Will United Leave It Late against Everton Again?

For Manchester United, the equation for the next two games is pretty simple. Defeat Everton today and City next Monday, and the Premier League title goes to Old Trafford once again.

United have won five in a row at home against Everton, but the Toffees can often prove to be a difficult side to put away, just as they were last season when United needed Chicharito’s late winner to secure a vital 1-0 win.

Manchester United: De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Scholes, Nani, Rooney, Welbeck. Subs: Amos, Jones, Smalling, Giggs, Park, Young, Hernandez.

Everton: Howard; Hibbert, Jagielka, Heitinga, Distin; Osman, Neville, Fellaini, Gibson, Pienaar; Jelavic. Subs: Mucha, Stracqualursi, McFadden, Cahill, Gueye, Barkley, Anichebe.


    • @AndyCR7: That…was not supposed to happen. No excuses for not finishing things off at 3-1/4-2.

      But to be fair to Everton, they played well and confidently enough to merit something, so you have to give credit where it’s due. Quite a lot of teams would have folded after giving up a lead and going behind two goals, but they didn’t, so fair play to them.

    • @Moscow: All will be fine. Not pleased right now, but my level of concern is pretty low. Not sure why, but my nerves are a lot more settled than they usually would be in this case.

      City may win today, they may draw, they may lose…but whatever they do, the mission’s still the same. We need to take care of business there, and I feel like we will. We have a way of bouncing back from days like these…no better way to bounce back than to bounce back there against them.

      • @Eddie Griffin: if we beat them (unlikely), it’s 6 pts lead with two games. If we draw (likely), it’s 3 pt lead with two games and one is away at Sunderland.

        We have to win, but I don’t see this team pull off a win at Etihad again (we beat them there in FA Cup, right?).

        Squeaky-bum time!

  1. Totally blown it. We were 4-2 up, how come we didn’t park the bus. De Gea not blaming him for the goals, but to be honest Tim Howard was all over his box commanding – why did De Gea never come out – you have to ask that question?

    • @Craig Mc: sigh….at the present rate we are going, i doubt we will win the league. At 4-2 why didnt we make the subs? which is why truly conceded the last two goals…scholes was knackered and u just cant play with ten men when they are smelling blood…its been the same for couple of seasons now with phelan as our no.2. tactical inconsitency. We need some fresh blood there as well.

      • @RMJ: I know mate, I know. We fucked up royally at Wigan and now in this game – but we were unlucky in the end Evra shot hit so hard and everyone thought it was in but it crashed the bar and cam out, and then Rio’s fantastic shot saved by Howard. Our problem is defending under real pressure, and notice all teams always float high balls continually into our box, because they know that we can’t hardly get them away – sad but true. Wonder if Fergie will put extra into MF against the nobheads from wastelands next week? Who has he got though – give the ball away Giggsy lol. We have got no strength in depth in MF and Fergie just wouldn’t be told – stubborn isn’t the word!

  2. Anybody think our defence apart from Evans is not good enough? You got to give Everton credit, they didn’t give up. They never do, and that goes for everybody who plays against United – you can bet Wolves wont give City a game today, nor will Newcastle either.

  3. This was all Ferdinand, Evans, and Fegie’s fault.

    Couldn’t handle Fellaini and didn’t fix the obvious mismatch in midfield.

    At 4-2, we should have taken OFF Welbeck and added to the midfield…

    Disgraceful performance from Mid+Def…

    • @Opti: Mate we didn’t need another striker on, at 4-2 with Everton pressing Fergie should have brought a striker off and brought smalling on. I mean what was the point of Jones – they got crosses in from Valencia’s side of pitch as soon as he went off. Valencia wasn’t great in his forward play today, but he was stopping them getting crosses into our box. Total Fergie blunder again. Rooney is a disgrace in his sloppy play of always giving the ball away, and it has been the same ALL bloody season. I know he gets goals, but our problem is and always was in MF who don’t give our defence enough support. Scholesy should never have been taken off, and I mean NEVER. Wrong subs, and most Managers are getting the better of Fergie tactically this season. My grandad knew that at 4-2 a striker should have been off, and reinforce MF, and not by taking Valencia off – total blunder by Fergie.

        • @Opti: ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† – well I like to be expressive mate, if you don’t know me by now ๐Ÿ˜€ .

