United confirm signing after window shuts


FellainiManchester United did in fact sign Mrouanne Fellaini for Β£27.5m making him the only Signing of the clubs farcical summer.

The fee is an embarrassing Β£4.5m more than the buy-out clause which expired at the end of July.

Reports are also confirming the club tied up the season-long loan deal of Real Madrid’s Fabio Coentrao. HOWEVER, just to add to the embarrassment, rumours are circulating that the ‘Fax’ didn’t make it in time therefore the deal has not gone through.

Surely that’s a hoax, please tell me we’re not relying on faxes in 2013!?

Well done United….Great job.



  1. finally at least we got some muscle. if we give the kids a good run out ill be fine with it til jan at least.

    everyone pray fletch comes back a world beater 8)

      • @Buggy: Prices were stupid this year. wtf. Fellaini is 27 ozil is 45 bale is 90-100??? 😯

        when is the player price bubble going to burst? πŸ™„

        • @Grognard: Couldn’t we have bought Ozil, and play him in the centre of the field? Surely it’s a better option that Cleverly, Anderson, Giggs, Fellaini, etc. I don’t want to knock Fellaini too much, seeing he hasn’t played for us yet, but surely, we could have gotten someone else.

        • @Grognard: If the Glazers alow upto 30M per year, then why did they blow it on Fellaini? Surely it would’ve been better spent on Strootman and Erickson.

  2. we should still make an offer for herrera. he will be eligible for the champions league knockout phase.

  3. So,looks like Wayne had a point.More intelligent lad,than we thought.If the Glazers do not sack Woodward or Moyes,then they were part of this debacle.Shows how good Sir Alex was,as he obviously covered up all the deficiencies at the club.
    Mr.Moyes ,what message does this send out to the football world.
    This has put more stimulus into both Liverpool and Everton.It has also put more pressure on you.
    When Sir Alex urged us to get behind the new manager,we did……..he forgot to tell the board…..and that clown Woodward…..But what is the betting that…..Moyes carries the rap…..The Glazers look more like the Muppets,Statler and Waldorf everyday….”What do you think of the show so far?”….”RUBBISH”

    • @Rob Macgregor: So true. Through Woodward’s bizarre negotiating we’ve ended up paying an extra 4 million for a player who was already badly overpriced. Under normal circumstances these penny-pinching Glazer bastards would do anything to avoid parting with an extra 4 million (for example not raising the Fabregas bid from Β£35m to the Β£40m that Barca reportedly would have accepted) so will Woodward be held accountable for needlessly pissing away 4 million of the Glazers’ precious money? Don’t hold your breath.

      • @The Truth: Everton’s hard ball stance over the fee may stem from them having to pay liege 20% of any profit from the sale of fellaini.

        • @The red baron: It may also have something to do with them having United over a barrel with our club obviously desperate to sign a midfielder with the transfer window about to close and all of our deals falling through. I’m surprised Everton didn’t demand well in excess of 30 million when they knew United were so desperate. I would have done if I was Kenwright. United are a disgrace for leaving everything so late. The Glazers, Woodward and co were well and truly exposed last night for the penny-pinchers, amateurs and downright clowns that they are. Shameful day for the club.

  4. Today has been a disaster. Yes, Fellaini improves the squad, but by how much? During the last two or three years, we managed to get by without a string CM player, because of our strong wing-play, and players like Rooney and Van Persie. But, now what? We simply cannot go forward with Giggsy, Anderson, Carrick, and Cleverly as our midfield. Giggs should be a squad player, and should only be used against weaker teams, or in situations in where we are up, and need to slow down play. Cleverly, clearly is not the caliber of player we require. Anderson has been a bit player his whole tenure at United. Carrick has been a loyal and worthy servant for United, and as much a I hate to admit it, isn’t world class. We very much needed a partner for Carrick.

    I am so saddened by what has happened. The supporters only see names linked with the team, but nothing comes into fruition. The past few seasons, we have continuously been seeing names such as Sneidjer, Strootman, Fabregas, etc. being linked with United. Nothing has developed to be true. Our club is slowly weakening, if not drastically, by the show of today’s events. I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter regarding Arsenal’s signing of Ozil. It pains me to see Ozil sign for Arsenal. Although we did not require another attacking midfielder, we did require a central midfielder.

    Honestly, I rather have the club sign no one, and have the integrity of the team, culture, supporters, and legacy be not tainted. No offense to Everton, but if teams such as the aforementioned, ‘hustle’ us, for an excess of 4, 5 million, what does it say about our club? We say we are the biggest club in the world, but nothing suggests that we are.

    Yes, we did win the league last year, but we also lost the Champions league and the other domestic tournaments. Albeit, there was a matter of the red card against Real Madrid, what matters is that we still did not win.

    We were clearly outclassed by Barcelona in the final a few years prior. We did not get past the group stage the year after and conceded defeat against Athletic Bilbao in Europa.

    I would like to rant more, but my head hurts.

    Today has been a sad day. I feel that the lack of any strong signings is the reason why. I feel that today, all that is wrong about our club has been put under the light. Today is the epitome, of the last few weeks, months, and years of bad misfortunes.

    • @Foolish: I’m in shock at what I’ve witnessed this evening. Even after the dreadful summer we’ve had I couldn’t have imagined what happened tonight – the embarrassing conclusion of the Herrera pursuit, throwing in random bids for Khedira and Coentrao and finally paying massively over the odds for Fellaini at the 11th hour, when we could have signed him two months ago for less money and had him to help us against Chelsea and Liverpool. I’m just staggered. I feel the same way I did after our 1-4 defeat to Liverpool and 1-6 defeat to City. The club has taken a beating and been absolutely humiliated in front of the world. The craziest part is the humiliation was suffered at the hands of our own chief executive.

      Also, I’ve just got up to speed on the Herrera thing. Seems we promised the kid that we’d pay his buyout clause then backed out, and have since briefed Sky Sports News that we didn’t think he was worth the fee?! (Echoes of when we pulled out of the Ljajic deal and Phelan blabbed to the press that it was because we decided Ljajic wasn’t good enough for us, then the club came out with a different excuse for us reneging on the deal.) Farcical.

      The poor kid was left waiting for his medical, thinking he was about to sign for one of the biggest clubs in the world, when we just pulled the plug. By all accounts he’s a lovely guy too. This is disgraceful. He’s giving an interview tomorrow in which he’ll explain his side of the story. Could get even more embarrassing for United yet! Right now I’m ashamed of my club.

      • @The Truth: “I feel the same way I did after our 1-4 defeat to Liverpool and 1-6 defeat to City. The club has taken a beating and been absolutely humiliated in front of the world. The craziest part is the humiliation was suffered at the hands of our own chief executive.”-The Truth

        You sum it up perfectly. I was so distraught after the Liverpool loss. We lost to a Liverpool squad, that isn’t too good to be frank, and who to be our greatest rival. What does that say about us? Albeit, our matches with Pool are always close, we claim to be the best in the world, yet we lose to a team that failed to qualify for the champions league last year.

        Nowadays, when you see the name Manchester United in the news, you only hear about their sponsors, contracts, etc. We are not discussed anymore because of our football prowess. Albeit we were champions last year, I think all United supporters will admit, our rivals did not play up to their potential. Chelsea and Manchester City were just off the mark. We managed to stay consistent and win crucial games. United is not keeping up with the rest of the big clubs. We are digressing, but we are not improving. Without the signing of Van Persie, I do not know where we would be.

