Will United Smash the Swans in Home Finale?

What a difference a month makes, eh? A month ago, United looked to be well on their way to the Premier League title. With an eight-point lead with only six matches remaining, things looked quite rosy.

However, United have decided to make things interesting, to say the least. With only two matches remaining, it’s all level at the top on points, but City hold a valuable advantage in goal difference. Due to that, one of a couple of scenarios needs to play out for United to take the title:

1) Overhaul City on goal difference. For that to happen, United need to destroy Swansea and Sunderland and hope that Newcastle and QPR keep it very, very close against City.
2) Defeat Swansea and Sunderland and hope City drop points either today at Newcastle or next weekend at home to QPR

It’s not a nice place to be in to not have your destiny fully in your hands, but that’s the situation now. But it’s been a crazy season, and hope is far, far from lost.

Whatever happens, Sir Alex will be looking for the boys to step up and respond strongly after what’s transpired. First up is today’s match against Swansea, the last home match of the season. In November, an early Javier Hernandez goal was all that separated the two sides at the Liberty Stadium, but as mentioned above, it’s possible today’s scoreline will need to be closer to 10-0 than 1-0.

Lineups to come when they’re available


  1. I actually despise every Manchester City player except for one. And that is Vincent Kompany. Seems a good guy, and probably the best centre back in the World if you ask me. I can’t see anyone score on a defence consisting of him and Vidic, even if you’d throw Patrice Evra in there! Amazing player, it’s sad to think we missed out on him when he was at Hamburg

    • @RedDevilEddy: Same here, but I also think David Silva is a brilliant playmaker. He made a ‘come get me’ plea to Fergie when he was at Valencia but alas we were more occupied with signing Bebe.

  2. Title over (if it wasnt already). Congrats to city, we pushed you close but ultimately the better team won. Standing still for nigh on 3 years whilst city were continuously strengthening, this was always coming.
    Man im gonna be spending all next sunday in my bed, cant even imagine watching mr potato head (platt) and the likes of tevez, hart, fake manc richrds lifting that trophy 🙁
    Depressing to say the least.

  3. Newcastle played better than us, but lack that bench of City. I hope they get 3rd, even though it looks difficult now. And Tottenham are incapable of accepting gift after gift from Arsenal.


    Or ask QPR to stay in Premier League… Sparks will fly 😉

    • @Opti: I expect Gaitan and one more defender to arrive. So another summer is going to pass us by.

  4. All over now. Am already looking forward to the summer and euro 2012

  5. I never thought Fergie was a quitter, but if he really is saying that United can’t compete with City, and it is not just paper talk which I understand it isn’t, then he has lost the faith that he has always told us fans to have. It has nothing to do with not being able to compete, but everything to do with the buys he has made, or failed to make, and yet he says we can all expect more of the same. I have to say though, that some of our lads have done great that we are even in the position we are in, and hopefully taking City to the last game and making them win it against QPR. Not their fault that Fergie failed to strengthen our MF, or that fool David Gill sold our club to owners for next to nothing, and who keep taking the funds like fooking bandits. We are the richest club in the world, so how can Fergie say we can’t compete with City. We can’t compete because Gill fooked up and practically gave our club away, and sunk us with debt levels extraordinaire, and I will always hate Gill for selling us out like that. Gill should resign and the sooner the better.

    • @Craig Mc: You’re ABSOLUTELY right!

      Man City: Owner pumps 1,000,000,000 into club
      Man Utd: Owner takes 500,000,000 out of club on interest payments and family handouts 👿 👿

      • @Opti: And yet there are still hundreds of knobs on manutd.com who defend the tossers 🙄 Yes really, apparently theyre not so bad, and taking £500m out of the club doesnt constitute as interfering in team matters.

        Quite right, loads of money doesnt necessarily mean success, or your automatically going to find the next zidane, but it does certainly help.
        Not going for players like yaya toure or silva because theyre not value, whilst spending £20m on anderson, £7m on bebe and £7m on tosic, doesnt exactly help though.