  4. Fergie get Fellaini and Jelavic please. Fellaini won everything in the box, and Jelavic is a top striker.

  5. I think our hope now lies with Newcatle I really don’t see how this team with its vulnerability can stand at the Etihad. I thought scholes should have been subbed @ 3-1 he was totally a liability when defending.

  6. At 4-4, Fergie puts in Jones for Scholes and Jones’ only act is to misdirect a pass for an Everton throw-in.

    DISGRACE!!! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


    • @Opti: That was an awful, awful pass in that situation…or any situation really. He had time to do something other than what he did, but he got it all wrong. Not the right sub when you should be going for the win, but who knows what Fergie was thinking. Perhaps he wanted to ensure that we didn’t lose it. Should’ve brought Young on to win us a last-minute penalty, hey?

    • @Opti:
      Fergie’s Post match…at least he realizes that our defence sucked big time. Surely he wont have Rafael playing against city, no?
      “It was a bad performance by us, they were soft goals, yet some of our football was magnificent and our forward play didn’t deserve that. Their goals were very soft, easy, no challenges on their goals. That’s unusual for a team going for a championship; you should see the game out.”

      “We’ve got to get a result at Etihad Stadium now, it’s a derby of amazing proportion – probably the most important derby game in my time. We have to go there, perform in right way and not give away goals.”

  7. Rafael is responsible for both of Everton’s goals. After that stupid red card against Bayern and this clowny performance today I can say he is not a MU quality. He is still young but you can’t just walk near your opponent while he is jumping inside the area or is havin a run. Rediculous performance.

  8. I’m so fucking pissed, so fucking pissed…. If Nani hadn’t produced 2 assists and a goal himself, I would have torn him apart. At fault for three of the goals we conceded, my fucking God no wonder Everton raped our left side today with him and Evra being everything you DO NOT WANT in a defending team.

    Second year in a row we have conceded 2 late goals against Everton leading to a draw? Fuck me….

    • @RedDevilEddy: If Nani hadn’t been playing today we wouldn’t have scored goals, and Everton would have thrashed us. Everton played better than us for a good portion of the 1st half. We always have a difficult time closing off games when we are in fron, and Nani hasn’t been playing most of latter part of season, so you should look at out LACK of tactical nous, and why that inability to close down hasn’t been dealt with on the training field. We need to employ a top class coach AND FAST.

      • @Craig Mc: Defenders point of view mate, I love the Lil Man and he was man of the match for me. Practically every attack we had went through him, a real threat and dedicated to attack, but if I was Evra I would have screamed his fucking head off. Didn’t do enough to stop Hibbert, and besides the 2 assists their right-back got I saw him get free from Nani countless times. Then he didn’t press Phil Neville for their third goal, just stood there and let him put a cross in. Evra was horrible himself, but Nani didn’t help him out one bit. So frustrating, he was brilliant offensively but his defensive presence lost us the win.

        • @RedDevilEddy: Mate Evra should be the last defender not Nani, and Evra should be the one stopping the crosses from going into our box from the left side of field, but he plays like a left sided MF and I wouldn’t mind if he was effective going forward, but you and I know Eddi that his final ball is too rubbish, and then he can’t get back. If you are angry with anyone my friend, as a defender yourself it should be Skinned sausage! He is seldom where he should be.

  9. Not exactly the first time this season we’ve thrown away a lead. I’ve gotta say even though going forward this season we’ve looked very good we really show a lot of defensive ineptitude. Our midfield was lightweight as always and really we should have brought an extra man into central midfield once we had a two goal lead.

  10. From minute 1, Fellaini bossed the midfield and won nearly every header in defence against the “world class” duo of Rio and Evans. When he is up to it, Fellaini is unstoppable. Fergie just watched and was lulled into a fake sense of security after we were up 4-2 and allowed Rafael to concede two goals…It was as if he was playing FM where he was afraid to make a change (tactical or sub) because he was winning.

    Rafael is turning into the right-sided Evra, who just frolics around on the pitch…And, with smalling on the bench what the hell was Rafael still doing on there after the 3rd goal?!

    And, I don’t know why everyone is saying that Evans is so great…He only looks great cause he is surrounded by shitty players.

    I wonder what Fergie will say in the post-match commentary.

    ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ fuck ass shiottttt

    • @Lars: What a stupid post, we ot what we deserved today. Are Rooney, Nani, Rio, Scholes, Vally shit of course not… Grow up. ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„

      • @Stephen: Roon it too shit at passing Stephen mi man. He gets goals so bravo, but his passing of a ball and finding someone in a red shirt is pathetic mate, and I don’t see any improvement in his out field play most of the season. Roon admitted it himself, but no improvement today. Fergie should have Roon upfront period, thats where he belongs!

  11. I bet David Moyes couldn’t believe his luck at his team being allowed to swamp us in MF, they played us at our own game when they went down 2 goals, but they could do this, because Moyes subs were miles better thought out, and on earlier to make a difference. Fergie can blow his hairdryer all he likes at the lads, but Fergie’s subbing activities has cost us a lot this season.

  12. At least it is still up to us. Beat city and Title is ours… let’s see how hard we can work for the title.

  13. Fergie saying usual junk:
    “We should have won… There was a lot of rain on the pitch – it slowed our possession down.”
    — the manager should have ensured we won by MAKING THE RIGHT SUBSTITUTIONS!!! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    What if Moyes said: “we should have lost, so I didn’t do anything” ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„

  14. To everyone blaming Rafael,

    I didn’t think he was at fault. It was unmarked crosses from the left wing (Evra/Nani) and poor clearances from Rio and Evans that cost us these goals.

  15. We messed it up royally. At home. 4-2 up, callous goals to give away. that was sheer overconfidence of the game having won. crappy defending for both the goals. Rafael should have been off after the 4th goal and maybe even scholes. late substitutions maybe gonna cost us a title which was almost in our pocket@

    • @godzilla: That is bollox, what will cost us is complacency, loosing 4 goals at home is stupid. Really annoyed blaming Fergie is pointless, it is up to the players at 4-2 to lock the game down, we didn’t.
      If we loose the title now it is our fault, simple.

        • @Eddie Griffin: I hope not, by the way I am somewhat suprised my last post was moderated, the Real Madrid fanclub should be ashamed.
          United > Any other club.
          Eddie we can all speculate what can happen, but we have thrown points away and this factual.

        • @Stephen: Yes, we have definitely thrown points away this season, home v. Blackburn, at Wigan, and now against Everton. Could well cost us in the end, but I don’t think it will. I’m a lot less worried about United in a big game than I am against the likes of Everton and other lesser opposition (no offense to such opponents, just stating this based on the obvious factors, like standing/squad depth/talent). Experience + backs against the wall + knowing they can’t afford to screw up + hated rival and title rival at that…I look for United to bounce back and stand tall at City.

      • @Stephen: If we knew how to lock the game down with the players we have got we would have done it mate, but we are seldom able to do that – so responsibility does lie with the coaching staff because it has been there most of season and we always seem to have to hang on and scrape through far to often – where is the composure of this team, we have players giving the ball away to the opposition like gifts when we are under any sort of pressure.

  16. Itยดs Fergieยดs fault!! Itยดs pointless to blame indivual players. We all know about our defensive problems, especially against physical/aerial teams like Everton.
    After Fellaini goal, which was a good example of our “defensive horror show”, we were lucky enough to produce the 4-2. At that moment we should have killed the game. How? Put Jones/Smalling/Whatever at midfield and mark Fellaini and all the other Everton players… What Ferguson did? Nothing… He just sat down, convinced that the game was won, and felt that Rafael, Evans, old Ferdinand and old Evra would manage…

    They didnยดt and, the worst part, they were clearly crying loud for HELP. We all know that Rafael & Evans arenยดt good enough and Ferdinand & Evra are shadows of what thet already were, but expose them at this point and not having anyone on midfield to cover them was cruel and problably will cost us a title, that we donยดt deserve, but desperatly need to keep us on track towards the future…

      • @Stephen:
        I woudnยดt go that far! ๐Ÿ™‚

        My point is that today we didnยดt win the game, not because some of our players arenยดt good enough to United standards (we all knew that), but because of lack of strategy of our manager. We were 4-2, God knows how, and instead of trying to control/kill the game, everyone could see that Everton was outplaying us, we lost it because Ferguson was arrogant. It was title decider for God sake. Losing the title to City in this manner can be quite demolishing to the clubยดs future.