        As for the Herrera situation, I do not know what to think of it. I’m hoping United officials will shed light on the issue, and deliver the truth. But it isn’t a guarantee, as seen by the Rooney fiasco. The entire summer, the club were not able to give us any indication if whether Rooney was going to stay or leave. We had to wait until we faced Chelsea, and after Mourinho decided to stop bidding. The club was basically at the wrath of Rooney, Mourinho, etc. United officals talk so much about this “club is greater than the player” stuff, how come they weren’t able to give us a definitive response regarding Rooney a week after the parade? I concede, they might have wanted to keep the situation inside, and away from the press, but the supporters could have been shown more loyalty.

        I still believe in Moyes. I don’t what to think of Woodward. I was hoping he would have the courtesy to reach out to the supporters today after the transfer window closed.

        Another thing, after it was official Fellaini was signed, how come MUTV, the official website, etc. failed to advertise Fellaini? It is clear Fellaini was a forced signing. I realize the club was in a need of a solid defensive midfielder, but we paid 4.5 million more than his release clause. So either it is true, that Fellaini was a last-minute signing, Everton played us, or we failed to operate efficiently the summer.

        Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if United did not making any signings this transfer window. I would rather tell them definitively, “No, we are not looking to make any major signings”, than “Yes, we are looking at some players, and might pursue them”.I am ashamed at how the club handled all this.

        If United win nothing this season, I do not have a problem. All I ask Moyes, Woodward, etc. is to maintain the integrity of the team. We shouldn’t reveal our desperation to the world, and keep all business affairs quiet.

      • @The Truth: Your Gary Neville reference: Now thats the truth!

        Heavy days at United mate. We’ve got Mickey Mouse and Homer Simpson running things now days.

        Where did it all go wrong?

    • @Foolish: Don’t forget. In the last three years we’ve had Ferguson at the helm.

      Thats how we’ve managed to get by without a world class midfielder.

  5. He didn’t just cost us Β£4.5 million more. This procrastination pretty well derailed our chances to get other deals done on deadline day because so much time and energy was used to finally seal this deal. Amateur hour. At least Dave has one of his security blankets with him now. I wish Fellaini well. I like the player even though he has his limitations and is not everyone’s cup of tea. I think he could do really well for us and help make our midfield less of a laughing stock.

  6. Coentrao could be an excellent signing, but apparently nobody knows if it’s gone through in time, so might not happen.
    Fellaini, well, I’m glad we’ve got someone in the midfield. 7 fucking years it’s been so hallelujah.
    Ridiculous price though when we could have got him for Β£23m weeks ago. Just comes across as desperate and tbh would have rather that extra money gone towards a Herrera or a more creative CM.
    The Herrera deal was BS from day 1 me thinks, but what’s coming out about that just boggles the mind. Fraudsters apparently scuppering the deal claiming they are representing us, and us then trying to lower the fee by a couple of million because we don’t agree with the set release clause with just hours remaining πŸ™„
    Complete and utter joke from start to finish. No doubt we’ve got more to look forward to in January too when we hear we’re back in for Herrera and Fabregas.
    Yeah can picture it now, “where did we leave off last time? Oh yeah. Β£25m. That’ll do yeah” πŸ™„ πŸ‘Ώ

  7. @buggy: i know, its just that i see herrera as an insurance policy for carrick, agreed we have fellaini now but i fear d worst if we lose carrick considering we have little creativity from the middle as it is.

  8. Woodward should be sacked! Shocking how badly the men behind the scenes have looked out of there league, i still have faith in Moyes but its fading fast his team selections have been poor. Playing Giggs from the start on Sunday i am sure Kagawa and Zaha should have been given a chance poor poor poor! Its not looking good this season at all! I do like Fellaini but why a left back we don’t need one, another creative player in the middle is what’s needed and to also drop Young and Welbeck…useless!

    • @Rob: Be sacked. The Glazer’s will reward him with a bonus and then slap his wrist for buying Fellaini.

    • @Rob: Your joking. As Grog says Glazer will probably be thinking Woody’s done a great job so far. He’s done fantastically well at managing their finances so far, not wanting to spend much money whilst raking in more and more sponsorship deals. I’m sure they are very proud of him and a pay rise is probably imminent.

      • @tonymontanna4united: The man comes from investment banking and worked under the Glazer’s turning United’s merchandising and licensing empire into a lucrative entity. He knows nothing about football, football players, agents, contracts and dealing with other clubs. He hasn’t got finesse, skill at the job or a fucking clue. Exactly who the Glazer’s want in the job. Today he earned his salary and a bonus, the fucking prick. 😑

        • @Grognard: Exactly. His sort managed to fuck up the world economy so fucking up a football club shouldn’t be too hard a job.
          I remember reading Red Issue back in May, and they were saying how Woodward was a blatant Glazer appointment and how they now had one of their cronies in every department within the club now from marketing to sales to whatever, all their own appointments.
          Their own little puppets with them pulling the strings in the background, all versed in the Glazer way.
          Its scary to think that things are only going to get worse in the coming years. And I thought the last few years had been bad πŸ™

    • @Rob: Young is usless.

      Welbeck is just going through a dip in form.

      Nevertheless they both need some bench time ASAP!!

  9. @grognard: we just have to activate the release clause again and agree personal terms with the player now, same way we got lindegaard. medical will be done as early as january 1st. he is a talented kid, someone, and i believe that someone is barca might just find out how good he is and decide to pip us to his signature.

  10. United always look to buy the best players in the world….

    What an empty statement that turned out to be. Fellaini isn’t even the best in Belgium, for fuck sake.
    Really quite astonishing how small time we’ve become. Now we loan players? Really? This is one of the most embarrassing moments I’ve ever experienced in football.
    We’ve fallen so far from grace that I don’t think the football world even takes us seriously any more.
    Plan A will be playing to not get beaten, when that fails as it inevitably will, Plan B will be hoof it to the big c**t and hope it sticks.
    Fuck off Moyes.
    Fuck off Woodward.
    Fuck off Fellaini.

    Hello ugly football!

    This is worst case scenario times a thousand. Our very public scattergun approach to the transfer window is nothing short of criminal. Dragging our good name through pile after pile of horse shit. Promising us roses but bringing us crap in a wig.

    • @BigRed: What they man by the best players is by seducing, not buying the best “corporate sponsors” in arenas like telecommunications, banking and insurance to use as sponsors. The Glazer’s are not in the football business. They are in the money making business. That’s what they are “best” at.

      • @Grognard: You’re probably right. I feel a fool for thinking they were actually talking about football players not corporate players.
        Im so incredibly angry at what they’re doing to my team, my club.

        • @BigRed: Its sad days at United mate.

          Moyes has just fumbled his way through this one.

          If he wanted Contrao why didn’t he just put his foot down and get him a month ago? Same goes for Fellaini.

          Absolutely shambolic window. Unbelievable.

        • @The_Philosopher: You said it mate, you said it. Why was everything left till the last minute? Mind-boggling stupidity. What must Fergie and Gill be thinking about this fiasco?

          Here’s a tweet from Gary Neville from transfer deadline day last year: “What the transfer deadline gives you is a clear indication of which are the badly run football clubs!!!”


