1. @Redrich: I’ve been saying it for a while and it kills me to do so but stick a fork in Hargo, he’s done like dinner.

  2. @Grognard: It hearts to say this but to all the suckers who keep going to OT thinking the Glazer’s are good for United,my only prayer is:

    Let Pini Zahavi broker and conclude the deal and then Rooney follows Ronaldo to Madrid! I guess that will be an opener to them that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel while still with the Glazer’s.

  3. im an irish red and ive hated this glazer regieme since the start. from the day they took over the ive not bought a shirt or been to old trafford. just chipping away at their profits , but not sure what 1 fan alone can achieve

  4. @Traverse: @Redrich: That would make for a serious warning for Anderson. And Hargreaves. More Hargreaves, now that I think about it.
    Word is in France that M Sissoko is indeed one of the most promising DMs in France, on the level of a L.Diarra maybe.
    I agree that looking for a true world class offensive midfielder should have been priority. Maybe SAF is waiting for the end of the season for this. (You don’t often buy proven “world class” players in the transfer window – considering the investment that they would represent)

  5. @Redrich: Well Hargreaves is 29 now, so buying a top class 20 year old before he goes off to someone like Spurs and then costs us £30million in 4 years is probably a good a idea.

  6. I feel sorry for Owen. Ferguson hasn’t even given him a chance. And a large part of that is because of our chicken shit 4-5-1 tactics designed to cover up a lack of quality in midfield. Perhaps signing this Sissoko guy will give us a bit more bite in midfield so we can play 4-4-2 without getting overrun.

    More importantly, having a true defensive midfielder could be very useful in the Champions League if we make it as far as Barcelona.

    As for Hargreaves after being out of the game so long I doubt he could ever be more than a bit-part utility player for us. His age isn’t in his favour either.

  7. To all at Red Rants Quote SAF.”I could see our opponents rubbing there hands with glee at the thought of watching us fall out among ourselves if we dont think carefully about what we are doing”
    All power to Grognard, Traverse, Redrich, Phoenix red, Opti Madchester, Karl, Jay wire.

  8. @Grognard: Keep up your good work, m8, hay and sorry about the other day, I was just very low, i got so much flak on other blogs, text messages etc etc. That really was not me, I just got confused. Lets nail the bastards on Wedensday.I like your post generally I do, but honest Grog, I am a simple Scots lad ,love my Football, generally always positive on the club on the players. Anyways I am back on board with you.I know what you are trying to do m8, and it’s to be welcomed , although i aint no money expert.How the fuck did we get here? Surely the prior caretakers need to be held to account also. But again I will say, what I typed was below the belt.I just got confused with the same negativity from several poster’s, Clown shoes made me laugh tho. :mrgreen:

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