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Van Gaal rues “cheap goals”

Liverpool-v-Manchester-United-Europa-League (1)Louis Van Gaal has criticised Manchester United for giving away two cheap goals that cost them the game on Thursday night at Anfield and addressed some his wrath to the officials, who gifted Liverpool a penalty in the first half.

United were outplayed throughout the game, although Van Gaal believes Liverpool to be awarded a first half penalty when Memphis was judged to have brought down Nathaniel Clyne in the box. The decision didn’t go down well with Van Gaal.

“They got a cheap goal for the first, I think their player is falling down not because he was kicked by Memphis,” he said. The second goal was a cheap one too – Henderson was in an offside position when he played the ball.

“When you are so sharp you can see the foul has been made by Memphis Depay in the box, then you have to see also it’s offside.

“But I have a very nasty feeling Liverpool were of course the better team. It is true, they had many chances and David De Gea was fantastic. Now we have to create that atmosphere also, and we have to bring pressure to them.”



  1. colver

    11 March 2016 at 14:02

    Very disappointing. LVG admitted we couldn’t cope with the pressure and basically opted in the second half for a policy of containment which gave us little hope of getting a crucial away goal to salvage the tie. Proclaiming Fellaini as our best player on the night says it all really.

    We supposedly brought LVG in for his experience and tactical nous. But he knew how Liverpool were going to play and just reverted to type. It would have been much more sensible to ditch Mata and play Herrera in a three man central midfield alongside Schneiderlin and Carrick and gone with a pacy front three of Martial Rashford and Lingard to stretch Liverpool’s defence.

    Rio made a comment about the failure to improve the squad. While we did get rid of a lot of deadwood (I only really regret us selling Rafael, Hernandez and Di Maria) the new signings for the most part have been very disappointing.

    Schneiderlin looks a shadow of the dominant midfielder he was at Southampton. Depay has just been amateurish all season-it is telling he’s only impressed against Championship level teams like Bruges and Midtyjlland. Schweisteneger provided some good leadership qualities earlier in the season but hasn’t been able to stay fit-no surprise given his track record at Bayern over the last few years. Rojo has spent an inordinate amount of time out injured and has never really impressed. Darmian is one for the future but all too often this season he’s looked out of his depth. Only Martial has been a real success but he’s been mostly let down by the inferiority of his team mates.

    One quality I think Mourinho would bring is that like Ferguson he tries to fill his squad with winners. I don’t think that screening process has been applied over the last few seasons. Too many of our players are soft and seem to give up when the game goes against us. You know we are in trouble when Mata ends up as our captain. Nice tidy player but you can understand why Mourinho dumped him. Similarly I am beginning to understand why Chelsea never showed any interest in Schneiderlin.

  2. bestie

    11 March 2016 at 14:44

    we are a team of average players managed by a crap manager. That’s why we are where we are today. We get a lucky result here and there, and VG is a genius, so-and-so is the next so-and-so but the reality is, we’re rubbish. The squad consists of over-hyped and inconsistent young players, past-their expiry date older players, and average players in their prime. When the GK is consistently our best player for 2-3 consecutive seasons, I think it says it all. And if I see Fellaini in the starting line-up one more time, I will not watch the game.

  3. storm

    11 March 2016 at 15:31

    First off, what a performance from DDG, and to think he was only a balls-up away from being a Real Madrid player. Where would we now be without him? Mid table and out of all competitions I suspect. Despite the nature of the defeat it’s still possible that Utd might do the unexpected and turn this one around. After all, Liverpool aren’t the most consistent team about. I was disappointed but not surprised that LvG reverted to 3 at the back, when we should have gone for an away goal, but there you go, that seems to be Van Gaal’s philosophy. Pity, what started as a season of optimism is turning into one to forget. I still think we have the nucleus of a good team, one or two adjustments should see us competing again. The main adjustment has to be a change of manager, he just doesn’t have a clue. Will Mourinho change things? I honestly don’t know, I’m not a fan of his, but he has to be better than LvG.