          Haha you said it Gary. πŸ˜‰

  11. @grognard: yet we are still crying out for more creativity. carrick is the only dictator in the team. giggs can produce the odd killer ball, anderson is strong, cleverly is quick but i cant remember seeing anyone of those three dictate a match from central midfield. only carrick does that. thats why i was absolutely gutted when we got the bad news from spain this evening, still am.

    • @shadie: I’m not gutted for two reasons mate. First off, I never for a minute expected them to buy Herrera but still, the fact that they reached agreement only to renege and run while giving ridiculous excuses not only pissed me off, but confirmed my hypothesis all these months that they were only bluffing to buy. Secondly, I really do not think Herrera was that good and in a sense United were right not to pay that much for him. Food for thought. When neither Madrid or Barcelona are interested in a Spanish player, trust me, he isn’t worth it.

    • @shadie: I will not sloeep0 for nights knowing we could have had Ozil but passed on him. If I was face to face with either Moyes or Woodward I would be carted of to jail for assault and battery.

      • @Grognard: I could not sleep yesterday night when arsenal announced Ozil’ signing, and i read somewhere that he was first offered to United. we paid 27.5M for fellaini, for 42M Ozil was available.. he would have made our season, ozil’s service to RVP would have been a joy to watch..

        But on thinking through I was not even sure if Ozil would have chosen to come to united, since he would have been scared of competing with Giggsy for the starting position, this being a worldcup year and all… 😐

  12. The fools on Sky Sports doing one better saying Man United will be “absolutely excited” the big summer move they have been waiting for has come through. Shame. Has it honestly come to this? How does Marouanne Fellaini make us a force on Europe? Mesut Ozil has gone to an undeserving club though. What a waste. It seems every club is determined to add players in positions they are already strong. We have apparently signed Fabio Coentrao and him being primarily a left back,doesn’t really solve much for us. We have signed Fellaini,who will,let’s be honest,help to some extent,but we had a good opportunity this season to make some powerful signatures in midfield. Going for Cesc was good intent at the beginning but we should have been prepared better. Identify more realistic targets and sign them quickly. Pay the extra Β£5 or so million. For Β£27.5m we could have bid for

    Daniele de Rossi
    KP Boateng
    Ever Banega
    Sami Khedira
    Thiago Alcantara

    All better players than Fellaini. Since we have made the most noise in the history of the football transfer window,and all we have to show for it is a last minute,confused and openly desperate semi confirmed deal for Fellaini and a now confirmed,totally embarrassing fail of a transfer attempt,make that two,as current reports indicating Coentrao deal failed to go through,I can safely conclude that this transfer window has been a holistic embarrassing failure

    • @Jay Wire: Why is Arsenal an undeserving club? They to have a long history and pedigree and that last time I heard, the team that buys the player is most deserving of that player. Fact is we never had the money to buy him whereas Arsenal apparently did. So who is the most undeserving then? We have become the standing joke of the year.

      • @Grognard: Arsenal purchased 5 panik buys last year? After letting Fabregas go late… that we more emberassing than us this year…

        Making mistakes is human, learning from then is required.

        • @Opti: Let me count the mistakes.. Alcantara… Fabregas… Baines…. Herrera and most likely Coentrao…. we learned nothing, did we mate??

        • @Opti: Baptism by fire… by Moyes. I hate Woodward for this, but let Moyes pass this once.

          Summer of Mistakes… let’s see if Moyes learns something in January…

        • @Opti: You know, we could have lost to Liverpool 8-2 the day before and I still think we would only have bought Fellaini today. πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  13. The fee we’ve paid for fellaini falls in line with what our transfer budget has always been, around the Β£30 mill mark.What amazed me was how many people, media included, fell hook line and sinker, for the bullshit spouted by woodenhead about how much was available for transfers. There was no way anything else would of happened if it took us over the magic Β£30 mill mark, hence only 1 signing and 1 loan deal. You only had to read woodenheads previous comments to know that talk of premium quality signings was the stuff of make believe. We got the hairy one, which I believe was always our main target, so at least it’s another option for our wafer thin midfield. Anything else was just all hot air 😳 for the masses. A sign of our intent is when a player of ozil’s quality ends up a arsenal and we end up with the booby prize.Cant wait for the january transfer window, can’t be any worse than this one, can it? 😑

  14. The overpayment for Fellaini is proof positive that United had no intention of signing a WC player this window. 27m is chicken feed compared to the real cost of signing a block buster player.
    The thought that we would have considered going for Bales or Ronaldo or even Ozil seems like a fantasy now – and the idea that United have any ambition to win anything this year is also a thought dreamed up by some drug-induced high.
    The reality is that we are mired, beyond anyone’s worst fears, with a regime who’s main mission statement is “spend less, earn more”. It’s typical of a business that is looking for short term gains on an investment that they have no real interest in nurturing. The blinkers are on and the horse is being ridden by a whip wielding jockey who will ride it into the ground.
    For all my years supporting this club, through the very bad years of the 70’s, I cannot think of a time when I felt so despondent about the future. A combination of factors, really, but in honesty the buck stops with ownership. The $buck also goes almost 100% home with the ownership too. πŸ™ πŸ™

  15. I’d like to say something to Wayne Rooney. Over the past month or so I have come down on you hard for wanting to leave this club. All I can say now is now I know why. I guess I always knew but a little part of me refused to admit to it. Sorry Wazza. If only it were easy for all of us to just pick up and switch allegiance to another side that respects us and doesn’t embarrass us with shows of incompetence and duplicity. Problem is that despite the cancer that has taken over my beloved Red Devils, I am red until I’m dead. πŸ™

  16. Savings this year:
    +++ No Scholes, Ferguson, Phelan, Meulensteen, Steeel salaries to pay
    +++ New TV deals kicks in
    +++ New Sponsors signed up
    +++ Moyes signed for free from Everton

    Costs this year:
    — Moyes, and staff are cheap
    — With inflation 30 million on transfers is less than last couple years
    — Nani getting new deal


