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Why should Manchester United offload Chicharito?

I was approached over the weekend by @suryasolanki12 and asked to RT his article about Javier Hernandez, instead, with permission, here’s the article which could originally be found on The International Business Times.

I chose to publish it for various reasons but most of all I found the reasoning to cash in on Hernandez a fairly compelling one so soon after our three main forwards hit the net in the same game, it seems to make sense. I also however, found it slightly shortsighted because we all know that the minute Hernandez is sold; Welbeck, van Persie or Rooney gets injured, it’s sods law and almost a dead cert! Henriqiuz is drafted in and fails to impress and Sir Alex is left with egg on his face and another barrage of criticism, it’s inevitable, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s what Surya had to say:

Manchester United ensured that they preserved their impressive momentum heading into their two all-important trips to Stamford Bridge by beating Tony Pulis’ Stoke City side 4-2.

Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Danny Welbeck all had their names printed on the score-sheet and the trio are quickly transforming into one of the most daunting attacking line-ups in Europe.

However, there is one figure at the Theatre of Dreams who has seen his playing time substantially reduced due to the exploits of United’s new-form front three.

Javier Hernandez, a £6million signing from C.D. Guadalajara two summers ago, has been able to muster out only seven appearances so far this season and has been lately an unanimous figure on the United’s bench.

Thus, here are three reasons why the Red Devils should ship off the Mexico international during the winter transfer window.

1. United Don’t Need Him

Manchester United currently have the most in-form strike-force in England, viz, the combination of Welbeck, Rooney and van Persie.

Add Shinji Kagwa to the mix, a player who is best utilized a centre-forward role, the Red Devils have sufficient attacking prowess to compete for top honours.

Moreover, one can also not forget the budding talent in the form of Angelo Henriquez, who is likely to see some first-team playing time in the second half of the campaign.

Therefore, the need to keep Hernandez seems futile. The player might have killer-instincts in front of the goal, but his purpose at Old Trafford is questionable.

2. Value for Money

Manchester United apparently bough Hernandez for £6million.

Even though he’s endured a torrid past 12 months or so, it is likely that due to his phenomenal debut season, the Red Devils will be able to sell Chicharito for at-least £10million, surely not a bad value for a player who is surplus to the requirements.

Sir Alex Ferguson can use this amount to reinforce United’s midfield by bringing in a player like Kevin Strootman to the club.

However, if Fergie decided not to sell Hernandez during January, the player’s market value could severely decrease, as it is overwhelmingly likely that the Mexican’s playing time is going to further reduced in the later part of the campaign.

3. Good For the Player

Hernandez is a 24-year-old player who is soon entering the prime of his career. One of the most fundamental requirements for a player of his age is to play week-in-week-out so as to fulfil his true potential.

At United, this is clearly not possible and the Red Devils could perhaps stagnate the career of a blossoming poacher.

Therefore, it will be for the welfare of the player that he leaves United during the winter transfer window.

You can follow Surya @suryasolanki12. Thanks to Surya for the article, I’m sure the subject of one striker out to fund the arrival of a new central midfielder will hit a nerve here on RedRants but I also get the distinct feeling that a few will suggest Danny Welbeck should be the player to make way rather than the much loved Chicharito.

Me personally, I agree entirely that Hernandez should be sold, regardless of profit or loss, he just doesn’t do it for me.



  1. Ella patterson

    22 October 2012 at 15:41

    Chicha will not be sold in the near future.

  2. mukulia teip

    22 October 2012 at 15:52

    its really sad seeing little pea leaving old trafford. Remember OLE GUNNER SOLSKJAR was a bench material but contributed much to the club otherwise united would have not won the 1999 Champions league. please fergie leave the boy

  3. RMJ

    22 October 2012 at 17:00

    I disagree..we need a at least a bare minimum of 4 of strikers in our squad(we have suffered when we have had less remember 5-6 years ago?) and fact is Hernandez is a model professional to have in your squad plus he wants to be here as anywhere else he can go is a step down and its not like his national team aspirations are being hindered by his limited playing time. He maintains an incredible scoring ratio at both club and national team level even today. One of the biggest complaints is his technical side of his game and thats not gonna improve dramatically considering he is already 24. What he offers is a genuine goal threat should we need it and also a vital cog when you consider the different titles we constantly are after. Fact is we are lucky that none of our strikers are injured so far in this campaign and that can change in a fortnight considering the league we are in and the high volume of games we play.