        • @Pedro Vilas-Boas: We lost because our players switched off, Rio, Evans, Scholes, Carrick and Rafa let themselves down. This is frustating, how can the manager do anything about that? How is that arrogant, or lack of strategy? We have won many games with our current back four, under this manager, it is one of those things.
          If I had to “blame” anyone it would be the young right back, but this is footall…. I hate it.. ๐Ÿ˜

        • @Stephen: it was obvious that they switched OFF… the manager needs to make sure that players that perform below their level are subbed and Moyes’ change in tactics are COUNTERED!!!

          This one is on Fergie.

        • @Opti: Really ?! It is on the senior players, it is up to them. The manager sets his team up which was fine, the manager cannot legislate for lacks in concentration.
          No the manager makes mistakes, but this is the players fault.

        • @Stephen:

          In a title decider, as in any game, a manager canยดt just wait for things to happen… If you have 3 subs to make and you clearly see that your defenders are having dificulties, you make the change and try to do something…

          But youยดre right about something. United switched off, but a manager isnยดt supposed to SWITCH off.

      • @Stephen: Are these the only options:
        1) Sack Fergie
        2) Blame players
        What about:
        1.5) Blame Fergie for today’s loss and poor midfield transfers this past summer, which have troubles us a lot this year. With proper midfielders (read: Scholes + one more decent player), we would have wrapped this up weeks ago).

  17. Ian you should let me say what I want to. I support my club and no others, the Real fan club on here are an embarrassment…

  18. I will say if we don’t win the league every season then Fergie should be sacked. This is an awful result, sloppy and stupid but under the Glazer regime what that man does is amazing. No deffence on todays game, but blaming the manager is a joke, oh sorry TNSSO would have won today and Ronaldo who desperatly wanted to leave us blah blah….

    • @Stephen: I get 5 dislikes for suppoting my club and manager? Really poor I am afraid and very sad.
      All the success he has brought to our club and people just want to batter him? Yes he makes mistakes, but how many trophies has he brought? You lot should be fucking ashamed.

      • @Stephen: Stephen Mate – I think people misunderstand your postand probably didn’t read past the opening line before pressing the dislike button, that is the only reason why you would get the thumbs down on that one mate. I think people were thinking you were actually saying yourself that Fergie should be sacked if he didn’t win the league every year. Course who knows what goes through folks heads when pressing the dislike button. I think they should get rid of the like/dislike button, because yes as you said people don’t have to comment which is what this board is all about, they can just be lazy and press the dislike button ๐Ÿ™„

        • Should we get rid of them then?

          Press Like to keep them or Dislike to remove them.


        • @Craig Mc: Maybe, the great thing about this site are the debates. Some people just click the dislike button without even commenting of the post. We are not always going to agree, but there should be discussion.

        • @Stephen: keep the Like/Dislike… they are a decent gauge of quality of comment within RR community. Also, there are times when one only wants to say “great post” but the Like button takes care of that.

    • @Stephen:

      That was one of the most ridiculous decisions in Football history… When Jones was needed to keep the result, he was kept on the bench! At 4-4, needing a fifth goal, Jones gets in. Shocking! Horrendus!

        • @Stephen: After losing 6-1 to City, Fergie said that he needed the experienced players to stand up. At 4-2 and 4-3, we were CLEARLY struggling to contain their “marauding” Hibbert on our left wing and Fellaini in the center.

          Fergie KNEW this regardless of the players playing well or not. Instead of strengthening our OBVIOUS weakness by taking Welbeck/Rooney off for a midfielder/Smalling/Jones, etc.. he does NOTHING.

          Then at 4-4, we NEED a goal… he takes off experienced Scholes with Jones??? And Chicharito with Valencia, our miracle-man, and pushes Rooney, our goal machine, out wide…

          How you can explain Fergie’s role away with “players’ fault” is beyond me. Moyes changed his tactics and brought in attacking players… the game changed and we were under a lot of pressure at 4-2. Fergie didn’t change anything??? I didn’t know United players were so good they need no manager…

          Where is JayWire when we need him… Scope this game out, please!!!

        • @Opti: Again you are not making sense.
          The manager set his team uo well, the players were the ones who lost focus, stop ranting and think. I was stupidity Rafa and at the back we were poor, a manager sets his team up, it is us to the players to keep alive.

