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Why Sporting Lisbon wants Manchester United to qualify for the Champions League

On 30th January, Manchester United signed Bruno Fernandes on a five-and-a-half years contract. Since joining, he has made an astronomical impact for the Reds. He looks lively all throughout the 90 minutes of play and looks to create opportunities and exploit them from time to time.

This has been a major win for Ed Woodward and the player acquisition team of United. As United move into their final game of the season, there are terms in Fernandes’ contract that will be monetarily beneficial for the Portuguese club if they play Champions League next season.

This contract is unique in its own ways. United paid £47m upfront for the Portuguese magnifico with the fees set to rise to £67.6 million when the certain clauses were triggered.

The bonuses of £21m will be payable to Sporting CP in add-ons. The bonuses are for player participation bonuses, individual player prize bonuses and other bonuses dependant on Untied’s performance in the Champions League.

These include up to £4.2 million subject to player participation, £4.2 million dependant on United’s performance in the Uefa Champions League and a further £12.6 million related to individual player prizes.

Sporting CP say an extra €5.5m (£4.6m) will be paid by United to cover “intermediation services”.

United are facing Leicester City on Sunday and they need a draw or a win to qualify for the Champions League.

This will benefit sporting Lisbon as they’ll pocket another £4.2 million in ‘hidden fees’.

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