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Wenger Speaks Sense As Platini Loses his Mind

Is Michel Platini for real? Or is this different from the rather good player that strolled the park many years ago?

Yesterday he made a statement backing Real Madrid over the Ronaldo saga. Now, I don’t have any problem with UEFA over not taking action against Real; there is hardly any substantial evidence to back United’s complaint. But when Platini goes as far as to encourage Madrid, then it gets a little bit worrying.

This is what he said to reporters in Vienna:

“Every club in the world would like to have Ronaldo. It’s part of the system we have today. Players move from club to club and I can understand why Real Madrid want him. They had [Alfredo] di Stefano and [Ferenc] Puskas in the past, and as Ronaldo is considered one of the best or the best player in the world it’s normal. If the club has the finances they can do it, if they don’t have the money they can’t.”

Like Alfred di Stefano? Are you fuckin’ kidding me? There was a lot that was shady about the purchase of di Stefano — one that, to this day, brings out the worst in Madrid and Barca fans — so surely he’s not going to use that as an example to justify the Ronaldo interest?

What is this love affair between footballing governing body presidents and cretins? Can Platini come across as sounding any more retarded? Not taking action is ok, but speaking about the whole Ronaldo saga in a tone that condones or even encourages Real’s actions is sad to say the least.

Wenger, meanwhile, speaks sense on the whole Ronaldo saga:

“I think Ronaldo will stay at United because I cannot see the club making the kind of statements they have made if they have no assurance from Ronaldo that he will stay. Once a club of their stature say he will stay, he has to stay. If he doesn’t stay you look weak, weaker than if you said nothing at all.

It is not right what Real Madrid do, I agree. And there comes a point when somebody needs to make a stand against them. United have come out strongly at the moment and said ‘No’, and I give them credit for that. Maybe as well they know that the desire doesn’t really come from the player himself. It could be from another environment, from a club that has tapped him up. But it is not something that usually happens between big clubs. It’s not something you do.”

Indeed, and it is a rare occasion where I actually agree with what Arsene says. The Arsenal manager has problems of his own, having to deal with the possible departure of Adebayor. However, it’s all well and good making a stand but will it be easy for Fergie to get Ronaldo motivated on a daily basis, if he does stay? We shall have to wait and see.

Today, I believe, Fergie returns to work and would spend the good part of this week listening to messages on his answering machine. Hopefully by Tuesday we’ll get to see the rumour mills chugging along, linking us with the next wunderkind from Haiti. (We need these stories, don’t we? Otherwise what will we talk about? Actual facts? Bleh! Who talks about facts these days anyway?)

In other news, tickets for the Aberdeen game on July 12 will go on sale [phone lines provided in link].

The Telegraph gives a preview on what to expect from United in the 08/09 season.

Finally, a word on the Euros. It was thoroughly exciting, as a tournament and rewarded teams that attempted to play football. Which is why, barring Austria and Switzerland, every team seemed capable of beating the other because they backed themselves and had a go. Which explains the success of teams like Turkey and Russia. In a way it was fitting that the team that played a good brand of football won the cup, and a team like France and Italy that showed mostly disjointed displays were unceremoniously dumped out of the competition. I just wonder what, Michael Ballack, “the nearly man of contemporary football” must be thinking now.

Anyway, nothing else to report for the day. Till tomorrow, over to you.



  1. Fred The Red

    1 July 2008 at 03:07

    @jos: theres more than two ways to skin a cat and I think the signing of a Berbatov type striker with Rooney or Tevez in the hole would be more suited to our style of play and lets not forget, Ronaldo getting amongst the goals last season was by design and did not happen by accident while a planned avalanche of goals from midfield failed to materialise. Personally I would have no problem with us playing a diciplined holding central midfield pair if it was to accomadate a flexible goal scoring front four coz I think you will find that our goals will be more evenly spread amongst the front four next year if we get a proper no 9 who has the ability to both score goals and link play, ala Berbatov. Im not not saying that adding an ACM to our team wouldnt work, but I think with our current players and style of play we can be just as effective without one.
    and lets see how Anderson progresses coz I think he has the ability to play in centre mid and be solid but also pocess the ability to spring forward and join in at times which can be even more effective than an out and out ACM coz it brings more of an element of surprise when someone breaks from the centre occasionally rather than someone who is constantly pushing forward coz uaually the opposition detail some one to mark or watch for these players.