    But I also think that this is a more american based media propagated story that is catering to its predominantly mexican viewership and i have yet to see any major european outlet that has hinted on this and so i doubt there is any substance to it.

    • Nuevo

      23 October 2012 at 05:55

      @RMJ: While I would definitely keep Chico and welbeck in squad, (for the time being). I do question the logic of keeping 4 strikers in the squad. It’s useful to have 4 if you are going to play 4-4-2 everyday (and we all know how we feel about that 🙁 )

      But with all of the modern formations you required 1 striker upfront, so keeping 4 in a squad is an overkill.
      I would much rather have 4 good Center Forwards any of who can provide a goal scoring threat along with decent Link up play between MF and Attack. So in that sense Welbeck is yet to convince about his striking ability and chico with the rest of his match play. And with the season just starting its too early to say anything about chico for sure. What i saw of him towards the end of last season convinces me that he’ll come up sooner than Welbeck. (Remember a few good touches and interchanges with Rooney etc. and a couple of great diagonals when under pressure)

  4. Daniele

    22 October 2012 at 17:16

    Disagree with the article for a number of reasons. Chica is the only natural finisher we have in the team (apart from RVP maybe) and rest assured that by the time we play teams that decide to park the bus, we’ll need him off the bench. Secondly, i don’t for the life of me understand why some fans are on his back. The lad was superb in his first season, he struggled with injuries last year but still banged in 12 goals, one in 3 games. Beside, as somebody correctly pointed out, he’s a model professional and loves the club. Personally, I don’t fancy going through a season with only 3 strikers available for as much as i like Welbeck i don’t think he’ll ever be a 15-goal per season type of player.

    • RMJ

      22 October 2012 at 17:26

      @Daniele: Well said Daniele. Last season he had 18 starts with around 10 substitute appearances and scored 10 goals and had 2 assists in the league. In his debut season he had 15 appearances with 10 off the bench and scored 13 goals and had 1 assist. These numbers are pretty close considering how much run of games he missed last season due to injury and so i don’t understand the idea being put around that he has been suffering from second season syndrome. He has been preforming at a steady level for a while and a more than proven goal scorer for our team. Like i said a lot of media is pushing for his exit for their own agendas and that has more to do with this story than anything else.

  5. Opti

    22 October 2012 at 18:34

    Hands off Chicharito!!! I mean it! 😡 😡

    Seriously, two reasons why he will not be sold:
    1) Ferguson said he wants to replicate 1999 attacking quartet of which Chicharito makes up a definite pivot
    2) It’s only two months into the season and RvP has been on fire for its entirety, making him a sure-fire starter. Rooney is back to form it seems and Welbeck is using magic to keep being selected. The statement that Chicharito has “been able to [only] muster seven appearances so far this season” is silly… 7 appearance in two months = plays every 10 days. Not too bad early-season.

    Why Welbeck gets the nod is am not sure, but Chicharito has been impressive whenever I saw him play [not counting 10 minute cameo against Stoke]. Runs, passing, first touches have all improved. He has cooled his tendency for off-side traps and improved… all he needs is for FA Cup to begin and he will see more game-time.

    Also, if Chicharito was played as much as welbeck is, he would have scored more than Welbeck. Would we be calling for Welbeck to be sacked… his economical angle is even stronger (since we didn’t pay 6 million for him).

    Chicharito to make this article cry come end-of-season… mark. my. words! 8) 8)

    • Moscow

      22 October 2012 at 18:56

      @Opti: With RVP and Rooney in the team and a pathetic midfield, I doubt Hernandez is going to be a success story. He just isn’t a good enough footballer.

      • Quis

        22 October 2012 at 20:25

        @Moscow: Apparently the cold does affect the brain…

        • Moscow

          22 October 2012 at 23:00

          @Quis: Please enlighten me oh wise one, the cold has affected my brain so much that I don’t think Hernandez is a very good passer or dribbler of the ball. I eagerly await your response.

  6. Moscow

    22 October 2012 at 18:55

    Both Hernandez and Welbeck should be sold. The combined transfer fee would be well spent on at least two decent midfielders, and yes we have more money as well because we put in a £30 million plus bid for Moura. RVP and Rooney can both play as a lone striker, and with a competent midfield behind them we would have no worries. It would also be a great opportunity to give Henriquez his chance, and who better to learn from than RVP?

