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Who Is The ‘Manchester United’ Of Australian Soccer Teams

Manchester-United-v-Manchester-City (1)Who is the Manchester United of Australia soccer? It’s an interesting question, given Man U’s reputation. Manchester United is easily one of the most popular soccer teams in the world, and it has fans everywhere. If an Australia team can measure up, it means that they too share a rabid fan base. Establishing just who is the best team in the country is a contentious process, and one that will undoubtedly get many soccer fans mad. As a hypothetical question, though, it is interesting. Who, after all, can really measure up to a team that is that famous across the world?


In terms of success and fan appeal, it seems that Melbourne Victory probably clinches the top spot as Australia’s big team. It certainly has the most championships in the national league, and it has enough fans that they tend to dominate any online conversations about Australian soccer. It’s just as easy to say, though, that Manchester United is still the Manchester United of Australia, though. They’re incredibly popular in the country, and any local appearance by the team is sure to sell out quickly. Popularity isn’t confined to one nation, after all – but if you’re going local, you’re going to Melbourne.


In the end, though, it doesn’t matter which team is really the best – it changes every year, and most people don’t have the luxury of always being right. What really matters is how fans support their team, and how they show it. There are fans of soccer clubs all over Australia that might not be behind the biggest or the best, but they’re certainly just as loud and proud as supporters of any other club. That’s what makes soccer so special, and what makes so many fans look for ways to engage in activities that will show exactly how much they love their team.


One of the most common ways that fans show just who they support is, perhaps surprisingly, online casino games. Over the past few years  online casino games have become very popular in Australia and supporters of various clubs play these games, some for pure entertainment purposes  and others to fund their favorite football teams and to get the funds so watching their favorite teams becomes a reality.


There are soccer clubs of all sizes in Australia, and it seems safe to say that it’s the fans, not the size of the club, that matters. Supporters go all out to show that their teams are the best, and that support has made its way into the online gaming sphere. If you really want to show that you are a fan of the best team in Australia, it’s a great idea to register a name and to take a look at what online games are out there. Being affiliated to the online gaming world, will give you the opportunity to not only fund your betting, but you will be able to buy all the latest apparel as well as tickets to live games and especially  show your support to all your soccer hero’s live.

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