  2. Krishnan

    1 July 2008 at 03:16

    @jos: Our system is fluid enough for the goals to come. Right now only Van Der Vart seems to fit your bill. Do you want us to go for a guy who is unproven in the Premiership? I thought Carrick was really good in his first season and last season I guess he played in a slightly withdrawn role allowing both the wingers to go forward with Rooney and Tevez.. I really do think we do not need an AMF coz that would only mean we have to change our system. Besides we have too many midfielders in the team anyway and I really do see goals frm our MFs this season….

  3. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 03:26

    @“OL Devil: Perhaps you can tell me when they ever bought a true star QB, RB or WR? They buy bargain basement players and projects. They are underachievers because management doesn’t give a damn and they live well below the salary cap unlike ateam with an owner that gives a damn like in Dallas or New England. Sorry but that one won’t work on me. The proof of their mediocrity and lack of spending is there for all to see over the past 6 years.

  4. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 03:27

    @Rd: Trust me, buying Santa Cruz would be a case of settling for sloppy seconds. The guy is mediocrity personified.

  5. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 03:29

    @Fred The Red: Fine RR, we’ll wait for the evidence but I’m sorry if I’m jumping the gun. Theres nothing wrong with good old intuition and gut feelings now are there?

  6. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 03:34

    @Fred The Red: I’d expect more from you than to sensor and try to shut the mouth of a fellow blogger just because he believes in something contrary to you. Not fair and frankly beneath you mate. Sorry but nobody is going to shut me up for voicing my concerns and my beliefs. This is a rant site it’s not a we all must agree and see eye to eye site. Like you and everyone else, I’m entitled to my opinion whether it is popular or not. 🙁

  7. Red Ranter

    1 July 2008 at 03:40

    There’s nothing wrong with gut feelings and intuition, and I didn’t even tell you not to think the way you have been. I was just responding to the suggestion that I am in denial. It’s ok to state gut feelings as gut feelings, but when one states gut feelings as facts then the lines get blurred and one gets unsure of where you are coming from.

    So for example saying, “I have a feeling United might be broke” is entirely different from saying something like, “lads United is broke, I am sure”. One is speculation, the other not so. I hope you see what I am saying.

    Now I do know that you are stating things on gut feelings, so that’s fine, and as I said, I disagree with that opinion of yours but I will gladly see your view if I get to see facts and evidence. Simple as that. I hope I am clear where I’m coming from.

  8. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 03:43

    @Fred The Red: “has chelsea won the league since Ballack and Lampard have been Paired, have arsenal since Fabregas took the reins and finally has Gerrard led the pool to the premiership, do you not think its funny that people are saying that a goal scoring midfeilder is needed despite the fact that we are back to back champions and champions league winners.” Fred you are too smart a football fan to write that kind of drivel. All those players are part of a team and it takes an entire team to win a championship. If those AMF’s haven’t won anything, it’s because of the inadequacies of their teammates or perhaps even their managers. And by the way, Frank Lampard has won a few FA Cups and a few League trophies in his day I do believe. Also Ballack has won many Bundesliga and German Cup trophies in his day also. So I wouldn’t call those two complete losers, although Ballack does come close I must say. Maybe it’s not a must but an AMF would give our team the added dimension and multiple option that would help free up Ronaldo and others to play even better. The same could be said of an imposing striker who poaches goals and dominates the box with his presence as well as his aerial ability. Two skill sets that have been vacant from our great team. Just imagine how much greater we would be if those ingredients were present?