  4. BazzatheRed

    11 March 2016 at 17:25

    Pitiful crap from LVG. on the field and off.

    When I saw the teamsheet for last night – even before sussing the bizarre formation – I thought “Christ, that’s a weak team”: just about the weakest United side I can recall since the dark days of Terry Gibson, in fact (that’s 1987 for latecomers). And that’s where we stand right now: a rank-average collection of players with no team cohesion and zero sense of direction.

    I’m taking it as a given that LVG will leave at the season’s end if not before. I firmly believe (and hope) that Giggs, not Mourinho, should take over – perhaps with SAF as Director of Football (academy, advice on signing etc.) for 2 years. The kind of crisis United now face seems to me, counter-intuitive as it might seem, NOT to call for an itinerant trophy-hunting troubleshooter/maker like Mourinho but someone who knows the club, bleeds red white and black, understands the kind of football Manchester United should be playing, and will have wholesale support from everyone for a large-scale rebuilding project starting almost from scratch – because that’s where we are now.

    Whoever takes over in May (it has to be May, not July) needs to take a long hard look at the squad he’s inherited and make some immediate decision about who can play a part in rebuilding the side. My own accounting (not including the youngsters whom it’s unfair to judge, especially amidst the current shambles) would look something like this:


    De Gea – if he’s mad enough to want to stay, keep him at all costs.

    Darmian – had an up-and-down first season but so did Evra. The best we’ve had in that slot since GNev retired (not saying much I know, but…)

    Shaw – hopefully will return fully recovered from his injury. If he does, top LB/WB.

    Jones – I know not everyone agrees, but I think if he can stay injury-free (big if) he is our centre-back and captain for the next 10 years

    Smalling – still don’t think he’s a top-class CB but on the all-too-rare occasions he’s partnered with Jones they looked like a proper pair at least. Keep unless a better option comes along.

    Blind – provided he’s never let near CB again except in an injury crisis, a perfectly useful squad/utility player a la Brian Greenhoff/Ronny Johnsen

    Mata – our only genuinely creative CM. Provided we can find a formation to play him in (i.e., alongside a proper dominating box-to-box midfielder), he’s definitely a United player.

    Rooney – at least for another season, for seniority, experience and on his day still genuine class

    Martial – can be a star. LVG’s one unequivocal signing success.


    Rojo – not United class and nothing persuades me he will be.

    Schweinsteiger – Bayern knew what they were doing when they flogged him to us. A Rolls-Royce player he may have been, but unlike their automotive equivalent they don’t get better with age.

    Fellaini – pay someone to take him away. And while we’re at it get one of those Men-in-Black zappers so we can all forget he ever defiled a United shirt.

    Valencia – if he ever gets fit again, time to say thanks for the hours and miles and now we move on.


    Romero – we have to have a backup keeper and he doesn’t seem any worse than most.

    Herrera/Schneiderlin – neither have impressed greatly or suggested they’re the answer to our perennial search for the new Keano; but either/both (plus Blind) could provide decent backup to first-choice CM pairing of Mata and a Pogba-esque dynamo (as Butt and Johnsen did in 98/99).

    Depay – his dire performances this season (bar flat-track bullying of Mittyland etc.) belie the fact that he was one of the most coveted young players in Europe last summer. He looks a lot more Nani than Ronaldo at the moment but he probably deserves a second season at least.

    Young – more inclined to keep but much depends on the new arrivals and the balance of the squad. He’s played better since SAF’s retirement (oddly) but no-one would claim he’s irreplaceable.

    Januszaj – certainly hasn’t “trained on” (though ill-served by LVG) and hardly yet a worthy inheritor of the number 11 shirt. Needs a proper run of games to decide once and for all.

    Did I forget anyone?