        • @Stephen:

          Strange was not having it at 4-2… The irony of the sub is that Ferguson made it when we didnยดt need it, as we all saw with that marvelous Jones cross…

        • @Stephen: So it was Fergie’s fault by HIM making bad choices (i.e. no decisions can be considered bad decisions).

  19. I think its time that we genuinely need to have our back room staff undergo a refresh.

    • @RMJ: Why? Don’t post thing which have no basis? Phelan gets a lot of stick, but we don’t really know what any number 2 deally contributes..
      Meulensteen is regarded as one of the best coaches around.

      • @Stephen:
        – An over reliance on an outdated system (4-4-2)
        – An inability to play anything other than said formation
        – Resorting to hoof ball football when put under pressure
        – Inability to keep the ball for more than 10 seconds
        – Too many backpasses and periods of struggling to regain possession from technically superior sides (mostly in europe)

        These are just some of the issues i have with our coaching staff and their lack of tactical nous.
        At the end of the day, your right, we dont know an awful lot about what goes on behind closed doors and what phelan and meulestein directly contribute.
        But it certainly shows on the pitch alot of the time, the lack of the above we see from this side, that makes people like myself worry.
        Such things just werent so obvious 3/4 years ago, when (im sorry) we had quieroz at the club. Im not trying to overplay the guys contribution to the side here, as ive said time and time again, its fergie who calls the shots.
        But certainly, as a coach, quieroz knew his stuff, and with fergie now 70, id say he could probably do with a greater helping hand when it comes to the running of the side.
        And contributing to tactics, and training, is a big part of football and is something id wager phelan doesnt do half as well as quiroz.
        The proof? Well id challenge anyone to go back and watch us 3/4 years ago and tell us we are tactically more sound now than we were then.

  20. We didn’t even turn up at Wigan – that was the players fault. Today it was down to Fergie. Fergie was up shouting when we were 1-0 down, but then sat down when we went to 3-2, instead of tightening up then and strengthening MF or defence. Yeah we can all think we are better at decision making than Fergie, I agree with Stephen on that, but today Fergie sent the wrong subs on and brought the wrong players off! Rafael was exposed when Vally went off and it cost us, because who the hell else was supposed to be covering where Vally vacated. Fookin dilitary lads, and you all know that ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. The Manchester Derby will be MASSIVE!!! And frightening for fans’ nerves…

    1) United win (20% chance, I think) — that should effectively bring #20. (99% chance of winning title, in my opinion)

    2) United draw (30% chance, I think) — that should more or less bring #20, since they play Newcastle away and we play Sunderland away as the “tough” games remaining… (80% chance of winning title)

    3) United lose (50% chance, I think) — That would more or less hand the title to City, because of their superior goal-different. If we lose by X goals, then we are tied on pts with a 6+2*X worse GD than city. With two games remaining, that is we must outscore city by 3+X goals per game. Under best worst-case scenarios (which is very likely) where City win both games by just 1-0, we need to win our games by scores such as 6-0 and 5-0 to win the title… very unlikely! Thus, we will more or less lose the title if we lose to City next weekend (15% chance of winning title — b/c Newcastle is our only hope for City to drop pts!)


    • @Opti: overall there is ~50% chance of us winning title RIGHT NOW… My ticky-ticker cannot handle this squeaky-bum time…

      • @Opti: Our chances of winning are higher than you estimate! I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit and watch, because my nerves are going be through the roof, but I’m sure to be pacing around the house, keeping track of online commentary, which will be nervy enough!

        • @Eddie Griffin: A few months ago, I wasn’t expecting us to have a three-point lead going into the derby, much less a five or eight-point one. But I’ve always been confident that we’d take care of business at City, whether we were level on points, one or two behind, or one, two, or as is the case now, three ahead. Just a feeling. Maybe they will let me down, but I don’t see it.

  22. Wow, talk about bloody throwing it away. Very very poor. Cant say much more tbh, other than its all gonna come down to the city game now. If we can get through that even with a draw maintaining our 3 point advantage, i reckon we’ll hold on in tbh.
    If we lose however, well you cant really say anything other than congrats to city, they deserved it (painful as that will be).
    Throwing away an 8 point lead, just isnt something weve been accustomed to at this club in the past, but nowadays, well, lets just say results like today honestly do not surprise me anymore unfortunately.