  9. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 03:48

    RR; I see what you are saying but please, one would have to be a complete Muppet to not know the difference between fact and what I’m saying. As if I’m in the know. I don’t work for United or reside inside OT. I’d have to be a moron to believe that everything I say is embedded in fact. All of us are making our gut feeling and suspicions known when we rant. Some are positive, some are negative. For anybody to honestly take my word as gospel needs to get their head examined. I’m pitching feelings, intuition and what I read in the press or in the gossip arena. I know no more or no less but I still have my good old intuition based on my ability to piece little facts and items of evidence and come to a conclusion or theory that is based on nothing more than my gut feelings and intelligence. And that’s what all of us here do. I’m just the one that plays the Devil’s advocate a little bit more than most.

  10. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 03:53

    @Fred The Red: In your comment about Berbatov we can definitely agree. A number 9 player who can link the midfield and forwards while still score a fair number of goals like the great King Cantona would be a godsend. Forwards of this kind are definitely rare and I honestly cannot think of a better one in that mold than Berbatov. 😀

  11. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 04:05

    @Krishnan: Krishnan, honestly mate, if I read one more post from somebody crying about Prem experience I will lose my mind. 😯 Cantona, Klinsmann, Vialli, Zola, Bergkamp, Stam, Ginola, Adebayor, Fabregas, Essien, Ballack, Drogba, Robben, Carvalho, Torres, Berbatov, Lehamnn, Schmeichel, EVDS, Tevez, Henry, Vidic, Ronaldo, van Nistelrooy, Evra, etc etc. Are those enough names of foreign player who were or are bonafide studs in the Prem and who came here without any Prem experience? That argument has absolutely no weight or validity to it. Class and quality will always overcome lack of experience. My goodness, look at the number of successful managers who came to the Prem with no experience in English football. Hell, Fergie came directly from Scotland and he didn’t look back now did he? Look at Arsenal last year. A team littered with young foreigners lead the league for 80% of the season without having experience in the Prem or experience in years. Trust me, world class players don’t need the Prem to make them quality. 😀

  12. Shreyas

    1 July 2008 at 04:55

    Got to agree with comments here. Scholes was I believe kind of like Rooney in his youth. A second striker who didn’t score enough goals for a second striker, and went into tackles not necessary for a striker. Fergie moved him into AMF, and voila, we had an attacking midfielder who could both pull the strings and score more than your average AMF.
    If we do get a proper no.9 like berba this season, I see Rooney as the long term successor to scholes, if Anderson doesnt develop into the AMF we are all hoping him to become.
    Remember, Anderson played as a winger/AMF at gremio/porto and I truly believe him recovering from that horrific leg injury was one of the main reasons why we didnt see his attacking and flair side of the game last season.
    Honestly, if Fergie goes out and buys another AMF and winger, what message would it send to anderson and nani, just one year after they have been bought and helped United win the double. we need to show some patience, and wait for this season atleast. we do have scoles and giggs for this season to give us atleast 20 games each. by the end of this year, if nani and anderson still don’t develop into the players fergie is hoping for, I am sure he will buy once more. but right now AMF and a winger are luxuries. only if a once in a lifetime player becomes suddenly available (somewhat like the rooney-everton situation) should we go for it.
    All we need is a world class no.9, and if fergie gets us that, I will be more than satisfied.