  17. De Gea: World-class…he’s been perfect for us
    Rafael: He had a really strong season last year, and was pivotal in the league. He has improved so much from that incident in the champions league against Bayern. Plays up, makes tackles, and is always energetic. His crossing can improve…
    Evra: He’s grown in age…had a good season last year…is confident, scores goals, and was our skipper in numerous occasions
    Jones: Many of you might disagree…but he is very young and still a prospect. Yes, he is injury-prone, but that is because he is still very young. He will get past it. His defensive work rate is not bad. His crossing needs to improve. However, he shows great dedication and emotion on the pitch.
    Ferdinand: World-class…he’s a leader. Like the Boss said, Ferdinand has lost some pace, but he is still good on the ball, is fit, is good on the ball, and is still pivotal in our defense.
    Evans: Unlike a lot of people…I rate Evans pretty highly…I think he is very good. He had a couple bad showings in the past. He sometimes make rash tackles. But he is really good in the air, makes strong tackles, etc.
    Anderson: Always wanted him to shine at United. He has had some strong shows for us. But he never manages to consistently start or play, whether it be fitness, injury, or form. He is pivotal for us to be the link between our defense and forwards. Makes swift passes. I do not think he will consistently start for us, but I believe he can be a strong asset off the bench. I don’t think I have to mention his shot isn’t too good.
    Rooney: Ignoring the fiasco this summer, and his 2010 transfer request, Rooney is a superb player. In my opinion, he is the most important player in the squad. He might not rate against the best in the world, but he is world-class, and is perfect for our club.
    Giggs: Lost the pace, but still dazzles defenders. Hate to go with the media, but his passing has been off (not only including his showing against Pool). He is no longer a first team in my opinion, but still Ferguson and Moyes start him. Albeit he has made the final passes in a lot of our goals, Giggs should be a role player. Also, the club’s decision to make him a player-manager was the wrong decision. It just doesn’t feel right at a club like United.
    Smalling: Had very small, and few spells last season because of his injury. He can be a good player. Is strong in the air. Good role player.
    Lindegaard: Not much to say about him. I highly rate his character. He has made it clear many times he wants to fight for first choice goalkeeper. I highly rate his ambition and loyalty.
    Hernandez: Albeit, he doesn’t have the technical capacity to beat players on the ball, I do not know why we do not start him over Welbeck. I realize Welbeck is able to spread the field, close down opposing players, etc., but surely Hernandez should start before him. Chicharito should be given a few consecutive starts. He’s simply a goal scorer.
    Vidic: The general…Vidic is the simply the ideal centre-back. Just world-class. He has had his injury problems recently…
    Carrick: Pivotal for our club…was off against Liverpool. I would not say he’s world-class, but he is surely a very important player for us.
    Young: I honestly thought he would be a good signing for us. He just hasn’t managed to prove his worth. Sometimes shows glimpses of attacking prowess, but most of the time very stagnant. He is good against weaker teams, but can’t be relied on strong opponents.
    Welbeck: Last season, I consistently supported Welbeck. I realized he was played out of positon (played on the wide), and consequently could not increase his goal tally. It takes a very brilliant player to score goals from the wing. Welbeck is still very young.
    Van Persie: World-class. Top-ten players in the world. Received no support in the game against Liverpool. With assistance from Rooney, Carrick, Ferdinand, De Gea, etc., won the league for us last year.
    Nani: I still believe in him. I think he is a very good player. He should start. His crosses can sometimes be off the mark, but generally are superb. One of the few players we have that can play with the ball, and has flair. Does not seem to encompass the selfishness he once had. Has had injury problems.
    Fletcher: Can’t wait for him to return. Embodiment of a United servant.
    Valencia: One of my favourite players…so humble and dedicated. Pacy, high-work rates. etc. He’s just been off. His crosses are out of sync, cannot penetrate frequently, looks stagnant on the ball sometimes. I hope he can get over his hunch. I think he is a superb character and player.
    Kagawa: We could have played him behind Van Persie while Rooney was off. But we didn’t. He was once Bundesliga player of the year, but he remains on the bench. He is given limited opportunities (started in games late last season). It is obvious he has the skill set to succeed. It is going to be hard when Rooney becomes fit again. He might have to play on the left. I think we should give him a chance as a centre midfielder.
    Cleverly: I think he can be a solid player. At the moment, he is failing to contribute offensively or defensively, given the weight of the responsibilities he holds. I’m not saying he has to be Scholes, but he isn’t playing well right now. I want to start him with Anderson, but where is there room for Carrick (and now Fellaini).

    • @Foolish: Sit down, take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and stay calm.
      That was the most delusional assessment of our team that I have read this summer.
      If you think you can come on here and try to sell us a bill of goods about how GOOD THIS TEAM IS 😯 😯 and especially after their most spectacular performances against Chelsea and Liverpool and the Woodward/Moyes efforts in the transfer window, you are, clearly, delusional.
      Sorry mate, but you are pouring a cup of water on an inferno of rage, it’s not going to make any difference.

      • @Redrich: I think Foolish is a fitting name. I also think he is female and is a team groupie. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • @Foolish:
      I think you need to unplug from FIFA or FM and join reality as these “ratings” are not real and completely paradoxical. Probably the worst assessment I have seen of United this year. Some good comments on characters of the players, but in terms of their football abilities, you score 5/100.

      “[Rooney] might not rate against the best in the world, but he is world-class”
      — that is not the definition of world class

      “[Welbeck] was played out of positon (played on the wide), and consequently could not increase his goal tally”
      —- increase his goal tally? From what? He scored 1 league goal all season. Evra, Evans, Vidic, Rafael all had many more and are not attackers. Chicharito who was sacrificed and played far less had far more goals.

      “Giggs: Lost the pace, but still dazzles defenders.”
      —- Only dazzling Giggs does today is his appearance in starting XI… dazzles me every week. He hasn’t had two good games in a row for years.

      • @Opti: Christ not only is his life warped by FIFA 13, He grades the players based on the fact he has gone into the game’s editing tool feature and rated them all 99 out of 99. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • @Foolish: Absolute silliness mate. Seriously, is there a player on the squad you haven’t slept with? πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

    • @Opti: The Cha@Foolish: I started reading through the post..
      DeGea– Ok,, Rafael.. Hmm , Evra……. Anderson..

      I couldnt read further.. Seriously though you should have mentioned Anderson last in the list.. Oh wait you have done that and you want him to play along side Cleverley in the midfield by benching Carrick/Fellaini.. πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  18. Whoever says this team is rubbish is flat wrong. It’s the exact same team that won the league. Was that team perfect? Nope. I can’t say it was my favorite incarnation of United to watch. But it was not a rubbish team. You just cannot take a champion team, hold onto all of the players, and a few months later declare the team awful. It’s not.

    Plus, when you look at the additions, I think they are solid.

    Zaha- It’s easy to not count him as an addition, but this is his first season with United, Moyes didn’t bring him in, but surely Zaha counts as an addition over last seasons squad, and he’s pacey, and creative and has huge upside and potential, he certainly makes the squad better.

    Fellaini- Something different, a whole different dimension in midfield. I don’t think he’s world class. That’s fine. He doesn’t have to be. Not right this moment. But what I do like, is I could see Fellaini pairing up with Januzaj, or lingard in the center, when I cannot imagine Carrick being able to pull off such an assignment, not being tough enough in defense or challenging enough in the center. I could imagine a Fellaini Janujaz pairing in center, with Zaha and Nani wide, Kagawa behind Van Persie being essentially indefensible. From what I have seen of Januzaj, he holds the ball very well. He’s not just flash. Nani can be careless at times, so it’s nice to see the youngster so good on the ball so young, with his ability to beat players and his football intelligence already so high. ^ That formation above is practically a different team from last season, and one that has a million times more creativity, speed, and cutting edge.

    The talent is in the squad right now, and I think a player like Fellaini has the ability to unlock that. Everything is slowed down now because our midfield is clunky. And it has to be. If you play carrick you have to play someone even slower, less ambitious and more defensive next to him to make up for what he lacks. It not so much what Fellaini has, which in my opinion is plenty of talent, more important is what he allows you to play.

    And anything different than a Cleverley/Carrick midfield is an improvement.

    I think Fellaini really gives us the muscle to blood in some of the younger less finished players that we can’t plug into a Carrick run midfield. For that alone he’s worth every penny.

    And Nani is great, but he needs to be playing with players that can match him. He needs a Zaha on the pitch with him, or a Januzaj or a Lingard.

    Same with Chicharito really. He’s brilliant. But he doesn’t work without players like Zaha, and Nani on the pitch with him.

    And I think the biggest reason we don’t play them, is because of Carrick. Yes, he is a brilliant passer. But there are so many things his game misses, that everything around him is downgraded. The biggest problem we have is not that every midfielder we have is bad, they aren’t. It’s that building a midfield around Carrick just limits you too much. He’s a great player. He has been great for United. But Carrick should not be the midfielder that automatically starts for a team that wants to be the best in the world. Are there honestly enough facets to his game for that?

