ll say again. Fergie is a top notch football manager, but as a person seems like a complete bastard.
      If your one of the boys, he’ll treat you like a son. If your not, well to put it bluntly, your fucked. Big time.
      Unfortunately in berbas case, it seems to be the latter.
      Shame, as for me personally, i bloody love the guy. Love his style and his technique. I could watch him all day.
      But hopefully for his career, he gets a good move, and to somewhere hes appreciated and played in the correct role/system (fergie admitted his first 2 seasons he didnt even have a clue where to bloody play him 😯 ).
      Good luck to the lad, where ever his future may be i say.

    • Moscow

      3 July 2012 at 21:03

      @Craig Mc: 😆 😆 😆 I love reading your rants Craig mi man 🙂

  14. tonymontanna4united

    3 July 2012 at 19:34

    If we didnt already get the memo 3 months ago, been confirmed today:

    Fergie to MUTV: “Paul Pogba signed for Juventus a long time ago as far as we’re aware. I don’t think he showed us any respect at all”.

    Have to say, the lads a bloody idiot really. Not for leaving us as tbh i find that understandable (i’ll get to that in a minute), but to leave us and go to juve where hes never really going to get a game. Bloody fool.
    As for fergies part in all this. Well i find it rather ironic fergie going on about respect, considering the lack of it hes shown to the fans the last few years, as well as the lack of respect i feel, hes shown to pogba too.
    Bigging the lad up as a great player, and the reason we didnt pursue sneijder, to then go and overlook like him in favour of park and rafael, and give him barely 60 minutes of game time all season.
    The man needs to look in the mirror at himself a little me thinks, because hes ballsed up here just as much as pogba, if not moreso.
    Also says he doesnt know whats going on with fryers as the club havent spoken to him in months. Nice way to make you feel wanted i suppose 🙄

  15. Traverse

    3 July 2012 at 22:16

    Man Utd have filed the paperwork necessary for an IPO on the NY Stock Exchange.

  16. Andrew

    4 July 2012 at 00:28

    I see Fabio coming back from QPR stronger and more experienced. QPR had 66 goals against, so if Fabio starts he’ll get a lot of experience defending 🙂

  17. colver

    4 July 2012 at 02:08

    It is pretty harsh to say we should sell Rooney. 30 goal strikers are incredibly rare especially when you consider Rooney’s versatility and all round game. Along with Ronaldo and Messi he is one of the most complete forwards in the game. Honestly he is irreplaceable and Fergie knows it.

    When we had one of the best midfields in the world we could get away with having good but not great forwards such as Yorke and Cole and one dimensional world class strikers like Ruud. But with our mediocre midfield over the last several years we’ve needed complete forwards like Ronaldo and Rooney to make up for this.

    Welbeck and Hernandez are nowhere near Rooney’s level and never will be. And I can’t think of a single forward in world football who would be available for sale that could replace Rooney.

    People like to say Rooney is not a big game player. But this is because in the big games where he supposedly flops the entire team flops and cannot keep the ball and he ends up having to expend far too much energy leaving him exhausted and frustrated so he loses his genius and technique and becomes a workhorse. Part of that is his fault because he does not have the continental temperament to conserve energy and spring to life when the tide turns. But if England was better at controlling games and if we were better at keeping the ball against continental teams he’d shine a lot more.

    • Craig Mc

      4 July 2012 at 09:58

      @colver: Only thing I didn’t agree with you here Colver is the genius and technique bit. TECHNIQUE – ERRR what technique is that. Wazza to me isn’t a good technical player, as has been debated much before, his first touch is very poor, and the ball always rolls away from him. He used to be a very good dribbler, but he has difficulty now getting past players. His present strengths seem to be his speed when he gets a good run, his goal scoring ability, and sometimes his long passing ability. But genius and technique – nah, not for me mate! What Wazza needs is for some new class player to come in to the team, and outshine Wazza and become every bit as popular, that always seems to get Roon going, as it did when Ronnie and Tevez became OT fan favourites for excitement and great football.

      • AndyCR7

        4 July 2012 at 11:55

        @Craig Mc: I think he has lost his speed too. When was the last time he outpaced a defender and scored?

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