  13. Shreyas

    1 July 2008 at 05:21

    What a load of rubbish as usual from the Mail:

    All through the quotes fergie was nothing but supportive of red neville, but the so called reporter decides, hey what the heck, I can write any headline I want, creative liberties… 🙂

  14. jos

    1 July 2008 at 05:28


    if we buy another not-so-young AMF than that would mean that andy would have to constantly pull himself up and work harder if he is to be part of the first XI! As of now what I see is its only his place which has no competition(plus probably striker dept but if Saha can remain injury free than theres contention there also). Competion is never a bad thing. On the contrary if things are let go too easy on that lad than he might just slag off! If he is a real player he should not fear competition!
    And I still think Rooney is a striker not an ACM and he is a very very good striker. He is really young (what age did Scholes break into utd side?) and he will get much much better…

  15. Shreyas

    1 July 2008 at 05:43

    @jos: United look to be moving into the direction of having two deep lying midfielders, one who is more strong on the defensive side,i.e the game breaker, and one who is more of the playmaker and passer, a la pirlo and gattuso at milan, with most of the forward thrust coming from the front 4(wingers/strikers).
    In this system, I do not see the requirement of an out and out AMF. And anderson fits into the second category I mentioned, i.e the deep lying playmaker.And he has carrick competing with him in that position and even hargo can fulfill that role as seen again roma, CL home leg. also we have scholesy for this season at least.
    So, I cannot agree that andy doesn’t have any competition in his position. wrt the game breaker role, again we have hargo, anderson and fletch fighting it out
    The advantage we have is that, except scholsey, as much as we all love him can’t tackle to save his life :), and fletch, the other MF are suitable for both roles united now have in the centre of midfield. flexibility is the key.
    the only positions where there is almost no competition is the LB, where if silvestre remains injury free is a good enough back up, and so is sheasy, and striker, which should be solved with manucho and the new striker, whoever he is.

  16. jos

    1 July 2008 at 05:47


    for the price of Berbatov we can have both of van der vaart and Pavlyuchencko! I would still be tempted to give Saha one more chance (simply because we can afford to! and his value is going to be zero if he is booted out now. we can always sell him in the january window)

  17. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 05:47

    @Shreyas: I don’t know but I think it would send a message to Anderson and others that they must work even harder and get even better if they want to be a starter. There is nothing wrong with competition. If they can’t handle it, trust me that’s not the kind of player you want to be your team’s talisman anyway.

  18. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 05:54

    @jos: Jos, I would take that deal in a second but I don’t think Fergie is thinking like us. 🙂 And Saha must go….for my sanity. Never ever in my life have I taken such a dislike to a player on my team. Even if it isn’t fair of me, the player just rubs me the wrong way. And even though I have said many times in the last month that Ronaldo is dead to me, even he gets more love from me than Saha. I detest soft players with no intestinal fortitude and courage. So what if I’m wrong or unfair. Like I said, he just brings out the worst in me. Get rid of him Fergie. Jeez after ten thousands visits to the hospital ward you think Fegie would get the bloody hint already. The guy is a package of cookies that were stepped on when delivered to OT.

  19. Shreyas

    1 July 2008 at 06:27

    @Grognard: LOL at the cookies comment 🙂
    but again, have to disagree about the lack of competition remark, ref my comment at no.115.

  20. jos

    1 July 2008 at 06:44

    yes I would take both of them as well. Plus add a defender like Thuram!!! (shouldnt cost us anything and vidic, rio & company can still learn from him a lot and he can be great 4th or 5th choice backup). That would be my summer spending… very close to 30m.
    In fact I am not sure if kuzack is utd class so I would sell him and buy another good keeper in his place. This way when VDS finally retires in a season we’d still have 2 class keepers in the team.

  21. Tomas

    1 July 2008 at 07:23

    Let me just make a swift comment on the financial situation at OT, and wether or not we can afford players.

    We all now, we were in for Ramsey… that’s £5 mil. Giovani dos Santos has said, we made a good offer for him… that’s £11 mil, and then SAF has said, we’re in for 1 or 2 players… one of them being a young important player that a team doesn’t want to part with. Doesn’t sound cheap to me.

    To me, these statements smell more like SAF being almost satisfied with his current team and only wanting to sign for 1 position (striker, hopefully) and then build even more for the future. SAF always looks to how he can assure our future team, and he always has. That’s how he operates.