    Kagawa is another great, creative, pacey player.

    The talent is in this squad, we’re soooo close.

    Ideally I would have liked 2 midfielders. It puts too much pressure on Januzaj or Lingard to have to step in and create a new midfield from scratch. At least an interim solution should have been brought in with Fellaini. That being said, Fellaini brings a lot. He’s a great signing.

    • @Ben: Sit down, take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and stay calm. That was the most delusional assessment of our team that I have read this summer. If you think you can come on here and try to sell us a bill of goods about how GOOD THIS TEAM IS and especially after their most spectacular performances against Chelsea and Liverpool and the Woodward/Moyes efforts in the transfer window, you are, clearly, delusional. Sorry mate, but you are pouring a cup of water on an inferno of rage, it’s not going to make any difference.

      • Don’t be an asshole. I’m talking facts. This team won the league. We kept every major player. We added a dynamic pacy player with huge upside, and a strong midfielder that gives us something new, and you talk about the team like we’ll be relegated.

        Last seasons squad, plus Fellaini and Zaha is a better squad.

        Don’t be a patronizing dickhead. If you have reason why last seasons champions squad is suddenly terrible please explain with actual reasons, like say, a season of results that I have to back up my opinion.

        • @Ben: Pot Kettle Black. Being delusional doesn’t give you the right to call others assholes and dickheads. We disagree with you and that fact annoys you because your argument is ridiculous and viewed by the majority as so. Stop living in the past and get a real dose of reality. Everyone else has improved by leaps and bounds and we have gone backwards. Wake the fuck up. πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

        • Ben. I appreciate tensions are justifiably running high atm but please refrain from insulting people rather than having an adult coversation even with people you don’t agree with. It’s not big and it’s not a clever.


        • @Ben: Zaha is still an unfinished material mate.. Lingaard/Januzaz etc.. will only be playing inthe Cup matches, The only real adddition we have done to the squad is Fellaini..but think about how his abilities are going to improve the team as a whole..

          RVP had a surprisingly injury free season and he is an year older..Vidic/Rio are still solid but they are not getting any younger..and there is no Fergie..

          Compare it to the additions that the teams that finished behind last season have done this season.. So the misguiding 11 points gap that we had last season does not matter anymore..Just because we are champions last season does not warrant any free points..Not going forward is falling behind..

      • @Redrich: My God it’s the entire brothel of United groupies who have showed up. Careful we don’t catch anything. πŸ™„

    • @Ben: Very well said Ben.

      Fellaini is an excellent signing!!!

      In many ways Fellaini is the missing link because of all the options he opens up in midfield as you say. Januzaj/Fellaini would be my ideal partnership as well.

      I love your setup. RVP, Kagawa, Nani, Zaha, Januzaj and Fellaini would be an awesome group. But I fear Moyes is too dull to see it.

      Its the most attacking, creative and slick setup we have in this squad. Januzaj can hold onto the ball so well and he can pick a pass as well. The kid is brilliant. Moyes is a meathead for not playing him. And I’m not even exaggerating. Januzaj is at that Pogba stage of his career where he is still very young but good enough to be in the team. Now is the time to play him. He is ready to make the jump just like Pogba was. But the wise and all knowing Ferguson didn’t give Pogba a chance. I hope Moyes doesn’t make the same mistake.

      Januzaj didn’t put a foot wrong in pre-season. Why has he been dropped? Its the second most stupid decision Moyes has made next to dropping Zaha.

      In my opinion from what I have seen of Moyes, he is too dumb to try Januzaj so he will play Carrick and Fellaini together a lot for the ‘stability’ it will bring. Mr play-it-safe Moyes can now rest Giggs.

      So if we’re lucky we’ll see a three man midfield with Kagawa playing behind RVP, Carrick and Fellaini manning the middle.

      But the most likely scenario is Rooney and RVP up front with Fellaini and Carrick in the middle. Young and Valencia will play on the wings. How dull and boring is David freaking Moyes!!!

    • @Ben: I htink you make some great points mate.

      But name calling is not necessary.

      Lets keep it above the belt.

    • @Ben: We may not have lost any players from the squad last season, but we did lose Fergie, which is sort of a big deal.
      In any case no one is saying the team is rubbish. It has a half dozen or so excellent young prospects coming through who I honestly think will make the grade, and still has the likes of De Gea, Rafael, Vidic, Rio, Carrick, Kagawa, Nani, RVP and much as I can’t stand the bugger, Rooney too.
      It’s got the basis of a good squad there, but it does have almighty bloody holes that have been obvious for the best part of half a decade which still haven’t really been sorted and much as you want to dispute otherwise, we have pretty much stood still this season whilst all around us have strengthened significantly.
      It’s also not even the fact that we haven’t really signed anyone, but more the manner in which we’ve done things this summer.
      EVERY bloody move being so public, the image of the club being dragged through the mud because of incompetent executives making ridiculous under valued offers, spouting BS about having unlimited funds and yet delaying and then pulling out of deals for the sake of a few million quid.
      Knowing that we so publicly had been in for about 100 players, and we somehow managed to make them go tits up for whatever reason before, just barely ending up with Fellaini is concerning whatever way people want to dress it up.

  19. I remember a Dino flick, way back, when they tethered a goat to a post in the hope of attracting the biggest beast in the park. A sacrificial lamb that would serve it’s purpose.
    David Moyes is now that goat. He will be the one that attracts the rage that we all feel. He will suffer unmentionable forms of humiliation, degradation and numerous vile libelous accusations before the poor bastard is put out of his misery.
    He is the sponge for the Glazer fueled discontent. They knew it was coming and this wide eyed patsy was the perfect foil for their diversion tactics.
    He had only one chance, it was this transfer window, and he couldn’t convince anyone to do it his way!

    He is now clearly the manager of record and will be judged accordingly. The undermining will be slow and subtle but unmistakable. The club will issue inconclusive statements regarding his performance, he will begin to get testy and rebel, he will be released from his duties.
    When? you say. I give him until March – no longer.

  20. I’m glad we wrapped up the signing of Fellaini!I agree with Grognard that he is a limited player and not to everyone’s taste,but we have to admit that he is a hell of a lot better than Cleverley and Anderson.its a pity we couldn’t secure Herrera and Coentrao,but hey,Mr.Save A Penny has his instructions from above.Let’s hope Felli settles in quickly and gives us a more solid structure in the middle of the park.Hopefully,now that Carrick is in the latter years of his career,he can finally begin spraying those delicious passes without being burdened by the responsibility of the anchor role.Felli my man,we expect big things from you!welcome to the Greatest Football Club in the world.Glory,Glory Man United!

    • @MU88: So you got to 4-2-3-1 and play Rooney and Ozil beside each other. Ozil can play across that attacking three set of midfielders also.

  21. Even newspapers in India are saying last 2 months have been embarrassing for the club and they should fire CEO Ed Woodward!
    Woodward has become so popular!

  22. we might still get coentrao from what i gather, pathetic really. WOODWARD OUT!!!. am going afro whig shoping.

    • @shadie: haha nice!

      I wonder though if fergi would have gotten felly would he have told him to cut his hair like he did bebe??? πŸ˜€

      maybe he can put it in braids like andersons old setup. haha or how about a headband at least?

