Will There Be Last Day Luck or Disappointment for United?

Right now, there are many, many, many Manchester United supporters around the world hoping for good fortune today.

The Premier League title hangs in the balance, but the likeliest outcome is not one that favors United. But you know the saying, it’s not over ‘til it’s over. Anything is possible today.

Of course, United need to take care of business themselves while hoping for that bit of good fortune elsewhere, and that won’t be an easy task. Sunderland, after having quite the upturn in form after replacing Steve Bruce with Martin O’Neill in December, enter the season’s final day having not won any of their last seven league games. But they took four points from City this season, and United’s home win in November was anything but convincing.

Manchester United: De Gea, Jones, Evra (C), Ferdinand, Evans, Valencia, Young, Scholes, Carrick, Giggs, Rooney

Sunderland: Mignolet, O’Shea, Bardsley, Bramble, Turner, Gardner, McClean, Colback, Vaughan, Sessegnon, Campbell


  1. QPR need at least a point to survive. C’mon.

    PS. Fucking Paddy Kenny, all he had to do was push the ball wide 😡

  2. QPR deserve to go down. How can you concede two goals in stoppage time? Are they the new Bayern Munich?

    I honestly thought against all odds the title was ours when they went 2-1 down.

    The Everton draw and the Manchester City loss cost us badly. In all honesty they deserved the title more than we did.

  3. Silver lining:

    Getting smashed twice in a row by Barcelona wasn’t enough to convince Ferguson that our team (and especially our midfield) needs a major overhaul.

    But losing the title to City will rankle and will hopefully motivate Ferguson to get rid of the dead wood (Anderson, Evra, Rio (harsh but he is not the player he was), Berbatov (harsh but if Ferguson refuses to play him why is he on our books) and in all honesty I think players like Giggs and Scholes despite their contributions for the future of the club should be used as bit-part players)

    • I was borderline crying with joy when United finished and it was 2-1 QPR. My heart stopped beating when Aguero rounded QPR defense and made it 3-2. Such feelings are rare and the reverse was true in 1999 against Bayern.

      Despite my feelings, City deserved the Title. Best City team EVER against the WORST United EPL team… and their Premier League record was identical— we just didn’t score enough (cough Blackburn/Swansea) or conceded too many (cough 6 cough 1) ….

      Good for City, bad for United, and as @colver points out, maybe Fergie will FINALLY improve the teams central core… just don’t hold your breath…

  4. So awful awful awful… who gives up two goals in 2 minutes of stoppage time!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👿 👿 👿 👿

    I figured that City would eventually make it 2-2… but QPR completely collapsed last 3 minutes… WTF!!!

    Was it because they knew Bolton didn’t win?? #conspiracy

    United finished their game as Champions… 🙄

  5. Well you have to say City have played some excellent football this season, and to come back from 8 points behind they deserve the title. We threw it away in the Everton game. and Fergie has to take a look at himself, and the decisions he made or failed to make in vital games this season. His tinkermanism, and thinking games were won when they weren’t. If we hadn’t have been so many points ahead, I think we would have played as we normally play like today, and won it. Still congrats to City, and Fergie you have got a lot to do now, because you have been part of fudging the issues with this present United team, and your ridiculous no value in the market is tiring. You need the conkers to stand up to the Glazers, but have become a yes boy. That is not the glorious Fergie we have known all these years. No strength in depth Man Utd, and very few world class players – sad!

  6. I feel SICK! 😳 😳 😳 😳

    City had 62% possession, 35 shots, 24 on goal, 19 corners… 😯 and almost lost at home to QPR…

    I feel SICK!!

  7. So so fucking pissed that we had to sit in hope for so long only to have it snatched away at the last second. But i suppose at the end of the day city probably got what they deserved over the course of the season, so no complaints from me really.
    If we want this to not become a regular thing though, then fergie really needs to grow some balls and fucking demand some major mullah this summer, because the last word any united fan is going to want to hear from him again is “value”.
    Oh and to qpr, dont care if this is bitter, but i really hope you get fucking relegated next season i really do. Booting the ball into the corner flag after conceeding the 3rd goal because you know your safe 👿 Bunch of wankers

  8. Fuck it. i think overall they deserve the title ! Mancini has shown some class.

  9. I dont have the stomach to watch city lifting our trophy, im just lying in darkness depressed at the minute, but i really hope fergie and every member of the team is watching them celebrating right now.
    If watching the berties lifting our trophy dont motivate you then nothing else will.