    I’ll state again that neither van der Vaart, Arshavin, Pavlyuchenko nor Huntelaar are good enough for our team. I might be proven wrong, if we buy one of them, but it doesn’t look like we will.

    None of them fits the bill really – maybe Huntelaar, yes. He almost fits it. I’ve always liked him, but my reasoning tells me that SAF doesn’t value him as high as many. I think, SAF has been interested in Huntelaar at some point (I think, he actually said so), but he may have been unsure of him and wanted to wait to see, how he developed. Now, it appears, he doesn’t like the look of things.

    And yes, Huntelaar has scored a lot of goals, but let’s be honest… the dutch league is bad and getting worse, which means it’s the perfect place for almost world class to thrive (aka. Huntelaar). Another part of my reasoning is that he’s behind Rvn, van Persie and at par with Hessellink in the national team. He’s not that young anymore at almost 25.

    I don’t question his goal scoring abilities, but I doubt SAF sees him in our style of play.

  22. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 08:35

    @jos: I guess you didn’t hear that Thuram has been diagnosed with a heart problem that seriously threatens what is left of his career. If he’s smart he will forget about what’s left in his legs and worry about how many years he has left in life.

  23. Stephen

    1 July 2008 at 09:29

    Thuram too old, too slow like Blanc, and obviously dodgey ticker. Lahm really the only defender as can play both flanks but BM won’t sell and if they not cheap.

    Berbatov who we will sign in my view, Huntelaar ideal but somw how we won’t make a bid for it seems, very odd. So we will only buy Berba this summer.

  24. RedDevil

    1 July 2008 at 10:32

    If Rooney had scored on 1/2 of his 1-on-1 with the keeper, he would have scored many more goals. Warning! This is long

    This is all of Rooneys chances this season.

    Reading- Missed 1-on-1 with Hanheman, headed outside from 7 yards, shot over from Carrick cross(broke foot), passed to Giggs instead of shooting from 10 yards.

    Sporting- Return from injury, no big chance.

    Chelski- Shot from 28 yards that would have gone into the top corner had it not been for an amazing save from Cech, Saha 1-on-1 Rooney was free but Saha shoots over. Rooney gets angry.

    Bimingham- Makes contact on a cross from Ronaldo that Taylor saves.

    Roma- Shoots over on volley from 8 yards on cross from Nani, Doni saves shot from 18 yards, scores goal assisted by Nani.

    Wigan- Only gets 1 chance that he converts with a header from Simpson cross.

    Aston Villa- Scores two goals, misses penalty, hits crossbar from 6 yards.

    Dynamo Kiev- Scores one goal from Wes Brown pass, passes to Anderson from 12 yards who hits post.

    Middlesbrough- Scores one goal, heads over from Nani cross, doesnt hit target from difficult angle, shoots over on hard volley inside the box, passes to Tevez who scores.

    Arsenal- Shot on Gallas that becomes own goal, heads outside from Giggs cross.

    Dynamo Kiev- Scores one goal from Nani cross.

    Fulham- Shoots outside from 6 yards.

    Derby- Hits post on open goal, keeper saves from 1 yard, shoots just over from 25 yards, shot cleared off line from 20 yards.

    Roma- Doesnt get a single chance.

    Liverpool- Shot that Tevez converts from 20 yards, misses 1-on-1 from 12 yards after Ronaldo pass.

    Everton- Chip cleared off line, hits crossbar from 25 yards.

    Sunderland- Scores 1 goal.

    Aston Villa- Comes on in second half and scores one goal.

    Newcastle- Misses 1-on-1, should have had a penalty, shot just outside from 25 yards, headed over from Giggs cross, shoots outside from Tevez pass.

    Spurs- Wins penalty.

    Pompey- James saves chip from 12 yards, volley just outside from Scholes pass.

    Spurs- Doesnt get a single chance.