    • @tonymontanna4united: Very poor today, but you have been negative all season mate. We have punched above our wait for far too long, under the Yanks we have had no money to spendm City have had spades full.
      We build for the future, City spend for the now. Both have their bennefits and pitfalls, but I admire what we do, we have some class.

      • @Stephen: Negative all season? Me? Ive been critical of the side when i felt it was deserved yes (our performance at anfield, the city debacle, away to everton, our performances in europe) but id ask you to go back to the start of the season where we were making predicitions for the coming season, where i was actually quite confident we would end up winning the league.
        And where i said i was loving the football we were playing at the start of the year.
        I blew my top at the anti football we played to liverpool and everton, and the crap we saw in the games after the 6-1, where again i felt we were playing negative football on the most part, but i think its a bit unfair of you to say ive been negative all season.
        I just like to see my team winning matches, playing football the way we always have (cringeworthy name, but yes the manchester united way) and always looking to improve season upon season.
        And unfortunately i just dont think weve been doing enough of that recently.
        But thats just my opinion. You and everyone else are entitled to your own. I just happen to believe, that this has been a pretty dire season by all accounts.
        The football has been poor on the most part, some of the selections have been crazy, weve been made to look very average by too many teams, and the key areas that needed filling 12/24 months ago have again been overlooked.
        So if ive been negative then maybe its because i feel alot of its deserved, much in the same way alot of praise has to go to fergie and the team for the way theyve stayed together and pushed city this far.
        They deserve credit for that, and for the way weve continued to challenge despite the glazers having us over a barrel these last few years.
        But if, after leading by 8 points, and throwing the title away to city doesnt warrant a little negativity, then i dont know what does.

        PS- I do agree that us, in comparison to city, are doing things the right way in regards to planning for the future. I just wish we’d do things a little sodding faster, like moving on evra, scholes, giggs, easing in the new generation (pogba, clevs, smalling etc) and buying a bloody midfielder at long last.

  23. Shame on many here for trying to pin down this collosal disgrace on young Rafa who really pulled his weight in the game.seems the commentators fooleveryone to shift blame from the average British players donning the red jersey.The left side is dead defensively no surprise as evra & nani just give token challenges.Rooney was busy making sure no one missed giggs with his atrocious passing.Evans & Ferdinand were so unnerved they were almost marking each other.Carrick & Scholes defensively are as lightweight as they come in Europe and when teams deny then time on the ball they collapse become passengers with no authority whatsoever.At 3-1 I thought fergie would be thankful for his luck and preserve things by reinforcing that poor department but alas he thought it was class and gambled on riding it.Then as if things were not desperate enough with the team now having to attack the gaffer beings in the one player whose form has deteriorated beyond words in Jones and he didn’t dissapoint either single handedly ensuring the fifth goal would not come.Don’t be fooled Rafa is ร  smokescreen.The whole team is crying out for quality.

    • @vida dollar: Yeah i actually agree regarding rafael. He was poor with one of the goals (cant remember which one now) where he definitely could have done more, but i felt he was far from having the “shocker” as some have claimed.
      Evra on the other hand. Well, i just run out of things to say about this guy. I will never hate a guy who wears the united shirt, but i have to be honest, i dislike paddy with a passion these days. Im sorry, but i really do.
      I cant stand his arrogance, his unwillingess to ever fucking run back and cover for his own mistakes. His unwillingness to stick to the position assigned to him, expecting young (nani today), evans, ferdinand, you name it to come in and cover for him, as if defending is beneath him.
      The first 2 everton goals were clear examples of this. Its all well and good nani getting back covering the defence, but when hes the last man and the one expected to stop every wave of everton attack on that left side, as evra thinks hes of more use standing in no mans land marking nobody, looking bemused, then we really do have problems.
      The man is just a clown of the highest order. And im sorry but i am sodding sick of seeing the guy in the team anymore, least of all seeing him wearing that captains armband once worn with pride by robbo, brucie, cantona, keano, nev etc.
      Makes a sodding mockery of the thing.
      Sorry for my little rant, but christ the guy pisses me off, the arrogant little so and so.

  24. The last two times we’ve won the title, we picked up a crucial result in game 36 (late win at Wigan in ’09, home win v. Chelsea last season) and wrapped up the title in game 37 (both draws – v. Arsenal in ’09, at Blackburn last season). Just something to keep in mind.

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