    • @tonymontanna4united: in the same boar. I am not watching them lifting the title. infact I am not watching another Footy match. Qpr are now the worst enemy to Manchester united

      • @Nelson: Damn right mate, no SSN or anything football related til the CL, where hopefully bayern will atleast pull off a result against the chavs.
        Know its going to be practically unavoidable though for all our fellow mancs who have to share their city with the berties.
        Thankfully im now in london so dont see many down here.

    • @tonymontanna4united: i just keep watching the part of their match where the whole stadium starts to flood with tears and hand ringing can be heard above the chants. was beautiful while it lasted.

  10. note how city struggled without Yaya… 🙄

    all right… back to life.

  11. just replace those 5 mins by 2mins of extratime and the season was perfect.

  12. The irony of course is that City won the title in exactly the way we won our first Champions League trophy under Ferguson. They are a bunch of mercenaries but they have shown a stronger character over the course of the season.

    For me the main differences between us and them is as follows:

    1) Yaya Toure…enough said
    2) David Silva over the season was better than Nani.
    3) They have four strikers capable of scoring goals we only really have Wayne Rooney!
    4) Their defense is solid with experienced players. Ours is full of wet behind the ears youngsters
    5) Their manager is tactically very good. Even Ferguson is admiring his application of Italian style tactics. Our tactics have been all over the place and in all honesty I want to know what Phelan does all day long because he certainly isn’t drilling our defence

    • @colver: You missed the main reason…Main reason is the word ‘VALUE’ is not in Mancini’s dictionary but favorite in Fergie’s..

  13. QPR are pathetic but then again we shouldn’t have been relying on favours from them. Bottomline we let a eight point lead slip and that is not the mark of champions.

    Highlights for me were:

    The Wigan game
    The Everton game
    The Manchester city game at the Etihad

    We let our eight point lead slip in those three games in the final run-up

    • @colver:

      Well Wigan are fighting for the anti-title and Championship League, so you can’t expect to win there. Everton at OT is never easy: they have South Africa’s best EVER player and are above 19-time “next year Champion” & 5-time European Champion Liverpool in the league, so a draw is the best you’d expect. For City, they have spent 1,000,000,000 to transform midtable to United quality and surely you don’t expect United to beat it’s own shadow…

  14. I am cockblocking all other sites except this. no TV no radio no twitter no calls no Google no goal.com. all of them except RedRants

  15. Cooked chicken..Still lying spread on the floor..Mom shouting continuously.Even she said i don’t know ‘VALUE’ of anything..May be Fergie will appoint her as assistant.. 👿

  16. and almost forgot. even though we should have wrapped it up a long time ago, I can’t help but think that qpr collapse is unforgivable l. I hope they get relegated and die. fuck them. and fuck city

  17. Right time for Sir Alex to do a Pep Guardiola…

    This guy rested Scholes against Wigan and replaced against Everton..Ridiculous…

  18. It’s just football. There will be many more seasons and many more triumphs and heartbreaks. Let’s congratulate City, and move on. Important work to be done this summer.

    PS. QPR must be obliterated 15-0 at Old Trafford next season.

  19. We won’t be doing a double over anyone next season if Fergie doesn’t do something about demanding money to bring in at least 4 world class players, and I mean 4. Yaya Boring is talking about building a City dynasty and them eclipsing UNited to become the best team in the world. They could start to do it too IF Fergie doesn’t stop his diatribe of words, and get the Glazers to cough up the funds, or sell our club to someone else – anybody other than them. Time they shovelled their shit loads of debt from off our doorstep too. Gill move on you traitor, you did this! Nevertheless, City fans have a right to crow, and we have broad enough shoulders to take it. We are not bitters either, so we should have the grace to congratulate them – that would be the class thing to do, as United fans are always talking about our club having class.

    • @Craig Mc: Yaya is quite a phenomenal player too and at 25 million (right?) seems like a steal compared to other fees paid for players….

    • @Craig Mc: It’s a crap enough day without your Geordie mates taking the piss so I guess today had a silver lining eh Craig mi man? 🙂

      What can you say, the sun shines even on the dog’s ass. Citeh scored a lot of late goals this season and they have been mighty lucky at times. Still, the table doesn’t lie and we can only hold our hands up.

      • @Moscow: Now why did you have to further spoil today, by saying it had a silver lining – Silva David enough said 👿 👿 😉 😆 😆

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