    Arsenal- Headed goal, shoot outside, Lehmann saves, volley on target that Lehman saves with foot, Lehman makes another easy saves in second half.

    Lyon- Chips over from 20 yards.

    Newcastle- Scores 2 goals.

    Fulham- Passes instead of shot from 10 yards.

    Lyon- Shot saved from Coupet.

    Pompey- James saves 1-on-1.

    Derby- Hits side netting from 10 yards, heads right on Carroll, shot saved from 20 yards, then 10 yards, then 2 yards.

    Liverpool- Shoots at Reina when 1-on-1, again from VDS long kick.

    Aston Villa- Misses from 18 yards from Tevez pass, scores 2 goals, goal gets disallowed for offside.

    Roma- Scores 1 goal.

    Middlesbrough- Scores 1 goal.

    Arsenal- Lehmann saves from 1 yard, Lehmanns foot saves shot from 18 yards when 1-on-1, Lehmann saves shot from Evra pass.

    Blackburn- Passes to Ronaldo instead of shot from 18 yards.

    Chelsea- Scores 1 goal.

    Wigan- Wins penalty, Kirkland makes one of the saves of the season from his shot from 20 yards.

    Chelsea- Doesnt get a single chance.

    This is all the chances I remember Rooney getting, and I bet I dont remember everyone. If he had scored on half of his chances he would have scored more than Ronaldo. So if he just learns a lttle from Ola, he might get more goals next season. Hopefully! 😀

  25. Jay

    1 July 2008 at 11:45

    I can’t believe how many people are calling for multiple signings. We are domestic and european champions, why the hell would you want to spoil that formula? Throwing a bunch of “world class” footballers does not always bring results. Just look at Chelsea. New players, especially high-profile ones can disrupt and unbalance the entire squad. Just look at Chelsea 😆

    What a lot of people are forgetting is the youthfulness of our team. “We need to buy players to strengthen!” “Everyone else is buying so-and-so and is after 5 other players!!!” Do you not think that our young players (I include Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo in this group) will only improve next season and make the team stronger by doing so? Why would you want to disturb that? Let it flourish, as we did in 94 with our renowned batch of youngsters.

    Personally, I would be more than happy with one signing (and not dissappointed at all if we made none at all – just a little concerned) and that is a striker. Like many I’ve subscribed to the sad actuality that Saha, despite being a brilliant player on his day simply cannot be relied upon. How many times did we end up shoving John O Shea up top as our striker when we were out of ideas last season? Having said that, if he could stay fit for a season, then there would really be no need for any signings at all.

    Other than this I think the team were brilliant and as I’ve said, with time on their side they will only get better. That’s the whole point of buying youth. You get year on year of improvements from gifted players so that you DON’T HAVE to buy a new group of players each summer.

  26. scoop

    1 July 2008 at 12:04

    @ Grognard
    I wasnt saying RVN was a failure at all how did you come up with that conclusion? RVN was a great player for Utd and a fantastic striker he was absolutely lethal in the box and I sorry to see him leave OT.

    All I was saying was that Utd play better without an out and out striker and look better going forward with a more flexible forward line that can interchange with each other. A RVN type play can’t fit into that type of system and thats why I thought Benzema would be more suited to that style of play.

    An out and out striker would be a great plan B if things aren’t going well or we need to nick a goal. At the start of last season when we were struggling to score that would have been the perfect solution.
    I think Newcastle got Mark Viduka on a free transfer last year he would have been perfect to bring on as an out and out striker to grab a goal if things weren’t going our way but buying a high profile out and out striker is not the way to go.