  23. I am not so much disappointed by the result of our transfer window dealings as much as I am by the manner we have conducted ourselves this summer. Even if you accept that both Moyes and Woodward have been constrained by a meagre transfer budget and wage budget they have committed a string of errors this summer that exposed their incompetence.

    1) Wasting three weeks trying to sign Fabregas when it was clear Barcelona did not want to sell and the player had no desire to leave. I also have a strong suspicion we failed to even trigger Thiago’s release clause as there is no indication we even discussed terms with the player.

    2) Failing to exercise Fellaini’s buy out clause and therefore allowing Everton to string us along till the final hours of the transfer window. If we really did have the money for two midfielders the sensible thing would have been to buy Fellaini at the start of August giving us a month to tie things up with Herrera or whoever else we were interested in. The irony of course is that we were unwilling to meet Fellaini’s buyout clause but then in total desperation at the final minute end up exceeding it by a good Β£3M.

    3) Leaving our move for Herrera to the Thursday before the transfer window and thinking we could get him for less than his buyout clause. Bilbao showed last summer with Javi Martinez that they don’t sell on the cheap.

    4) Leaving it till the final hour to make a move for Coentrao clearly because we were still hankering for a Fellaini-Baines double deal.

    5) But most of all our total misunderstanding of the going rate for players. Time after time we failed to meet the asking price for our targets but were still trying to haggle. This summer was a sellers’ market but we stupidly thought we could bully Bilbao and Everton into selling on the cheap.

    At the end of the day the summer is over, we got a midfielder who can do a job for us, and kept onto key players like Nani and Rooney.

    Every single on our our rivals outspent us and the margin of superiority we enjoyed last season has probably been lost. But for now we are still competitive. In the Premier League at least. In Europe I think we can expect very little success. Fellaini is good for the rough and tumble of the Premier League and will stop us getting bullied but for Europe we also needed Herrera for his guile.

    • @colver: the scouse used to refer to moyes as “Dithering Dave” for a reason. After yesterday it’s plain for all to see why. πŸ˜•

  24. Daily Mail is saying that the Coentrao deal is off.

    Also I think as we all expected we pulled the plug on the Herrera deal because we refused to meet the buyout clause even though the player was willing to join us and even moderate his wage demands.

    • @colver: Herrera is holding a press conference to explain what happened. Should be interesting, probably embarrassing, possibly damaging. Well done Woodward, Moyes and the rest of the inepts.

      • @red astair: just another club and player we’ve managed to upset along the way. I’ll be amazed if any club would want to do business with us after how Bill and Ben (the flowerpot men) performed in this transfer window.The closeness is uncanny, both talk gibberish and are controlled by a puppet master. :mrgreen:

  25. Well temper are running understandably high after yesterday’s embarrassments. Most of what needs saying has been said on here already so I’ll try not to repeat it, but first off it is worth saying that even had we brought off the Herrera and Coentrao deals it would STILL have been a farcical and unworthy state of affairs. For the world’s (self-styled) Greatest Football Club TM to be scurrying around at 10:59pm on deadline day firing off random approaches to players across Europe is demeaning, shambolic, damaging to the club’s standing, status, brand, you name it. We have *never* since the window was introduced put ourselves (NB active not passive voice – this isn’t something that “happened” to us, it’s a situation Moyes & Woodward have engineered) in this position (Berbatov’s midnight signing was different, a long-trailered deal postponed by the selling chairman’s intransigence – like Bale this year) and there is absolutely no excuse for it.

    The Herrera fiasco is a distraction – quite possibly as Grog suggests a smokescreen, a bluff humiliatingly and publicly called in the most squirmworthy way; but regardless, no way to do business. Let’s remember that until Saturday morning Herrera was on nobody’s radar – he went from nowhere to pole position in the blink of an eye, apparently. Just what are United’s top management (coaching and corporate) paid for?? As I’ve said before, any of us could (and have) reeled off a life of half-a-dozen midfielders in May any/all of whom would have helped address our CM deficiencies. None of us are paid millions to have these insights. DM is – yet apparently it takes him till August 28th to identify “targets”. There was a cracking headline in the Guardian the weekend of the Community Shield along the lines of “Moyes ponders move for…[someone or other, can’t recall who, they didn’t come self-evidently]”. Love that “ponders” πŸ˜› I was joking with my son on the tube to Wembley, whether Moyes does his grocery shopping that way – “pint of milk? I’ll have to think about that…I’m pretty happy with the milk I have actually, I’ll come back next week for another look…what?? that pint’s not on the shelves and the one in my fridge has turned into cottage cheese…fuck, better grab a carton of soy, good value anyhow!” :mrgreen: Really, you couldn’t make it up.

    But hey. We have a midfielder – not a United player in my opinion, but at least he’ll crack some heads and stiffen our pantywaist midfield a little. I’ve supported United through years when we had players not fit to look at, let alone wear, the shirt – Gary Birtles, Terry Gibson, Peter Barnes – and we’re better off than that at least. Our team still includes world-class players (RVP, Rooney, Rio if fit), top internationals (Kagawa if DM ever plays him, Vidic, Hernandez, Carrick on his day), and good younger players (Jones, Zaha, Zanuzaj), albeit alongside far too many has-beens and never-will-be journeymen (too many of those to mention). We won’t win the PL or CL this season (missing the 12-point-a-season Fergie factor) and may have to settle for a run in the cups but these things happen (e.g., 2004-2006). The real question is whether this is the onset of long-term decline a la 1969, or the fabled “period of transition”? My money, for what’s worth, is on something between the two – two years of under-achievement followed by a new start under a new manager (Ole Gunnar Solksjaer of my dreams) and, GOd willing, new ownership. But that’s all for the future.

    For now, thank Christ this cringing, soul-shrivelling abortion of a transfer window is over. Time to sing our hearts out for the lads, in hope if not necessarily – for now – in expectation… 😯

  26. PS this in the Independent re: Herrera.

    “United would have known the player’s Β£30.5m buy-out clause. The Basque clubs always sell at the full asking price, as their Basque-only recruitment policy means they have limited ways of reinvesting and fans insist that players must not leave at below their asking price…After the rejection of a Β£26m bid for Herrera last week, United lodged a Β£30.5m bid which triggered the player’s buy-out clause. That created potential for a huge logistical problem, because the only way for Herrera to trigger the buy-out clause would be to pay out the sum in full himself and seek reimbursement from United, whose payment to the player would accrue VAT at 21 per cent – a further Β£4.5m. Experienced football lawyer Ian Lynam, of the Charles Russell practice, said that the hurdles involved in Herrera laying his hands on the money to buy out his contract would be insurmountable in the eleventh hour of a transfer widow.”

    You couldn’t expect the world’s third richest football team to have access to this kind of complex transactional information though now, could you? πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

    • @BazzetheRed: that’s why I believe it was a sham bid.As I recall it took bayern nearly 2 weeks to seal the martinez deal due to all the legal complications involved. Yet utd thought a deal could be done in a matter of a couple of hours. Just all one big smoke screen to try and force the fellaini price down. Well and truly blew up in their faces.

  27. I heard the Herrera collapsed after IMPOSTERS reportedly arrived in Spain to negotiate a deal, I knew it all along, Ed Woodward has been masquerading as Manchester United’s chief executive and he is a fraud!