    Last – what’s happened to this website? I sued to post here years ago and it seems all but dead now. :/

    • bestie

      11 March 2016 at 17:51

      I agree with most of your points; except that I’m losing patience with Mata (I was a big fan until recently), I think Herrera is one of our better MFs but that doesn’t say much; we need somebody much more effective in that spot, and I’m not sold on Schneiderlin. I think Blind, although no B. Robson or R. Keane can fill the role Carrick (you left him out btw) played for us before his decline which started last season, because of his intelligence and passing ability, and we need to rebuild the MF around him. When you think that our current MFs can’t get on their NTs but there was a time when our MFs were NT CAPTAINS it says something. In fact, I can’t think of a player on this squad who could’ve started on the great United sides of the 90s or 2007-2010, and that too says something.

  5. colver

    12 March 2016 at 00:29

    Herrera for me has done a great job considering that LVG continually plays him out of position. I have no idea why we don’t play him in the middle of the park alongside Schneiderlin. It is baffling for me that Fellaini has played so many games in central midfield despite Herrera being available for selection. Surely I am not the only one to notice that Fellaini in central midfield has been the common denominator in most of our losses this season? Regardless of whether we want to keep him or not I am sure he’s probably fed up by now and will head back to Spain at first opportunity.

    I dispute selling Schweisteneger. We were well in the title race in the first half of the season with him as an ever constant in midfield. He can do the conductor role in the same way that Carrick and Scholes used to and is a useful squad player and a good character to have in the dressing room and has a few more years left in him. Obviously he is not the same player he was in his glory days at Bayern and we definitely need to sign a world class central midfielder but he could still play an important role in the same way Scholes and Giggs used to.

    I am not a huge fan of Mata. For me he is too much of a luxury player and all too often anonymous. You can afford to have that kind of player in a great team. But an average team like ours needs someone a lot more dynamic. We’ve never really done especially well with attacking midfielders anyway. I’d much rather we switch to a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3.

    Also it seems pretty implausible to me that Jones will ever stay fit long enough to be a viable option as a centre back. There is no room for sentimentality at this level. If he can’t play 30-40 games a season at his age he is dead wood and the sooner we sign a quality centre back to play alongside Smalling the better. Rojo seems to be following the same path as Jones when it comes to spending more time in treatment rooms than on the pitch but without the potential that makes you want to root for him. A pretty terrible signing by Van Gaal when our defence was screaming out for some experience having lost Rio, Evra and Vidic.

    I think the real dilemna is what to do when Rooney returns from injury. With his ego I don’t think he’d accept a squad role. But it is pretty clear we are going to sign a big name striker this summer, Martial needs to play through the middle and while Rashford has obviously been overhyped by the media he has promise and needs games to develop.

  6. storm

    12 March 2016 at 13:35

    The problem with getting rid of players is that under a different manager playing a different style they might flourish. Ok, maybe Fellaini is the exception, he’s really not a Utd type player. The big danger of keeping LvG is that players we need to keep might be inclined to go, and those Utd want to bring in might not fancy it under him. Whoever is in line to take over, and I’m assuming that someone will, they need to do so before the end of the season,especially with the European championships coming up.

  7. colver

    12 March 2016 at 22:33

    I don’t think a massive overhaul is required and we will be limited to the extent we probably won’t be able to offer Champions League football. But there are areas of weakness that could be improved.

    Fellaini has to go and I would expect him to be replaced by a quality central midfielder.

    Rojo has been pretty ineffective and can’t seem to stay fit so hopefully we’ll sell him and buy a quality central defender.

    We are well covered in the full back positions with Darmian, Varela, Shaw and Blind. So Valencia would be surplus to requirements.

    I would expect us to try to buy a world class striker to take the burden off Martial and Rashford. Ibrahamovitch would be a dream come true. Mourinho is rumoured to fancy Higuian who could be attainable as well. I don’t know how Rooney would then fit in. But the reality is that Rooney hasn’t been producing the goods over the last few seasons and we need a 20 goal a season striker.

    On the wings I hope we’ll take another season to see how players like Lingard, Depay, Pereira and Januzaj progress.

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