  27. Grognard

    1 July 2008 at 16:16

    @scoop: My point is you seem to think that with RVN the team suffered more offensively than they do now? Not so. In fact, now the team has a lot more problem breaking down teams that put ten men behind the ball and defend for a 0-0 tie. Remember, the beginning of last season and at least a dozen games after that where United really had to work to break down mediocre or poor teams because the opponent played this way. United had a Hell of a time because they never possessed that old school striker who was a presence in the box , could poach a goal out of nothing and who gave them some aerial dominance. Although they are exciting to watch now, the team does rely on only one style to get past these defenses. We need a team that possesses more than one way to skin a cat. A tall goal poacher would give us this. Now besides Berbatov, the two names being linked to United are build in this mold. Pavlyuchenko and Huntelaar. I f we end up signing any of these three players it will confirm the need that I am sure they will feel and in the end confirm the fact that I am right on this one note.

  28. scoop

    2 July 2008 at 15:30

    I know exactly where your coming from mate but its not that we suffered offensively we still scored a bunch of goals with RVN I just think as an attacking force we are more potent without an out and out striker. I don’t think any team would suffer with RVN in it!
    Here’s the goals we score since 02/03 season:
    02/03 74
    03/04 64
    04/05 58
    05/06 72 (Ruud leaves for the Spanish scum end of season)
    06/07 83
    07/08 80
    Big jump in goals scored when he left and utd started playing the more fluid attack.
    Your point on utd at the start of last season and indeed several games throughout the season having great difficulty breaking down teams is spot on and thats why Ive always said on other postings that we always need a plan B. An out and out striker to bring off the bench to mix things up in the box and grab a goal or 2. Newcastle got Viduka on a free transfer last year which I thought would have been a perfect signing for us. Deadly in the box, free, reasonable wages and would be content on the bench and coming on when things aren’t going well but by no means expecting to play every match. A great plan B.
    We still need that type of player definately but are we going to pay BIG money for a Huntelaar type player who with his profile and being dutch would expect first team football all the time and maybe cause waves if he didnt.
    Thats why a benzema type player for a big signing and then a cheaper viduka plan B type player as well.
    I know that Benzema is out of the question as well because of price, desire to play in prem etc etc

  29. Grognard

    3 July 2008 at 16:40

    @scoop: Do you honestly believe we would be better off without a goal scorer? A natural goal scorer that knows what to do when he gets a chance in the box or gets a half chance near the box? RVN scored one goal outside of the 18 yard box in his entire career up until he went to Madrid. We need a guy like Huntelaar because he can score like RVN and he can score like Ronaldo too. When RVN was playing for us he scored most of our goals just like Ronaldo is doing now. Back then the team didn’t have the all round talent we have today nor did we have the defense or the depth. The Ronaldo of the RVN era is not the Ronaldo of the current era. Imagine if that RVN played along side this current group or at least with Ronaldo. Remember how much better Rooney was when he had RVN? We need Rooney to once again become a second striker and take the big pressure off of him to be our go to striker. Only a true striker with finishing talent can do this. A player who lives in the box and preys on defenses by never giving them a moments peace. This would also take a lot of the marking off of Ronaldo and add the aerial game back into our wingers repertoire as they would have a true target man to aim for, intstead of having a winger as the team’s best header of the ball.

    You want to know what I want Scoop. I want my cake and eat it too. I want that striker as well as Ronaldo and Rooney scoring. I want Tevez coming off the bench and making the odd start. Above all, I want that depth and that balance in our attack with the added option to our attack that a tall goal poacher brings to the team. Nothing has to change. Instead of spending most of his time in the offensive end of things patrolling outside of the box (like Rooney and Tevez), this striker will boldly go where only Ronaldo feels like going. This can only work well for us.

  30. Grognard

    4 July 2008 at 05:12

    Scoop; Also, United scored 87 goals in 2001/02 and 74 in 2002/03. Thats averaging 80 goals a season in RVN’s two most prolific and healthy seasons. That proves the club was more than capable of scoring a lot of goals with him. The reason for the drop off afterwards were his injuries and the loss of Beckham who was the provider for many of Ruud’s early goals in his United career. Ronaldo was not known for his passing or crossing which is why the two had a blow up and the outcome forced Fergie’s hand.

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