  28. A wonderful quote from goal.com:

    “After a summer of media briefings, U-turns and false dawns, United have contrived to overpay for a player whose release clause was inserted by their own manager. ”

    That really says it all!

    I cannot wait to hear Herrera’s expose of our failings.

    It defies belief that we waited till Thursday to make a move for him and could not even meet the buy-out clause despite Bilbao making it perfectly clear to us that they weren’t going to accept a penny less.

    • @colver: It it were not so damaging, it would be laughable.
      I have never seen such a shower of shite from our club. We have signed a player, who had a release clause installed by our current manager and paid Β£4.5m over that. We have also paid Β£550k less that our offer for both Baines and Fellaini, last week.
      United have a damaged reputation, the De Rossi offer was stupid. Herrera was only going to leave IF we activated his buy out. Bilbao are no mugs, did we not learn from the way they dealt with Llorente?
      Woodwwod shuld be sacked, he is the most inept CE in football. Penny piching one minute, then paying over the odds in a mad panic the next.
      What a Summer, chaing Fabregas for over a month when we wee never going to get him after they sold Thaigo. Offering for De Rossi, when they have just sold Lamela. The scatter gun approach of the last 2 weeks. Pying too much for Fellaini is a joke. Trying to highjack Ozil, trying to sign Khedira, Modric, Coentrao at 10.30pm on the last day of the window.
      We have been clueless all Summer, what a mess.

    • @colver:
      Depending on how much you want to believe this blogger, we were played by Bilbao.


      He wanted us, we wanted him and we were there to pay his clause.

      1. We sent the law firm to pay his clause.
      2. Athletic said “nope, we will not receive your money.”
      3. United had instructed the reps to pull the plug if issues occurred.
      4. During the Martinez deal, Athletic said the same to Bayern, who then turn to governmental entities to put pressure on Athletic.
      5. With so little time left of the window, United couldn’t force the issue and pulled the plug to focus on Fellaini.

      source: redcafe

      • @jos: wow. the google translator was not the best but seems like his club said bring the money, we brought the money, and then they still said no.

  29. Personally I think even the Glazers are shocked at this kind of thing. I feel it really had very little to do with a general lack of funds. We simply hired the wrong people. This is all a case of gross incompetence. I say this because we did in fact go for an average okay player and paid nearly Β£30m for him. What could Β£30m have gotten us in this transfer window besides the lone acquisition of one Marouanne Fellaini?

    1. Kevin Strootman + Kevin Prince Boateng = Β£15m + Β£10m
    2. Daniele De Rossi + Luiz Gustavo = Β£15m + Β£17m
    3. Thiago Alcantara Β£15m( confirmed release valuation by Rosell Barca president)
    4. Sami Khedhira= Β£30m est
    5. Ever Banega = Β£30m est
    I’m sure everyone has at least four other players they know that could have been bought for around the same figure. So for,me the excuse that we have no funds doesn’t cut it. All barrels should be pointed at Ed Woodward and his comedian partner David Moyes,who thought they had been hired by the circus back in May. They couldn’t even complete a simple loan deal. In Thiago’s case, even Rosell came out at one point to clarify the whole release clause thing publicly and stated with his own mouth that the player was selling at €18m or around Β£15m. He even stated his price publicly. Surely a deal with a Β£15m Thiago and a Β£17m Strootman would have been by far better business than the lone signature of Fellaini for half a million more than Thiago and Strootman combined.

    Now before you go and say,well Thiago chose Bayern,the truth is United came in first and failed to close the deal in time. As usual employing snail paced tactics. Before you say PSV would have pushed the price higher because of United,that’s ridiculous because it was a straight battle with Roma and noone else which could have then given us leverage on De Rossi. Simple. I have been emphasizing one key word this summer. Simplicity. It was supposed to be a very simple Transfer window with very little cost when you look beyond the Fabregas and Ozils. Β£30m was just about enough for a fruitful transfer window for an apparently broke club like United.

    • @Jay Wire: I think that united and arsenal were forced to overpay because of their squawking before the window opening about how much they could spend. both clubs officials touted the huge sums and marquee players that they could buy. oh we can buy this player and we can spend what we want. well the selling clubs were paying attention and decided to hold us to it.

      so we paid more for felly than chelski was bidding for roony and more than we paid for RVP. and le arse paid as much as real did for zidane.

      not to mention the largest transfer fee ever was for a comb over with an under bite πŸ™„

      glad its over lets get to some footie

  30. I have no disagreement that this was amateur hour. Or that it was embarrassing. Or stupid. Sure, the transfer window has been all of those things.

    But all of this is overreaction. Because first of all, the squad does not have gaping holes in the team plural. And I would say, not even one gaping hole. United are about 1 midfielder away from being a great squad. I would have preferred we bought two, but buying one midfielder is still better than we have done for years, and exactly what we needed. For all the amateur bullshit, United strengthened where they needed to. The metric cannot be, did we get all the players we were linked to. Or, would we have liked this player more. Fellaini is solid, and he gives us something we don’t have, exactly where we need it. The squad is stronger after this transfer window. Some people talk like we should have bought 3 midfielders. We don’t possess NO midfield. It’s a champion midfield according to last season. Does it need to be improved? Yes. And it was improved.

    There are two separate issues here. On the pitch, has the team been strengthened. Off the pitch, has the team been weakened. You can point to a mountain of stupid shit that happened in the window. But…. football clubs do not win because they buy players the tidiest. I don’t see why this would transfer to the team player worse, a very good disciplined motivated team that it is.

    And it’s quite rude to call someone delusional. It’s name calling. And I made actual points. I made actual points, and then was just dismissed with a name.

    Now, I am sure more people will come in, with abuse, because 90 percent of the people here react with panic at every single thing this club does. Seriously. Do you people ever look at yourselves? Do you ever look back and see that you have been in a fucking panic aboout the club for a decade? Jesus. Why not support another club if it costs you so much, if you are so incapable of taking a deep breath. You tell me to calm down with my delusions, but you lot spend all you fucking time moaning and whining apocalypse. Support the club. You can be disappointed. You can be angry. You can be all that shit, and still support the club. But you lot don’t. You never have a good word to say about United. And according to you, you’re always one event away from not supporting them. Well cut the cord. Go support Chelsea. Or Liverpool, or City. I don’t give a shit. And whine about them non-stop.

    • @Ben: Get a grip. This is well out of order. If you look at my post above you’ll see that I, like others, gave a – less rosy-hued, but not apocalyptic either – assessment of the squad and effectively said, well here we are let’s get behind the lads and hope for the best. What choice do we have after all?

      Suggesting that longstanding fans have no right to air their views about our club, whatever those views might be, is kind of Stalinist in my book. I personally think you’re dead wrong about our squad and if we are “1 midfielder away from being a great squad” then where does that leave the authentically great 93-94, 98-99, or 07-08 squads for crying out loud?? But that’s not the point. You disagree, fine. You’re entitled to your view and I to mine and frankly, I hope you’re right. But suggesting that anyone here doesn’t have what they conceive to be the best interests of MU*FC* at heart is out of line.

      • Where is anyone saying that this is a strong club??? Show me where. I see a ton of people talking about how terrible the midfield is. Firstly, no it isn’t. Secondly, no one is mentioning that the result of this whole thing, is a strengthened midfield.

        There is a vast majority here, who never, ever, say anything positive about the club. Look in the archive. You won’t see them say one positive thing.

