1. Its all gone stale with the transfer rumours 😐 I will be so annoyed if modric moves to madrid- easy way out if you ask me………

  2. Well here’s a transfer rumour for you. Nani to Inter Milan for 30mil Euros, 30mil Euros and Anderson for James Rodriguez from Porto as his replacement.

    • Can his replacement retain the ball? If he can….it’s an improvement imo (cue a load of abuse about his assists, creativity, shooting power etc – bring it on!)

      • @Ian: He looks facially like someone tried to mix Ronaldo and Hernandez. Footballingly he looks no worse than Nani, so I’m for it.

        Here’s a fairly long video with all sorts of clips of him.


        He has a release clause of E45mil on a contract signed only last year, but E30mil plus Anderson might just do it. If we get E30mil for Nani then it’s a decent deal imo. Would we really get more than E15mil for Anderon elsewhere?

        1 less player on the wage bill overall, no net spend. Glazernomics incarnate!

  3. It is right time to let Nani go. He has reached his maximum with United .He is one of the most inconsistent players in the League which is really not good enough for United. Valencia has done more than him in a much shorter period.

  4. United should use Anderson to get Moutinho.He is gem of a player. Ronaldo is getting all the praises but this guy has been the main reason for their success.

    • To be fair, I heard SAF targeted Moutinho about two years ago, not sure what happened or why nothing came of it but you’re right, he’s been brilliant, but there must be a reason why a top Eoropean side hasn’t snaffled him up, especially as he’s obviously ‘on their radar’. Attitude maybe? Trouble follows him perhaps? Injuries? Who knows.

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