    • @Craig Mc: HOWEVER, Fergie is right too. Can’t outspend City, but we can spend SMARTLY!

      Nonetheless, to remain competitive, we NEED 1-2 gold dust players who can make difference… that’s a min!

      • @Opti: Mate didn’t City get Silva for 20 million, and Yaya for similar price, so think on who got the better deal, as we finished up paying 18 million in the end for Jones with bonuses to B’burn if he got in England squad, and 19 million for Ashley Young, so if almost similar prices as City paid for silva and Yaya, then who got most value for money. If I am wrong about what we paid for Young and Jones, then some of you more clued up guys correct me. The press quoted those prices though – sooooooooooooooo 😆 😆 😆

        • @Craig Mc: Paying 20 million for Silva is not the full story. Paying 20 million for City + 120K wages (6 million extra per year) IS THE REAL STORY! Same with Yaya Toure (who in on 150K+, which is ~8 million extra per year).

          So far Silva has cost City more than 32 million. Yaya is on at least 36 million. Same with the REST.

          United cannot compete on wages and that’s what gets these players to come… (unfortunately)!

    • @Craig Mc: Bit that annoyed me about that interview was where he spoke about replacing scholes and giggs, which is apparently impossible.
      Nobody is doubting that though fergie. It was impossible to replace robson. Impossible to replace eric, or ronaldo, or keano or edwin.
      But you replace them with a player who brings different attributes to the squad. Valencia was and never will be a direct ronaldo replacement, but he brings different attributes and is a worthy successor at the end of the day.
      Same with carrick after keano, or stam for bruce, rooney for ruud etc etc.
      Just cant stand this “theyre irreplaceable, theres no one as good as them so lets just keep what weve got” bollocks.
      There will never be another giggs or scholes, but thats not to say theres no one out there who isnt capable of replacing them and bringing their own individual attributes to the table.

  6. Yaya Toure is the kind of Gold Dust that wins games as today. The difference makers… and you don’t get that with young potential… you just don’t.

    10-0, please!

  7. Be interesting to see how we approach this game tbh. No choice but to attack attack attack really. Breaks the habit of a lifetime for fergie though, no more hoof ball, 10 men back defending today. Oh dear.

  8. watching this game, I can’t understand why Valencia didn’t start against city . that 451 formation would have been much better with him on the wings

  9. Fuck Yaya TOure. City deserve to be Champions! Sickening to see Tevez, Balotelli lift the trophy.

  10. Wake up Fergie FFS, why is chicharito still on, he is out muscled and has contributed nothing. Send your subs on.

  11. Sigh, too many injury to our defenders, I hope Fergie bring experienced center half, I don’t care we have many young defenders or not, Rio cannot rely on anymore. Smalling and Evans need 1-2 more seasons for learning, John is not a defender.

    • @Moscow: same can be said about Rooney. Give Chicharito a summer’s rest and preparations and he will reward you!

      He has played Mexican league + World Cup + EPL ’10-’11 + Copa America + EPL ’11-’12 == dead tired!

  12. Dour 2nd half there. No hunger or belief, or even willingness or desire to score a couple of extra goals. The title was gone after everton, but still no excuses to churn out yet another half assed boring performance like that. The fans do pay their hard earned money to attend these games you know fergie.
    Just want the season to end now tbh. What a season to forget.

    • @tonymontanna4united: Title was gone after City!

      All this Everton BS is just an excuse for Fergie’s cowardice in City game. We beat them in FA Cup and Charity Shield. We could have played so much better but Fergie wanted 0-0 draw to win title = Coward.

      • @Opti: I knew the city game was a write off before we even played city mate, for that exact reason ie fergies cowardice would result in a dire team selection and we’d go there for the point, as we always bloody do in games like that.
        So tbh the everton game what was did it for us imo. Had we won that, and stayed 5 points ahead, even with a loss at city id have fancied us to hold on in.
        But we didnt, and the rest as they say is history. Cant complain too much at the end of the day, city deserved it, and will deserve it again next season too if we go into another season approaching it the same way we have this one.