        I feel like I’m reading the Onion and mistaking it for a news site. Is this actually a Liverpool blog that’s a parody? I am actually asking, because if it’s not, this is the most miserable collection of United fans ever assembled on the internet.

        As not auspicious as some of this has been lately (and there’s been a lot of not auspicious), nothing is worth or more disappointing than the reaction of fans. I’m much more disappointed in United chicken little support. All the gibes about being glory hunters, people that don’t really support the club, all those people have to do is come on here and read the comments to know that they are dead on correct. You lot are shameful. Your support is shameful. And you shame United, a truly great club with your chicken little panicky bullshit.

        • @Ben: Don’t think the “glory hunters” comment merits a response.

          As to our “shameful” deprecation of our world-class midfield, perhaps you missed last Sunday’s little get-together at Anfield? No surprise though – I was sitting on the centre-line at the Community Shield and we struggled to make much headway against a Championship team. Like I said, I’ll be delighted to be proven wrong and I’m sure that goes for everyone here.

        • @Ben: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. The best comment I seen last night was from the M.E.N transfer live blog.regarding the fellaini bids,”Utd at the moment look like a Saturday night drunk at last orders thinking “il have one more go at the 6ft 4 hairy one by the door”.Quality πŸ˜€

  32. @grognard: i didn’t have a proper sleep last night because arsenal had signed ozil. The one world class player ii was very sure would switch clubs this summer. What amazes me most is how swiftly we came out to deny any rumour of a bid. My thery is that we let that one slide as a way of returning the van persie favour. anyway i am will stay off moyes’ back if he can get the best out of kagawa. This guy has already won bundesliga player of the year, its a league that has ribery, robben, bastian, gotze, lewandowski e.t.c. there is no denying his talent.. There has to be a place for him on this team else i will join the ‘free kagawa’ and ‘moyes out’ campaign.

    • @Shadie: We never lost Ozil because we were never in for him, and that is the problem. We need a player of that quality, especially as we were outed the past two games for not having any finesses or creativity in the attacking third. Ozil has more assists in the past five years than anyone in world football, yet we never thought he was good enough. Well that’s not true really. We just didn’t want to pay his salary or the transfer fee. Problem with United is we want quality players but we do not want to pay market prices for them. We are like that mentally ill peasant who walks buy the display windows of a fine department store. She sees that beautiful dress for 1000 pounds but only has 23 shillings on her. Still, she dreams the dream and in her mentally ill state enters the store and attempts to barter with the salesperson for the dress and is shocked when she is escorted out of the building by security.

  33. So? We often do poorly at Anfield, and that is not proof the wheels have come off. United lacked cutting edge, but they were not overrun in midfield. They did not lack for possession. It’s not a midfield in dire shape, it’s a team lacking imagination. 1-0 at Anfield is hardly something to panic over. And a cagey draw with Chelsea is fine as a result. Also, we have just reinforced midfield. That occurred. The midfield is better now than it was. We have more options. We can field different looking teams now.

    There is every reason to think that after this stretch, United will pick up and play well. The beginning of the season means nothing, and United have often started slow, and still won the league, and when they started slow in the past, it was never with half as much excuse in the schedule.

    This is a strong team, built to win the league. If there is one knock on Fergie it was his myopic obsession with winning the league(a good obsession for a premier league manager), and one which became more myopic every year he managed. But as Fergie has adequately proved year in and year out, he knew how to build a team that could grind the most results of any team out of 38 games. That is the team we currently have. Plus Zaha, plus Fellaini. It like the looks of that team assuming we can get Giggs out of the starting 11, and Zaha, Kagawa, and Nani into it, and now Fellaini as well. This looks to me like a team to shred opponents if we’ll run out the talent that is in this team. It’s a quality squad. City has major problems. Chelsea have major problems. I really think of those teams, United’s problems are less serious. City lost to Cardiff in despicable fashion. You lose 1 center half and are now incapable of defending set pieces??? Jumping Jaysus Citeh, that is shocking. And against a newly promoted side. That’s just 1 injury and they turn useless in the back four. Chelsea…. if you figure Et’oo for a world beater I guess you see something I don’t. I see for Chelsea…. a lot of draws this season. No striker. Sure, they have Torres, who has been miserable, and who Mourinho doesn’t trust. And now they have Et’oo.

    And what did we lack? A midfielder that could stamp authority on the game with physicality and pashion. We just bought that. City haven’t come up with defensive answers(i am unconvinced they have shored up with their buys), Chelsea haven’t adequately shored up their offense, and we have bought exactly what we need in midfield. A young, strong, aggressive midfielder that can put his stamp on games. I watched Fellaini run roughshod over United, and amongst my first thoughts was, fuck, I wish we had a player like that. Done.

  34. Ben, you are contradicting yourself. You say we lost at Liverpool because we lack imagination. And then you claim what we’ve been lacking is a midfielder with physicality and passion.

    Remember Moyes’ first targets were Fabregas and Thiago. That would suggest that he felt we needed some guile in midfield.

    Fellaini was his fail-safe and he only closed the deal when all other options expired. Even in the last week of the transfer window he was bidding for Khedira and De Rossi and Herrera.

    Moyes has worked with Fellaini for years. If he truly rated Fellaini and thought he could improve our squad surely he would have exercised the buy out clause to ensure Everton couldn’t stall all summer till they got their replacements.

    Our transfer budget was Β£40M tops. So we were never after two midfielders. We were after a midfielder and a left back.

    • Uh…. No, I am not contradicting myself.

      The lack of imagination came from Zaha, Kagawa, Nani not starting, Rafael gone for the moment, all not featuring. It was a slower more static United side. We have creativity in this squad. In my opinion, Januzaj is very close, close enough even at 18 to make an impact this season.

      And yes, we need a midfielder that can impose his will. That has been the big lack. I think Lingard/Fellaini or Januzaj/Fellaini would be unstoppably dynamic.

      It is possible to have an unimaginative game and not have 100 percent of the responsibility fall on midfield. It is a team sport. If you trot out older, slower more static players in every position, you cannot scream at the top of your lungs ‘THE MIDFIELD IS NOT CREATIVE ENOUGH!!!!!’ That is unless you want to look like an idiot that ignore the fact that we played more static at practically every position, midfield included.

        • You see, I made a statement, and then I backed it up.

          You didn’t.

          You could call that being a jerk, or an asshole, or childish. Some could call it that. Or, you could just explain why it’s possible to say that a team performance, a TEAM, as in a WHOLE TEAM, performance, does your brain grasp the emphasis there? Can you tell me why it’s not possible to assert a TEAM performance is unimaginative, and at the same time assert that what is lacking is solidity in midfield as opposed to say, creativity? Can you explain to me, when I am somehow not allowed to comment on TEAM performance, without having that be a specific comment on midfield performance?

          I know you actually aren’t trying to understand what I say, or the subtleties therein. Albeit, I am not the most subtle of thinkers. Still, it seems a basically childish to retort, ‘Nu UH!!!’

        • @Grognard: Yes you backed it up with more condescension and insults. You are incapable of having a debate without getting personal, rude and insulting. I have written something for you in the previous article for you to read. Suggest you take the good advise yet somehow, I think it will fly right by you because you enjoy spewing hatred and poison towards your fellow United fans, when what you should be doing is targeting the regime that runs the club and has made supporting no fun anymore. I’m angry at the club and the owners. You are angry at the world and cannot understand why most of us cannot and will not follow your rule.

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