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Who should be United’s next captain?

With Nemanja Vidic leaving Old Trafford this summer to join Inter after the expiration of his contract, not only do United need a new dominant defender – they need a new captain.

The club is in a transitional phase with players sure to arrive at the club and some to depart at the end of the season.

There are a number of potential candidates to replace the Serb as club captain, but determining the correct one will be a key decision for David Moyes.

United have had some extraordinary captains over the last 15-20 years; players that have inspired the rest of the team, led by example and acted as the spearhead for a successful team.

Ideally the next captain will be someone that will play week-in, week-out, and as such be able to demonstrate their ability as an example for others. Someone vocal and a dominant personality is also ideal.

Looking at the side currently there are only really a handful of potentials, with the odds fluctuating and as unpredictable as betting on Cheltenham 2014 online.

Wayne Rooney looks set to finish his career at Old Trafford after signing a new contract with the club, and the England international will certainly be in the running.

The aggressive forward can inspire with his actions, but whether he has the temperament to be a skipper is another thing.

Michael Carrick could well be an option as he is all-but guaranteed a place in the side when available and is an intelligent footballer. Whether he has the dominant personality is a question mark however.

Some have mentioned David De Gea as a potential, but despite the goalkeeper’s ability he seems too young and lacking the authority and communication skills.

Jonny Evans could well be in line to replace Vidic in the United side and as such may well be an option as a new captain. The defender has been on the club’s books for ten years and is a dependable and level-headed character.

Who would you install as United’s new captain?