    Rarely does a team ever need more than 2 world class strikers in my opinion. And why is Welbeck mentioned in the same breath as Rooney and RVP, he has scored 1 goal in 10 appearances, missing a lot of great chances, why sacrifice a midfielder in the starting XI just to play him?

    • RMJ

      22 October 2012 at 19:22

      @Moscow: You cant win the league or any tournament with just two strikers. Every season we are due at least a patch of two months where Rooney burns out or gets injured, what do we do then? RVP is an injury waiting to happen and while Welbeck and Chico wont be the starting strikers should we reach Wembly this season; or score 20 goals this season, what they will do however is provide us with maybe 10-15 goals each and more importantly allow our strikers to be rotated easily and stay fit especially in the grind part of the season. There are other things to consider such as home grown quota in Welbeck’s case and the fact that if we are to get a new third striker, who do we get and how much of a disruption would he be since he wont be starting not so regularly. We saw this when we had all four of Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov were together for only one season and how that ended? You don’t win titles with just the first 11 but rather a whole squad of players that contribute to the common goal.

      • Moscow

        22 October 2012 at 19:52

        @RMJ: Didn’t Chelsea do quite well last year with two strikers? Or Real Madrid?

        Welbeck could manage 12 goals when he was our MAIN STRIKER for the whole season. What makes you think he AND Chicharito can get 10-15 goals each? Wouldn’t you rather sacrifice them for two decent midfielders?

        • Quis

          22 October 2012 at 20:30

          @Moscow: Yup Chelsea did real well with 2 strikers. They were 6th in the EPL and If it wasn’t for Drogba the beast they would never have gotten out of the first round. And that’s the only reason they are in the CL this year. I figure by March they will be fighting for 5th place in the EPL.

        • Moscow

          22 October 2012 at 23:07

          @Quis: How many strikers do Real have? How many do Barca have? How many do Bayern have? As for your bold prediction, I’ll put that in my memory bank just in case you pop up again later on in the season. Tell me, we did really well playing with 2 strikers up front last season didn’t we? If it weren’t for Welbeck and Rooney we would never have gotten out of the first round… oh wait, we actually DIDN’T and won fuck all last season.

          We’re talking about football, there is no need to insult each other’s intelligence, although I am THIS close right now.

        • utd_fc

          23 October 2012 at 05:43


          With each passing comment you make lesser and lesser sense man just give it up. Drop that bottle of hooch and go to bed

        • Moscow

          23 October 2012 at 13:57

          @utd_fc: I’ve seen better WUMs. Bottle of hooch? 🙄

        • RMJ

          23 October 2012 at 09:06

          @Moscow: real plays with one striker st s time and your line of thinking would work if we didnt always play with two strikers at a time guaranteed and when both Rooney and RVP are probably the most injury prone in our line up. Also we dont have Ronaldo banging in 50 goals either. Players get injured more often in our league and our squad i planned accordingly

        • Moscow

          23 October 2012 at 14:02

          @RMJ: We won’t get away with playing 2 strikers in Europe. Rooney isn’t disciplined enough to make the 3rd man in midfield, just look at CL Final in 2011 when he failed to mark Busquets. Don’t you think we will fare better if we play Rooney up front in his natural position like in 09/10, and invest in top class midfielders at the cost of two strikers who we won’t use that often and aren’t good enough anyway?

          Tell me, what happens when Carrick gets injured?

        • Stephen

          23 October 2012 at 14:46

          @Moscow: We obviously are in dire need for at least one midfield player, but personally I don’t know why we would need to move on Chicharito. Selling Welbeck, Bebe and Anderson would generate enough revenue. The little Mexican has a good attituse, all be it with a bad touch. But he is a good impact player and selling him really isn’t worth it.
          If RvP an Rooney were injured at the same time and we know that could happen, we would be in a World of pain.

        • Phoenix Red

          23 October 2012 at 19:19

          @Stephen: Hi Stephen, long time! Wow, we’ve been waiting for this midfield player for a long time now, one of these days now, 🙄

  7. Oz

    23 October 2012 at 09:24

    Chicha should be loaned out. He needs constant game time to improve his build up game. He is a lethal finisher yes. You can’t take that away from him. But how many times has he just floated around during games contributing nothing? There are times when for 20-30 minute spells you don’t even notice he’s on the pitch.

    He needs regular game time and he isn’t gonna get that at United. I say loan him out for 6 months or a year and see what happens to his form and his market value. He really is a great player. United just can’t give him what he needs right now.