        • @tonymontanna4united: agree. Beating us 7-1 aggregate in league makes then deserved Champions if they don’t choke against QPR (hope) and we beat Sunderland.

  13. Well that’s that! See you all next week!!

    Wishlist: JayWire does season tear-down, microscope close-up. RangeRooney does statistical overview of season: goals from center/right/left/corners/freekicks and compares to previous seasons… can we find the main issue with this season… what provably went wrong? Eddy gives optimistic and uplifting discussion of next season 😀


  14. Yaya Toure David Silva and Vincent Kompany are the difference between us and City this season. Next season thank god we will get Vidic back which will narrow the gap. But we really need a beast like Toure in our team. I haven’t seen a box to box midfielder that good since Keane and Viera. And personally I prefer Silva to Nani-more creativity, better for their possession game and far more instrumental. Nani gets assists but he is far less influential than Silva.

    Kagawa sounds like a smart little signing. Basically a better version of Park with goals and creativity. What we really need now is a good defensive midfielder in the Javi Martinez mould.

  15. Look guys, I know I always seem to be negative at times, but I just don’t understand why most teams can come to OT this season, and sem to play BETTER POSSESSION football than us. I mean Swansea weren’t hoofing the ball up the field, or just kicking it anywhere out of defence like we do when under any kind of prolonged pressure in games. Neither did Everton and so many more, They play their way out of defence, and so did Wigan against us, so WTF is happening that we cannot do this. I mean even when we do get some speed up, you can guarantee our wingers and strikers get the ball stuck in their feet, fall over because of balance problems, or keep giving the ball away in the important 3td quarter. I am positive we need a different backroom team to teach our lot the basic again. Rio is knackered, and we need a great footballing centre half, as well as a very good or prolific striker to cheer Wazza the fuck up. Little pea gets in Wazza’s way, and they do not play well together. Get a top class coaching staff Fergie PLEASE. If Meulenstein is a top coach as so many fans think, then WTF is up? Just asking guys?

    • @Craig Mc: @Craig Mc: Craig – you’re spot on with this. It seems like we’ve really struggled to do the basics well on numerous occasions this season. Retaining possession, pass and move (forward!), providing options to the player on the ball, which is all training ground stuff, has too often been sadly lacking. The players are not doing themselves justice – it just isn’t conceivable to me that players that make it to Man Utd’s 1st XI are as average as sometimes they look (& I’m not talking about world class feats here – just the basics of retaining possession in a vaguely forward-moving manner), which makes me think that fingers deserve pointing at the coaching and player mentality.

      The problem is – relative to prior Utd and top European standards (note the word relative, since this should be our benchmark)- there are so many things not right that at the moment that I don’t see a simple close-season fix. And you can see it reflected in the body language of the players – Rooney for one, but he’s certainly not alone. The malaise starts right at the top with the owners (in it for purely money reasons), Fergie (either denial, untruths or both), the coaching staff (not going to rock the boat even if they are capable of better tactical nous), the team (no leader on the pitch, over-confident but lacking fight when needed) and a lot of fans who can’t remember the bad times and expect other teams to roll over as a matter of right. So is there a simple fix for this?

      Sadly I don’t think so, though I of course hope I’m proved wrong after the summer signing of 3 world class players 😉 ! I believe we are at the end of an unusually long cycle of success, and it has lasted longer than we could have dreamed when it started 20 years ago. In these past 20 years, we have witnessed some exhilarating football & I for one am extremely grateful for that, regardless of the number of trophies accumulated along the way.

      None of us really know what is going on behind the scenes with finances for the team. But should we be happier that Fergie insists we have money to spend, or, that he chooses not to spend this said money on the replacements needed (& the list only gets longer each year)? Which explanation is better to explain our current playing side? To me, this lack of transparency in the club is disrepectful to the loyal and paying supporters, and why, to my mind, a simple fix for the problems we are witnessing is unlikely without higher level overhaul.

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