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Will Marcus Rashford become the “Ultimate Forward” at Manchester United this season?

What does the future of Marcus Rashford, Manchester United’s left winger, look like and what does it hold? A question that not only piques the interest of the fans, but lies the back of his mind as well. But lately, he’s allowed us a glimpse into his plans by stating that this season is the point where he hopes he’ll become the club’s “ultimate forward”. How to interpret these words, may you ask? Let’s examine what’s been going on behind the scenes!

For starters, his contribution to the club as a left winger has effectively led the club to great positioning in the preseason. As Rashford views it, the top of the Premier League is certainly not out of reach. To sum up his thoughts, adaptability is key. Being able to handle playing in different positions and being the ultimate forward is what it’s all about. As luck would have it, he is very confident in his abilities to make it happen, especially when it comes to scoring goals from every position imaginable.

But for the time being, let’s speak about the future that’s relatively close and leave the rest to the stars. In other words, the forthcoming season. If one thing’s for sure, the Norwegian manager won’t be running out of options in the attacking department. James, Lingard, Rashford, Martial… those who’ll prove their worth will be the ones who get to stick around. As the old saying goes, success breeds success.

To retain his role, he will not only have to outclass the opposing team, but the contenders from his own team as well, thus putting him in quite a demanding position. But despite the enormous pressures that are staring him in the face, he’s managed to retain his willpower and confidence, saying that he’s not afraid of the competition. Since the first game of the season starts on the 11th of August, it won’t be too long until we see if he can back his words with some solid actions!

Further examining his thoughts, it’s evident that, despite the heavy competition, working as a team is paramount to the team’s success. The pressure for each forward to always bring his A-game to the table is not what one would describe as ‘crushing’ or ‘downpressing’. Rather, it’s the good kind of pressure that drives every team member to make a notable contribution rather than forces anyone into performing.

Pressure creates diamonds, or so they say. Rashford certainly embraces the feeling, as it’s a positive drive that affects the team. Although he doesn’t feel they’ve reached their true potential yet, they are constantly growing and improving, which is a given, as long as they act as a collective force and stick with it until the end. As he’s expressed himself, the focus needs to be on taking the steps forward.

When all is said and done, it’s the team and not the individual who takes the cake and wins it all, although the star players are always put in the spotlight and debated in the media. Rashford has been very vocal about the principle as well while reminding us that the team needs to act in unison. But here’s the kicker – although winning is obviously an important aspect of football, it’s also about being able to enjoy it. External rewards, when put against intrinsic motivation, always lose out in the end, as it’s the latter that is the true source of power, as well as joy.

In any case, the new season is approaching, and this is what he has to say: their ranks are filled with people with ambition and those who hunger for glory. Young energy is one thing, but couple it with the desire for extraordinary performance, and you’re onto a surefire winner. It’s the kind of momentum they need to leave their mark on the forthcoming games and seize the opportunities as they present themselves.

As the events pan out and reach their much-awaited conclusion, be sure to read more about Manchester United recent news to keep in the loop and see how your favorite players end up doing. In the end, whether they meet your expectations or not, we’re all lucky to be a part of this rollercoaster of excitement just by watching it all unfold.

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