    Welbeck is a good player too and I would play him ahead of Chicha. Welbeck and RVP are two great lead strikers. welbeck is developing nicely and needs to keep playing. I don’t like the idea of playing Rooney as a lead/lone striker, he’s just too stocky and awkward for it. Rooney will struggle later on with being fit and sharp enough to be a lone striker. I would prefer he starts working on becoming a central midfielder.

    Kagawa and Rooney are great at playing no.10 so from that perspective I would say we already have 4 strikers and don’t necessarily need Chicha. That said, he is a great professional and the kind of person you want around at the club but he does need to improve the rest of his game to complement his lethal finishing. I reiterate; Loan him!

    I like the idea of Henriquez being mentored by RVP. In fact just training with the likes of Rooney, RVP, Welbeck and Kagawa should do him a world of good. I would like to see him play more games as well. Not sure thats gonna happen to much though this season. He is one for the future I’m told.

    I hear rumours that Adebayour is unhappy at Spurs. Why don’t we get him? He might be a bit of a disruption though if he doesn’t play in every game. I think He’s good enough to play in every game.

  8. Stephen

    23 October 2012 at 17:39

    Adebayor?! Are you being serious? 😯

  9. karma

    23 October 2012 at 21:20

    Anyone still eager for Chicharito to be sold/loaned out? 🙄

  10. RMJ

    23 October 2012 at 21:52

    wel this discussion has become moot 😀

  11. Opti

    23 October 2012 at 22:26

    1 day after this article was published on
    Chicharito scores 2 good goals in turn-around win at OT in the Champions League. He was excellent throughout. He has now outscored Welbeck 3:1 despite playing far less. Keep it up, Chicharito!!! 4-studded attack!

  12. Craig Mc

    23 October 2012 at 23:27

    Anybody who would put Welbeck in front of Little Pea – well you know Zilch about football, and that’s a fact! 😆

  13. Opti

    28 October 2012 at 17:57

    6 days after this article was published on
    Chicharito comes on as a sub and scores game-winning goal from 1 yard out at Stamford Bridge to end our 10-year win drought and put us one within 1 pt of Chelsea at the top of the table.

  14. Opti

    1 November 2012 at 15:59

    9 days after this article was published on
    Chicharito starts and scores again against Chelsea with a clever finish at Stamford Bridge to make it 2-1 to United. He also earns a late ET penalty, which is scored by Giggs but United slump to defeat after defensive errors in 120 minutes.

  15. Opti

    8 November 2012 at 15:05

    17 days after this article was published on
    Chicharito starts and scores again against Braga in the Champions League group stage. His positioning and chance was instrumental in Rooney winning the penalty for the go-ahead goal (2-1) and Chicharito scored the final (lucky) goal to make it 3-1.

  16. Opti

    10 November 2012 at 20:14

    20 days after this article was published on
    Chicharito comes in at halftime against Aston Villa and we are down 1-0 (soon to be 2-0). He scores three unanswered goals (one may have been a deflected own-goal from Chicharito’s shot) — one with right foot, one with left foot, and a header. Clinical 45 minutes from the Little Pea, match-winner, Man of Match-performance.

  17. Bred Red

    10 November 2012 at 21:15

    You have to be joking.

    To even consider ‘cashing in’ on Chicharito is sheer lunacy. 👿

    As also stated as soon as United ‘off load’ a player things usually, and most often, at Old Trafford, do, go downhill. There are many instances I could quote to verify my statement, but I believe the only people who would read the comments are already United followers and hold the same, or similar, opinions.

    Chicharito had a torrid second season at O.T due to head injuries etc, but because he had a better off season this year is back to his best. By the way, “……the Red Devils will be able to sell Chicharito for at-least £10million, surely not a bad value for a player who is surplus to the requirements…..” Sheer lunacy, he, Chicharito is worth at least 4.5 times that amount.

    Given time this goal predator will be a United Legend!!!!

    Go Lil Pea.

  18. balon

    11 November 2012 at 22:43

    How silly does this article sound now after he single-handedly won for the team? And the others he’s won recently?

  19. Opti

    30 December 2012 at 21:01

    On December 26th, 2012, Chicharito plays 90 minutes, has multiple chances to score. Misses a couple big chances, but is CLUTCH in 91st minute as he slides the ball past Krul for the winning 4th goal in our 4-3 win over Newcastle. He’s on 20 appearance and 10 goals now.

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